E. E. Barton Papers -Sharp

Generously transcribed and submitted by Nancy Bray, thanks Nancy!


E. E. Barton Papers


Generously transcribed and submitted by Nancy Bray, thanks Nancy!

Name: John Sharp

When Died: Dec. 26, 1846
Buried: New Zion or Willow?
Education: Did not write or read writing
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Elias Sharp

Wife: 1st. Elizabeth Hill
Where Born: Va.
Where Died: In Clark Co., Ky.
Married: In Fayette Co., Ky by Parson Stewart
Father: Samuel Hill
Mother: Clara

M 2nd. Jeannette McClanahan

Information by: Owen T. Sharp
Date: 1849 P. Cir. Court Pkg. 126

Children: By 1st. wife

1. Owen T.
2. Mary Jane m. William Cummins

By 2nd. Wife

3. Telitha m. Newton Downard
4. John Riley
5. Lucy m. Tyre Gillespy
6. Amanda
7. Burgin
8. Eli
9. Matilda

All the children by 2nd. wife were under 21 at time John Sharp died - the oldest 18, and youngest 4 years old. Owen T. left home before his father died; and Mary Jane married before then.

John Riley Sharp became 21 years old a short time before June 1850.

Lucy was a married woman before Aug. 15, 1850.

In 1837 John Sharp gave S. T. Hauser a power of attorney to sue in Henry Co., Ky. for slaves owned by his first wife.

July 27, 1847 Jennette Sharp gave S. T. Hauser a power of attorney to secure the slaves which her husband had tried to get. One slave, Tom had a slave wife in Henry Co. and Tom was sold in Henry Co. to Elijah F. Nuttall, the owner of Tom's slave wife.

On Feb. 10, 1837 Mary Jane & Owen were under 21 years old. Jennetta McClanahan had a brother Martin A. McClanahan, and a sister Cloe McClenahan, who was single in 1853.

Martin A. McClanahan was a brother-in-law of John Morris.

Probably James McClanahan was a bro. of Jennetta.

Information by: Rev. Jno. Harvey Sharp
Date: 6/16/36

Name: John Sharp
Died: Where F. M. Cummins lived
Church: none
Wife: Jeannette McClanahan
Place: Came there from some other place, but think it was from about Lex., Ky. at Willow, he thinks.
Jeannette was sister to "Dry" John McClanahan Clk. Bap. Ch. at Willow


1. John Riley m. 1. Martha Jane Gillespie, dau. Henry Gillespie
m. 2. Mary, dau. Michael Barry
2. Bergen m. Ann Wilson, dau. Jake Wilson
3. Eli m. Reth McClanahan, dau Sam'l McClanahan
4. Talitha m. Newton Downard
5. Manday m. John Cummins, son Tom Cummins
6. Lucy m. Tyra S. Gillespie
7. Tilda m. Lewis Cummins, who was killed by Noah Goodpaster.

Lewis owned the Bradford tract, and lived there when he got killed.

Name: John Riley Sharp
Where Born: Pend. Co.
Military Service: None
Occupation: Farmer
Father: John Sharp
Mother Jeannette McClanahan
Wife: 1st. Martha Jane Gillespie
Where Born: At old Dall Homestead ab. New Zion
Buried: New Zion
Church Member: ME
Father: Dr.Henry Gillespie
Mother: Millie

Dr. Henry Gillespie d. at Bradyville, O., where his wid. lived ab. 1884 when J. Harvey & E. B. Sharp visited.

M. 2 Mary Barry, dau. Richard Barry and Mollie.....

Information by: Elisha B. Sharp P.O. Fal. Date: 7/10/36

Children: By 1st. wife

1. John Harve m. 1. Lucinda, dau. Tilford Sharp
2. Sally, dau. Cha. T. Barton
3. Katie Lonaker, wid. of ....Lonaker (She was a Baker, org.)
2. William Riley m. Presis Ann, dau. Joseph Brown and Katie West
3. Jane R. Banner (called Banner, from a small steamer on O. Riv.)
m. Wm. Robert (Billie Bob) Thornberry, his 1st. wife
4. Elisha Bland (named after Elish Bland Harcum who have him a sheep for namesake)
m. 1. Mary, dau. Cary Traylor & Martha Jane Buckley
m. 2. Anna Belle Townsend, wid......Woolery
m. 3. ..........

2nd. Wife

5. Maggie, nev. mar. d. age ab. 21
6. Fannie, unm. Lives at house where her father d. known as old Monroe farm (where H. Fletcher Monroe was raised)
7. Ella, d. m. Wm. A. Wood, son of Brook Wood, his 1st. wife
8. Rosie m. .....Haring, m. in Cov
Live Zanesville, O.
9. Minnie m. Bert Riggs, son Dr. Riggs of Bachelor Rest.
Lives on farm with Riley Lives in Cynthiana
10. Joseph m. ...........Blackburn
11. Riley, unm. Lives at his father's home place

Minnie & Riley & Fannie have the fam. Bible of John Riley Sharp.

(4.) Elisha Bland, b. Sept. 17, 1864
Information by: Rev. Jno Harvey Sharp P.O.: Falmouth Date: 6/16/36

Name: John Riley Sharp
Burried: M. E. Mt. Vernon
Lodges: Grange
Church: M.E.
Military Service: No
Father: John Sharp
Mother: 1st. wife, Martha Jane Gillespie
Wifes Father: Henry Gillespie

2nd. wife: Mary Barry dau Michael Barry. Richard Barry was a son of Michael Berry. Mary was Catholic, her funeral was preache by Priest at Fal. She bur. at Mt. Bernon with husb.

Children: By Martha Jane, 1st. wife

1. John Harvey, b. 1851, July 10. In the old log house on the John Higgins place on Kincaid. 1st. wife Lucinda Sharp, dau Tilford Sharp. 2nd Wife Sally Kennert Barton, dau Chas. T. Barton. 3rd. wife Katie Baker (dau Gideon Baker) & wid. Jasper Lonaker.
2. Wm. Riley m. Preshyann Brown, dau. Joe Brown
3. Elisha Bland m. 1. Mary Traylor
m. 2. ..........Townsend, dau Grove Townsend amd wid. of Woolery
4. Jane Arbanna m. Wm. Robert Thornberry, son Wm. Thornberry
5. Benj. Franklin d. age about 3

2nd wife Mary (dau. Michael Barry)

6. Joseph
7. Fannie single
8. Minnie m. Bert Riggs
9. John Riley Jr. single b. May 30, 1886, Pend. Co. on Cynthiana Road Fal. 2
10. Ella d. m. Wm. Wood

Name: Elisha Bland Sharp
When Born: 1864, Sept. 17
Where Born: In edge of Pend Co. on father's farm
Church Member: Bap. 1st. New Zion, now Fal.
Education: New Zion
Military Service: No
Occupation: Farmer & carpenter
Father: John Riley Sharp
Mother: Martha Jane Gillespie

Wife: 1st. Mary Jane Traylor
When Born: 1867
Where Born: Bracken Co.
When Died: 1915
Burried: Turner Ridge
Church Member: Bapt. at New Zion always
Mar.: In Bracken Co.
Father: Carey Traylor
Mother: Martha Jane Buckley

M. 2nd. Anna Belle Townsend, sid. of .....Woolery (no children)
M. 3rd. Lurie Case, dau. Robert Case of Lawrenceburg, Ky. (no children)
Lurie died Oct. 10, 1951; bur. Turner Ridge

Information By: Elisha B. Sharp P.O.: Fal. Date: 12/15/1938

Children: by 1st. wife

1. (Thomas) Noah Thomas, m. 1. Mona Fay Morris of Menefee (?) Co.
Chicago (only child living in 1951 Oct. 18.)
2. Robert. d. m. Ella ? dau. Ollie Sharp, son of Logan Sharp
bur. Turner Rdg. and ..........Henderson?
3. Gertrude d. m. Morton Bailey, b. in Pend. Co. son Jim Bailey
bur. Turner Ridge.
4. George, d. age 17, bur. Turner Ridge 1899-1917
5. Mona Fay m. Thos. Hendren of ab. Warsaw
Mona Fay d. Nov. 30, 1941; bur. Turner Ridge

Elisha B. named after Elisha Bland Harewn (?)
Elisha B. joined under Rev. Henry Ball . He & wife joined soon after
they m. (Henry Ball had sons; Lark & Jeff.
Elisha went to New Zion Sch. Only sch. he went to. Split log seats with pegs.
Sch. was across road from Pres. Ch. Was log, with 2 little
windows _ 2 sash 8x10 glass - w shash to each window.
Teacher 1st. Mr. McMahan
Wm. Higgins, of Ohio - a big fleshy, shrewd young man
Sam Vogelsong, last teacher (only 3 teachers)
3rd. wife widow of Walter Strickling, came from Tenn.

(2) Logan Sharp's wife was sister to John Henderson, the Constable

Carey Traylor lived in Bracken Co. He d. just after war.
was Un. soldier. Bur. Neave gr. yd. Wife bur. Marietta, Ind.
She m. 2 in Ky. Mr. John Mattingly - think he was of Bracken Co.
They m. in Bracken or in Ind. They both died in Ind.
Carey Traylor had bro. Barney Traylor, who lived in
Pend. Co., ab. Butler somewhere.

Ova Sharp, 11/10/1893 - 4/3/1910 bur. Turner Rdg. son of Rev. J. H. Sharp

(1) Noah Thomas, goes by name of Thomas Sharp.
b. Feb. 19, 1888 in Bracken Co. on the road from the
Berlin Road to Double Beach, close to Bracken and
Pendleton line.
m.1. Mona dau. T. J. Morris of Jackson Co.
m. 2. Lillian Bearden of Ala.

Lurie Case's former husband, Robert Strickling
of Lawrenceburg, Ky. (1 son by him)

Name: Eli Sharp
When Born: 1840
When Died: Jan. 4, 1916
Buried: Pl. Rdg. Bracken Co.
Military Service: no
Occupation: Farmer
Father: John Sharp
Mother: Jeannette McClanahan

Wife: Matilda McClanahan
When Died: Sept. 24, 1921 age 81
Buried: Moran gr. Yd. (?)
Church Member: No

Information by: Alexr. Sharp P.O.: Foster Date: 9/29/41

1. Johnson m.1 "Sis" Courtney, dau Rash
bur. Pl. Rdge m. Jossie Moreland dau of ?
2. Jasper m. Tedie Gillespie
bur. Lenoxburg
3. Mary Lize m. Mack Bailey son Geor. Bailey of Bracken Co.
bur. Maran
4. Ann m. Lem Cummins
bur. Johnsville
5. Alexr. b. (was 70 in March 10, 1841) no children
Only survivor. Foster 1. m Matilda Hamilton
6. James m. Effie.........Ingram
bur. Pl. Rdg.
7. Birdie (son) nev. m.
bur. New Zion
8. Fed (dau.) m. Rufus Fogle of Bracken
bur. ????
9. Laura m. in Cinti.
bur. Pl. Rdge & her baby
She got killed in escaping from fire in Cinti.
she & baby.

Jessie Morehead dau. Fargis Morehead

(2) Tedie sister of Charley Harvey "Dude"
Skiddy Gellespie, and John

Matilda m. 1 David Blythe son Geo.? Blythe
m. 2 Alexr. Sharp
Miltilda dau. old Charley Hamilton

Rufus Fogle living with Charley Mason of Brack. Co.
when he m.
(1) ........... (son) d. not m. d. in France, World War.

(Nancy's Note: On the entry for 5. Alex., does this mean that he was 70 at the time, and was born in March 10, 1841? There are a few entries that I do not understand on this sheet, but copied it as was written.
Name: Rev. John Harvey Sharp

Wife: Linda Sharp
Father: Tilford Sharp

Information by: Chas. W. Sharp Date: 9/4/36


1st. wife

1. Sallie m. Ollie, son of Logan Sharp, son of Jack Sharp
2. Della m. Jim Marksberry of ab. Ludlow
3. Ivy m. Ed Jordon, son of Ben Jordon of Bracken Co.
4. Harvey ? d. in childhood

Information by: Rev. Jno. Harvey Sharp Date: 6/16/36

Name: John Harvey Sharp
When Born: July 10, 1851
Place: on Higgins Pl. Kincaid Crk.
Church: New Zion Bap. Ch.
Lodges: Masons, Far Union
Military Service: No
Father: John Riley Sharp
Mother: Martha Jane Gillespie

Wife: 1st. wife Lucinda Sharp

Children: by 1st. wife Lucinda Sharp

1. Sallie m. Ollie Sharp son Logan Sharp & Laura Henderson
2. Lucy Dell m. Jas. Marksberry
3. Commodore d. age 5
4. Hattie d. age 2 or 3 years
5. Ivy m. 1. Ed Jordan
m. 2. .........Mayes

2nd. wife Sally Barton

6. John Riley d. age 7

3rd. wife Katie Baker (wid. Jasper Lonaker)

7. Ova (son) d. age 16, mch before he was 16
8. Laura m. Ashland Ballenger son Wm. Ballenger of Goforth

July 10, 1943. Henry A. Gosney has his 2nd wife -
While a widower, he was discussing with some neighbors gathered together, whether a man or woman ought to marry again after their mate died.
Rev. J. H. Sharp was there, and he was called upon for his opinion.
Rev. J. H. Sharp said - I look at it this way - The Lord has taken three ? women from me and if he took my present wife, I would ask him to send me another.
Nancy's note: Concerning the family of Lucinda Sharp w/o John Harvey Sharp, I found this to straighten out the Barton Paper on the family of Augustus. This was from the 1900 Census:

Augustus Sharp b. June 1846 age 53 m. 26 years
Jennett Sharp wife b. May 1856 age 43 m. 26 years Had 13 children, 10 living
Sylvia Sharp daughter b. June 1877 age 22 single
Charles son b. January 1881 age 19 single
Dasie daughter b. January 1883 age 17 single
Theadore son b. March 1887 age 13 single
Ernie son b. Nov. 1888 age 11 single
Clarence son b. May 1891 age 9 single
Hattie daughter b. April 1893 age 7 single
Bessie daughter b. May 1894 age 6 single
Eugene son b. March 1896 age 4 single
Albert son b. May 1898 age 2 single


Sharp By Leslie Jordan Feb. 19, 1940

Sarah Ann (Sis) m. .................Young
dau. of Tilford Sharp & Mariam? Duncan (sister of Danl. Duncan

Tilford Sharp
1. Sarah Ann (Sis)
2. Cynthiana m. Rev. J. H. Sharp (his 1st. wife)

Sharps came to Va. then to Ky. (Scotch Irish
Duncans came to Ky. from Va

Sharp, John Jr. Geo Fearn ??
vis. P. Cir. Ct Pkg. 181
N. D. Coleman

As Agent for N. D. Coleman I have this day sold to John Sharp Jnr. one hundred acres of Land lying in Pendleton, Kentucky on the waters of Sellers fork of Kincades Creek. Beginning at the mouth of woolfrun on said Sellers fork to run up said fork and Lay in a Square for which said Sharp is to pay one Dollar & twenty five cents per acre as per notes given and I Bind my self agent aforesaid to make said Sharpe a Deed for Said Land when the Last payment is maid with a clause to pay the Back the purchases money without interest in Case said Land is taken by a Better Claim as witness my hand this 26 of Sept 1840.

Daniel Coleman agent
for N. D. Coleman

Note: This is the Jack Sharp whom Rev. J. Harvey Sharp said was a natural son of John Sharp Sr. who married Jeannette McClanahan. Rev. Sharp stated that Jack was a son by John Sharp Sr. prior to his marriage with Jeannette; and that John Sr. aided Jack in purchasing the above described land.

Sharp, John Will Owen J. Sharp ??
V/ P. Cir. C. Pkg. 126
Jennette Sharp ??

In the name of God amen, I John Sharp being of sound mind and disposing memory thanks be to God for the same, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
My worldly goods I dispose of in the following manner.
I give to my loving wife all my Land and other Property during her remaining a widow, she raising and maintaining my children from the profits of the same and at her death or second marriage I then direct a division to be made among all my children by my Last wife Jennette Sharp and bequest to take effect.
Lastly I constitute and appoint my said wife Jennette Sharp my whole and sole executrix of this my last will and Testament. In testimony where of I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this 18th day of December 1846.
John x Sharp

Signed sealed and delivered
as a last will and testiment
in presence of us
B. F. Watson
Martin A. McClanahan

Pendleton County Court February Term 1847

The foregoing instrument.....proved by the oaths of B. F. Watson & Martin McClanahan......was established as the last will.....of the said John Sharpe & ordered to be recorded which is duly done.

Att. R. McCarty Clk
By Jno. E. Records DC

Note - copied from the original.
This will was set aside in the trial contesting the will. See "Bill of Exceptions"

John Sharp of Pend. Co.
To: Feb. 10, 1837 Power of Atty.
Samuel Tho. Hauser
appoint Samuel Tho. Hauser of Falmouth my true and lawful Attorney and Agent in fact........to demand and recover money...demands......and all slaves......due me in right of my late wife Elizabeth Sharp formerly Elizabeth Hill from the estate of her father Samuel Hill decd......under his will..... or which may be coming to my two children, infants under the age of 21 years. Mary Jane and Owen Sharp, the children of said Elizabeth on which may be devised.....to said two children from their said grandfather, the said Samuel Hill decd. or coming to me in right of my intermarriage with his daughter the aforesaid Elizabeth & belong to me as her surviving husband.........
Given under my hands and seal this 10th day of February 1837.
John x Sharp

Pend. Co.
Produced in my office & ack......10th day Feb. 1837
J. M. Childress CD
for R. McCarty Clk. PCC

Jenetta Sharp, Pend. Co.
To: July 27, 1847 Power of Atty.
Samuel T. Hauser
.............appoint Samuel T. Hauser atty & Agent in fact, to demand &c moneys, demands, slaves &c coming from the estate of Sam'l Hill decd......of my husbands first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Hill decd....................
Jennetta x Sharp

Pend. Co. Sct.
Ackd in my office July 21, 1847 R. McCarty Clk

Statement by Rev. Jno Harvey Sharp, June 16, 1936

Jno. Harvey Sharp. The house where he was b. was built by man named Igo. Went to sch. to Wm? Kelley at Pelty Crk. log sch. No fireplace, split log benches, pegs for legs. Plank on wall was where pupils wrote. Was his first school. Think Pelty Sch. had 2 windows. Went to Zion next: teacher: Durk McKenney; also Mr. Bland. Hued log house with fireplace, large house, located about where New Zion Ch. stands. It burned. This sch. had 3 double sash 8 x 10 windows. Sch. mates: Rube McClanahan, Jack Thornberry, Jno. Chris Thornberry, Dan'l & Wm. Bob Thornberry & sister Sarah Catharine, Susan Margaret Thornberry, Wm. & Oscar Florence; Sarah "Tom" Florence; Taylor Sharp, Lucinda (later his wife),Chas. Brooks (father Frank), Geo Hurd; F. M. Cummins. (Brooks lived down on Sellers Run where Taylor Sharp lived.)
Joe Cummins learned; pha, fay in old elementary spelling book - that was as far as he got. We called him P-h-a. (Nancy's Note: I am not sure what he learned from the old spelling book, but spelled it the way it looked)
This was last sch. Jno Harvey went to. In arithmetic, got to first part of long division when had to quit, to work, clearing ground and bldg. fence. In third reader. Joined chch at New Zion; married at 22 & joined ch. (about) ? year before first wife died. She lived 11 years after marriage. I stole her & ran off to Aberdeen, O.
Began singing class New Zion soon after joined church. Before joining church was profour (?). Joined under Preacher Henry Bell. We had meeting at my house for benefit of wife who was sick with t.b. then. 5 joined that night - myself, sister Jane (Thornberry) bro. Wm. Riley and 2 others - think they were Valentine Gillespie & his sister _________who m. a Jacobs. Other __________there were: ________, Elijah King Bell was earliest preacher remembered. He preached there 40 years & he was from Bracken, above Willow.
John Sharp had (thinks) 9 slaves but I don't remember them. Don't think Jno. Baldwin Gillespie had slaves. Don't remember of any one else there owning slaves.
Cooking done on fire place when a boy. First stove I remember of was when I was 10 years old, a little step stove bought by father fm John Green a farmer who was in war & sold out. It was 2nd handed, but a good cooker. Had oven, with 2 lids on top.
Plates white with blue stripes. Don't remember any pewter ware.
Raised old green burley tobacco; sold it at Berlin to a storekeeper.
Grinding done at Elisha Bland Harcum (one bro. of J. H. named after him)
Water _______mill race begins just below crossing of present road.
race run down ____side crk. Also had arranged for horse power when low water operated with a sweep like cane mill. H. p took nearly 1/2 day with 2 horses to grind 2 bu. grain Chg pd in ____ 1/6 th part.
Elisha Harcum was Methodist preacher, an ________ - licensed by M. E. Church. He didn't have regular ch. but preached at houses & yards. Fairly well ______in Scripture. He came there with wife. Think she was a Waggeman.
Jno. H. ______ _____ _____ _______.
First Dr. remembered was Dr.Thomas of near Foster. Then the Blackerbys.
People doctored themselves - had to & midwife was Sally Ann McClanahan.
Amusements were old fashioned dances & play parties.
Old fiddlers: Nick McClanahan; Dave Brewer; Jim Kemp. Don't remember playing cards. Spelling matches: Mark Williams, Sara Catherine Thormberry, Sally Garrord, Sarah Tom Florence were some of the winners.
Best dancers: Nick McClanahan. Had shooting matches, but he never at one. Think Phillip & Frank Blackerby were foxhunters
Carpenters: Isaiah West, Wm. Young "Buz"
Blacksmith: Wm. Scott, Jas ? L__denberg Scott at Lenoxburg & after at Berlin.

J. H. Sharp helped raise J. S. Gillespi hs. now occupied by EEB.
First house there was where kitchen is now.

Nancy's Notes: This was very hard to read, and some things do not make sense, but tried to type it as close as I could to what was written. The writing was hard to make out in places. If anyone would like to have a copy of the original, just contact me.

Owen T. Sharp P. Cir. C. Pkg. 126
Wm. Cummins
Mary Jane his wife late Mary Jane Sharp
v/ Bill Filed Mch. 9, 1849 Swope, Atts.
Jennetta Sharp

John Sharp departed this life in Pend. Co. on 26th day of Dec., 1846, leaving surviving him his wife Jenetta Sharp (widow), and
1. Owen T. Sharp
2. Mary Jane Cummins
3. John Riley Sharp
4. Telitha Sharp who married Newton Downard
5. Lucy Sharp
6. Amanda Sharp
7. Burgin Sharp
8. Eli Sharp
9. Miltilda Sharp
his only children and heirs at law

John Sharp was twice married, first to Elizabeth Hill; and Owen T. Sharp and Mary Jane are the issue of John Sharp by Elizabeth Hill. She died many years ago and then John Sharp married Jenetta, and had by her John Riley, Telitha, Lucy, Amanda, Burgin, Eli and Matilda, his only issue and children by his last marriage.

At the Feb. Term 1847 an instrument purporting to be the last will of John Sharp was produced to the County Court of Pend. Co. by Jenetta Sharp, and ordered to record, and she was named as Extrx, and qualified as such, executing bond with Martin A. McClanahan and James McClanahan as sureties.

Jenetta took possn. of the whole of John Sharps property in Pend. Co., consisting of a large tract of land, horses, cattle, & other stock, and has wasted and squandered same; she has returned no inventory or had an appraisement.

The pretended will gives to Jenetta during her life or widowhood the land & other property, she raising and maintaining his chiodren; and upon her marriage or death to be divided among his children by her, said Jenetta.

Jenetta has transferred all the land and other property in Pend. Co., that she had not made way with, to N. S. Hunley who is now in possn. of it, cultivating the land and using the other property as his own.

Before his death John Sharp filed a suit in Chancery in Henry Circuit Court vs. Wm. Hill for recovery of slaves which had been devised to John Sharp's first wife by her Father; said suit was pending when John Sharp dyed. Since the death of John Sharp said suit was determined in his favor, and the slaves decreed to him, which decree was affirmed at the late term of the Court of Appeals.....

The names of the slaves are: Essex, Thomas, Stephen, and Katy and her child; and plffs. charge that Jenetta set up claim to the slaves & has transfered them to Hunley.

John Sharp was always of the opinion that the slaves properly belonged to the children by his first wife, and he never intended to will them to Jenetta and her children. In the will there was mistake or fraud in the draftsman. John Sharp was illiterate; unable to write or read writing. Jenetta always exercised over him a controlling influence.

The will was made in his last illness, a short time before his death, by undue influence, fraud; when John Sharp was exceedingly low and not in his right mind, the writing is not his will. James McClanahan has died; the other security Martin A. McClanahan in doubtful circumstances.

The negroes would be unsafe in hands of Jenetta or Hunley. Pray that Jenetta and N. S. Hunley be enjoined from disposing of the slaves; and that they be so placed as will have them forthcoming as decreed by this court; and the pretended will be heard; pray that defts answer fully; and a jury be called to try the will, and that the will be set aside, and the entire estate be divided; that Jenetta settle her accounts &c.

Sharp By Riley Sharp, Fal. 2 10/5/36

Speaking for the family of his father John Riley Sharp and the latter's father John Sharp.

The Sharps came from Va; first came to Bath Co., about Sharpsburg, then down here to Pend. Co., or possibly to Bracken Co. first.

By Rev. J. H. Sharp 10/14/36

Woodford Sharp was a son of Jim Sharp. All my grandparents on both sides, came from Va. - crossed the Blue Ridge Mtns. Dr. Henry Gillespie was a Root Doctor. Dr. Henry Gillespie m. Millie Hunley of Va. He stole her away, and think they m. in Va.

J. H. Sharp went to Pelty Crk. School. First teacher - Bell Kelley; his head was white as paper, and was pot-bellied; think he came from some other place.

Durk McKinney, a crippled man of about Waggoners Ferry was an old man then.

Exira Waggman, of about (looks like) Concord. She was a sister to Lewis Waggman who m. a dau. of E. B. Harcum.

Geo Byland, - dont know where he came from; he was 35 or 40 years old.

Another teacher, name not remembered, who whipped Jno. Harvey, for nothing. He was the only teacher who whipped John Harvey. This teacher lived out towards Lenoxburg on Washn. Trace.

J. Harvey joined church under Rev. Henry Bell of Bracken Co. The meeting was held in J. Harvey's house, a log house, located where Alvin Weddin lived in later years.

This concludes the information on this line of the Sharp family. The next Sharp family will be the family of Lucinca Sharp, who was the first wife of John Harvey Sharp.

Name: Tilford Sharp
Buried: New Zion

Wife: _________ Duncan.
Buried: New Zion

Tilford lived on Sellers Run, where "Sis" Young lived.

Information by: Chas. W. Sharp Date: 9/4/1936


1. Edwin, lived on Sellers Run
m. 1. Lou Ann McGill (separated) 2 children
m. 2. Anna Ford, of ab. Maysville (Edwin d. in Bl. Gr.)
2. Dave lived on Sellers Run Confed Army
m. Haley, dau. Jim Simms of ab. Berlin (she m.2 Cowles (?) Sharp
3. Gus lived Lenoxb. Rd.
m. Jennie, dau of T. S. Gillespie
4. Sanford lived off of Lenoxbg. Rd.
m. Emma, sister of Dud. Young
5. Wickliffe d. young man, unmar
6. Combs Woodford Co.
m. Haley Sines (? Sims) (her 2nd husband)
7. Taylor Sellers Run
m. 1. Mollie, dau. Chas Hurd
m. 2. Josie, dau Hausford Yates
m. 3. Mary Workman
8. Sarah "Sis" Sellers Run
m. Brug. Young (William)
9. Cinda Weddin Place
m. Rev Jno. Henry Sharp, his 1st wife
10. Lucy d. Ind.
m. 1. Geo. Hurd, son of Chas Hurd
m. 2 Albert Britton, so Mart Britton (Albert m. 1 Eliz - sister of Lucy Shap
11. Eliza m. Albert Bitton his 1st. wife

(1) Lou Ann m. Harvey Sutton (little sawed off man)

1942 Arthur Sharp, son of Sanford Sharp says:

(10) Lucy m 1. Albert Britton 2 children
m. 2. Hanibal Jordon 3 children
Lucy bur. in Ind., at Greendale?

Albert Britton & Lucys; children:
1. James m. Bertha dau. Eddie Calbert of abt. Lenoxburg
2. Emery

Hanibal Jordon's & Lucys' children:
1. Susie m. Lloyd Chatham of Ind. Lived in Ind.
2. Calvina m. in Ind. Lived in Ind.
3. Belle, m. _________Shoemaker of Fal, Ky.

(2) Dave Sharp bur. in Antioch Ch. Yd. on Lenoxburg Road

Name: Augustus Sharp
When Died: Nov. 1913
Father: Tilford Sharp

Wife: Jennie Gillespie
When Died: Nov. 27, 1928
Father: Tyra Gillespie

Information By: Sylvia Beckman et al. P.O.: On Petition Date: 3/6/1929
Pend. Cir. Ct.


2. Sylvia Milford, Ind. both
m. Henry Beckman
5. Theodore Milford, Ind.
9. Bessie Dillsboro, Ind.
m. Hobie Sharp
7 (3) Clarence bur. Morgan
m. Mary Thompson
10. Gene Fal.
m. Arminta dau John Harrison
11. Albert Cov.
m. Zadia Wells dau. Wm. J. Wells of Morgan
8. Hattie Fal. 1
m. Earl Snodgrass
4. Daisy Springfield, Ill
m. Arthur Barnett

(Nancys' Notes: I have no idea what the numbers represent unless it is how the children run in ages. There must be another page, so will check for it.)

Name: Clarence Sharp
When Born: Apr. 2, 1890
When Died: 1936 Age 48
Church Member: Chr. Morgan
Father: Augustus Sharp

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Thompson
Church Member: Chr. Morgan
Father: Thos. T. Thompson

Information By: Albert Sharp P.O. Boyd Date: 6/18/41


1. Albert. b. Apr. 2, 1915, at Morgan single Lived Boyd, Rt. 1
2. Gussie Thomas b. 1917, Feb. 15? m. Ruth dau. ________Fields Lived Maysville
3. Raymond. b. Sept. 1919 single Cincin. Machinest
4. Frances Virginia b. June She is 14 in 1941

This concludes the Barton Paper files on the Sharp families.

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