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Marie, Amy (or Amie) Ann Sellers was my great great grandmother.  She
was born Feb  in Tennessee (probably Grainger Co.). She married my
great great grandfather, Joseph Thomas Chandler in Grainger  Co., TN
17 Nov 1843.  Joseph died in Blount Co., TN in 1868 as a result of
Civil War Wounds.  Amy came over to Johnson County, Arkansas about
1907 to visit her children and died in Johnson Co., Arkansas and died
there   19 May 1907.  She filed a Confederate Widow's pension
application in Johnson.  My notes concerning Amy are as follows:
!*   Listed in the 1850 census of Grainger County, Tennessee,
District No. 2, Dwelling 1403, age 25, born Tennessee.
Note:  She was living next door to John and Elinder Sellers (her
*  She is listed in the 1860 census of Union County, Tennessee as age
*  She filed for a Confederate widow's pension application in Johnson
County, Arkansas.  It contains many details, copy in file.
*  According to Kate Chandler Thomas, she lived most of her life in
Tennessee. She came to Johnson County to live with her son George
William only a few years before she died.  She is buried in Lee
Cemetary, Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas.  I have been unable
to find a stone. It now appears from other sources that she actually
came to Arkansas about 1878
I do have an old faded photograph of her and her family.
*  Date of death is from Ralph Chandler (CHA0036) and Blanche
Chandler Benedict (CHA0037) Source appears to have been Amy Sellers
*  Amy Ann Sellers Chandler's Bible printed in 1857 was kept by her
grandaughter Namoi Chandler Butler (Daughter of James Cornelius) from
the time of Amy's death until about 1965, when it was given to
Naoim's son Paul Butler who lived in Eldon, Missouri at the time.
Mae Butler Tedlock copied the information from the Bible and supplied
it to Blanche Chandler Benedict According to Naomi Chandler Butler,
she was buried at Lee Cemetary in Clarksville and did not have a
thombsone.(CHA0046, CHA0047, CHA0049, CHA0049 and CHA0050).

My notes concerning John Sellers are as follows:
!*   Birth Place Is From The 1850 Census Of Grainger County,
Tennessee, District 2, (Dwelling 1404).  Note The Dwelling Is Next To
Joseph Chandler And Anna A. (John's Daughter?).  Listed As Age 48,
Born North Carolina, Cannot Read And Write.  All His Known Children
Except Amie Are Listed With Him.
*   Listed In The 1860 Census Of Grainger County, Tennessee, District
13 And 14, As Age 58, Born North Carolina, Cannot Read And Write.
Living With His Son, John.  Note: The Census Was Taken 21 August,
1860 And He Died 19 September, 1860.
*   Date Of Birth And Death Are From The Cemetery Records Of Nicely
Cemetery, In Grainger County, Tennessee.
*   He Is Listed In The 1830 Census Of Grainger County, Tennessee,
Page 353. His Family Includes Males: 2<5, (Lithing E. And John H.?)
And 1 30-40 (John) Females: 1<5 , 1 5-10 (Amie And One Unknown
Daughter) And 1 30-40 (Ellender).
*   It Is Not Certain That James Is His Father--This Is Speculation,
But Probably Correct.
*  A John Sellers Is Listed In The School Census of the 12th District
Of Grainger Co., Tennessee For 1848 With 7 Children. AGLL Film V202-
23, Records Of Grainger Co., Tennessee. Copied From Microfilm

My notes concerning James Sellers are as follows:
!*   Birth Date Based On 1830 Census Of Grainger Co. Tenn. Page 366.
His Age Is Given As 70 To 80.  A More Precise Date Is From His
Pension Application #S19180 Dated 19 Feb. 1833 Gave His Age As 74.
Pension Claim #S3872.  He Enlisted 2 Nov. 1779 In Chatham County,
North Carolina And Served Until 2 Aug. 1780.  He Was In The Battle Of
Guilford Court House.  After The War, He Lived In Burke County, North
Carolina, Then Grainger County, Tennessee.
He Moved To Rutledge, Bradley County, Tennessee.
*   An Inventory  Of His Estate  Presented To Court In Grainger
County, Tennessee 3 April 1843 And Recorder 4 April 1843.  This
Inventory  Gives His Date Of Death As 20 December 1843.  His Estate
Sale Was Recorded 5 July 1843 With Receipts Of $2.86.  Sarah Sellers
Bought One Pewter Dish And 4 Pewter Plates, Two Knives, One Pewter
Basin, Two Spoons And One Bed And Furniture.  Everything Else Was
Bought By James Sellers.

I must admit a shadow of question concerning the Identity of John as
the father of Amy but not too much.

I would be pleased to exchange information with you.

Eldon Edgin in Dallas, Texas

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ELDON - thanks - will post AMY/AMIE to your chart -

WE worked on JAMES SELLERS 1759, REV WAR a few years ago - have it ALL on paper and do NOT have a scanner - so SOMEDAY, need to post this on the SELLERS FAMILY GENEALOGY page -

WE need to post your JOHN 1802 to each census also - and will HELP us see where he is -

THANKS for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

Your JOHN SELLERS 1802 is in this (hard to prove era of 1820) WE should try and post a census to GRAINGER CO, TN for this period, may help, BUT, NC connection is what we need.

I have NOT worked on JAMES SELLERS, children , (son of JAMES, REV WAR) I do believe I have ALL the Tn census posted for them

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:15:34, -0500 From: Eldon_Edgin@prodigy.com (MR ELDON J EDGIN) To: mari@netins.net

Sheila, I would appreciate having any information concerning: Samuel Edgin who died 20 April in Franklin County
Reubin Layfette who died 20 July 1915 also in Franklin County.
George W. T. Chandler who died 15 March 1922 in Johnson County
Mary Yearta who died 24 January 1939 in Franklin County.
Callie Chandler who died 3 March 1925 in Franklin County
Phoebe Alice Edgin who died 9 Feb 1947 in Franklin County
Cleopatra Chandler who died 13 Oct 1936 in Franklin County

I would particularity like to know if any of these people have a death certificate. They are my grandparents and great grandparents.

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> Anyone that died in Arkansas after 1914 should have a death certificate
> registered with the state.
> ----- marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net> wrote: -----
order from=
State Health Bldg
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
ELDON, try going on line to  US GEN WEB
gO TO COUNTY you want and ask questions-

and SHARE - best wishes, marie, iowa

OCT 8, 2002
Dan Meek [dhmeek@cox.net]
Hi, my name is Diane Meek and I am in the process of researching my family
heritage.  My great grandmother was Della Yearta (Powers by marriage).  Her
father was William Henry Yearta and her mother was Sallie Yearta (Redding
was her maiden name).

How I came across your name was on a message board with Eldon Edgin.  I just
sent him a message as well, but in the past all mine come back from him
because it isn't a current account.  Would you have any information on the
Yearta family you would be willing to share?  Or, do you happen to have a
current name for eldon.  I can understand hesitation in giving it to me, but
if would email him and ask him to get with me that would be nice of you.
Either of you can reach me at this address or my work address which is

Thank you so much.

 Eldon Edgin and us shared the SELLERS family back in Prodigy days. SEVERAL years ago.
have Not any other email address from him.
He did show a YEARTA connection, but, no other info on the SELLERS pages.
Try a search for new email (I tried today and was Not successful, used to be very good)
OR phone him?
will send thro SELLERS group for help/advice.
marie, iowa

MAY 2003
ELDON, thanks for staying  in here. BEST WISHES,

Do we have a copy of their marriage license,bondsman, security, etc.
    DO we/YOU have a CHANDLER will?

may 26, 2003
Thank you very much, Marie.

I have the marriage bond for Amie Ann Sellers and Joseph Chandler.  The only
Chandler will I have from Grainger county is that of Daniel Chandler.  I
BELIEVE that Daniel was Joseph Chandler's grandfather but lack absolute

The male and female aged 60/70 in the 1830 census with Daniel Chandler is
Daniel and his wife, Margaret Roan Chandler.  Daniel and Margaret were
married January 2, 1797 in Franklin County, Virginia.  There is a whole
group of Chandlers around Daniel in Virginia.  These Chandlers have been
traced back to Jamestown.  Unfortunately, I cannot determine exactly where
Daniel fits into the family.

I do not know where the James Brock, Benjamin Acuff, William Capps and John
Cabbage you mentioned are related.  Are they perhaps just neighbors of John

My 2nd great grandmother was Amie Ann Sellers who was born February 4, 1824
in Tennessee and married Joseph Chandler November 27, 1843 in Grainger
County, Tennessee.  Joseph was injured in the Civil War and died August 1868
in Blount County, Tennessee from his war wounds.  Amie died May 19, 1907 in
Johnson County, Arkansas.  I have several photographs of Amy.  Attached is
one made about 1860.

I believe that the John Sellers in Grainger County (b. August 12, 1802 and
died September 19, 1860 is a son of James sellers of Grainger County (b.
about 1759, died December 20, 1843).  Does this fit with your thinking?

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