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My Sellers family line includes the following:

Matthew Sellers
d. 1739-40

Benjamin Sellers  m. Sarah
d. 1761  Edgecombe Co, NC

This couple had at least 7 children and my descent is through :

Arthur Robbins, Sr. m. Mary Penelope Sellers
Married in Edgecombe County, NC

Arthur and Mary Penelope Sellers Robbins had numerous children and my descent is through:

Joel Robbins m. Mary Reaves
Does anyone have any information on Matthew Sellers between 1739-1740?  Who were his ancestors?  What was the name of his wife?
>From Joel Robbins and Mary Reaves my line of descent is through their daughter Prudence Robbins.

Almond Lewis Sellers m. Prudence Robbins

This couple married in Brunswick County, NC, but will make several moves before arriving in Coryell County, Texas, in 1854.  Both Almond Lewis Sellers and Prudence are buried in the Wood School Cemetery in Coryell County.

Almond Lewis and Prudence have many children but my line is through:

Joel Lewis Sellers and Mary Ann Neel

Does anyone know anything about the ancestors of Almond Lewis Sellers?  It is possible that his father was Ethelred but I have no proof on that.

Does anyone know if Almond Lewis Sellers is related to Matthew or Benjamin Sellers?  This is possible but I do not have any proof of it.

Thank you.


        David Yeilding <yeilding@vvm.com>
     Here is the information I have in response to your questions:

Arthur Robbins, Sr
b. Abt 1742
m. April 14, 1764, Edgecombe Co, NC
d. September 1819, Brunswick Co, NC
(Father of Arthur Robbins, Sr. was William Robbins, Sr. of Edgecombe Co,NC)

Mary Penelope Sellers (spouse of Arthur Robbins, Sr.)
B. Abt 1742
d. April 1822, Brunswick Co, NC

Children of Arhtur and Mary Penelope Sellers Robbins, Sr:

l. Jonathan RObbins
2. Arthur Robbins, Jr. m. Rebecca Anderson
3. Female Robbins m. Michael Ward
4. William Absolum Robbins m. Unknown (1) and Drucella Murrell (2nd)
5. Joel Robbins m. Mary Reaves (see below)
6. Penelope Robbins m. Joesl Reaves, Sr.
7. Benjamin Robbins, Sr. m. Sarah Wells
8. Daniel A. Robbins m. Sarah Wilson Mitson
9. Elizabeth Robbins m. Henry (Buck) Willets

Joel Robbins m. Mary Reaves

Joel born ?
died 1821 Brunswick Co, NC

Mary Reaves
b. ?
died: Bef Dec 1836 Brunswick Co, NC

Mary's parents were: Solomon Reaves (d. 1836 in Columbus Co, NC) wife unknown for sure (Solomon married at least twice, his second wife's name was Winna/Winney/Wineford ______).

Children born to Joel and Mary Reaves Robbins:

Prudence Robbins
b. March 3, 1808, Brunswick Co, NC
m. Jan 15, 1829, Brunswick Co, NC, to Almond Lewis Sellers
died Sep 8, 1868, Coryell County, TX

Ann Robbins
b. 1810 Brunswick Co, NC
d. 1885
m. Michael Ward, Sr.

Simeon Robbins

Solomon Reaves Robbins, Sr.
b. 1812, Brunswick County, NC
m. July 28, 1846
d. Sep 24, 1868, Wilmington, New Havover County, NC
sp: Caroline Bozeman McKay

Sarah E. Robbins
m. Ephraim Williams

Joel Robbins, Jr.

Almond Lewis and Prudence Robbins Sellers had the following children:

1.      Edmond Eldred Sellers b. Jan 1, 1830

2.      Penelope Jane Sellers b. June 2, 1832, m. Jan 12, 1849, sp. James J. Boyd

3.      Mary Eliza Sellers, b. Apr 27, 1834, Brunswick Co, NC; m. Dec 9, 1855 in Coryell Co, TX; d. Dec 20, 1891 in Coryell Co, TX, sp: Michael Boyd

4.      Prudence Sellers, b. Apr 27, 1834

5.      Christopher Columbus Sellers, b. Apr 2, 1836, Florida; m. May 1, 1860 in Coryell Co, TX; d. Jan 27, 1912 in Gorman, TX, sp: Elizabeth Walker Babb Green

6.      Solomon Reeves Sellers b. Jan 23, 1839

7.      Joel Lewis Sellers b. Jan 17, 1841, Pike Co, AL, mar Aug 25, 1867, in Coryell Co, TX; d. March 6,, 1922 in Coryell Co, TX; sp: Mary Ann Neel (This is my direct line of descent)

8.      Sarah Annie Sellers b. Jan 13, 1843 sp: Daniel S. Babb

9.      Elizabeth Margaret Sellers, b. Feb 12, 1845, Pike Co, AL, m. Feb 12, 1865; d. Jan 1, 1928 in Coryell Co, TX, Sp: Isaac Brown Young

10.     John Almond Sellers b. March 12, 1847

11.     Angelline Sellers b. Nov 25, 1852

As noted above, my direct line of descent is from Joel Lewis and Mary Ann Neel Sellers (her father was John Fisher Neel and her mother was Caroline Norman).  Many of the above including Almond Lewis, Prudence, Joel Lewis, Mary Ann Neel Sellers, John Fisher Neel, and Caroline Norman Neel are buried in a single cemetery in Coryell County, about fifty-five miles from where I live).

The above information is data I have obtained from census records, marriage licenses, Bible records, other family historians, and other credible sources.  I have used land transactions, wills, etc...  I think this data is accurate and verifiable.

David Yeilding <yeilding@vvm.com>