Albert Sellers and others - Lincolnshire England/Iowa

       Here are the earlier generations of my Sellers family. My great grandfather
Albert Sellers (1865-1923) was born in England and came to Iowa about 1884.
Details included below. My cousin compiled most of this material in the
1960s and corresponded with several branches in England, New Zealand, and

Dan Kangley
Sioux Falls, SD

First Generation

1. Joseph SELLERS. Born in ? Pinchbeck, England. Died in Pinchbeck,
Joseph was buried in Pinchbeck Cemetery, Pinchbeck, England.

He married Ann (SELLERS). Born in England. Died in Pinchbeck, England. Ann
was buried in Pinchbeck Cemetery, Pinchbeck, England.

They had the following children:
    2    i.    Joseph
    3    ii.    Amelia
    4    iii.    Mary
    5    iv.    James (1834-~1901)
    6    v.    Martha
    7    vi.    Robert
    8    vii.    Emma

The Sellers family ancestral home is the old North Gate Mill in Pinchbeck,
Lincolnshire, England. Pinchbeck is about one or two miles north of
Spalding, on a great plain called the Fens made up of low flat rich
farmlands. It is only a few miles from a bay called The Wash on the North

Second Generation

Family of Joseph SELLERS (1) & Ann (SELLERS)

2. Joseph SELLERS.

Joseph Sellers lived in or near Grantham, England. No further information
known about him.

3. Amelia SELLERS.

She married POWDRILL.

They had one child:
    9    i.    Jane

Amelia Sellers married a man named Powdrill. They had a daughter named
who married a gentleman named Adcock. There were no other descendants along
this line.

4. Mary SELLERS.

She married TYLER.

They had the following children:
    10    i.    Lizzie
    11    ii.    Emma
    12    iii.    Joseph Andrew (1864-1935)
    13    iv.    Mary (Pollie)
    14    v.    Robert (1870-1944)

Mary Sellers married a Tyler and lived in or near Gosberton, Lincolnshire,
England. She had five children and all lived in England. One grandchild,
Kathleen Tyler, moved to Australia, late in life.

5. James SELLERS. Born on 3 February 1834 in Pinchbeck, England? James was
baptized in Surfleet, Lincolnshire, England on 16 February 1834. Died about
1901 in Pinchbeck, England. James was buried in Pinchbeck Cemetery,
Pinchbeck, England? Occupation: North Gate Mill.

He married Ann TALTON, on 10 April 1856 in England? Born on 10 November
in England. Died on 30 September 1892 in England.

They had the following children:
    15    i.    Joseph (1857-~1920)
    16    ii.    Robert (1859-1941)
    17    iii.    Charles Arthur (1861-)
    18    iv.    Kate (1862-)
    19    v.    Albert Edward (1865-1923)
    20    vi.    James (1867-~1930)
    21    vii.    Alfred (1868-)
    22    viii.    Annie (1870-)
    23    ix.    Minnie (1871-1900)
    24    x.    Laura (1873-1950)
    25    xi.    Ernest Willie (1875-1885)
    26    xii.    Ethel Jane (1877-1976)

James Sellers had retired because of illness about 1898 and turned the mill
business over to his son, James Sellers Jr. (1867-c1930). He probably was a
member of the Church of England.

"The funeral of the late Mr. James Sellers, senior, age 67 years, took
at the churchyard on Thursday last. The Rev. F. F. Wayet (vicar) ably
conducted the service, which was attended by a large majority of the
farmers, tradesmen, and villagers, who also showed their respect by drawing
down their blinds and closing their businesses during the procession to the
church. The deceased was a well known and successful tradesman in the
for a period of forty years. Through affliction he retired from business
about three years ago in favour of his son, James Sellers. He leaves a
family to mourn his loss, some of whom have long since gone to other
countries to try their fortunes there. Deceased was for some years a
Guardian of the Poor."

6. Martha SELLERS.

She married PEARCE.

Martha Sellers married a Pearce. Nothing more is known of this family.

7. Robert SELLERS.

Robert Sellers remained a bachelor and died in the late 1800s in New

8. Emma SELLERS.

She married COOK.

Emma Sellers married a Cook. No other information is known.

Third Generation

Family of Amelia SELLERS (3) & POWDRILL


She married ADCOCK.

Family of Mary SELLERS (4) & TYLER

10. Lizzie TYLER. Died in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England.

11. Emma TYLER. Died in Holbeach Hurn, Lincolnshire, England.

12. Joseph Andrew TYLER. Born on 16 November 1864. Died in 1935 in Lincoln,
Lincolnshire, England.

        i.    Mary Vashti (1900-)
        ii.    Kathleen (1902-)
        iii.    Robert Sellers (1904-)
        iv.    Douglas Beecham (1906-1943)
        v.    Cissy (1910-)
        vi.    William (1912-1932)

13. Mary (Pollie) TYLER. Died in Guyhinne.

Mary Pollie Tyler had a son named Donavan Dennis ----, who died as a young

14. Robert TYLER. Born on 18 October 1870. Died in 1944 in Hough on the
Hill, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England.

        i.    William (~1899-)
        ii.    Gordon
        iii.    Lewis
        iv.    George
        v.    Austin (~1917-)

Family of James SELLERS (5) & Ann TALTON

15. Joseph SELLERS. Born on 11 June 1857 in Pinchbeck, England. Died about
1920. Occupation: baker.

He married Kate LASEY, in 1881.

They had the following children:
        i.    Joseph (1882-)
        ii.    Kate Ethel (1883-1967)
        iii.    Marion (1884-)
        iv.    Annie Lasey (1885-)
        v.    Victoria (1887-)
        vi.    Eric
        vii.    Cecil
        viii.    Minnie
        ix.    Robert
        x.    James

Joseph Sellers (1857-c1920), had a bakery in Gosberton, about seven miles
from Pinchbeck. He fought in the Boer War in South Africa.

16. Robert SELLERS. Born on 12 June 1859 in Pinchbeck, England. Died on 4
November 1941.

Robert Sellers (1859-1941) came to America along with his brother Albert
Sellers and settled in NE Iowa.

He married Madeline BENNER, on 21 December 1892 in Fredericksburg, IA. Died
in 1930.

They had one child:
        i.    Minnie Leola (1895-)

A Benner family from Pinchbeck, England, was friends with the Sellers in
Fredericksburg area and Madeline Benner may have come from this family.
Robert Sellers died at the home of his daughter in Council Bluffs, Iowa,
is buried in the Rose Hill cemetery in Fredericksburg.

17. Charles Arthur SELLERS. Born on 2 February 1861 in Pinchbeck, England.

Charles Arthur Sellers, his wife (name not known), and family went to New
Zealand about 1890. His descendants still live in New Zealand.

        i.    Willie
        ii.    Minnie
        iii.    Arthur
        iv.    Annie
        v.    Fred

18. Kate SELLERS. Born on 23 July 1862 in Pinchbeck, England.

She married Versey GRAYSON, in 1893. Died on 30 May 1915 in Pinchbeck,
Lincolnshire, England.

They had the following children:
        i.    Kathleen (1894-)
        ii.    Charles Arthur (1897-)

Versey Grayson was the uncle of George Herbert Grayson, who married Laura
Sellers, a younger sister of Kate. After the death of her husband, Kate
Sellers Gratson went to live in Eastbourne, Sussex.

19. Albert Edward SELLERS. Born on 19 October 1865 in Pinchbeck, England.
Died on 5 January 1923 in Hawkeye, IA. Albert Edward was buried in Rose
Cemetery, Fredericksburg, IA in January 1923. Occupation: farmer. Religion:
Church of England.

He married Mary Jane BEE, daughter of William BEE (->1911) & Agnes AINSLIE
(1840-1911), on 8 January 1889 in Fredericksburg, IA. Born on 27 February
1869 in Kingsville, Essex Co., Ontario, Canada. Died on 2 September 1916 in
near Hawkeye, Fayette Co., IA. Mary Jane was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery,
Fredericksburg, IA on 5 September 1916.

They had the following children:
        i.    Agnes Ann (1889-1967)
        ii.    Mildred Bee (1891-1953)
        iii.    Ruby Ethel (1895-1977)
        iv.    Edna Kate (1898-1956)
        v.    Nellie Alberta (1904-1969)


    Mary Jane, daughter of William and Agnes Bee, was born February 27,
in Kingsville, county of Essex, Canada, and died at her home near Hawkeye,
Iowa, Sept. 2, 1916, aged 47 years, 6 months and 5 days.
    At the age of nine years she came with her parents to Fredericksburg,
Iowa, where she grew to womanhood. On January 8, 1889 she was united in
marriage to Albert E. Sellers and continued to reside at Fredericksburg
until eight years ago, when they moved to their farm near Hawkeye, where
passed her remaining years. To this union was born five children. They are
Agnes Ann (now Mrs. Will McIntyre) of Hawkeye; Mildred B., Ruby Ethel, Edna
Kate and Nellie Alberta, all at home. Besides these children Mrs. Sellers
leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, an aged father, a brother Alfred Bee
of Fredericksburg, a sister Mrs. Ida Eygabroad of Archer, Wyoming, and one
grandchild, Lucille, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will McIntyre.
Sellers was the fifth of a family of eight children, four brothers and one
sister preceding her in death! Much of her life, especially later years,
had been a sufferer from many ills. She bore her sufferings with a true
Christian fortitude and patience, characteristic of her. Her constant
thought was for the comfort and welfare of her family and those dear to
    A true, loving wife, mother, daughter and sister, a faithful friend and
neighbor, ever ready to give assistance to any worthy cause. She will be
greatly missed, not only from the home circle, but from the community in
which she lived. To the sorrowing and bereaved family is extended the
heartfelt sympathy of all.
    The funeral service was held from the home at ten o¹clock Tuesday
September 5th, conducted by Rev. R. D. Kinney, of Fredericksburg. The
remains were laid to rest in Rose Hill cemetery at Fredericksburg.


    We desire to thank the many kind friends and neighbors for their time
and assistance during the illness and after the passing away of our dear
wife and mother.
    A. E. Sellers and Daughters

Albert Sellers survived his wife by several years, continuing to live in
town of Hawkeye, Iowa. His obituary follows:

    Albert E. Sellers was born in Lincolnshire, England, October 19, 1865;
and passed away at his home in Hawkeye, Iowa, on Friday, January 5, 1923.
    Quite early in his life he came to America; at the age of 19 came to
Fredericksburg, Iowa, where January 8, 1889, he was united in marriage with
Miss Mary Jane Bee, also of Fredericksburg.
    Born to this union were five daughters, namely Agnes Ann (Mrs. Wm.
McIntyre), Mildred Bee, Ruby Ethel (Mrs. Walter Brockway), Edna Kate, and
Nellie Alberta.
    The family came to this county in 1909 and settled on a farm northeast
of Hawkeye. Mrs. Mary Jane (Bee) Sellers died September 2, 1916. Albert
Sellers came to Hawkeye six years ago where he continued to reside until
time of his death.
    Mr. Sellers was a member of the Church of England and for many years a
member of the Odd Fellow order. He is survived by his five daughters, one
brother Robert Sellers of Fredericksburg and five brothers in England.
    The deceased had been in poor health for some time. A few months ago he
went to Rochester where he submitted to an operation, which for a time
seemed to be a benefit, but it proved to be of but temporary relief and for
some time he had been gradually failing. He bore his affliction with a
fortitude most heroic, never complaining, though at times his suffering was
intense. The funeral service was conducted from the family residence Sunday
morning at 10:30, with the Rev. G. C. Nothdurft conducting the service,
assisted by the Rev. D. M. Parker. The burial service occurred at Rosehill
cemetery, Fredericksburg, by the side of his wife. The Odd Fellows attended
in a body and conducted the burial service at the grave.
    Mr. Sellers was a man of exemplary habits, a good citizen and his
devotion to his daughters was unreserved. It is with regret that his life
was shortened, but his family may cherish a tender memory of one whose life
was an example of uprightness.

20. James SELLERS. Born on 8 February 1867 in Pinchbeck, England. Died
1930. Occupation: North Gate Mill.

He married Ada KENT, in 1898.

They had one child:
        i.    James (1903-)

James Sellers (1867-1930) inherited the old North Gate Mill at Pinchbeck
upon the death of his father about 1901. James married Ada Kent in 1898 and
had one son, James who died in 1903. James Sellers sold the mill in the
1920s to Bull Growers. After retirement, he went to live in Lincoln,

21. Alfred SELLERS. Born on 24 September 1868 in Pinchbeck, England.

He married Rebecca KENNING, in 1891.

They had the following children:
        i.    Caroline
        ii.    James
        iii.    Muriel
        iv.    Fred

22. Annie SELLERS. Born on 4 June 1870 in Pinchbeck, England.

Annie Sellers never married.

23. Minnie SELLERS. Born on 27 December 1871 in Pinchbeck, England. Died on
19 December 1900.

Minnie Sellers never married.

24. Laura SELLERS. Born on 26 September 1873 in Pinchbeck, England. Died in
August 1950 in Bognor Regis, Sussix, England.

She married George Herbert GRAYSON, in 1900.

George Herbert Grayson was a nephew of Versey Grayson who married Laura's
older sister Kate Sellers.

They had one child:
        i.    Alexander Herbert (1901-)

25. Ernest Willie SELLERS. Born on 17 August 1875 in Pinchbeck, England.
Died on 23 October 1885.

26. Ethel Jane SELLERS. Born on 16 October 1877 in Pinchbeck, England. Died
in June 1976.

She married Frank DRING, in 1901. Died in 1965.

They had the following children:
        i.    Bryan (1904-)
        ii.    Peter (1917-)