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Subject:  [PAGREENE-L] Emma Sollars Iams to Richard C.Goslin and Elizabeth
Iams Goslin


Surname: Sollars, Goslin, Iams, Burns, Phillips, Daily, Sutton

This Indenture

Made the fourteenth day of December in the year of out Lord ,one thousand
nine hundred and thirty-five.

Between Elizabeth Goslin and Richard C. Goslin,her husband,of Franklin
Township,Green County ,Pennsylvania,parties of the first part
and Emma S Sollars Iams of Richhill Township,Green County

WITNESSETH,That the said parties of the first part ,for and in consideration
of the sum of One and no/oo ($1.00) Dollars,lawful money of the United
States of America,untothem in hand paid by the said party of the second
part,at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents,the receipt
whereof is hereby acknowledged,have remised,released and quit-claimed,and
to her heirs and assigns,forever,All that certain tract of land situated
in Richhill Township,Green County ,Pennsylvania,bounded and described as

Beginning at a hickory by the lands of Burns heirs,thence North 80 1/4
degree East 38.4 perches to a stone ; thence by the lands of the Sollars
Heirs,North 58 1/2 degrees west 45.4 perches to stone; thence North 9 1/2
degrees west 50.3 perches to stone; thence by the same ,North 29 1/2 degrees
west 10.7 perches to stone ; thence by the lands of E. Dailey,South 58
degrees west 66 perches to stone; thence by lands of John Phillips,South
22 degrees East 94.4 perches to stone; thence of the land of John
65 degrees east 31.7 perches to hickory,the place of beginning.

CONTAINING forty-two acres,fifty two (52) perches.
EXCEPTING AND RESERVING from and out of this conveyance all the Pittsburgh
or River vein of coal,together with the mining rights as reserved in deed
from Emma S. Sollars Iams ,widow, to Elizabeth Goslin,one of the Grantors
herein,dated September 23,1930,and recorded in the Recorder's office of
Green County Pennsylvania,in Deed Book Vol.352,page 247.

Also excepting and reserving the timber heretofore sold by the grantors
with the right to cut out and remove the same without being liable for
any damages to the surface; it being the intention ,however, to reserve
only such rights of way over said premises as have been granted to the
purchaser or purchasers of the said timber.

TOGETHER with all and singular the tenements ,hereditaments and
thereunto belonging ,or in anywise appertaining ,and the reversions
and profits thereof ;and also all the estate,right,title,interest,property
claim and demand whatsoever,as well in law,as in equity,of the said parties
of the first part of,in or to the above described premises,and every part
and parsol thereof,with the appurtenences. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and
singular the above mentioned and descibed premises,together with the
the said party of the second part her heirs and assigns,FOREVER.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF,the said parties of the first part have hereunto set
their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

SEALED AND DELIVERED IN THE PRESCENCE OF                        Elizabeth
Goslin (seal)
Frank F Sutton                                                  Richard
Goslin (seal)

                                (Penn'a state tax 5 cents)

RECEIVED,the day of the date of the above named Emma S Sollars Iams ,the
sum of One and no/oo Dollars,lawful money of the United States ,being the
consideration above mentioned in full.

Elizabeth Goslin
John F.Sutton

On the 14th day of December A.D. 1935,before me, a Notary Public in and
for the said county and state came the above named Elizabeth Goslin and
Richard C. Goslin,her husband ,and acknowledged the foregoing Indenture
to be their act and deed ,and desire the same to be recorded as such.

WITNESS my hand and notarial seal,the day and trhe year aforesaid.

Frank F.Sutton          (seal)
Notary Public (N.P. SEAL)
My Comission Expires March 9,1939