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I can't answer all of your questions, but I can tell you that the 
SAMPSON & MARY SELLERS in 1850 Hamilton Co TN moved on to Barry County, 
Missouri.  SAMPSON died there and is buried at Roaring River State Park. 
 This is my SELLARS line and I regret to say that I have not devoted 
much time to researching it.  Have been at this for thirty years and for 
some reason have spent little time on SELLARS - probably because they 
intermarried with the BAKERs who were all wild-eyed Baptists and 
suspicious of anyone asking questions about the family history.

On a different subject, I am curious about your SELLERS web site.  I 
have published a quarterly newsletter on the McCLAIN family for the past 
six years - page 1000 published 12-1-97.  I've also had a McCLAIN web 
site since January of 1997.

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Thanks for the quick response.  All of my BAKER relatives were vicious 
hypocrits.  Anyone that didn't agree with them on anything (even the 
time of day) was a hopeless sinner destined for eternal hellndamnation. 
 When I began working on the family history in 1967, I didn't know them 
all that well.  Just took a couple of years to figure them out.  That's 
roughly when I stopped working on the BAKER/SELLARS line.  I don't even 
have the info in my computer - and I've got three computers.

I'll try to dig out some of my old family group sheets on the SELLARS 
and send you what I have on SAMPSON.  As you noted on my web pages, it's 
something I've been planning to do anyway.  Was in the process before 
Thanksgiving and then began having so much fun constantly revising my 
Christmas page (I don't normally get into Graphics much - so it was a 
new FUN experience) that I got sidetracked.

MARY ______ SELLARS was not a BAKER.  Ashamed to admit it but I don't 
even remember what her maiden name was - IF I knew it.  I do recall the 
COWANs are mixed in there somewhere.

SAMPSON, from memory, was from TN to Benton County, Arkansas and Barry 
Co, MO.  And, it seems (again from memory) that one, or two, of his 
daughters went to Hill County, Texas in the 1870s.

Will get the info together - gotta dig in cardboard boxes for it - and 
send it to you in a few days.
Don Marsh

Here's some info on SAMPSON & MARY (COWAN) SELLERS.

SAMPSON SELLERS/SELLARS.  Born 1799-1804 North Carolina, South Carolina
or Tennessee - depending on source you believe.  Died 3 January 1878
Roaring River, Barry, Missouri.

Wife MARY COWEN/COWAN, born c1807 North Carolina, South Carolina or
Tennessee depending on source you believe.  Death date/place unknown. 
Must have died prior to 2-13-1878 as SAMPSON's estate file lists his
wife name as SARAH ______.  All children appear to have been by MARY
COWEN/COWAN.  It is possible MARY COWAN was SAMPSON's second wife.

JAMES CALVIN SELLERS, born 1 July 1824, near Ooltewah, Hamilton,
Tennessee.  Died 28 December, 1899 Cassville, Barry, Missouri.  Wife:
FRANCES HAGAN born c1824 Tennessee.  Married 12-21-1848 Hamilton Co TN.

MINERVA SELLERS, born c1826 Tennessee.  Died after 2-13-1878; lived in
Hill County, Texas at that time.  Married _____ SUTHERLAND who probably
died prior to 1870 as MINERVA lived with SAMPSON SELLERS in 1870 Barry
Co MO census.  Children: SAMPSON SUTHERLAND (born 1860) and MARY M.
SUTHERLAND (born 1864).

MELINDA/MALINDA SELLERS.  Born c1828 Tennessee.  Lived in Hill County,
Texas on 2-13-1878.  Married ______ GLASS.

MARY SELLERS, born c1831 Tennessee.  Lived in Barry County, Missouri on
2-13-1878.  Married _____ MOONAHAN.

EPHAPHA/EPHPHA "EFFY" SELLERS.  Born 2-19-1834/5 Polk County, Tennessee.
Died 18/19 December, 1914 Cassville, Barry, Missouri.  Married CALEB C.
BAKER who was born 8-2-1836 Tennessee and died 5-10-1892 Cassville,
Barry, Missouri.  CALEB was a circuit riding Baptist preacher and came
from a long line of same.  He served on both sides during the Civil War
- deserting one, and receiving a medical discharge for "piles" from the
other.  Polk Co TN was listed as the place of birth on EPHAPHA SELLERS'
death certificate - but the county did not exist when she was born.  She
was probably born in McMinn Co TN.

EDWARD SELLERS.  Born c1840 Tennessee.  Not listed as SAMPSON's heir on
2-13-1878 so probably died prior to that date.

While I have more info on this family, I've not yet located same.  It's
buried in 30 plus years of genealogy research contained in many
cardboard boxes.
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Again from memory, I do believe SAMPSON was the brother of CAIN SELLARS
- and was somehow related to MICAH SELLARS.  This is just one of my
lines that I never had the time nor inclination to research very well. 
I do have the CAIN SELLERS will around here somewhere, but don't recall
its contents.