Gary & Cindy Breller <>

I am looking for information on Phillip Sellers married to Kaziah
Green.  On the 1850 census of  Bracken County, they had 6 children Lydia
21, Nancy 18, Israel 13, Foster 13, Andrew J. 8, Martha 7.  Nancy
Sellers is the wife of my great great grandfather Henry Shipp.  Any help
would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
                                Cynthia Breller

CYNTHIA - Thanks - You should have lots of company - Many sharing Sellers in this Area-
and I don't believe we show a Shipp connection.
So we need your Nancy SELLERS and Henry Shipp's family =
Kids names, ages and who married Whom and Went Where=
Send What you Can and Thanks for joining  us -
marie, iowa

Here is my information:
   Nancy Sellers born 5-5-1832 and died 4-3-1916 married Henry H. Shipp
4-10-1831 died 4-10-1914 married 10-20-1853 in Campbell County Ky. They are
buried at Flag Springs Cemetery Flag Springs Ky.
1. James Morris Shipp 4-7-1855 to 2-7-1940 married to Stella Stairs
2-22-1863-1-28-1937 both buried in Grandview Cemetery Mentor Ky.

2. My great grandfather: Phillip Henry Shipp 7-14-1863 to 11-14-1937
married to
Elizabeth Ashbrook(no dates) married 12-17-1884 buried Grandview Cemetery

3. Carrie Shipp 2-24-1863 to 9-2-1932 married to Frank Ratliff (no dates)
at Flag Springs Cemetery Flag Springs Ky.

4. Amanda Shipp 2-2-1863 to 1944 married to Walter Thorton 1868 to 1943
Grandview Cemetery Mentor Ky.

5.  Lucinda 1874-1875

6.  Bert Shipp married to Gertrude Sellers ( I believe she is the daughter
Andrew Jackson Sellers, brother of Nancy) I have no dates on them.

If there is any thing else you need, please let me know.