Elizabeth Boyd wrote:

> Hi
> I am looking for Sellers that lived in Jacksonville Florida pssibly in
> the 1920s /30s.
> I know 3 of he siblings.
> Mary - born about 1915-1920.  I belev she was 52 years old about
> 1965.Married names..1st husband F. T Rowell Jr.  Second husband Foster
> Garrett.  He answered to Garrett.  Was 10 yrs younger than she was
> Her brother Donnie is buried in a serviceman's cemetary in Portland
> Oregon.  Died prior to 1963
> She had a sister named Ervalie - Iamnot sur of the spelling.
> One of their grandparents was Indian.  I believe of the Creek tribe,
> whic was in the south.
> Mary took after the Indian part of her heritage - tanned very easily.
> As children, I
> ervalie would not walk down the same side of the street with her (lived
> in Jacksonville Flo.) because she did not want people to thing she was
> driends with a lack person!!!
> Any Information would be helpful.
> Thank you
> Betty Boyd
> Chimacum Wa.