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I am a Sellers by birth. I am Donna Lynn Sellers O'Rear.
I have recently started researching my family history. I am from Ashdown,
Arkansas. I don't know what to tell you so I can be involved in getting
family info. I saw your name on all the Sellers information pages

start with your proven SELLERS, etc and work backwards=

DAD = name
date and place of birth
MOM = same

where/when married if possible.

SAME on back = just on proven .
List any of the kids names known, date and place of birth.

DATES and PLACES are very important.
THIS    info can be very plain. YOU can make up a family chart later, after
you have 'looked around' some.

AND will try and see where we/you are. WE have a large group of SELLERS that
share documents and their families with us and we have a web page where we
try and link people to the counties/states they have proved their families.

THANKS, ask questions, if needed. marie, iowa

       Fri, 05 Apr 2002 18:15:43 -0600
       "Donna O'Rear" <>

Mrs. Hollinger,

Thank you for the info. about how to start. I have been looking at info on the internet. I am also getting my known information together.  I will e-mail you that info. soon. I have read some of the message board info. Some of the info. may be correct but if so that means my info. is not correct. Much of my info is in a letter written to my Aunt from what would be her Aunt and cousin. I have lots of Sellers and Sellers relative's names but in the written info. it only has their death date. I don't know if you
have ever come across it in any of your research, but Crenna Sellers Dolge had gathered much proven info. back around 1934. then she married a had step childern . When she died it was said all our branch of the family history info. was some how left in Tulsa OK. do you know of any place in that area that might have geneology info. stored.(If they ever saved it at all.) I do
know Crenna Sellers was the first woman to pass the bar and become a lawyer in the state of Ok. I have one of her letters to my Aunt. Thank you for any web sites or connections I can research. Donna Sellers O'Rear

DONNA, county/state info  is available to ca 1925. Now they have added
the 1930 census.
Otherwise you need courthouse/county/state/genealogy societies or family

WE can check 1920 records IF we have them.
IF CRENNA SELLERS DOLGE had a family history = her family probably has
it now.
YES, they / we all make  mistakes AND by sharing we can try and correct.

IF she was a lawyer, probably that county in OK has a history on these people.
GENEALOGY societies?in counties Save files/info. Have OBITS. and census,etc.
WHERE married=
Where kids born=
HER brothers and sisters =

YOU must share info SO others can find you. SOMEONE married her brothers
and sisters and they may be able to help.
THANKS, marie, iowa

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Me: Donna Lynn Sellers OíRear born Feb. 4, 1957 in Texarkana, TX Married Micheal Eugene OíRear Jan 3, 1981 in Ashdown, Ar.
Two children: Jonathan Michael OíRear born Feb. 6 1983 Long Beach Ca. And Shannon Lynn OíRear born March 25 1986 Long Beach, CA.

Donnaís brother: Carrol Brian Sellers born Oct 20, 1962 Ashdown, Ar.

My Father: Carrol Flynn Sellers born Nov. 15.1931 Paraloma Ar. Married Dorothy Lynn Pruitt (born August 1 1932 Ashdown Ar.)
married March 12 1955 Ashdown Ar. Little River Co. Carrol Flynn died Sept 18, 2001 Ashdown Ar. Little River Co.

Father and Mother of Carrol Father: Scott Flynn Sellers (born 6/4/1898 Grove, Ok. Indian Terr. -died 8/12/1967 BuriedAshdown, Ar. Little River co.).
Married Lessie Beulah Baughman( born near Harrison Ar 5/04/1904-died: 1/4/1978 buried: Ashdown, Ar.Little River Co.)
Scott and Lessie were married 5/3/1924 in Okmulgee,OK. Scott was a Carpenter/builder.

Scottís Sisterís: Lois Cleopatra Sellers born 11/4/1900 in Venita Ok. died in Ashdown Ar. 9/26/1979 buried in Tahlequah OK

Sylvia Junette Sellers born: 10/5/1896 Grove,Ok. Indian Terr. died 10/23/1972 in Tahlequah Okla. buried in Tahlequah OK.

Both were school teacherís and unmarried, no children

Sister of Carrol: Thelma Junette Sellers Setliff born 1924 Paraloma Ar (living in Ashdown AR.)Married to James Henry Setliff born1922 died 1986 buried Ashdown Ar.

Brother of Carrol: Hubert Leon Sellers born 6/25/1926 Paraloma Ar died buried in Ashdown AR. Married to Mary Helen Dallas born 6/2/1926 in Argentine PA. Married to Leon on 2/18/1949 in Washing ton D.C.

Father/Mother of Scott: John F.(marriage certifcate says F.)(one relative says Franklin one says Flynn) Sellers born 7/5/1873 died 11/29/1950 buried in Tahlequah OK. Married Georgia Ann Powell born(Hannah J. Powell she changed her name) born 9/29/1874 in Ellijah GA. Died 2/26/1964 Tahlequah Ok. Buried in Tahlequah.Ok .

John and Georgia/Hannah were married Nov. 14, 1895. John F. was a horse rancher, Had farm outside of town, also had house in town 600 or 601 Goingsnake, I went there with parents and grand
parents as a child.

Father/Mother of John F. Sellers
Joel F Sellers and Martha M Smith (2nd wife) His 1st wife was Mary Hedges Messersmith .
He and 1st wife had 3 children Ambrose, Smothers and Mary(married a Wells)
( 2nd wife was the 1st wifeís daughter by 1st marriage.
(Marriage certificate says name as Martha M Smith.) after 1st wife Mary died in 1858
Joel F marriaged his step daughter and had 7 more children.
John F. was one of those children others were:
John F. Sellers (my gggrandfather)1873-1950,
William Sellers,
Robert Sellers,
James Sellers,
Emma Sellers (Mote),
Frances Sellers (Willingham?),
Hugh Sellers. ( the Crenna Sellers I mentioned in a previous e-mail was his daughter)

Joel F.left Tenn. Aprox. 1841 with a black man possibly named Alec and was in Missouri sometime and taught school there and supposedly Alec took care of the house and everything for him. This info. Was in the letter.

Father/Mother of Joel F. Sellers: Flynn Sellers born appox. 1761 the letter I have says he was 13 at the time of the Revolutionary War and did not fight in it. I used 1776 as the date of the War and went back 13 years to get the approx birth date of 1761. Flynn may have married a Hubbard according to the letter the great great cousin could not remember.

The letter also said that the original Sellers ancestor came from York, England. She believed his name was Phillip Sellers. She said he was on the boat to America with William Penn on the "Welcome" best she could remember. She says Coleman Sellers was a name she remembered and one or both of them lived in Penn.
She also said there was a big group of Sellers in the same area of Penn.
From Germany, she said we were not related to them and that they came to America at least 100 years later than we did.

Flynn Sellers or a Flin Sellers I found on the a Sellers web page in Tenn. I do know according to the letter that Flynn Sellers did come from Tenn.
She said her grand father Joel Flynn Sellers was born in McMinnville, Tenn. In 1809. He is buried at Maysville, AR.1887.
Dates are on the stone. She says great grand father, Flynn Sellers died in McMinnville, Tenn. In 1840. She says his will is on file there. She says Joel Flynn only son, daughter who married a Wilson or Willis King and another daughter who was an invalid. She says descendents still lived in McMinnville, Tenn. in 1934. There is more information in the letter, but all the things she proved, with the documents, disappear after her death. I hope this documentation she did is still out there somewhere in a library or somewhere.

If I have jumped around to much, I am sorry. I just wrote what I know to be true according to the letter. I do not have the real birth or death certificates. My aunt has some of them. If you have to have copies of them I canít get them until I go back to Ark. again.
Most of the dates I are on the gravesites. I do have some more names and dates according to family members information.

Thank you for any information and contact places for me go get more information. Any questions about what I have written please e-mail me, I would love to be involved with the family history research web site, if you just tell me what I need to do and where to look.

Thanks again,

Donna Sellers OíRear

I will get together what Info. I have on Crenna Sellers Dolge. I may have already sent this. I was working on it a few minutes ago and I hit the wrong button. If you have already gotten this I'm sorry to sent I twice.

thanks for sharing.
stay with the oldest PROVEN families and work backwards. Then we can kinda look at the older chart?
SAVE all info from families, even if you can't prove it  , yet.
IT may contain a link, later down the road.


also in this same area =
HUGH SELLERS 37 ARK (ca 1863 AR,msh)
MANDA 37 ---
CAIN 12 ---

YOU should be able to trace down the 1900/1925 census/obits  on these families =
use USGENWEB and go to states and counties and ask for a lookup.
Please send us an update.

NOW lets take a trip down to 1880 ARKANSAS   where these kids born =

GEORGIA has sent us a chart on ARKANSAS =this may not be uptodate?

marie, iowa

       John F. Sellers
       Tue, 09 Apr 2002 18:30:34 -0500
       "Donna O'Rear" <>

Mari, thank you for your e-mail and the other e-mail from Georgia.
I have been goinh through more papers. Ok, Georgia ask about 1850 census, in some of the Sellers web pages I
have been browsing there is two different copies of the 1850 census, page 47 benton co. Ar.
1850 Beatie township .
J.F.Sellers 38 Tn.
             Mary H. 27 IN.
              Martha 9-MO.
               Ana E. 3 AR.
               Shather M 1 female AR.(this should be male)
    Other census report says:
1850 Benton County, AR created out of Washinton county
#047, Beatie Township
Sellers,J.F.         38 M TN
Joel F. Sellers Married Martha Smith in1857
(I have copy of marriage certifacate shoulbe(1861)
Mary H. 27 F IN.
 Martha 9 F MO.
 Anne E. 3 F AR
 Strather M. 1 M AR.
 Catherine 2/12 F AR.

1860 Arkansas Census

1860 Benton County AR. created 1836 of Washinton Count P.301 Beaties Township
      Seller J.F. (joel F.) 47 M TN.
      Martha 19 F MO. nee Smith dau
      of clark and Mary Smith
       Ambrose 8 M AR. these children by Joel's first wife
       Mary 4 F AR

Have not seen real census on the one on the Sellers page. Strathers has to be somewhere cause he stayed in AR.

1861 mar 31- Joel F/T. Sellers, 48 married Martha M. Smith, 20, by C. Coats, J.P. in Benton Co. Ar.

1868 nov. 5- W.C. Sellers 50 married Mary Ann Fair by I Cook P, in Benton Co. AR.
( I know this person is some how kin to me because his is one of the 34 names on the paper in Grandmother's stuff.)

Next I know I need to find a marriage certificate for Mary H. the first wife. I know her maiden name was Hedges, they are also buried in Benton Co. Ar.
I was goinh thought th info. from the Benton Co. history book.
Clark Smith did leave and go to Louisana, where he died. That is my letters.

I also need to get a copy of the 1870 census I know they were all there. Do you order those copies or is ther a way to get them on line.

The other lady on the e-mail ask about the 1880 census and I found it in the Sellers pages. the family is still there, but on the census they are listed as Joseph Sellers and Martha. I know that is them because all the kids names are the same as listed in my Grandmother's stuff. Even down to Willy being what they called William.

Also, Strather's and his family are on the 1880 census.
Now, Ambrose had also left home by now and he has moved to Goldwaithe Mills Co., TX. ( I have not checked the census for him yet, but I know that is where he moved to. then in about
1920 the Sellers moved to Big Sgrings Tx.
Mary the other surviving child from the first marriage, married a Wells and moved to OK. I don't know the exact location yet, I will ask.

I have deciced before I move on to Tn. I want to find out who at least most of the Sellers are on my Grandmother list. There are 33 names all Sellers or married last names for females most all with death dates only. If I have enough information I  know I can figure out where most of them were though several more census.

The other person said something about Hugh and John F. being brothers, they were brothers and close from what Iam told. On the census from Indian Terr. Ok.1900, the one you listed, you had said you need to find out where the children were born, I can tell you on my grandfather Scott Flynn Sellers birth certificate ,says Grove, Indian terr. Ok. so I don't know but it may be possible, Hugh's children that were born in Grove Indian Terr. Ok. too. On the census,1900, his children were also listed as born in Indian Terr.OK.

Oh, and in the book, about Benton Co. Ar. the info. you sent it says Hugh and Amanda Williams Sellers, one son, David C. Sellers from what I can tell David C. is the same as my Son of Hugh, David Coin Sellers, he went by Coin, from what I am told. Coin married to Maude 7 children, Coin died 1955 in Drumright OK. Maude died Sept 21, 1970. in same place. Drumright OK.

I hope I make sense when I am writing you. If I need to write things down different, please tell me.
Thank you,
Donna Sellers O'Rear


march 20, 2012

Celia Louise Sellers
1001 Onaka Tr.
Brookings, SD  57006
(605) 692-6302


Dr. Robert L. Sellers m. Wilhemia (Willy) Messerschmidt Sellers
    John Flynn Sellers (my grandfather)
    Lois Cleo Sellers
    Sylvia Sellers  The women were school teachers, lived together, and never married.  Both are buried in Tahlequa, OK.

John Flyn Sellers m. Jennie (Jinx) Harrell Sellers
    They adopted my father, Joel Harrell Sellers.  No other children.

Joel Harrell Sellers m. Dava Lee White Sellers
    1) Joel Flynn Sellers.  Married once to Terri. No children.  Died of a heart attack when he was 52.
    2) Harrell Lee Sellers.  Married 4 times.  Two daughters with the first wife Martha Melinda Jones Sellers; 2 sons with the 2nd wife, Terry.
    3) Celia Louise Sellers. Married to Jackie Lynn Brooks and divorced.  6 miscarriages.  No childern.
    4) Genna Eliabeth Sellers.  One abortion, 3 marriages, and no children.

I have been trying to get this info to Donna Lynn Sellers O'Rear.  If anyone knows how to get it to her please  forward this to her or send me a viable email address for her..

Louise Sellers