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Court Depositions regarding John Sellers.

        The deposition of John Sellers taken January 1798. I was with John Townsend in the year 1776 at the place where the letters I.M. mentioned in the preamble was made and then there stood a cabin which he told me there was his cabin and that he built it the year before, and was generally known by the name of John Townsend's Cabin since. Isaw Eneas McDaniel and his son frequently at work on the improvement mentioned in the preamble in the summer of 1776 and suppose they had between 2 or 3 acres cleared and have ever since known it by the name of said McDanial's Improvement

        November 10, 1803, the deposition of John Sellers of full age & being first sworn deposith and saith that some time in the year seventeen hundred and seventy six coming up the South Fork of Licking in company with Capt. John Hinkson & others, I was informed by Capt. Hinkson of a Cave Spring that we would endeavor to get to that night to encamp at which place we got to a little before sunset, which spring was on the south westardly side of the said South Fork which I believe to be the place we are now at between a half and a quarter of a mile below where James Wiglesworth now lives. Quest. 1st by John Smith agent of William Woods, how long have you been living in this country. Answer: Since the spring Seventeen hundred and eighty. Quest. 2nd: Did you know of any other Cave Spring on the Main South Fork Licking but this from your first acquantance to the present day. Answer: No. Quest 3rd: Do you consider a Cove Spring & a Cave Spring to mean one & the samething. Answer: I consider them the same.

        The deposition of Benjamin Harrison taken June 8, 1804. I have known this Spring from between the first & ninth of May 1776. At the time I first saw it, there was an improvement at & near source thereof and from that time until this date it has been designated & known by the name or appellation of the Cave Spring. In the year of 1780 I was on this spot in the month of May or early in June in Company with John Hinkson & John Sellers and stayed all night.

        The deposition of Elizabeth Herrin returned and ordered to be recorded in the following words and figures towit; On the 6th of October agreeable to advertisement of Daniel Callaghan to establish Patrick Callaghan's claim near the mouth of Sellers Run;  John Sellers brought forth the following witness, Elizabeth Herrin, of full age duly sworn, deposeth and saith sometime in the fall of '95, being in company with John Martin, heard the said Martin sayeth unto John Sellers wife that when he was a going to do anything about his land that he found his helth unfirm at that time and wished for the said Sellers to call on him as witness for sd Sellers that Callaghan had not run his land agreeable to location as the sd Martin directed it and that sd Sellers would take him before any justice of the peace, that he would make oath that it was Sellers just right and all the devils in the hills could not keep him out of it if he looked after it in time and further the deponent is a sister in law of John Sellers.  Signed   Elizabeth Herrin.