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I am trying to finish a family branch and am hoping you can help.  I have a
Mathew Heman Sellers b. 10 Sep 1872, in Clark Co., Illinois and died Dec
1943 in Warren Co., Indiana.  He married Amanda Maskal in 1901 possibly in
Warren Co., Indiana.  Amanda was b. 20 Dec 1873 in Illinois, and d. 28 Apr
1918 in Kingman, Fountain Co., Indiana.  I have possible children for this
marriage and am trying to confirm names, dates, and possible marriages and
descendents for these children.

Daisy Sellers b. abt 1902
Flossie Seller b. 1914?
Helen Sellers
Glen Sellers

Dennis McIndoo

we have a couple members who have worked on his brothers and sisters and may have
info. I don't know if they are Active members right now, but they would enjoy
meeting and sharing with you.
I believe there are links you can follow to the other counties/states they went to.

Please send us the names, ages and where his kids went, so we can link you to these
counties and states and others can find you also. And if you have other documents,
etc to share on these pages. Please send.
Will try and post the 1880 census on some of these kids so you can See some of them.
Don't think we have the 1900 on them.
Thanks for sharing,  marie, iowa

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  (Dennis McIndoo)

Being somewhat of a newbie to the mailing list scene I didn't realize
that line breaks have to be manually put in.  I hope it is working now
and wonder if there is a simple answer to this problem that I am not
doing when I send these.
First I want to thank Marie in Iowa for a quick reply and thanks for the
link to the seller family page that you sent.  I have been in contact
with Bruce Sellers before but I wrote to him recently but didn't hear
back.  That is why I subscribed to this group.
Well, all of that done, now on to the good stuff.  I seem to be very
tenacious and after writing to this list I dug back in and went searching
the census images again and all of sudden there they were!  I was in
the 1910 Indiana Census, Fountain County, ED#74, which is Fulton Twp.,
and my eyes about bugged out.  The census shows Mathew and Amanda (Manda
by their spelling) and their children.  By the way my connection to
the Sellers is through Amanda Maskal's side of the family.  This also
shows that this is Amanda's second marriage.  The child, Mary Stanton,
was by her first marriage to John Stanton, who she married in Fountain
County in 1896.  I see by the names on the census that I don't have all
the names ot the children right.  Gee, we don't ever get misinformed
do we?!!  I have put the image on my McIndoo Homepage for you to look
at.  The links below will take you to two images.  The first link to the
whole page takes quite a while to show up because of the size of the file.
I didn't want to overcompress the file and make it look too distorted.
The second link shows an enlarged section of the family because I am
having difficulty figuring out the name of the daughter shown as age 4.
I want your opinions out there as to what the name may be.  I am not sure
myself but don't want to influence with what I think it is.  Also, this
is not the first census to show Mathew's surname spelled "Sellars" instead
of "Sellers".

For those interested, in my hunt for this family, I have also been able to
find Mathew in the 1900 Illinois census.  This is just before his
marriage to Amanda.  I also have an image in this very same census showing
Amanda Maskal Stanton, and her child Mary, living with Amanda's mother.
I don't know at this point if John Stanton died or if there was a
divorce.  By the way, does anyone have a definite source showing just
where Mathew and Amanda were married?  It gets a little confusing because
I do have what looks to be a good source for her marriage to John Stanton
in Indiana.  There was an awful lot of moving back and forth from Illinois
and Indiana for these two, especially Amanda.  Amanda's roots were in
Indiana but her parents moved to Iroquois County, Illinois.  She then,
as I stated, went to Indiana to marry John Stanton in 1896.  Then she is
found in the 1900 census in Illinois, as is Mathew.  Then supposedly she
marries Mathew back in Indiana, but I have possible doubts here because
if you look closely at the census the first child, Cecil, was born in
Illinois! I hope I haven't totally confused you here.  I am trying to
hurry here and get this written before going to work. I hope I have
helped here somewhat, but I have also asked a lot of questions?

Dennis McIndoo in Idaho

DENNIS, Thanks.
Bruce has two different emails listed on the Decatur Co, In page.

IF you have the 1900 IL census extractions on Mathew Heman SELLERS and
Amanda. Would appreciate copies.
Our/My marriages only go to 1900 and they may have been married ca 1901. The
county of their 1900 Il census may have these marriages. Ask for a lookup on
that usgenweb  county/state page Or write their genealogy society. And advise.

NOW, you are telling us the Other kids besides Mary Stanton are SELLERS?
MATHEW HEMEN SELLERS  mother was PERLENA, Bruce shows Perlema and he is
probably more accurate. So a quess would be the nickname LENE/LENA/LEME.
the 1920 Census reading or her marriage license would help confirm.
Could check the other chart of Sandra's? and see what her spelling is also.
It is spelled both ways on census and marriage license.
Bruce probably has a source for his spelling Or  cemetery records may show
also and they probably have an obit?
Would appreciate the child you connect to and where they went, etc?

THANKS for helping with the census data. This will help others follow their families!
marie, iowa

Thanks for telling me about the other address for Bruce.  I have written
to him and will wait for a reply.  Will also be informing him of the
census find as soon as I hear from him.  Also I will be sending you the
copies of the 1900 IL census soon.  May have to do them one at a time because of
file size.  Also will see about sending queries as you have
mentioned but will probably be a little while yet.
Another first name for Mathew Heman Sellers mother was Phylema which I
have seen several times.  I do feel that you have a good idea based on all
the spellings of the grandmother's maiden name that is is close to Lena or
possibly the others you have mentioned.  The "y" in Daisy's name on the
line above doesn't help to exactly distinguish the name.  As you mentioned
I will be looking for them in the 1920 Indiana Census but as of yet I
haven't had any luck.  There was a problem with the images for the
counties I was attempting to look at.
Yes, I do believe that the other children in this census are Sellers.
I do believe that Mathew and Amanda were married in 1901, just not sure
where yet. I do have the ancestors of the child Mary Stanton mentioned.
Right now you are being updated with the info as soon as I am getting it
so I am not sure where this family went after the census I have just
found.  I will be keeping all of you up to date and would appreciate
any info others may find.  Would also be happy to send the other census
images mentioned above to those interested.
I haven't updated the McIndoo Homepage lately with all this new info I
have and the name of the Seller's children show incorrectly but what I
do have for Mary Stanton and her mother Amanda and marriages is at
Again, what I have here is not updated with new info found so ANY
corrections that need to be made, let me know.  I am certainly open to
corrections.  I hope to soon have the changes made.

Dennis McIndoo

Now, on to the second image.  First notice that this image shows that Amanda
lives close to Mathew as this is the very next page.  Just a point of
interest.  Amanda Stanton (this shows her first marriage surname) is now
back living with her mother Sarah C. Maskal.  (Sarah Caroline Wilhite
Maskal)  The husband, Leonard J. Maskal, is not mentioned as he died 4 Jul
1888, in Iroquois County, Illinois.
The next person mentioned below Sarah is Wm. G. Maskal.  As you will see he
is shown as age 29 and married.  His wife, Emaline (Emeline?) Smethurst
Maskal is shown on the next page if you want that image also.  There is no
children by this marriage yet as they were married 4 Oct 1899 in Iroquois
The next person shown is our Amanda J.(Maskal) Stanton.  This also shows
that she had 1 child and 1 living, so this helps us with the amount of
children by Amanda and her first marriage with John Stanton.
The next person is the child Mary Stanton shown as granddaughter born in Feb
I think that pretty well tells the tale about this image but thought I would
help clear up a few things since the bottom of this page is not easy to
read. I hope I haven't made it to dull to you by telling it so stretched
If you would like a copy I have a transcribed copy of the obit for Sarah
Caroline Wilhite Maskal if you wish. It is on my website at

This obit was my first clue as to where to find Amanda.  I will be
continuing to dig into this branch more a little later.  As I mentioned the
1920 census images that I feel I really need to see are not showing properly
at this moment.  I do want to find out more clearly where Amanda and Mathew
were married.  You have given good suggestions.  Catch ya later.

Dennis McIndoo

P.S.  I use the "WhodatMc" email address for mailing list info and a few
other things but I also use