John SELLERS d. Hamilton Co. Tn.

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I am new to the list and I am researching John Sellers who was born in
either Pa. or Tn. abt. 1755, d. 8-22-1839 in Hamilton Co. Tn. His wife
Rebecca George Sellers, daughter of Edward George and Martha Woolaston, b.
abt. 1765 in Pa. d. 8-12-1839 in Ham.Co.Tn.  I am trying to find if Samuel
Sellers or Christian Sellers  was John's father. (One source says Samuel,
another source has Christian)
 According to my source, children of John and Rebecca were Edward George
Sellers, Samuel Sellers, Mary S. Sellers, Margaret "Peggy" Sellers married
Jacob Black (my direct line) Martha "Patsy" Sellers, Thomas Sellers, Hannah
Sellers, John Sellers, Robert Sellers.  If this is someone's line and have
information about the identity of John's father or other info, I would like
to hear from you. I have additional info on Rebecca's family but only have
as far back as John on the Seller side.

DANLEY, appreciate you sharing!
IF you have documents connecting 1786 Greene and Jefferson Co, TN to
HamiltonCo,Tn, = Please Send.
WE did have a SAMPSON SELLERS there in 1840 that may connect to our BURKE
But, I don't SEE the connection to Greene/Jefferson/Sevier Co, TN?

WE have JAMES SELLERS 1759 NC in GRAINGER CO, TN next door to JEFF CO, but,
believe he was still in NC in 1810?

I don't believe we have Proven birth Places of JOHN SELLERS and REBECCA
GEORGE'S children =
But, IF FIRST  child is born 1787 it would be TN or NC as they had land here
in Greene /Jeff Co, TN by 1786.

Married 1786 ? TN/NC?  and I believe Silas GEORGE , probably SON of EDWARD
is here in 1786 on land patent.
and dau AMY with kids born 1787  next door in SEVIER  CO, TN

We should check NC land grants also for GEORGES =
Did they come thro NC to TN ?=
TN was NC then! But, we still need any marriages, etc along the way.

WE do have Other SELLERS here  in Greene/Jeff Co, Tn.

1794 - THOMAS SELLERS, jury
1797 - JOHN SELLERS, jury

I don't believe we have separated/Proven  them = But, believe Seybert
I DO NOT have copy of this original Rev War file and We Need
he had a son Thomas born 1790 TN.  (So, wouldn't be this Thomas Sellers on
He came down thru NC ca 1790? and to MO ca 1830's.
We do have a marriage here for that family = MORROW = went to MO by 1830's
NEED a TIME CHART on him and his family from 1800 to 1830

A JOHN SELLERS stayed here and had land next to GEORGES = his daughter's
husband proven in 1798 will.
AND we have some of his land which is connected next to EDWARD and SILAS

WE have NO name connections in JOHN SELLERS family to connect to SABRET
BUT those SELLERS families are there = WE need their land description ,
might help?

WE have the land grant/patent numbers, but, NO land description of
I think it can be ordered or searched?

I get to rambling sometimes when looking on these old counties Where we only
have a Little Info and Need to change back to another county made from, etc.

WE could use a small chart of Yours on Margaret Peggy SELLERS married JACOB
would a appreciate a time line = where in certain years. =
And any relation that went with.

THANKS for understanding what we need.
And send what you can .
WE need DOCUMENTS on where we are each year, etc. to help Prove this family
and Any child.

We have a web page linking Names to States/Counties.

ED made us a chart on GEORGE families Proven from Jeff Co, TN and he has
probably updated by now and will send us a newer copy = names/dates/places.

THANKS to all for sharing our SELLERS.
marie, iowa

Marie, thanks for the information you sent.  The death dates of John and
Rebecca Sellers and the birth date and place of their daughter Margaret
"Peggy" Sellers, was listed in the Jacob Black bible. (Margaret married
Jacob Black) Copies were made of the bible pages in the mid 1980's by a
fellow Black/Sellers researcher in Texas, but since that time the bible has
been lost.
The information contained in the pages were sent to me, but I am expecting
to get a copy of the pages, if they can be copied at all.

I have a copy of the court record of a land deed of Jefferson Co. Tn.  John
Sellers and Edward George (Sevier Co.) Deed to John White 16 mar. 1810 in
which it mentions Rebeccah Sellers, wife of John Sellers and daughter of
Edward George.  I believe that information is on this site or the netins
I also have a copy of court record, Register of Deeds, Volume L (Dec. 1813-
Dec. 1814) pg. 279  James Bradford, High Sheriff of Jeff. Co. Deed to John
McEwen (Roane Co.)   in which it mentions John Sellars and Jacob Black.

Here is the lineage of Jacob Black and wife Margaret "Peggy" Sellers

Jacob Black b. 7-2-1785 in Va. d. between 1860 and 1870 in Marion Co. Tx.,
son of Edward Wiley Black and Margaret Elizabeth ?

Margaret "Peggy" Sellers b. 1-6-1790  in Tn. d. Feb. 1875 Marion Co. Tx.
daughter of John and Rebecca George Sellers.

Jacob and Margaret m. 8-25-1810 in Jefferson Co. Tn.

Their children: all listed as being born in Jeff. Co. Tn.

1.William M.C. Black b. 9-25-1810 married Jane Miller
2. Gilford Black b. 4-13-1812  d. 8-14-1839
3.Henry George Black b. 1-12-1814 m. Cynthia ?
4. John Anderson Black b. 7-26-1816 d. Izard Co. Ar. buried in Oak Grove
Cemetery. m. Louisa Sivley (Sively)     This is my direct line.
5. Samuel Emerson Black b. 12-25-1818 m. Elizabeth ?
6. Rebekah Jane Black b. 3-18-1821 d. 1891 in Cass Co. Tx. m. Matthew H.
7. Cyrus Rhote Black b. 3-13-1826 d. 1888 Cass Co. Tx. m. 1.Makula
Santerfield 2. Mary ? 3. Martha Handrock 4. Mary Elizabeth Rebecca Griffin
8. Jacob Shannon Black b. 8-12-1828 d. 5-22-1872 m.1. Mary M. Wakefield 2.
Sarah Ogden Barrett
9. David Marion Black b. 12-12-1832 d. 8-30-1884  m. Louisa Francis Dyson

Jacob and wife Margaret Black were on 1830 census Jefferson Co. Tn.
1840 census, Hamilton Co.Tn. (as was son John and Louisa Black)
1850 Walker Co. Ga.
 1860 Marion Co. Tx.
 1870 Margaret was living with daughter Rebekah Jane Black Bolding in Tx.
(Jacob was not listed)

Hope this is not to long.


MARJORIE, Thank You.
Would love to see her on any of these census  you sent! We have 1830/40.

Hamilton Co, Tn lays right above Walker Co, Ga and when posting your info, I
see many of these families in MONROE CO, TN which maybe we should dig a little
deeper? We don't have much posted on this county.

Did they buy any land in Hamiltin Co,Tn? Were there any kids/grandkids, etc
born there?
Do we have a list of war of 1812 for Jeff Co, Tn? WE need some birth places
before 1796!

I also believe we need the bondsmen on these Jeff Co, Tn marriages are
We have the land deeds, but, don't indicate sons, etc.

We will continue to work on these families and sharing like you did, does
We link family info to states and counties, So, maybe someone can find us
and give us a lead.

THANKS again. marie, iowa