I am interested in any information to be had on Henry Zellers born in 1806,
listed in Juniata County Pa Census of 1840, with his wife Catherine and a son
named Frederick, whom I think was my gggrandfather. I saw a query posted in
this site regarding said Henry. Believe Catherine may be Catherine Knauss/
Knouse. i would appreciate ANY info regarding them, descendents if known.
Thank you,
Donna Zellers Deppen

DONNA, thank you.
We don't have a great deal of info or documents on JUNIATA CO, PA.
Do you know where he is in 1830?
Where ANY child was born?
Which child do you connect to and where did they go?
marie, iowa

Thanks for responding. Frederick Zellers was born April 6 1848. He grew up in what is now Perry County, Pa. He married twice, first to Sallie Foltz, mother of my great grandfather, George Wesley Zellers, born December 16, 1879 who also resided in this same area of Pennsylvania. He married Anna May Barner. They only had one child, Barner Frederick Zellers, my father's father.
They lived in the Liverpool, Perry County Pa area, which is  near the Snyder County , Juniata county and Mifflin County borders (they converge at this geographical area and were formed from each other out of Northumberland and Union Counties in the mid 1800's... a real challenge to sort out!). It seems the Zellers in question may have lived in what was originally Greenwood Township, which has been part of Cumberland County originally, then was part of Juniata Co. , which formed from Mifflin county, then eventually became a part of Perry County in 1820. But some of Greenwood changed in boundaries as well. VERY confusing when you are working backwards in time.
I have seen several postings around the net regarding Zellers by a "marie"-is that you? My interest in the Zellers line is keen as my father is a Zellers and my mother's line traces back to Jacques Sellaire through Johannes Heinrich's daughter, Anna Catherine Pontius. I am excited by the possibility their lines are intertwined.
  I live in the general area, about 20 miles northeast of the Juniata and Perry border so I have a rough knowledge of the geography. I think Henry may have been in Mahantango Township in 1830 (would be part of UnionCounty Pa Census), just a guess...but this is the same general geographic area. Mahantango as a township was eliminated by it's land being assimilated in the addition and border changes of the new counties, but it was in the same general area as new borders were formed by the Juniata River and Mahantango Creek.
I was hoping you could illuminate on the 1850 Census, if Frederick referenced born in 1848 was born in April and the birth months for the parents are also listed.
Hope you followed all of this. and if you personally don't have this info, if you could direct me to the person in the thread who posted the census info. on the website I saw. Click here:
Thank you!