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                                             I've been doing some research on the Sellers family, and came upon  some of your information. I'm a decendent of Howell Sellers, and was wondering if
you would want to trade info. with me.  If interested contact me at
Dan Sellers

DAN , Thanks, We do have several of our SELLERS members working on their kids. If you'd like, send us a  list  of Names, Dates, Places your child connects to and I'll send it thro our SELLERS discussion group, So, they can contact us. Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa 

 Howell's son Charles is how I am linked. Charles and his wife Matilda
                      ( Farthing ) Sellers moved to Scott County, Illinois About 1835 from Robertson Co.  Tenn. He and his family are listed in the Morgan Co. census of 1835, (Charles and family where listed in the state census of 1835, not  the Morgan Co. census of 1835, but they where living in the Naples, Il area.)Scott became  a county in 1839 ). I believe he died a young man somewhere between Oct. 1837 and   Aug. 1838. His wife remarries on Aug.21, 1838. I have more info. but I'm pressed for    time. You said in an email to Glenda in CA. that you had " Charles here in 1840",  Where is here ?, and where did that info. come from?
 Will send more soon, looking forward to hearing from you.
Dan S.

DAN, Thanks, send us the child of Charles and Matilda Farthing SELLERS soon as possible and Where their kids went and married.  GLENDA has been Very Helpful in sharing HOWELL SELLERS will and papers. The 1840 date must be a typo as CHARLES and wife and no kids are on the 1830 Robertson Co, TN census and 1840 and 1850 we show only LARKIN SELLERS born ca 1790.

We don't have much info on SCOTT and MORGAN CO'S IL, so if you have collected any documents or 1835 or 1840 census, would appreciate. Thanks, marie, iowa

 Charles Sellers and wife Matilda are in the Robertson Co. Tenn. census of 1830. They move to Morgan Co. Il. ca 1835 and live in the Naples area.
They have   four children, Solomon, Milton, Almina and Milly W. I haven't found any proof but believe Charles   died a young man. His father Howell speaks of Charles as if he were alive in his will ( Oct.1837 )
and his wife Mathilda remarries on Aug. 21, 1838 to Samuel Osborn. Their marriage record is  listed at the Morgan Co. Courthouse. I haven't found the Osborn family in 1840, but they show up    in the Scott Co. census of 1850 with three of the children living with other relatives, and Milley   with Sam & Matilda and some of their own kids. I have more on them, but moving on,
Solomon   stays in that same vicinity for his entire life, having his own family, and dying there in 1916.
Milton has his own family too, and moves to Pike Co. ca 1870. They move to Oxville, Scott
              and his wife dies there in 1886. He remarries in 1889 and moves to Arkansas, only to return in
              1904, then move to the Old Soldiers & Sailors home in Quincy Il. and dies in 1905. Almina and
              Milley W. marry and stay in the same general area also. I have much more on the families,
              kids names etc.but am cutting it short for now. Let me know what you think. I can supply info.
              for Morgan & Scott Counties anytime, since I live in Jacksonville, and I'm only 20 minutes from
              the Naples-Bluffs area.
                                                                              Dan S.

DAN, thanks, will add this info to your page and link it to our counties/states=
You can follow the hilited links.

This info helps All of Connect and sort out our families.  Do you know who this is=
And if you know Where in ARKANSAS they went ca 1900 we can link to whatever info we have in that county, state.
At one time, Glenda had some probate papers? on Margaret Sellers in /ca1844. I believe she tried to send/scan them to us and couldn't read or make out? Memory. There could be more or some proof in those that would help prove Charles' death? like not buying at the sale, etc or him Not signing Off the probate papers?
If you contact her on same and she sends, please have her send me a copy for our records.

Thanks for sharing. marie, iowa

   I'm sorry I haven't responded lately, my computer has been down for
                   about three weeks. I saw the page you installed for me, it looked fine.
                   I've checked Howell and Margaret Sellers probate info.and found that Charles
                   Sellers name isn't on anything but Howell's will. I made a mistake in a earlier
                   e mail, Charles and family where listed in the state census of 1835, not
                   the Morgan Co. census of 1835, but they where living in the Naples, Il area.
                   I'll get the kid connects to you in the next few days.

                                                        Dan S.

DAN, THANKS, I tried to insert your correction into page= I think it will be understandable?
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

   From: DAN
        "The Sellers" labadaba@ispchannel.com

                  Charles and Matilda (Farthing) Sellers had four children.
                 The first being  Almina Sellers, Born Nov.19,1830 in Nashville,
              Davidson  County, Tennessee.
                 She married Thomas Rote Jul.6,1846 in Scott Co. Illinois. She marries again on
                 Oct.4,1856 to John Abbott in Naples Scott Co. Illinois. She dies near Pearl, Pike
                 Co. Illinois on May 14,1918.

                 Next is Solomon Sellers, Born (date unknown) 1833
                 in Tennessee. He marries Martha Jane Duvall on Oct.6,1856 in Scott Co. Illinois.
                 He dies on Feb.29,1916 in Bluffs, Scott Co. Illinois.

                 Milton Sellers was next,
                 being born on Jun.25,1834 in Robertson Co. Tennessee. He marries Mathilda
                 Aldridge on Mar.2,1855 in Scott Co. Illinois. Mathilda dies on Feb.28,1886 in
                 Oxville, Scott Co. Illinois. Milton remarries Lodana Adkins on Feb.5,1889 in
                 Scott Co. Illinois. He dies in Adams Co. Illinois, on Feb.23,1905. The youngest
                 was Milley Sellers, being born on Oct.10,1835 near Bluffs, Scott Co. Illinois.
                 She marries John Chapman on Jun.7,1866. She dies on Dec.12,1913 in Scott Co.

                                                                                        Dan S./labadaba@ispchannel.com

            "The Sellers" <labadaba@ispchannel.com>

I have quite a few pieces of paperwork that I can send to you.
Send me your address, and I will mail in the next few days.
Howell Sellers Will names his son Charles, but no grandchildren.
Matilda Sellers does remarry to Samuel Osborn, and they have
kids of their own. I have a copy of their marriage certificate.
I'll get you a breakdown, but early on, I believe Almina marries,
Solomon lives with his mother & stepfather, Milton & Milley are
living with grandparents. Milton's admission papers to the Vet's
Home in Quincy, proves his birth date & place of birth (TENN).
He was also a civil war veteran, 129th IL. Infantry, Co.I, mostly
men from Naples, IL.. I haven't found any church records yet.
I'm still looking for Milton, Millie & kids in 1880. I have an idea
they might have been in Brown Co. IL..(found some of the kids
there around 1888). After 1870, Milton & Millie have two more
kids, Nellie & Jacob. Matilda Osborn shows up in the 1860
census with three kids, and in 1870, living with her son.
No info. of any kind on her after 1870. No divorce papers on
Sam & Matilda, but I've found where he sold land in Scott Co.
and moved to Hancock Co. Il.. ca 1860-61. State archives show
Samuel Osborn (1870) living in Chile Township, Hancock Co.
and his son John living in the same area. I have obits. for Almina
& Solomon, one sentence from the local paper (1886) about
Millie passing away (Milton's wife), and have located the graves
for these four, Almina, Solomon, Milton & their sister Milley.
I have more, will send later today. Excuse the format, Rootsweb
tells me that they won't accept it the way I usually type it in.

                                                        Dan Sellers

maybe this isn't same one?msh

Milton & Millie Sellers (Kids Marriages),

Leanna (Leander,Leander J., Josephine) Sellers
marries Jacob Fulks on Oct.12,1871
Scott Co. Il. Marriage Book 1839-1899,
They have 3 kids, all 3 die at an early age,
all 5 of them are buried in McCaleb Cem.
north of Bluffs,Il.

George Sellers marries Carrie Dunn on Sep.12,
1888, in Mt. Sterling, Brown Co. Il.
They had 7 kids (located all 7), George & Carrie
are buried in Calvary Cem. Jacksonville, Il.

Nellie May Sellers marries William R. Rowland on
May 18,1888, Scott Co. Il. Marriage Book
1839-1899, last know address, Springfield, Il.

In info. from another related Sellers researcher,
Sep. 1904, Milton Sellers lists himself as a
widower with children; Charles A., living in Chicago,
William, living in Chord Arkansas, George of
Jacksonville Il., Nellie May of Winchester Il.,
and Jacob of Chicago.

Solomon & Martha Sellers (sons marriage),

James Sellers married Carrie Apple on Oct.
21,1887. Scott Co. Il. Marriage Book 1839-1899

Solomon Sellers (probate file, Scott Co. Courthouse)
He filed for divorce in 1881, no info. if ever approved,
Solomon dies in Bluffs, Il. in 1916
His obit. lists 2 surviving sons, Jessie, of Oklahoma,
and James, of Bluffs, Il..
The only info. I 've been able to find on either of these
two is, last known address for James Sellers, was
Peoria, Il.

            "The Sellers" <labadaba@ispchannel.com>
Found by my cousin Renee,

Milton Sellers & Family, Census of 1880,
Montgomery Township,
Hickory County, Missouri

293/293  Sellers, Milton  W M 45 (marr) Farmer  TN  VA  VA
                   "     , Milley  W F  42 wife (marr) Housekeeping  MO - -
                   "     , W.S.    W M 14 son  Farmer  IL.
                   "     , G.E.     W M 12 son  at home IL.
                   "     , N.M.    W F  9  child at home IL.
                   "     , J.M.     W M 6  child              IL.

                                 Dan Sellers