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Descendants of Matthew SELLERS


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My husband's line in Pike Co. starts with Samuel Calvin Sellers who moved
from Brunswick Co. where he was born in 1788.  He died in Pike County 12 Jul
1857. He married 31 Jul 1806 to Sarah Stanaland.  The direct descent goes
from Samuel to son Luther Rice Sellers to John Walton Sellers to Ada
Elizabeth Sellers, who married George Strother Gravlee in 1909.  How do you
fit in?  What would you like from me?
Diane Gravlee

From:    PGreatho01 To:      geodiagravlee@worldnet.att.net Diane, Sorry, I am so late in answering, but we went to the Dallas, TX Genealogical Convention.  We have just returned to AL. I have Samuel Sellers with 15 children. Samuel was born 17 April 1788 in Brunswick Co., NC.  He arrived on 3 Notch Rd. on 29 Jan. 1835.  He married 31 July 1806 Brunswick Co., NC Bondsman: Henry Mints; Witness: John Gause, Jr. to Sarah Stanaland b. 4 Aug. 1786 NC d. 1867.  Samuel d. 11 July 1857 Pike Co., AL at Missouri Bent 25 miles n. of Troy, AL; both bur. Sellers' Cem, Inverness, Pike Co., AL. My husband's mother was Fannie Lou Sellers, dau. of George Lafayette Sellers and Martha Rebecca Amos.  His parents were Jackson Daniel Sellers and Fannie Morgan.  His parents were Julius S. Sellers and "Eliza" Elizabeth S. Reeves.  His parents were Matthew Sellers and Sara Jane Ward.  His parents were Elisha Sellers and 3rd wife: Mary Willetts or Willis.  His parents were Benjamin Sellers and Sarah Hickman.  The second line of Sellers is below. Robert Otis Greathouse's father was John Perry Greathouse whose father was John Greathouse that married Martha Sophronia Sellers.  Martha was the daughter of Dohority Winfield Sellers and Mary Matilda Dykes.  His parents were Elisha Hugh Sellers and Harriet T. Thomas.  His parents were Samuel Calvin Sellers and Sarah Stanaland.  His parents were Elisha Sellers and Mary Willetts or Willis .  His parents  were Benjamin Sellers and Sarah Hickman. Would be glad to exchange any of my information that you need for some of your information.  As you can see we have Sellers running out of our ears!!!       Pat Patricia Dodd Greathouse PGreatho01@aol.com