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  There are two Jacob ZELLER buried in Zeller Family Cemetery, address is
close to 13731 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. the address
across the road is 13732 Greencastle Pike.  These two Jacobs were Father and
Son.  Both are listed as Rev. Patriots...  Not our JACOB Zeller who is
another, who had a brother named JONAS and lived in the same area as the
other two Jacobs, so you actually have three, not counting the Jacob ZELLER
III son of Capt. Jacob ZELLER 1759-1833, Jacob the third is buried in Rose
Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD., I was there in June of 1999.
The Jacob ZELLER Sr. buried in Zeller Family Cemetery was born in 1718/19 in
Ormanlingen, Switzerland.  He died in 1794 in MD...  He supplied Grain to
the Government for their troops, therefore gaining the Rev. Patriot title,
in support for the War of the Revolution.  Our Jacob ZELLER sold land to my
GGG Grandfather his brother JONAS ZELLER 1769-1835 in 1794 for five pounds
in consideration of love for his brother...  It has been said that Jonas
lived just North of another ZELLER named Hartman who actually lived in
between the two brothers JACOB and JONAS...  We had thought for years that
Hartman was the father of the two, but the dates would not match very
well...  So we are still in the dark as to the Father of our Jacob and Jonas
ZELLER of Washington Co., MD.  I have talked with Michael briefly about his
Zellers', and I do believe his family does tie into the latter Zellers' to
arrive in America...  I do certainly believe that all of them were related
some way or another, but I haven't connected my lines over seas yet...  I
have connected through my Mother's side of the family a tie to the Zeller
Family who had the Fort Fame near Newmanstown, PA...  So that Zeller side is
complete for me, I'm happy with it, all for exception of the Lady Clothilde
deValois Sellaire...  I haven't too much belief in all of that...  No record
has ever been brought forth proving her existance at all...  Anyway back to
the Washington County, MD. ZELLERS....  I believe there could be a
connection between my family and Michael's somewhere, but I haven't found it
yet...  Hope I've helped a little, I can help further if anyone would like
to discuss it...  I do know that the Census listed under Steve Higley at
SELLER site about the Washington Co., MD. ZELLERS is all messed up, they
have our Michael as Jacob's son not our Jonas, and some other mistakes too..
Our David Zeller is listed as of Jacob Zeller///....

David Lee Zellers
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feb 25, 2003
Capt. Jacob Zeller 1759-1833 was the son of Jacob Zeller Sr. 1718/19- 1794,
they are buried in the Zeller Family Cemetery on the Greencastle Pike


Jacob Zeller Sr.1719-1794 married Magdalena 1720-1795
children: Postive
1. Henry Zeller born ca. 1753 died unknown married Margaretha Kershner d/o
    a.  Magdalena b. Dec. 6, 1773
    b.  Jacob Zeller b. Mar. 7, 1775
    c.  Martin Zeller b. ca. 1779
    d.  Otho Zeller b. ca. 1783 died 1840 married twice

2. Capt. Jacob Zeller b. 1759 died 1833 married Elizabeth Rench d/o John &
Margaret Rench
    a.  Barbara Zeller b. 1782
    b.  Mary Zeller b. ca. 1784 married Abraham Miller
    c.  Jacob Zeller III b. ca. 1786 died 1857 m. ________RUSSELL
    d.  Mary M. Zeller b. 1790 died 1824 married Nathaniel Cromwell
    e.  Daniel Zeller b. 1793 died 1865 m1. Elizabeth B. Fouke, m2. Rachel
     f.  Samuel Zeller b. 1797 died 1869 m. Susan McLaughlin d/o John &
Ruth, m2. Mary Snively
    g.  Margaret Zeller b. 1800 died 1823 married Joseph Frederick Cromwell
    h.  David Zeller b. 1802 died ? married Theresa Rench d/o Jacob &


1. Jacob Zeller born ca. 1766 died unknown,married Magretha Unknown
    a  Anmargreth Zeller b. Nov. 11, 1794
    a  Catharina Zeller b. Nov. 11, 1796
    b  Elizabetha Zeller b. Feb. 25, 1800
    c Johannes Zeller b. Nov. 30, 1804

2.  Jonas Zeller born 1769 died Mar. 8, 1835 m1. Elizabeth Unk. b. ca.
1773-ca. 1815, m2. Mrs. Susan Long b. ca. 1770 died before 1835
     a  John Johannes Zeller 1797-1850
     b  Samuel Zeller 1798-1868 m. Margaret Young
     c  Sarah Zeller 1800- bef. 1835
     d  David Zeller 1805-1888 m. Rosanna Elizabeth Lantz
     e  Mary Zeller ca. 1810-1843 m. Daniel Moats (3 children came to Ogle
Co., IL. with h-DANIEL B.Z.)
      f  Michael Cramer Zeller 1812-1899 m. Mary Eve Firey
      g  Nancy Zellers 1816-1863 m1. John Ridenour, m2. Robert Ritchison (Ri
      h  Daniel Boone Zellers 1818-1906 m. Mary Long
          My line: Martin Henry Zellers 1863-1936 m. Anna Mary Keedy
                        Carl Eugene Zellers 1906-1994 m. Kathryn Anna Wolfe
                        Larry Gene Zellers 1937- m. Sandra Joyce McKinley
                        David Lee Zellers 1961 m. Shannon Denise Jackson
                           OUR CHILDREN:
                             a  Kathryn Nicole 1982
                             b  Krysten Renee 1984
                             c  Amber Lea 1985
                             d  David Adam 1985-1985

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DAVID, thank you for your time to explain. will also send a copy to Steve,
so he can redo his census, if he hasn't already and send us a corrected
copy. sure he will appreciate also.

I am sure your info will help others working in this area.

NOW, are you telling me you do or don't know Capt. Jacob ZELLER 1759-1833?
sorry about that question, but, I just have to see it a little plainer to
marie, iowa

Jan 30, 2004


  I seen the recent posting on the DNA testing...  Is it actually $ 100.00 a test...?  That is terrible....  I would be glad to do a test as a ZELLERS who's family lived originally in MD...  But I don't think I would pay $ 100.00 for it...  My GGG Uncle David used SELLERS as a last name in MD. sometimes....  He is buried under DAVID ZELLER.  My GGG Grandfather JONAS used SELLER, ZELLER, ZELLERS, ZOELLERS and I have seen it used occasionally as ZELTER, ZALLER, most likely as mis spellings..  The reason for different spellings is because there was another ZELLER family living in the same area of MD. and the children had most of the same names as my GGG Grandfather's children...  I believe them to be cousins, but haven't proved that yet...


David Lee Zellers

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 DAVID, thank you for caring. 

If anyone from your group does decide to do a dna, make sure they use our project page



yes, it is $100, but the regular price  is much higher.

IF you ever connect them to another county before Washington Co., MD, please advise.

Best wishes, marie, iowa


Nope never could connect them to anything further back or anywhere else other than Washington Co., MD...  My maternal sides which are Zellers too, were of the Ft. Zeller family near Lebanon Co., PA...  I found that my third great grandfather was born in MD. but where I haven't even began to try and think where...  He is buried near Cearfoss, MD. somewhere, have not found his burial either... 


David Lee Zellers



War of 1812? =



 maternal side =

1- Johann Heinrich Zeller 1684-1756

Spouse: Anna Maria Briegal

2- Anna Maria Zeller 1715-1776 /m. Andreas Saltzgeber

3- Anna Maria Saltzgeber ca. 1738-1776 /m. Henry Heinrich Batdorf

4- John Michael Bottorf b. Jul. 10, 1758 d. Feb. 15, 1804 married: Mar. 13, 1778- Catherine Emmerich b, ?

5- George Peter Bottorf b. Dec. 1790 d. 1843 married: Unknown

6- John H. Bottorf b. 1823 d. Jul. 31, 1895, married: Oct. 11, 1866- Louisa Jane Straley b. 1843

7- Emma Angeline Bottorf b. Jun. 23, 1867 d. Jan. 11, 1939, married: Phillip Charles Cuplin b. Jun. 25, 1867 d. Nov. 18, 1942

8- Harrison Morton Cuplin b. Nov. 22, 1888 d. Oct. 12, 1948, married 1: Nettie Marie Moore b. Aug. 28, 1892 d. Feb. 20, 1979

; married 2: Otha Lu Sullivan

9-1- Esther Viola Cuplin b. Jun. 25, 1916 married: Howard Taft McKinley b. Dec. 21, 1907 d. Aug. 19, 1947

10- Sandra Joyce McKinley b. 1938, married: Larry Gene Zellers b. 1937

ZFW-ADM. 11- David Lee Zellers b. Feb. 14, 1961, married: Shannon Denise Jackson b. 1963

12- Kathryn Nicole Kirby Zellers b. Jun. 28, 1982

12- Krysten Renee Jackson Zellers b. Apr. 9, 1984

12- Amber Lea Zellers b. Apr. 11, 1985

12- David Adam Zellers b. Apr. 11, 1985 d. Apr. 11, 1985


My Paternal lines goes like this:  My lines are in bold


JONAS ZELLERS 1769- died Sun. Mar. 8, 1835

married twice: first to: a. Elizabeth Unk. ca. 1773- ca. 1815

married second to: b. Mrs. Susan Long ca. 1770- ca. bef. 1835

Lived on the Conocoheague Creek (West bank) somewhere in between Hagerstown, & Cearfoss, Washington Co., MD.


1 a. John Zellers 1797-1850 unmarried, will was distributed to full Bros. & Sisters & three young children of his late sister Mary (Zellers) Moats.

2 a. Samuel Zellers 1798-1868 m. Margaret Young buried Salem Graveyard near Cearfoss, MD.

3 a. Sarah Zellers 1800- ca. bef. 1835

4 a. David Zellers 1805-1888 m. Rosanna Elizabeth Lantz buried at Salem Graveyard near Cearfoss, MD.

5 a. Mary Zellers 1810- ca. 1843 m. Daniel Moats

6 a. Michael Cramer Zellers 1812-1899 m. Mary Eve Firey buried in Ogle Co., IL.

7 b. Nancy Zellers 1815-1863 m.1 John Ridenour & m.2 Robt. Richardson buried in Ogle Co., IL.

8 b. Daniel Boone Zellers 1818-1906 m. Mary Long buried in Ogle Co., IL.


Daniel & Mary (Long) Zellers had nine children:

1. Elizabeth Zellers 1844-1845

2. Sarah Zellers 1845-1900 m. Jacob Gideon Roland

3. Elenora Zellers 1847- d. unk. m1. Joel Stoner  m2. Henry Row

4. John Fridley Zellers 1850-1902 single never married

5. David Zellers 1851-1926 m. Laura V. Row buried in Dallas Co., IA.

6. Mary J. Zellers 1854-1926 m. William Lewis Stine

7. Lovina Zellers 1856-1862

8. Daniel Boone Zellers Jr. 1859-1920 m. Julia Ann Stouffer

9. Martin Henry Zellers 1863-1936 m. Anna Mary Keedy


Martin H. & Anna M. (Keedy) Zellers had five sons:

1. Edward Daniel Zellers 1886-1963 single

2. Wilbur Lee Zellers 1888-1968 m. Emily M. Peacock

3. Floyd Henry Zellers 1891-1955 m. Ella Johnson

4. Ernest Clifford Zellers 1900-1977 m. Ruth Irene Wagner

5. Carl Eugene Zellers 1906-1994 m. Kathryn Anna Wolfe (my Grandparents)


Carl E. & Kathryn A. (Wolfe) Zellers had two children:

1. Betty Ann Zellers 1936

2. Larry Gene Zellers 1937 my father

DAVID, thank you.


has anyone continued  this family =

ZALLER, Han Jacob - page 192, Aug 30, 1749, ship CROWN, master Michael
JAMES, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, England, 500 persons.

thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

Yes I have this family with some of our Zellers married into the family of Jacob in Washington County, MD.  Found that he was in the US illegally, actually left Switzerland without Government Consent..  Was registered as a Revolutionary Patriot, as well as Captain Jacob Zeller 1758-1833, both graves lay in despoiled condition in Zeller Family Cemetery near Hagerstown.  I was there in 1999 but didn't get to gaion entry into the Cemetery..  I now have photos of that area...  Terrible condition.  I have a daughter Cecelia Ann Zeller of my GGG Uncle David Zeller (Seller) 1805-1888 married a Henry Samuel Zeller who was a descendant of Jacob Zeller 1718-1794 mentioned above...  I believe them to be our cousins, but like I say I have no proof to that..  I have a file on both Zeller families in that area at that time...  Steve Higley's rendition of the MD. Census at the Seller Group Pages are all wrong..  They have my GGG Uncle Dave as son of Jacob instead of Jonas...  Michael Zeller is wrong...  I can send you the files if you like...


David Lee Zellers


Jan 31, 2004

DAVID, thank you.


> WELL, we don't have and we need the SELLERS extractions, Please Share.


> I see this from Washington/Frederick Co, MD plat maps


> 218 2-04-1754 F-30 818 Batchelor's Delight


> AND your JONAS ZELLERS 1769 buys land in 1794 from JACOB ZELLERS, brother




> IT states BROTHER in deed, etc???

> HOW old is JONAS ZELLERS 1769 brother JACOB? =


> WHOEVER owned the above in 1754 was 18/20 yrs old? (don't have laws out) =

> born 1732/34?


> I THINK we could use more LAND records.

       marie, iowa



I have the land record between JONAS and JACOB what I find interesting and

somewhat perplexing is the day after the lands were purchased they were

mortgaged for over three times its value...  Not really sure of the land

owner before Jacob Zeller....  However you show me a very nice clue in the

age of the owner prior and date of 1732 / 34 could be suspected father of

JONAS' and JACOB, would be the right  birthdate allow a cousin of mine has

est. it at about 1770...  He is assuming he is younger by the ages of his

children compared to Jonas' children's birthdates..  I tried to tell him

that doesn't always mean anything...  He could of been older than Jonas, in

which I believe he was, only because he purchased land first in Washington

Co., MD.  Jacob also had land near Jonas, and there was also a Hartman

Zeller who lived near them.  Unknown which Hartman...  There was one from

the Ft. Zeller family b. 1710 moved to Wash. Co., MD  Another cousin claims

that Hartman lived in between Jonas and Jacob.  I have not found that yet.


I will share all I can..

David Lee Zellers


We had a HESSIAN discussion =

> >

> >

> >   Name: ZELLER, Jacob, born appr.1756/57,

> >   place of birth: Niederurff, now 34596 Bad Zwesten-Niederurff

> >   (the number in front of the place is today's postal code,

> >   (you call it zip code in the USA) This town lies to the

> >   North of the City of Schwalmstadt in the German State of Hessen.

> >

> >   He was a private soldier in the 1.Comp. Hesse-Kassel

> >   Regiment von Wissenbach. The Regiment reported him as

> >   a deserter in June of 1782. At the time the Regiment was

> >   engaged in the vicinity of Savannah, Georgia. The strange

> >   thing about him is the fact that I have a lenghty list of

> >   deserters from his Regiment, like Franz Adler, Nikolaus Baucher, Jost

> > Brennewald, right down to

> >   Johannes Wollenhaupt, a total of at least 19 men from his Regiment

> >   who deserted around the same time in or near Savannah

> >   and who got passes by the Americans to go to PA.,

> > John H.Merz" <hessian@cogeco.ca>

> > =======

> > There is a Joseph Sellers/Zeller mentioned, but, I can't find the

> extraction

> > or by whom!

> > PERHAPS, someone else has and will send.

> >

> > ==

> > I don't believe we have a list extracted, IF we had any SELLERS? I kinda

> > think/remember that  John MERZ only found the JACOB ZELLER above??

> >

       > Best Wishes, marie, iowa



This Jacob Zeller must be a different Jacob than the father / son


> who were listed as Revolutionary Patriots.  Captain Jacob Zeller served

> under Lantz in the Maryland Militia.  His father Jacob Zeller 1718-1794


> also listed because he supplied Grain to the American forces during that

> war.  Both are buried on the old Zeller Farm place near Hagerstown,

> Washington Co., MD.  Other children are buried in Salem Graveyard located

> closer to Cearfoss, MD. along ,members of my Zeller family who lived in


> same area.  My GGG Grandfather was JONAS ZELLER 1769-1835..  Alot of

> confusion between both families there due to the names being too close to

> each other...  We do know that JONAS had a brother JACOB who sold land to

> JONAS in 1794.  JONAS does not show in Jacob Zeller 1718-1794 WILL, only

> Captain JACOB,  and GRANDCHILDREN show up in the WILL of 1790...  JONAS

> purchased land from Jacob his brother for five pounds, it was called

> "Batchelors Delight"....  Jonas had a son DAVID 1805-1888 who sometimes


> SELLER as his last name, and I see that some earlier Census Records listed

> my GGG Grandfather as SELLER as well as another JACOB...  I have some


> of SELLER burials in Williamsport, MD...  Some are very hard to read...

> There is a whole family plot there containing the SELLER surname, I


> a few shots when I was there in 1999 to take photos of Dr. Henry Zeller's

> grave there in Riverview Cemetery.  Dr, Henry Zeller was a descendant of

> JACOB ZELLER 1718-1794 buried in Zeller Family Cemetery located 3 1/2


> north of Huyett's Crossroads on U.S. Route 40...  I have the actual


> of the farm, but not in front of me.


> Best Regards

> David Lee Zellers

> In N. Ogle Co., IL.

DAVID, thanks.


I believe ALL spellings on the land records are probably important.

ESP land descriptions and neighbors.

marie , iowa