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I just joined the Sellers mailing list yesterday.  My grandfather was
Amos.  His mother was Mary Jane Sellers and her father was Peter.
This is an article from the History of Wood County.  I have pictures of
several of their graves.  I thought this would be of benefit to you.

If you have any information from Peter on up, it would be apprecitated as
Peter is the earliest Sellers I have as I have not researched this family


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My grandfather, Peter Sellers was born in Monroe County, Ohio November 4,
The son of George and Phoebe (Crouse) Sellers.  He married my grandmother,
Nancy M. Barton on May 24, 1853 in Monroe County, Ohio, and on June 5, 1856
they came to make their home in Wood County.
  Nancy M. Barton Sellers was born on October 17, 1825 in Tyler County, WV
the daugh ter of Enos and Nancy A. (Francis) Barton.     George Sellers
father of Peter was a soldier in the War of 1812.
  The children and grandchildren of Peter and Nancy (Barton) Sellers are as
1. William 5/6/1854-11/27/1928. Married Mary Jane Swain. Children: (I)
(2) Lulu Belle (3) Alice (4) Ella (5)MinnieAnn (6)Montgomery (7)Peter
Franklin (8) Clifford Harrison (9)Mary (10) Katherine (11) Williarn Enoch
(12) Florence.
2. George 3/3/1856-10/30/1905. Married Minerva Grewell. Children: (1)
Charles E. (2) John Garfield (3) Ida                  Pearl (4) George
Lawrence (5) Mary Rue.
3. Harriet E. 1/15/1858-6/10/1921. Never married.
4. Enos Francis 12/5/1859-1/23/1923. Married Phoebe Caroline Beckett.
Children: (1) Elsie Mae (2) James Peter (3) Charles William (4) Maurice
Edward (5) Ira Francis (6) Infant Daughter (7)Russell Leonard.
5. John Leonard 11/29/1862-8/1/1885. Married Sarah Burdette. Children:
(1)Lucille (2) Leonard.
6. Phoebe Ann 5/31/1864-2/23/1939. Married Solomon Shears. Children: (1)
Infant Daughter (2) Paul S. (3) Peter A.(4) Carroll S. (5) Mark Dean.
7. Mary Jane 12/1/1866-10/1/1948. Married James J. Amos. Children (1) Ira
Vaughn (2) P. Everett (3) Susannah (4)Eunice (5) James Lloyd (6) Wilbur
(7) Alvin (8) Olive (9) Harold Wayne (10) Blaine (11) Richie (12) Infant.
8. America I. 6/6/1870-2/18/1953. Married James Franklin Toomey Children:
(1) Harley Hilton (2) Cynthia Ellen.

  Peter Sellers died May 12. 1899 and Nancy M. (Barton) Sellers died July
29. 1902. They  are buried in the Sellers Cemetery near Bellville.

My maternal grandparents were James Ransom Beckett (9/l3/l85l-6/l6/l920)
Mary Catherine (Buckley) Beckett (3/5/1849-1/23/1922). They were the
of (1) James William Beckett 5/28/l872-l/l3/l948 (2) Samuel Edward Beckett
10/25/l873-ll/9/1946. (3) Charles Franklin Beckett 7/1/1876-2/19/1962. (4)
Mary Alice Beckett (Seebaugh) 7/l4/l878-3/l2/l958.
(5) Phoebe Caroline Beckett (Sellers) 3/5/l88l-l2/l3/l962 (6) Infant
Daughter Beckett 7/?/l883-7/?/l883. My maternal great grandparents were
William and Caroline (Logston) Beckett and James S. and Susannah (Lowers)
Buckley, all of which were residents of Wood County.  Submitted by Elsie
Sellers Pyles