"Sellers, David" <SellersD@simplexnet.com>
  I am looking for help in tracking down some more info on our family.  I have
only been able to get back two generations.  This is what I have so far:

Isaac Marion Sellers - my grandfather- wife Effie Collins
Born 1889 Georiga.       sons: Issac Grayson Sellers- my father
Died  1973 Florida                  Sam Herman Sellers-

Isaac Johnston Sellers
Born 1856 Georiga
Died 1898 Georiga

Marion M Sellers- 1st wife named susan- 2nd wife Ester Drury
Born 1812 North Carolina
Died 1874 North Carolina

Any help to get back farther would be appreciated at SellersD@simplexnet.com

DAVID, well at least you have some wives names for Marion Sellers 1812 -
more than we show, we haven't even posted the census in 1850/60!
AND we need-
AND you have proven a marriage that I don't see - How?
Is this the Gilmore, GA Sellers, connecting to Haywood, NC? before I get
going further,
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa 

I spoke to my mom about what you sent me and she gave me some other
facts that they have found over the years.
She said the name was Michael Marion Sellers or Marion Michael Sellers; she
was having a hard time remembering.
He was discharged after the civil war in 1864 somewhere in South Carolina.
He was in a unit called the palmetto group or palmetto something.  They

sharp shooters.
His children were born in South Carolina.

I hope this gives you a little more to go on.  I asked my mom to try to dig
more facts.  Hope to hear from you again.

D. Sellers 

DAVID, show your mother this info in GA/Gilmore Co =
and see if sounds connected!
Also - SEND names of his brothers/sisters and where they went=
WE don't always need oldest generation -
Sometimes we need these kids name/ages/spouses-
So , others can connect to you in these counties/thro LINKS.
Thanks, marie, iowa

Best Wishes, marie, iowa