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Marie & Cindy, this is what I was trying to send. I thought it was a
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Descendants of Micah H. Sellers - 27 Jun 1999

Micah H. Sellers was born on 13 Jan 1786 in NC.  He was buried in 1870 in
Shilo Cem.
Roane Co. TN.  Shilo Cemetery-10 mi. S of Kingston on Hwy 58, on
the left 0.2 mi. from the road
Dorathy Moneymaker says he is buried in Riley Creek Cem. near present Shilo
Church. A memorial is in Geo. Jones Cem. at old Wheat Bap. Ch.  He died on
1870 in Shiloh Cemetery - S. of Kingston, TN.  He was christened.  D.
shows that John (1829)m to Rachel Deatherage 24 Sep 1848 may have been a
she mentions the possibility of a dtr. Charity.  Micah and William Goldin,
witnessed the
will of John Crow who died before 3 Dec 1827 (McMinn Co.Court Minutes
See pg. 387 "Wm. of Tarboro" for more info on Children & g-children.
Micah H. Sellers  was married to SARAH "Sallie" Breeden about 1812.  SARAH
Breeden was born on 17 Jun 1800.  She died on 25 Jan 1892 in Roane Co..
buried in Shilo Cem. Roane Co. TN.  Micah H. Sellers and SARAH "Sallie"
Breeden had
the following children:

    I. Harriet Sellers was born on 29 Apr 1838.  She died on 18 Dec 1918.

    Harriet Sellers  was married to Smith Brady on 29 Jan 1856 in Roane Co.
Smith Brady was born on 11 Jan 1827.  He died on 5 Aug 1904.

    II. Nancy Sellers was born about 1815 in TN.  D. Moneymaker shows
of 10
Feb 1820 or
    2 Oct 1820  She died about 1885 in Roane Co. TN.

    Nancy Sellers  was married to Allen D. Morrison on 20 Aug 1838 in Roane
TN.  Allen Morrison & Nancy Sellers had 5 children, 4 sons and 1 dtr. In
he became
an ordained minister  Allen D. Morrison was born on 19 Feb 1818.  He died
17 May
1896 in Macedonia, near X roads Roane Co. TN.

    III. Newton Micah Sellers was born on 4 Aug 1834 in McMinn Co. TN.  He
    buried in 1863 in Indianapolis, IN Greenlawn Cem..  He died on 28 Dec
1863 in
    Indianapolis, IN.  Newton os not listed on the 1870 census. Mary and
    her children are living with her father Smith Phillips. Died of
    being held prisoner.  Newton was with the Confederate Army during the
    Civil War as Sgt., B Co., 5th Cav. He was taken prisoner at Farmington,
TN. He
    was taken to Camp Morton, Indianapolis, IN. Family info says he was
    a Scout and is buried at Indianapolis.

    Newton Micah Sellers  was married to Mary Angeline Phillips on 12 Feb
1856 in
Roane Co. TN.  Married by Rev. E.B. Mathers  Mary Angeline Phillips was
on 10
Oct 1836 in Roane Co. TN.  She died on 18 Jan 1887.  She was buried in
Baptist Cem.
Wheat, TN.  Newton Micah Sellers and Mary Angeline Phillips had the

    A. Sarah (Sallie) Sellers was born on 31 Dec 1857 in Roane Co. TN ??.
She died
on 4 Jan 1881.

    Sarah (Sallie) Sellers  was married to Thomas Smith on 8 Nov 1873.

    B. Adeline Frances (Addie) Sellers was born on 28 Feb 1860 in Roane Co.
TN ??.
She died on 22 Jun 1926.

    Adeline Frances (Addie) Sellers  was married to James McKinney on 22

    C. Micah Henderson Sellers was born on 11 Sep 1862 in TN.  He died on 7
1936 in Wheat, Roane Co. TN.  He was buried in Baptist Cem. Wheat, TN.
Co. TN census shows Micah H. II (47)
    with his wife Mollie (49), and son Willie F.(14).

    Micah Henderson Sellers  was married to Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Smith
Mar 1884 in Wheat, TN.  Marriage performed by Rev. Geo. Jones at the
    brides fathers home.  Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Smith was born on 28 Jul
1860 in
TN.  She died on 1 May 1945 in Rockwood, Roane Co. TN.  She was buried on 3
1945 in Baptist Cem. Wheat, TN.  Micah Henderson Sellers and Mary Elizabeth
Smith had the following children:

    1. Smith Phillips Sellers was born on 22 Aug 1885 in Kries, Roane Co.
died on 2 Nov 1966 in Rockwood, Roane Co. TN.  He was buried on 6 Nov 1966
Roane Memorial Garden, Rockwood, TN.  Smith P and Myrtle S. Sellers are
buried in the
Garden of Gethsemane section of the Roane Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

    Smith Phillips Sellers  was married to Myrtle May Stubbs on 22 Aug 1909
Wheat, Roane Co. TN.  Myrtle May Stubbs was born on 13 May 1892 in Wheat,
Co. TN.  She died on 23 Oct 1990 in Oak Ridge, TN.  She was buried on 26
1990 in
Roane Memorial Garden, Roane Co. TN.  Smith Phillips Sellers and Myrtle May
had the following children:

    a. Winnie May Sellers was born on 28 May 1910 in Wheat, Roane Co. TN.
died on 26 Aug 1984.

    b. Dorathy Smith Sellers was born on 9 Oct 1914 in Wheat, Roane Co. TN.

    2. Mary Melissa Sellers was born on 29 Nov 1889 in Wheat, TN.  She died
on 2
Jul 1890.  Choked to death with Asthma

    3. William Franklin "Willie" Sellers was born on 6 Sep 1895 in Wheat,
died on 26 Apr 1962.

    William Franklin "Willie" Sellers  was married to Virginia Dare Lackett
on 7 Sep
1913.  Virginia Dare Lackett was born in 1896.  She died in 1950 in Geo.
Jones Baptist
Church Cem. Roane Co..  William Franklin "Willie" Sellers and Virginia Dare
Lackett had
the following children:

    a. Edna Matilda Sellers was born on 27 Jul 1918 in Roane Co..  She died
on 20
Nov 1918 in Geo. Jones Baptist Church Cem. Roane Co..

    4. Newton Byron Sellers was born on 1 Nov 1899 in Wheat, TN.  He died
Feb 1900.

    IV. Mary H. Sellers was born about 1817.  1/8/99-Mary H. Ball is listed
as a grand
daughter on Micah's will. I don't know where I got this birth info.

    Mary H. Sellers  was married to George W. Ball on 31 Jan 1867 in Roane
Co. TN.

    V. Isaiah Sellers was born about 1818.  He died about 1841 in Roane
info from Isaiah's will dated Sep 1841

    Isaiah Sellers  was married to Mary "Polly" Gallant on 22 Oct 1840 in
Roane Co.
TN.  Mary "Polly" Gallant was born in 1814.  She was born about 1814 in TN.
Census shows Mary to be living w/Martha T. &
    Samuel Renow. The census also shows that her mothr
    & father were born in VA--This same census also
    shows her living w/Mary & Geo. Ball. Also shows
    her parents were born in SC (F), & TN (M) ???  Isaiah Sellers and Mary
Gallant had the following children:

    A. Martha T. Sellers was born in 1844 in TN.

    Martha T. Sellers  was married to Samuel Franklin Renow on 2 Mar 1865
McMinn Co. TN.  Samuel Franklin Renow was born about 1844.  1880 Census
Samuel & Martha in Meigs Co. w/
    5 sons  He died in 1924.  Martha T. Sellers and Samuel Franklin Renow
following children:

    1. William Isaiah Renow was born on 24 Dec 1866.  He died on 17 Jul
Forney, TX.

    William Isaiah Renow  was married to Henry Carlock "Lockie" Williams on
1888 in Valley View, TX.

    VI. Martha F. Sellers was born about 1819.  1/8/99-I'm not sure where I
got the
birth info or that she was Micah's dtr. -  Martha F. Reno is listed in
Micah's will as a grand
daughter. Marriage records show Martha T. Sellers m Samuel Renow on 2 Mar

    VII. Polly Sellers was born about 1821.

    Polly Sellers  was married to James Jones on 28 Oct 1837 in Roane Co.
Sellers and James Jones had the following children:

    A. George G. Jones.

    B. Artimis Jones.

    C. Micah H. Jones.

    VIII. Mariah Sellers was born about 1823.

    Mariah Sellers  was married to James Gallant on 6 Nov 1844 in Roane Co.
James Gallant was born in 1829 in GA.  Mariah Sellers and James Gallant had
following children:

    A. Columbus Gallant was born in 1846 in TN.

    B. Rachel Gallant was born in 1847 in TN.

    C. Elizabeth Gallant was born in 1849 in TN.

    IX. William Sellers was born about 1805.  Info on children of Wm. &
Margaret is
from the
    1840 Roane Co. census & the 1850 Cass Co. MO

    William Sellers  was married to Margaret ? Methany on 16 Jan 1830.
Margaret ?
Methany was born about 1805.  William Sellers and Margaret ? Methany had
following children:

    A. Maryan H. Sellers was born about 1833.

    B. Elijah M. Sellers was born about 1835.

    C. Ira D. Sellers was born about 1839.  Info on Ira's children is from
the 1880
Collin Co.
    TX census

    Cynthia A. Unknown was born about 1845 in TX.  Ira D. Sellers and
Unknown had the following children:

    1. John W. (Wm.??) Sellers was born about 1866 in TX.

    2. Luella Sellers was born about 1870 in TX.

    3. Leone Sellers was born about 1875 in TX.

    4. Maggie Sellers was born about 1877 in TX.

    5. Fanny L. Sellers was born about 1880.

    D. Ede J Sellers was born about 1844.

    E. William P. Sellers was born about 1850 in Cass Co. MO..

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Descendants of Micah H. Sellers - 1 May 2000
1-Micah H. Sellers (13 Jan 1786-23 Nov 1870)
sp: Sarah "Sallie" Breeden (17 Jun 1800-25 Jan 1892)
    2-Harriet Sellers (29 Apr 1838-18 Dec 1918)
    sp: Smith Brady (11 Jan 1827-5 Aug 1904)
    2-Nancy Sellers (abt 1815-abt 1885)
    sp: Allen D. Morrison (19 Feb 1818-17 May 1896)
    2-Newton Micah Sellers (4 Aug 1834-28 Dec 1863)
    sp: Mary Angeline Phillips (10 Oct 1836-18 Jan 1887)
        3-Sarah (Sallie) Sellers (31 Dec 1857-4 Jan 1881)
        sp: Thomas Smith (-)
        3-Adeline Frances (Addie) Sellers (28 Feb 1860-22 Jun 1926)
        sp: James McKinney (-)
        3-Micah Henderson Sellers (11 Sep 1862-7 Feb 1936)
        sp: Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Smith (28 Jul 1860-1 May 1945)
            4-Smith Phillips Sellers (22 Aug 1885-2 Nov 1966)
            sp: Myrtle May Stubbs (13 May 1892-23 Oct 1990)
                5-Winnie May Sellers (28 May 1910-26 Aug 1984)
                5-Dorathy Smith Sellers (9 Oct 1914-)
            4-Mary Melissa Sellers (29 Nov 1889-2 Jul 1890)
            4-William Franklin "Willie" Sellers (6 Sep 1895-26 Apr 1962)
            sp: Virginia Dare Lackett (1896-1950)
                5-Edna Matilda Sellers (27 Jul 1918-20 Nov 1918)
            4-Newton Byron Sellers (1 Nov 1899-16 Feb 1900)
    2-Mary H. Sellers (abt 1817-)
    sp: George W. Ball (-)
    2-Isaiah Sellers (abt 1818-abt 1841)
    sp: Mary "Polly" Gallant (1814-)
        3-Mary Sellers (1844-)
        sp: George Ball (abt 1845-)
            4-Mollie Ball (abt 1868-)
            4-John Ball (abt 1873-)
            4-Emily Ball (Oct 1779-)
        3-Martha T. Sellers (1844-)
        sp: Samuel Franklin Renow (abt 1844-1924)
            4-William Isaiah Renow (24 Dec 1866-17 Jul 1950)
            sp: Henry Carlock "Lockie" Williams (-)
        3-Andrew Hackler (1850-)
    sp: Mary "Polly" Gallant (1814-)
        3-Martha T. Sellers (1844-)
        sp: Samuel Franklin Renow (abt 1844-1924)
    2-Martha F. Sellers (abt 1819-)
    2-Polly Sellers (abt 1821-)
    sp: James Jones (-)
        3-George G. Jones (-)
        3-Artimis Jones (-)
        3-Micah H. Jones (-)
    2-Mariah Sellers (abt 1823-)
    sp: James Gallant (1829-)
        3-Columbus Gallant (1846-)
        3-Rachel Gallant (1847-)
        3-Elizabeth Gallant (1849-)
    2-William Sellers (abt 1805-Nov 1846)
    sp: Margaret ? Methany (abt 1805-)
        3-Maryan H. Sellers (abt 1833-)
        3-Elijah M. Sellers (abt 1835-1916)
        3-Ira D. Sellers (abt 1839-1920)
        sp: Cynthia A. Unknown (abt 1845-)
            4-John W. (Wm.??) Sellers (abt 1866-)
            4-Luella Sellers (abt 1870-)
            4-Leone Sellers (abt 1875-)
            4-Maggie Sellers (abt 1877-)
            4-Fanny L. Sellers (abt 1880-)
        3-Ede J Sellers (abt 1844-)
        3-William P. Sellers (abt 1850-)
sp: Isabella Unknown (-)

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