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This is just a shot in the dark, but I am searching for a John Sellers,
b abt. 1827 NC; m. Mary Folsom. John and Mary had a daughter Lucy Elinor
Sellers, b. Sept. 22, 1853 AL., d.Sept. 16, 1930 Wachula, Hardee Co; FL;
m. William T. Bethea. I know that the Bethea were in the Conecuh and
Escambia County, AL. area. Any information or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!
Thanks and God bless you,
Donnis Key

730          Sellers       John                          32      M        Farmer                 N.C.
                           Mary                          25      F                               Fla.
                           Lucy E.                       7       F
                           John R.                       4       M
                           Sydney E.                     2       M
                           Nancy C.                      2       F
88            Sellers       John F.             54         M         Farmer              N.C.
                            Eleander            50         F                             do
                            John                20         M                             do
                            Nancey              18         F                             do
                            Rebecca             14         F                             do
                            Thomas              9          M                             do
              Sellers       Matthew             5          M                             N.C.
WILL SEND this thro our SELLERS discussion group as they know these families and perhaps can help sort them out.
Lucy and Wm's kids = who and went where?
PLEASE send us a copy of any letters pertaining to same. Thanks, marie, iowa

Thank you so very much for your kindness! The Seller information I have
was left in the notes of a now deceased Bethea relative.

Lucy Elinor SELLERS,was the d/o John SELLERS and Mary FOLSOM. Lucy
Elinor SELLERS was born Sept. 22, 1853, d. Sept.16, 1930 Wachula, Hardee
County, Fl., m. William T. Bethea, who was the s/o Hugh BETHEA and
Celiann STILL. William T. BETHEA was b. Dec. 8, 1852 Conecuh Co., AL.,
d. Aug.12, 1928 Wachula, Hardee County, FL.

I suspect that John SELLERS maybe buried in New Hope Cemetery in Zolfo
Springs, Fl. If I could confirm this suspicion then with a date of
death, I might be able to order a death certificate.

I apologize for taking so long to respond, but there was an accident
that involved a power transformer, and we were without power most of the

DONNIS - Thanks, could you send us some of the childrens names and who married and went where on Lucy Elinor Sellers and Wm Bethea?

BETHEA'S are connected to SELLERS in 1800's in SC/NC border also.  There may be some info or members connected to our Jackson Co,Fl page that may help you =
marie, iowa

My information is all hand written notes and I broke my glasses this
morning. Please give me a day or two as right now everything looks like
little dots with these old glasses.
God bless you, Donnis

DONNIS - Thanks - DO the best you can and Send What you have = DO NOT worry about the OLDER, They will prove them selves, after we get these KIDS proven. THANKS, marie,iowa

 New info: Children of John SELLERS and Mary Polly FOLSOM:

1. Lucy Elinor SELLERS,b. Sept.22, 1852, d.Sept.16, 1930 Wachula, Hardee
Co., FL., m. William Thomas BETHEA

2.Edith  SELLERS, m. Quincy CREWS

3.Nancy SELLERS, b.Jan.29, 1859, d.Feb. 3, 1930, m.



6. Simeon Y. SELLERS
Scribbled notes:
The following is very difficult to read but looks like it says: John
Seller was born Railiegh, NC., moved S. AL before Civil War. Volunteered
North Army during Civil War. Brothers: Matthew, Asbury, Tomas Sisters:
Beckie Tomlison, Tibbie ( maybe Huwett?), Sally (maybe Arnold?), and one
sister that died. John Sellers m. abt. 1853 Dothan, AL.

Facts: John Sellers married Mary Folsom on Feb.13, 1851 Jackson Co., Fl.
Marriage Records. John SELLERS' and Mary FOLSOM's family is listed on
the 1860 Jackson Co., Fl. census.

Jackson County Marriage Records list SELLERS, Thomas M. Feb.16,1859
FOLSOM, Edith B. A . (Was this John's brother Tomas and Mary's sister
Edith B. or Edny? I believe it was.

I believe John SELLERS, who m. Mary Folsom was probably the s/o John F.
Sellers, bca.1796 NC, d. ? FL, m. Feb.22, 1815 Brunswick Co., NC. Nancy
Eleander BOAZMAN, bca. 1800 NC. John F. and Eleandor SELLERS family
listed 1850 Jackson Co., FL.

Children of William Thomas BETHEA and Lucy Elinor SELLERS:

1. Mary Celia BETHEA, b. April 21, 1874, d. April 10, 1951, m.?

2. Phillip BETHEA (died?)

3, Rosetta BETHEA, b. Sept.26, 1877, d.April 2, 1941, m. William Edgar

4.Goodman Hugh BETHEA, b. Sept 8, 1879, d. Oct. 4,1969 m. Ruby O'Berry?

5.Ella Medora BETHEA, b.Jan.28,1883, d. June 27, 1924 m. George Samuel

6. John Henry BETHEA, b.? d.April 15, 1955 m.?

7.Elsie Mae BETHEA, d. abt. age 3

8. Baby BETHEA, born dead

9.Lillian BETHEA, (died) m. Bennie ROGERS (no children)

10.James Otis BETHEA, b.Jan. 1, 1894, d. Dec.7, 1961 m. ? ROGERS

This family settled in the Zolfo Springs area of what was then DeSoto
Co., FL along with the STILL and BETHEA families. This part of DeSoto
Co. later became Hardee Co.

DONNIS - Thank You - Been Looking for these BOZEMAN gals for Ages! How did
we prove Nancy Eleanor Bozeman SELLERS? YES, it looks like Many of these
people married in BRUNSWICK CO, NC and went to JACKSON CO, FL. Thanks for
sharing, marie, iowa

I haven't had time to really verify this information, but go to and type in Nancy Boazman. There is only one genealogical
file and it is Nancy Eleander Boazman, d/o Etheldred Boazman (and I
believe Mary Polly Crawford ???). Etheldred was b. 1765 (1762?) and of
Brunswick Co., NC. Also LDS family Search list two IGI marriage records
for John F. Sellers and Nancy Boazman. (Feb 22, and 23, 1815 Brunswick
Co., NC).

I was leaning toward the 22 until I started reading post on the genforum
and at rootsweb Bozeman (spelling variation), but now I am leaning more
toward the 23 day of Feb.

There are lots of post on rootswebs Bozeman-List, and dobs, etc slightly
vary, but it seems there were two brothers (aren't there always?),
Samuel and James (supposedly the s/o Eltheldred?), and both of these
brothers named a son, Etheldred Bozeman. Samuel's Etheldred m. Amy
Carter and moved to Ga. and James' Etheldrige m. Mary Polly Crawford,
and remained in NC, where he died in Brunswick County. Each of these
Etheldreds named a son, Etheldred and I am not exactly surely when or if
it ever ended. But, as you can imagine it creates allot of confusion.

It seems one Etheldred was a Wig. Which one, or ones I am not sure, and
Colonial Records of NC. Vol.16, pg. 109 list 10th. Reg. Ballard's Co.,
July 30, 1778 Etheldred Bozeman- private. I would suppose this was
Etheldred the f/o James and Samuel...don't quote me, I am just  trying
to pick up bits and pieces here.

There also seems to be a book written by the Rev. Joseph Bozeman that
was published in 1885 (title?).

The following is a 1999 post made by Steve Frizzle and I was thinking
about trying to writing him if his e-mail address is still valid. I am
still trying to get through all the post up until 2000, but I have to
fix dinner now, and then we are having company later this,
soon as I can.

Meanwhile read this, and if you decide to write Steve please let know
what he says.
Fed back appreciated!
God bless you,