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Civil War Pic of Capt Sellers and Wife at Fort Totten from Mary Jones <dj@rtconnect.net>

from Harriette <hmw1808@aol.com>

This is the web site with more pictures of the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Regiment. http://www.americancivilwarphotos.com/category/regiments/massachusetts-civil-war-regiments/3rd-massachusetts-heavy-artillery
from Harriette <hmw1808@aol.com>

I found a number of pictures taken at Fort Totten that were posted on a Civil War site dealing with the 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery.  The pictures are all dated 1865, which coincides with the date of the Captain Sellers picture.  If there are any Massachusetts' Sellers out there, they might be interested.  For some reason, there is no roster or "muster" list for the 3rd Massachusetts on the internet.

I found a couple other Union "Captain Sellers'", but none of them appear to have been stationed at Fort Totten in Washington DC.  I went through alsmost all of the Regiments for the PA volunteers, and none of them had a Captain Sellers.  I also checked the 150th Ohio, and none show up on their muster rolls either.  It looks like PA has a pretty complete listing of their Civil War units.

Here are some other "Captain Sellers" that I found in Civil War records, but none of these units appear to have ever been at Fort Totten Washington, DC

91st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company G - Recruited in Philadelphia

Eli G. Sellers  
December 2, 1861
Promoted to Lieut. Colonel, October 31, 1864
85th Regiment Penn. Volunteers, Company B   Recruited in Washington County


Morgan W. Zellars                Captain
 November 12, 1861
Discharged on Surgeon' Certificate, May 19, 1862
160th Regiment, 15th (Anderson) Cavalry (Three-Years' Service).


160th RegimentCOMPANY H.
Edward Sellers, capt., must. in Aug. 22, 1862; pro. from sergt.-maj. May 8,
1863;res. March 6, 1865.    From Delaware County PA

Tenth Regiment US ARMY

The tenth regiment of the US Army had a Lieutenant Edwin (a couple of times he was listed as Edward) E. Sellers.  The confusing thing is that he did not attain the rank of Captain until 1865.  He was in charge of Company D.  In the 1865 - 66 time range he was stationed at Fort Snelling in Minnesota, and then his company was sent to the Dakota Territory.  In 1870 he was in Austin TX.  August 1862 listed as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company I on special duty to (it appears) the Adjutant General.


98th Illinois Infantry Regiment

Edwin E. Sellers'.   from Vincennes Indiana,  The Edwin Sellers from
Vincennes Indiana enlisted in the Illinois 98th Infantry Regiment, Company ???  He enlisted as a non commissioned officer (1st Sergeant)  8 Aug 1862.
Promoted to Full 2nd Lieutenant on 17 Nov 1862.
Enlisted in Company G, Illinois 98th Infantry Regiment on 03 Sep 1862.
Promoted to Full 1st Lieutenant on 14 Jan 1863. Promoted to Full Captain on
20 Dec 1863.  Mustered out on 27 Jun 1865 at Edgefield, TN.
 Source:  Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men.  He shows up in the
1860 census for Vincennes Indiana.- born abt 1838.  Father William,  Mother Rebecca.


Susan Sellers Alexandria,Alexandria,DC 1820 =000000-01011001-0000011=

female over 45
female 26/45
female 10/16
one in ag
male slave 0/14
male slave 14/26




U.S. Civil War Photos, 1860-1870

It was made in 1865 by Smith, William Morris.
District of Columbia. Capt. Sellers and lady at Fort Totten

During the war, Fort Totten was occupied by units of the 76th New York; the 2d Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery; the 136th and 137th Pennsylvania; Company A of the 4th US Artillery; the 150th Ohio national Guard; the 1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery; and of course, parts of the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery.


Sellers, Eli G. G Capt. Lt. Col. 91st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry


The historian at Fort Myer, VA sent this list of  the units stationed at Fort Totten during the Civil War:
 "According to the book, Mr. Lincoln's Forts, by Cooling and Owen, the following units served at Ft Totton:
76th New York  Infantry
2d PA heavy Artillery, Companies B and K (March - Nov  1862) 135th and 137th PA Infantry Regiments 4th US Artillery, Company A 150th Ohio National Guard, Company  F in July 1864 1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery 3d Massachusetts heavy  Artillery, Companies A and D (Nov 1864 - June 1865) 3d  Massachusetts heavy artillery, Company B, May - June 1865 "
Frank Sellers
Falls Church, VA


James H. Thomas; James H. Sellars Amelia Sellars District of Columbia Contest Widow Lucy Thomas



Robert Sellers 38 pa. Washington Ward 4, Washington, District of Columbia
Ellen Sellers 29 pa
Robert Sellers 3 dc
James Sellers 1 dc

Sarah Locke 51 dc. Washington Ward 4, Washington, District of Columbia
Wm L Locke 28 md,
John M Richards 27 ny,
Sarah M Richards 26
Fred Aldridge 22
John Badger 40 ny,
Elizabeth Sellers 40 va
Virginia Sellers 5 va
Jane Sellers 3 va


Valentine W. Sellers 39 (ca1841) MS, IR/MS, Oyster Dealer, Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia (ck )
Indiana Sellers 40 Wash DC, MD, VA
Garland W. Sellers 13 VA, MS, DC
Blanche D. Sellers 10 VA, MS, DC
Ada D. Sellers 8 DC, MS, DC
Jennie M. Sellers 5 DC, MS, DC

Jennette Sellers Washington, Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia abt 1834 Virginia, B, M, living with several others. husband??




Washington Post, The (1877-1954) Washington, District of Columbia 23 Aug 1889 Marriage license issued yesterday
LULA M. SELLERS, Rockingham Co., Va and
JOHN R. PHILLIPS of Charlottsville, Va

1890 United States Federal Census Fragment about Kate Sellers Name: Sellers, Kate Age in 1890: 20 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1870 Gender: Female Birthplace: Ohio Relation to Head of House: Cousin Race: White Home in 1890: Washington, Washington, District of Columbia Father's Birthplace: MD Mother's Birthplace: Ohio living with

AND KIDS 20 AND 18 TX and


Ephraim Sellers Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 1840 England Inmate

Jennie Sellers 58 oh, oh, oh, wd, 5/5
Catherine Sellers 28 oh, md, oh, dau
Mary Sellers 18 oh, md, oh, dau
Grace Sellers 11 oh, oh, in, GD
Louise Sellers 9 oh, oh, in, GD

Chas Sellers 57 va, va, va, B, m 20 yrs
Amanda Sellers 40 va, va, va, B, wife, m 20 yrs, 0/0
Marie Morgan 22 va, va, va, niece, single

George Sellers 33 va,va, va, M12yrs
Amelia Sellers 33 dc, va, dc, 9/8kids
George Sellers 11 dc, va, dc
Bessie Sellers 8 dc, va, dc ON all kids
James Sellers 7
Grover Sellers 6
Esther Sellers 5
Maud Sellers 4
Valentine Sellers 1 dc, jan 1899

Frank C Jones 58 Avery Jones 28 Paul V Jones 2 James Sellers 30 pa, pa, pa, lodger
Elizabeth Sellers 28 pa, pa, pa, M7yrs 0/0

Frederick Sellers 28 dc, dc, dc, M2yrs
Mable Sellers 23 dc, dc, dc, M2yrs 1/1 (yes)
Eliza Donaldson 52 dc, eng, ny, wd, 2/2 , MIL

Earl D Sellers Washington, Washington, District of Columbia Apr 1878 Iowa Boarder, in, ia, single
living with several others

Charles N I Dellen 65 [68] va, va, va, mulatto,M1 25yrs
Amanda M Dellen 35 va, va, va, mulatto,M1 25yrs, 0kids
Marie E Morgan 20 [30] va, mass, va, adopted dau, mulatto, single
Robert E Giles/Niles 23 nc,nc,nc, lodger, mulatto,single
William D Giles 25 nc, nc, nc, lodger, mulatto, single

Harry A Sellers 40 dc, dc, va, Precinct 4, Washington, District of Columbia
Thomas J Pumphrey 25 dc, ireland, ireland,sil
Anna Pumphrey 19 dc, dc, dc, dau
Harry Sellers 15 dc, dc, dc, son
Blance Sellers 13
Raymond Sellers 10
Ender Sellers 8
Bernard Sellers 2
Mary Sellers 38 dc,dc,dc, wife

Amelia Sallers 46 dc,dc, dc, Precinct 7, Washington, District of Columbia
Gromv Sallers 17 dc, va, dc, son
Esther Sallers 15 dc, va, dc on all kids
Maud Sallers 13
Valentine Sallers 11
Robert E Sallers 9
Katherina Sallers 6
Madeliene Sallers 4 [2]
Jennie Gosnell 19 dc, va, dc, wd, dau

Albert Whit L Sellon 39 mass,mass, ny, Precinct 10, Washington, District of Columbia
Mary L Sellon 27 conn, conn, conn
Ruth V Sellon 4 Corrie D Sellon 2 Mary P Sellon 7/12 [0]

Kathryn Sellers 39 oh, md, oh, single, Precinct 10, Washington, District of Columbia
Jane A Sellers 69 oh, oh, oh, wd, mother
Edna G Sellers 21 in, oh, in, niece, single
Mary C Pertler 60 md, md, md, single B, servant

Garland Sellers 42 va, ms, va, single, Precinct 1, Washington, District of Columbia
Minnie Finkman 58 dc, germ, germ,single, boarder
Lena Arneth 63 dc, germ, germ, wd, border
Clara Van Fleet 26
Phillip F George 47
Carl Scheld 28

James F Sellers 40 pa, pa, pa, Precinct 5, Washington, District of Columbia
Eliza J Sellers 38 pa, pa, pa

David F Sellers 35 tx, pa, ny, m1 4yrs,Precinct 8, Washington, District of Columbia
Anita C E Sellers 31 tn, pa, ny, m1, 4yrs, 0/0

Theodore Sellers 32 va, va, va, Precinct 5, Washington, District of Columbia
Dalia Sellers 26 va,va, va, wife

Ranter Sellers 28 sc, sc, sc, Mulatto, Precinct 3, Washington, District of Columbia
Marian Sellers 23 sc, sc, sc, Mulatto
Rosie Sellers 5 sc
Gracie Sellers 3dc
Hattie Sellers 2 dc
Wameta Sellers 5/12 [0]
Anna Small 41 sc,sc,sc, wd, MIL, Mulatto

Dorsey Nickal 38 va, va, va, Precinct 10, Washington, District of Columbia
Lina Nickal 33 va, va, va
Lillian Nickal 12 va, va, va
Norward Nickal 7 va, va, va
W H Sellers 2nd 23 va, va, va, cousin, single
Grace Sellers 2nd 25 va, va, va, cousin, single

Wyatt Flemence 51 sc, sc, sc, B
Martha Flemence 50 sc, sc, sc, B
Eva Sellers 20 nc, nc, nc, single, B,

1920 Washington, Washington, District of Columbia
George W Hughes 49
Sarah A Hughes 46 dc, ms, dc
Ada A Michael 19
George W Hughes 15
Indianna Sellers 80 dc, va, va, wd, mil
Bruce C Michael 21 DC, SIL

Drusilla Sellers 52 WV, VA, WV
Garland W Sellers 52 VA, MS, VA, CHAUFFER/TAXI

Charles F Sellers 57 oh, md, oh, Washington, Washington, District of Columbia
Howard P Sellers 9 oh, oh, oh, son
Kathryn L Sellers 12 oh, oh, oh, dau
Kathryn Sellers 49 OH, MD, OH, SISTER,single




Washington Post, The (1877-1954) Washington, District of Columbia 8 Aug 1901 Obituary

Washington Post, The (1877-1954) Washington, District of Columbia 11 Feb 1902 Marriage
JOHN D. SELLERS of this city and GRACE CHASE of Bladensburg, MD

Washington Post, The (1877-1954) Washington, District of Columbia 16 Apr 1905 Marriage


Washington Post, The (1877-1954) Washington, District of Columbia april 4 1905 Obituary

Mrs Mary M. Sellers 78, native of here, 2 sons of


1st Sgt William Sellers

Birth: unknown Death: Dec. 23, 1929 Burial: US Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery Washington District of Columbia

Charles Sellers
Birth: unknown Death: Jan. 8, 1944 Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery Benning District of Columbia District Of Columbia, USA Plot: Section C, Lot 41, Site 24

Daisy Sellers
Birth: unknown Death: Jul. 25, 1944 Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery Benning District of Columbia District Of Columbia, USA Plot: Section C, Lot 5, Site 20
Garland W Sellers
Birth: 1863 Death: 1930 Burial: Congressional Cemetery Washington District of Columbia District Of Columbia, USA Plot: R160/188

Drusilla Sellers
Birth: 1867 Death: 1940 Burial: Congressional Cemetery Washington District of Columbia District Of Columbia, USA Plot: R160/188


Robert Sillers
Birth: 1834 Death: 1894 Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery Washington District of Columbia District Of Columbia, USA Plot: Rock Creek, Lot 587 East.