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SELLERS, CLAYPOOLE, BRUIN - William R. SELLERS (b.1872 d.1932 buried
Shinkleís Ridge, Brown Co, OH) married Drusella CLAYPOOLE (b. abt 1879
in KY? d.1916 in Moscow, Washington Twp, Clermont Co, OH).  Drusella was
daughter of Samuel CLAYPOOLE and Sarah BRUIN.  Children of William and
Drusella are Garland, Gladys, Harry, Arthur, Mabel and William Robert.
Would like to hear from anyone with information on any of these lines.
> Marie,
Sorry to be so long in replying.  I am helping my husband research his 
SELLERS line and we have very little information to start with.  My 
husband's father was born Arthur SELLERS son of William R. SELLERS and 
Drusella CLAYPOOLE.  Arthur's mother died when he was very young and he 
was raised by SHAFER.  All the children except Garland SELLERS were 
taken in by other families.  These children did not grow up knowing each 
other.  Arthur did not have any information about his SELLERS family 
except for the names of his parents and his siblings. Gladys SELLERS is 
the only one of the children still living and lives only a few miles 
from us.  I have talked to her but she didn't remember much.  I have 
located a daughter of Garland's and she was very interested and promised 
to help if she could.  She has a Bible belonging to Garland and is going 
to send me copies from it.  I have found death record for William R. 
SELLERS' wife Drusella and birth and death records for infant son 
William Robert.  I have also located William and his children on the 
1920 census.  Following is all the information I have on SELLERS except 
for census info and some info on descendants of William's children.  
There was a typo in previous post...William R. was born 1872 NOT 1877.

William R. SELLERS buried in Shinkleís Ridge, Brown Co, OH.  Dates on 
headstone are Feb 17, 1872 - Mar 21, 1932.  I have no information on his 
parents or any siblings.  I have sent for death certificate but havenít 
recíd it yet.  He was married to Drusella CLAYPOOLE daughter of Samuel 
CLAYPOOLE and Sarah BRUIN.  Unknown when or where married.  Drusella 
born abt 1879 in KY and died Aug 10, 1916 in Moscow, OH.  She is buried 
in Moscow Cemetery.  William and Drusella had the following children:

1) Garland SELLERS born May 3, 1908 died Apr 17, 1986 Milford, OH,
buried Memorial Gardens, Milford, OH - married Bessie HONAKER

2) Gladys SELLERS born 1910 still living Bethel, OH - married
Richard WINDER - Gladys was raised/adopted? by Charles and Cora COOPER 
after her motherís death

3) Harry SELLERS/BECKELHYMER born 1911 died 1930 buried Pt. Isabel, OH -
Raised/adopted? by Harley & Pauline BECKELHYMER after his motherís

4) Arthur Louis SELLERS/SHAFER (my father) born Aug 21, 1911 or Dec 24,
1912 died May 24, 1990 buried Felicity Cemetery, Felicity, OH - 1st
married Leona LEACH (my mother), 2nd married Virginia DARNELL SNAPP, 3rd
married Helen Marie HONEYCUTT POWELL MONTGOMERY.  Arthur was
raised/adopted? by Sam and Rachel SHAFER after his motherís death.
Arthur always believed his birthdate to be Dec 24, 1912 until he filed
for SS and was told that his birthdate was Aug 21, 1911 - Clermont
County birth records show an UNNAMED male child born to William R. and
Drusella SELLERS on Aug 21, 1911
- Family members have always maintained
that Arthur was younger than brother Harry and that he was about 3 1/2
yrs when he went to live with SHAFER.  1920 census for Clermont Co lists
Arthur age 7 in SHAFER household and Harry age 9 in BECKELHYMER
household.  I feel that itís likely that UNNAMED SELLERS born Aug 21,
1911 was actually Harry not Arthur.

5) Mabel SELLERS/VANDEMANNorVANDAMENT - Mabel was raised/adopted? by
VANDEMANN or VANDAMENT after her motherís death.

6) William Robert SELLERS born Aug 2, 1916 Moscow, OH died Sep 20, 1916
Moscow, OH buried Moscow Cemetery.

William R. SELLERS was married 2 more times (KAIN? and WINTERS) after 
Drusella died.  1920 census has wife Lizzie.  Williamís granddaughter 
thinks there may have been 2 or 3 children born to one of these 

Also buried on SELLERS lot in Moscow Cemetery is Infant SELLERS buried
Apr 9, 1926

Hope this helps and doesn't just confuse.  I will send census info 
Debby Shafer
I noted the Charles W. and Lucreta SELLERS with son William about the 
age of my William SELLERS that you mentioned on the 1880 Brown Co, OH 
census.  Looking at 1910 Brown Co census today and noted Charles W. and 
Emma SELLERS living in Lewis Twp, Brown Co, OH on Columbia St in 
Higgonsport.  My William and Drusella SELLERS with son Garland also 
living in Lewis Twp, Brown Co, OH on 1910 census.  In August 1916 I know 
they were living in Moscow, Washington Twp, Clermont Co, OH.  1920 Brown 
Co census has my William back in Lewis Twp with then wife Lizzie and son 
Garland on Columbia St, house #98 and Emma SELLERS, widow, at house #100 
on Columbia St.  Thought maybe? Emma SELLERS step-mother to my William. 
I noticed numbers beside marital status on 1910 census.  Does this 
indicate the number of times a person has been married?  Please excuse 
my ignorance, I'm very new at this.
Debby Shafer

So far my search of the Brown Co, OH census has been limited to Lewis 
Twp.  I started here because that is where my William SELLERS is buried. 
I continue to search and will check out adjoining townships as soon as I 
can.  It is slow going because I don't have access to an index and 
checking each township page by page is tedious work.  I will send new 
info as I get it.  I am impatiently awaiting arrival of William's death 
certificate hoping it will have new information.  I am curious about the 
following Wm. SELLERS I noted on your Bracken Co, KY link.  Same age and 
state of birth as my William and I know from 1910 census that William 
and Drusella were married about 1906 and that she was his second wife.  
Bracken Co, KY is right across the river from Lewis Twp, Brown Co, OH.  
Probably grasping at straws but wondered if possible this is my William 
with first wife?


IDA M. 23 KY

Debby Shafer

             Debby Shafer <>
Finally received death certificate for William Riley SELLERS b. Feb 17,
1872 OH
d. Mar 17, 1932 Higginsport, Brown Co, OH.  Father Robert SELLERS b.
OH.  Mother not given.  Married at time of death but wife not given.
Informant was Garlan SELLERS, who was the oldest known son of William R.
and second wife Drusilla.  Garlon was living in Georgetown, Brown Co, OH
at time of William's death.  Where do I go from here?  Saw the following
on your Bracken Co, KY page.  Age is right but birthplaces don't match,
but I know that info on census and death certificate isn't always

1880 Census, Bracken Co, KY
WM R. 8 KY

Debby Shafer

DEBBY, Robert SELLERS could easily be in civil war  - I fast looked at list I  have copied and didn't see,  but, may not have copied all, don't know if I saw any from Ky and I  know we have a few names from Ky, somewhere. Also, we have a death index posted under Ky index, and they did have early death records, you  might look at that. I didn't see his marriage either. Thanks, keep searching - I believe we are missing an 1860 or 70 census on Robert SELLERS also. Bracken Co Genealogy society may have A later history on Bracken Co or  later wills? Their address is probably on the Bracken Co,Ky web page. marie, iowa
ROBERT SELLERS, CIVIL WAR - UNION SOLDIER - born ca 1825 Ky, resided Brooksville,
Bracken Co,Ky in 1890 - buried in Baptist Cem.,Powersville, Bracken Co, Ky
Robert SELLERS CW Co K-54 Ky

             William R. Sellers Ky/OH
             Sun, 4 Jan 1998 21:54:21 -0800 (PST)
             Debby Shafer <>
I received copies of marriage certificate, obituary, and Bible pages
from Ruth Sellers Hayslip who is the daughter of Garland Sellers and the
granddaughter of William R. Sellers.  Some parts of the copies were hard
to read but hopefully when I get to see the originals it will be

William R. SELLERS m. Druse CLAYPOLE 16 Nov, 1905 Brown Co, OH per
marriage certificate

Obituary of William R. SELLERS from the papers of Williamís son Garland
William R., son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sellers, was born at Ripley, O.
Feb. 17, 1872 & departed this life from Higginsport, O. Mar. 17, 1932,
aged 60 years & 1 month.  When but a small boy, his parents moved to Ky,
so that the greater part of his life was spent in Mason & Bracken
Counties, Ky.
Mr. Sellers was married three times, First on Feb 16, Ď93 to Miss Ida
May Cain, to whom 3 children were born, & on June 20, 1902, Mrs. Sellers
passed to the great beyond.  Then on Nov. 16, 1905, he was married to
Miss Drues Claypole, also of Ky, to whom 7 children were born, four of
whom survive, viz: Garland, Arthur, Gladys & Mabel.  The second Mrs.
Sellers passed away, Aug. 9, 1916.  Again Mr. was married to Mrs.
Elizabeth Greenley, of New Richmond, O. who with the four children of
his former marriage survive him.
Mr. & Mrs. Sellers moved to Higginsport in the fall of 1918, where they
have since resided.  Mr. Sellers was an industrious man & a quiet &
inoffensive citizen.  When but a young man in his teens he embraced the
Christian religion, & united with the Maysville Baptist Church, & while
in later years he was unable to attend the church of his choice, he
never lost faith in God, and in his last illness spoke freely of his
consciousness of Godís presence with him, and his desire to depart and
be at rest.
Mr. Sellers had been in declining health for several months, but was
bedfast only about three weeks.  All that loving hearts and willing
hands could do was done for his comfort, and the end came last Thurs.
morning, about 10 oíclock when he peacefully slept away, and his
liberated spirit returned to the God who gave it.
Funeral services were held at the Higginsport Church Sunday, Feb. 20,
1932, at 2 p.m. conducted by Rev. A. W. Hook, after which interment was
made in the Shinkles Ridge Cemetery.

Copied from Bible belonging to Garland SELLERS
(Page Header)  Mrs. Ida May Sellers November Th 7 1897
Mrs. Fannie Cain Departed This Life August th 15 1886
Mrs. Bell Wilson Departed this Life November th 10 1890
Mrs. Fannie Mains Departed this Life November th 17 1891
Miss Ettie May Biggs Departed this life January th 11 1887

(Page Header) W. R. Sellers November th 7 1897
Mrs. Fannie F. Hall Departed this life Sept Th 28 1892
Mr. S??ot Hall Departed this life January The 1894
Mrs. Ivia May Mattingley Departed this life May th 20 1895
Robert Sellers Departed this life April the 9 1898
Mrs. Minnie G. Green Departed This life December The 23 1899
Mrs. Ida May Sellers Departed This Life June The 20 1902
Mrs Mery Elen Sellers Departed This Life March The 15 1906
Mrs Drusie Sellers Departed this Life August the 9 1916
William Jr. Sellers Departed this life Oct. the 15 1916
Mrs. Etna May Booth Departed This life Feb. The 9 1927
Harry Sellers Departed This Life Apr The 11 1930
Mr. W. R. Sellers Departed this life March 17, 1932 ath the age of 60
yrs 1 mo.

(Page Header) Nov th 16 1905
William R Sellers Was Mairried To Miss Drues Claypole in the year of our
Lord Nov the 16 1905  Miss Druse Claypole Was Born the 6 August 1881

???? Born Dead Aug the 15 1906
Garland Sellers Was Born in Brown County Ohio May the Sun ? 1908
Gladest Sellers Was Born in Brown County Ohio May the ? 1910
Harry Sellers Was Born Monday August the 21 1911 in Clermount County
Arthur Sellers Was Born Mond. Dec the 30 1912 in Clermount County Ohio
Mabel Sellers Was Born Dec Tue the 1 1914 in Clermont County Ohio
William Jr. Sellers Was Born in Clermount Co Ohio Wed. August th 3 1916

(Page Header) November Th 7 1897
William R. Sellers Was Married to Miss Ida May Cain Febuary th 26 1893

William Sellers Was Bornd Febuary th 17 1877
Miss Ida May Cain Was Bornd April th 20 1877

Etna May Sellers Was Bornd August th 10 1895
Hallie Irian? Sellers Was Bornd Feburary th 4 1898
Besie Ree? Sellers Was Bornd September Th 21 1900

(Page Header) July 3
William Sellers was married to Mrs Elizabeth Greenley in the year of our
Lord July 3- 1918

Garland Sellers was married to Miss Bessie Honaker in the year of our
Lord, Oct 8, 1936
Miss Bessie Honaker was born Apr. 30, 1918

Elizabeth (Betty) Louise (Lou) was born Sept 15 1937 in Clinton
unreadable Lynchburg Ohio
Jean Ann Sellers was born July 3, 1939 Brown Co Georgetown Ohio
James Gaylord Sellers was born April 18, 1941 Brown Co Georgetown
Ruth Sellers was born January 20, 1943, Brown Co. Georgetown Ohio
Bobbie Carol Sellers was born Dec. 24, 1944 Brown co Georgetown Ohio
Patsy Fern Sellers was born Dec. 26, 1947 Brown Co Hamersvill Ohio

This new information brings me back to this possibility....

  IDA M. 23 KY

Subject:               Re: Robert SELLERS 1823/1898 Bracken Co,Ky Debby Shafer wrote: > Marie, > Robert SELLERS 1823/1898 Bracken Co, Ky looks like the father of my > William Riley SELLERS b. Feb. 17, 1872.  William's bible has Robert > SELLERS d. April 9, 1898 and Mery Elen Sellers d. March 15, > 1906.--Debby > Shafer > 1850 BRACKEN CO, KY > ROBERT SELLERS, PAGE 394, 25 KY > MARY E. 24 KY > > 1880 BRACKEN CO, KY > ROBERT SELLERS 56 KY > MARA E. 36KY > BEN W. 13KY > LILLIE 10KY > WM R. 8 KY > IDA M. 6KY > WINNIE G. 2KY > > 1900 BRACKEN CO, KY > WM SELLERS 28 OH > IDA M. 23 KY > EFFIE M. 4KY > HALLIE I. 3KY ===============DEBBY,   Robert SELLERS 1823 near Augusta,Ky marriage security 2-28-1848 Bracken = Robert SELLERS and Henry HUDDLESTON he would have been 25 yrs old - did he sign for his own or is this a father? If he owned land, he may have signed for self? But, two securities - so may not have owned land or signed for self? Could be father or older brother for security- We do have Robert SELLERS born 1805 KY= 1820 BRACKEN CO, KY = parents may live here = Michael SELLERS born before 1775 Amelia REEDER John SELLERS 1775/1795 John SELLERS,jr 1794/1804 Philip SELLERS 1775/1794 Abraham SALLEE before 1775 Leonard SELLERS before 1775 (HOW old in 1810 or where was he? msh) 1830 BRACKEN CO, KY = should be 7 yrs old on census = living with parents OR someone else= Philip SELLERS = 1 male under 5 , 1 male 5/10 (1820/25) 1 male 10/15, 2 males 15/20 and male 40/50 George SELLERS,Jr =1male under 5, 1 male 5/10 (1820/25)  and male 30/40 John SELLERS,SR =1male 5/10 (1820/25), 1 male/15 and male 50/60 Catherine SELLERS, 1male under 5,  2 male 5/10 (1820/25)  and female 50/60 AND I believe we should post the JACOB, JOHN, LEVAY SALLEE on pages 13 and 17 for childrends ages= AND we don't show a ROBERT SELLERS born 1805 here? unless, living with someone or different spelling. WE also need to check for counties made from BRACKEN = after 1830- SAME land - different name= > 1810 BRACKEN CO, KY = I believe this census is posted by ages - > IF you have made/proven a child to these SELLERS - please send - > I believe we should use ALL spellings of names EACH 10 yrs till we > prove/disprove- > AND I may not included about 3 SALLEE,  which we should post! > MAKE SOME CHARTS= > > marie, iowa