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My name is Earline McKee and I am doing genealogy on my Hill family. My 4th
Gr. Grandfather is Samuel Hill from Cumberland Co. PA. Born 5 Nov. 1755. He
had a son Alexander Hill B.- 5 Aug. 1780. I am wondering if these are the
same Hills you mentioned in a query if Sarah Hill wife of Christian Sellers
was related to Alexander Hill and I'm wondering if it is my Alexander Hill.
Can you help me out with this. Alexander is the only child I know of for
Samuel Hill and Constance Brimley Hill.I am guessing there are probably
more but I do not know. I do not know where Alexander died. If you can help
me I would appreciate it. I have been working on my D A R application and
am stumped on Alexander Hill.

Thank you, Earline McKee

EARLINE - I believe we have members working on HILL family -
I believe from MD to PA to OH and maybe on to ? and Il

WE don't Seem to have too good of a Tracing/Following chart
AND these are Very important/Hard to Follow Families =
WE Need All the Info and Each Family we can get

Can You Send Info on your CHILD = name, age, Where Born,. Where Married and Went Where?
And Where did Kids or your Child Or ANY Child Go =

I am sure some of our SELLERS will contact you and Share their , etc
THANKS, marie, iowa

My ancestors on the Hill family of Cumberland  and Washington Co's. PA:
Samuel Hill Born 5 Nov. 1755 Cumberland Co. PA, D- 22 Aug. 1795 ,Married 20
Feb. 1777. He is an American Revolution Patriot. The dates were taken from
the DAR linage applications. There are several. Samuel Hill was married to
a Constance Brimley B -abt 1760, D- abt 1861, I have one son Alexander Hill:
B- 5 Aug. 1780 Cumberland Co. PA. Married to Ann Vanostrand (Van Nostrand)
B- 1790, Maybe NJ, D - 1834. From her fathers will I have the names of
their children 1. Isaac Hill, B abt.1807, PA. 2. Constance Hill B-27 Feb 1811
Wash. Co., Pa. M-1835, M - Arthur Smith, Wash Co. PA. This is my
Grandmothers, Grandparents. From here I go to the Smith family.
D- 27 Feb. 1868 Olathe, Johnson Co., KS. 3. John Hill, B abt.-1813, PA.
4.-Samuel Hill, B-abt.1815, PA. 5. Alexander Hill, B - abt.-1817 PA, 6.
Peter Hill, B abt. - 1819 PA. 7. Benjamin Hill, B - 6 May 1824 PA, D- 8
Feb.1910, Olathe, Johnson Co., KS. M-Hannah Carter, 8. Sarah Ann Hill B- abt.
1826 PA. D- Jan. 1896. I hope  some of the blank areas on my Hill Family
canbe filled in. I need more information with documentation on Alexander Hill
and Ann Vanostrand. Thank you Earline McKee.

EARLINE - Thanks - We don't have much Proof-
We are looking for a Cumberland/Washington Co, PA =
Proof of Connection-
 is there any Connection here to our  CHRISTIAN SELLERS
Ten Mile Creek History?
Anyone Continued the HILL history?
Please Help./Share Any Hill extractions we have-

I am also sending this Thro our Sellers Discussion Group and Posting a Link to YOU on this page of Wash Co, Pa -
I am Hoping this Next generation of HILLS you sent now, May Help?

IF you Receive ANY letter of contact, send a letter to us= Sellers group and will forward it on.
THANKS for Sharing

marie, iowa