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             Cynthia Kirkland
   Hello All,

I'm new to the Sellers list so I thought I would share my line as well as
see if anyone can help me with a few questions. I have a lot of information
but I have a lot of questions too. I hope in the spirit of sharing and
reciprocation that any of you who might be connected to ANY of these lines
will help me fill in the blanks, correct erroneous information and ADD to
the lines. My specific interest is of course the direct lineage denoted by
the asterix. Generations are separated by dashed line.

My maternal great granbdmother was Emma Belle Sellers. She married my great
granfather William Thomas O'Neal in Alabama. I don't have the date but it
could have been in Bullock Co. or Montgomery Co. Her birth info is below.
She died Oct. 28 1965 in Montgomery, AL at the age of 95.

*Emma Belle's parents were *Nathaniel E. Sellers and *Isabelle Smilie,
married Nov. 4, 1849 in AL. Nathaniel was born in 1825-6 in possibly Pike
Co. AL, death date unknown. Isabelle was born in 1830, died possibly around
1875-6. Nathaniel was in the Civil War and both show up in the 1850 and
1880 censuses in Alabama. Thier children were:

William Christopher Sellers  b. ?, d. ?
m. Susan Amanda Frizzell (she was related to my Frizzell line)

Sophronia Edwards Sellers b. 1863 AL, d. ?
m. Frank McMillan

Mary (infant died)

Stephen Anthony Pilley Sellers b. Jan 20, 1868 AL, d. ?
m.Eufala Ledbetter

Mary Sellers (Stephen's twin)  b. Jan 20, 1868 AL, d. ?
m. Andrew Jackson Noblin (I have their 7 children and dates)

*Emma Belle Sellers b. Aug. 28, 1870 AL
m. William Thomas O'Neal

Jane Sellers b. ?, d. ?
m. Jackson O'Neill (he was related to my O'Neal/O'Neill line)

Henry Sellers b. ?, d. ?
m. an Evans

Mattie Sellers b. ?, d. ?
m. ?

Alexander Sellers b. ?, d. ?
m. ?

Jacob Sellers  b. ?, d. ?
m. ?

If anyone has ANY information on the above family(s) I would be very
greatful for it.

After Isabelle Sellers passed away, Nathaniel married Samantha Shrimpshire.
They had two children, Louverna b. 1876 and Lambeth b. 1877.

Nathaniel's parents were *William Sellers and *Eleandor Edwards (hence
Sophronia Edwards Sellers middle name above). William was born 1791 in
Wilmington Dist., Brunwick Co. NC.and died between 1858 and 1860 in Geneva,
Coffee Co. AL. We do not know Eleander's birth date but she died in 1837 in
Pike Co. AL. So far we do not have a census or any other document
connecting Nathaniel as a son to these people except that they did have a
known son, Dr. Anthony Hamilton Sellers (below) who mentions his brother,
Nathaniel, in a biographical sketch. William and Eleander had 14 children
and after she died William went on to remarry Evaline Gilstrap and had 5
more. (I never wondered what these people did without TV! ha)

William and Eleander's children were: (if I don't have stats on them I will
leave it blank):

Allen Sellers m. Louise ? (faught in Indian Wars 1835-6)
Abegail Sellers m. John Simmons
Annie Sellers m. Glenn Tucker
Martha Sellers m. a Sellers (went to Texas with "Lizzie")
Mahalia Adeline Sellers m. George Metts
Elizabeth Sellers (went to Texas with Martha)
Philip W. Sellers b. 1815, m. Lydia Eddina
Calvin King Sellers b. Nov 20, 1823, m. Elizabeth Talbot - son Angus
Dr. Anthony Hamilton Sellers b. Aug. 30, 1823 m. (1) Sophronia Hooten in
1860  and (she) died 1868 - three Mary Sellers m. Benjamin Warner, William
W. Sellers ans Lillie Sellers; m. (2) Louisa Eiland (Wilson) (she) died
1869? and had two children: Esther and Anthony Rush Sellers. The death
dates between these two women are suspect and need to be confirmed.
*Nathaniel Edwards Sellers (see above)
Joseph William Sellers b. April 16, 1827
Christopher W. Sellers b. 1825 m. Martha Ozier   (moved to Texas)
1 more son
1 more daughter

William and Evaline Gilstrap's children were:

Martin Hamilton Sellers b. Sept. 26, 1845 AL m. (1) Fannie Kennedy - had
six children: Lucy, Laura, William Morgan, Madge, Cora and Martin Hamilton
Missourie Angeline Sellers b. 1846 Allen McCall
Margaret Matilda Sellers b. Feb 21, 1851 m. Joe Marshall
Malinda Caroline Sellers b. 1848 m. Sam Beck
Thomas Franklin Sellers b. May 1, 1849 m. (1) Fannie Miller - 5 children:
Evaline, Will, Annie, Pennie and Arnold. m. (2) Ella Simmons - 3 children:
Julian, Bernice and Robert.

Evaline also had three children by her previous marriage (I don't have
their names)

William's (m. to Eleander) father was *Mathew Sellers b. 1768 in NC and
died Nov 12, 1849 in AL. He was found in the 1840 Pike Co AL census. Mathew
was JP of Brunswick Co. NC and served as a juror. He immegrated to Pike Co.
AL in 1825-26 right around the time of Nathaniel's birth date. Mathew is
buried in Catalpa. DAR #430-728 and #495-454. He was married three times
and only his third wife's names is known. He had no children by his second

Mathew's children by his *first wife were:

*William Sellers m. Eleander Sellers (see above)
2 sons

Mathew married (3)Jane Ward in 1803 AL. She was born in 1783 in Brunswick
Co. NC and died Jan 18, 1848. Mathew's children by his third wife, Jane
Ward, were:

John Sellers
Julius Sellers
Benjamin Sellers
Thomas Sellers
Joseph Sellers
Rufus Daniel Sellers b. April 8, 1823 in Brunswick Co., NC and died April
28, 1869 in Cottonwood, AL.
Wright Sellers
Sarah Sellers m. William Truxton Oats and had son Gen. William Calvin
Oates, a General in the Spanish-American War and Governor of AL.
Rebeccas Sellers
Elizabeth Sellers
Emmie Jane Sellers

Mathew Sellers parents were *Elisha Sellers and *Sarah ?. Elisha was born
c. 1744 in VA or NC and died Dec. 1801 in NC with a will dated 1801 in
Brunswick C. He was a Rev. War soldier, military pay voucher #4669 and DAR
#430-728. Elisha and (1)Sarah married c. 1765. Sarah was born in NC and
died in 1781 in Brunswick Co. NC. Their children were:

*Mathew Sellers (see above)
William Calvin Sellers I b. c. 1760 died in NC and faught in the Rev.
Thomas Sellers
Mary Sellers m. a Singletary
Sarah W. Sellers m. a Clelland
Ann Peoples Sellers m. a Mints (could Peoples be her mother's maiden name?)

Elisha's second wife's name is unknown. Their children were:
John Bryant Sellers
Michael Sellers

Elisha's third wife was Mary Willis (Willets?). Their children were:
Willets Sellers b. 1784, m. Sarah Thompson in May 1808 in Brunswick Co. NC.
- son Willets Daniel Sellers b. Oct 27, 1807, m. Sarah Stranaland? b. Dec.
30, 1811.
Benjamin Sellers b. 1786
Samuel Sellers b. April 17, 1788 NC, m. July 31,1806 NC Sarah Stranaland b.
Aug 4 1786. She and Samuel had 15 children. These were apparently two
separate Sarah's from the same family or there is an error in one of their
Nancy Sellers
Marsha Sellers m. John Perkins


By the way, for those who have not seen it, the above mentioned book is 441
pages of nothing but Sellers lineages. Each person is given a short
autobiographical sketch ranging from a couple of paragraphs to several
pages. It lists an extensive reference source list to search for more
Sellers information.

The only problem that I found (at least concerning my line) was that there
are many "interviews" with elderly relations about certain individuals.
That is fine as one technique for information gathering and is very
important, indeed, but can be flawed by the human condition. These authers
often just leave it at that and do no further research to "prove" what they
heard from these people, especially if they are not of their direct
lineage. This was the case on my more recent Sellers generations in the
book. They interviewed my then 90 year old great grandmother Emma and
relied on her memory as well as her sister and a few others. In the case of
my great great grandfather only one "printed" source was mentioned which I
have yet to find (another book). No wills, deeds, statistical records at
all. I'm sure, however, that when you get closer to the main line that is
researched in this book you will find more source documentation.

This book IS worth looking at,however. In fact, (I hesitate only because I
am in the throws of some large project deadlines for my business) I will be
glad to do some "look ups" since the list of individuals covered in this
book is extensive (the name index alone is 40 pages long). But please have
patience if I'm not super quick.

Sincerely, Cynthia SIMS Kirkland


            Cynthia Kirkland

CYNTHIA - seems someone wrote me saying it  was returned to them. It should
have been on
the top of the letter he sent to us on TOM'S PAGE - same as on the
Montgomery Co, AL page
which lists Your Page- did you check it out and the other Page Links given?
click on Toms Page and try his e-mail at that time
Thanks, marie, iowa
Cynthia Kirkland wrote:

> Dear Marie,
> Pat Greathouse forwarded to me the letter from Tom Buchanan about the
> parentage of Elisha Sellers. I am one of those that took it for granted
> that William Sellers of Tarboro was Elisha's father. And yes I did get it
> from the book by Watters.
> I have several questions for Tom and wonder if you would share his
> I am a descendant of Mathew Sellers, son of Elisha. However I have a
> date of 1849 and Tom has, Mathew's death date as 1740,if I am reading it
> correctly in his letter. My information is documented so I am hoping to
> find out what sources he has and also more about his findings on Elisha's
> parentage, etc.
> Thank you so much for sharing.
> Sincerely, Cynthia Sims Kirkland 

             Cynthia Kirkland <>
   This was posted in the Butler Co. AL list. Thought someone might find it of
interest sinse it had so many mentions of Sellers. Rev. A. T. Simns was my
great grandfather and Rev, A. A. Sims was his brother.      Cindy Kirkland

             Concerning Texas Sellers

             Cynthia Kirkland
   Since the subject of Texas Sellers has come up, I thought I would see if
anyone might know what happened to a few Sellers in my line that went to

William Sellers who married Eeandor Edwards in 1812 in Brunswick Co., NC
had several children. Three of these children (possibly more) moved to

Daughter, Martha Sellers married another Sellers and lived in Texas. I do
not know if she married him before or after going to Texas.

Her sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sellers, it is said, went with her. I don't
have any information as to whether she married or not.

Annie and Lizzie had a brother, Christopher W. Sellers, who also moved to
Texas. Christopher married Martha Ozier (I do not know what state they
married in). Christopher also fought in the Civil War.

Does anyone know anything about these three sisters and brother, all
children of William Sellers and Eeandor Edwards.

Merry Christmas,

Cynthia Sims Kirkland

P. S.

Just for the record, the other children of William Sellers and Eeandor
Edwards are:

Allen Sellers b. abt. 1817 m. Louise
Abegail Sellers m. John Simmons
Annie Sellers m. Glenn Tucker
Mahalia Adeline Sellers m. George Metts
Philip W. Sellers b. 1815 m. Lydia Eddina
Calvin King Sellers b. 11-20-1818 in Darlington Dist. SC, m. Elizabeth
Dr. Anthony Hamilton Sellers b. 8-30-1823, m. Sophronia Hooten and Louise
Eiland Wilson
Nathaniel Edward Sellers b. 1825, m. Isabelle Smilie and Samantha
Joseph William Sellers b. 4-16-1827

William Sellers second wife was Eveline Gilstrap and had 5 more children.

CYNTHIA - Thanks-
7-28-1812 BRUNSWICK CO, NC=

(don't see MATTHEW SELLERS as another Bondsman?
(JOHN J. GAUSE is witness for Mathew SELLERS/Mary BOAZMAN marriage in
Brunswick Co,Nc in 1811
(THERE may be others
PERHAPS GAUSE family should be studied more here


WHERE IN certain YEARS = Dates/Names/Places = counties/states/
(use births, kids marriages, deaths , war records, etc)
WOULD help US connect AND others find You/Them!

USE a census to prove AGES of KIDS!

             Re: Texas Sellers (Who's Who)

             Cynthia Kirkland
    Dear Marie,

Thank you very much for sending this info. It actually provided some info
that I did not have. I did not have these marriage dates or the names of
Isabelle Smilie's parents. Below are a few notes to you to let you know
who some of these people are. My comments are inclosed in <  >. I hope I was
able to help you sort out who these people are.

Sincerely, Cynthia Sims Kirkland
P.S> I do have a couple of questions mixed in there.

You wrote to me:

CYNTHIA - You may have this - Some extractions from Al / TX= may , but Not
proven, connect to your SELLERS

ALABAMA marriages
<I have Martha Sellers, daughter of William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards
marrying a Sellers. My Martha is probably the same as this Mariah

<William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards had a daughter Elizabeth Sellers who
went to Texas. I don't know if this is the same Elizabeth.>

<I have Abigail Sellers, daughter of William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards
marrying John Simmons. This must be her.>

<I have Annie Sellers, daughter of William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards
marrying Glen Tucker. This must be her.>

<This is Mahalia Adeline Sellers, daughter of William Sellers and Eleandor

<This is Philip W. Sellers, son of William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards.
His wife's name was Lydia Eddins/Eddina>

<This is Calvin King Sellers, son of William Sellers and Eleandor

<This is Nathaniel Edward Sellers, son of William Sellers and Eleandor
Edwards.> His wife was Samantha Shrimpshire. I don't know where Bird is
from. Possibly a previous married name?>

<This is Joseph William Sellers, son of William Sellers and Eleandor

<This is Philip W. Sellers, son of William Sellers and Eleandor Edwards.>

CALVIN SELLERS, PAGE 180, DIST 2 <son of William Sellers and Eleandor
JOSEPH W. SELLERS, PAGE 179, DIST 2 <son of William Sellers and Eleandor
Sellers and Eleandor Edwards.>
JAMES SELLERES, PAGE 107 , DIST 1 <I'm not sure who this is>
WRIGHT SEARLES, PAGE 170, DIST 2 <If his last name is supposed to be
Sellers, then this could be Wright Sellers, William Sellers' brother and a
son of Mathew Sellers and Sarah Jane Ward. Does it list other family
members and his age?>

p284 h285 William Sellers 39m Farmer NC, Oraline 36f GA, Mary E. 17f GA,
Richard 13m GA, William 12m GA, Martin? 9m AL, Missouri 5f AL, Malinda 2f
AL, Thomas J. 1m AL
<This is my William Sellers with his second wife and their children. Her
name was Evaline (Gilstrap), not Oraline. They had one more child after
Thomas, Margaret Matilda, b. in 1851. I don't have Mary E. or Richard
listed as their children, but she had three children by a previous
marriage. Mary E. and Richard must be two of them.>

p315 h701 Mahala Sellers 13f AL in Tucker household
<This is most probably Mahalia Adeline Sellers, who eventually married
George Metts in 1865, and daughter of William Sellers and Eleandor
Her sister, Annie Jane Sellers married Reuben Glenn Tucker. Was he
mentioned in this household?

THERE is Also a WM SETTLERS, page 274, we Need Census Info on, AS this Wm
SELLERS does NOT appear to be yours. <I don't know.>

EVALINE SELLERS, PAGE 770 <This is William Sellers second wife,Evaline
1870 GENEVA CO, AL=(made in 1868 from Dale, Henry, Coffee)
EVELINE SELLERS, PAGE 573 <This is William Sellers second wife,Evaline
THOMAS SELLERS, PAGE 605 <Depending on his age, this could be William
Sellers' son, Thomas Franklin Sellers, b. in 1849. William also had a
brother, Thomas who was born in the late 1700's or at the turn of the

10-21-1886 = H.F.SELLERS married Jessie Lou Evans= VICTORIA CO, TX
<This would be Henry Sellers, son of Nathaniel Sellers and Isabelle Smilie
Sellers. I have Henry married to an Evans, but did not know her first
Marie, Is 10-21-1886 his birth date? And does this mean they married in
Victoria Co., TX?> (marriage date,msh)

 Issue of December 11, 1872

 Mrs. Isabella, wife of N. E. Sellers and daughter of Jacob and Mary
Smilie, was born in
 Montgomery county, Ala., January 22d 1831, and died in the same county
on 28th of Oct 1872. She
 has left a husband and ten children. W. F. Norton
<This is Isabelle Smilie. She and Nathaniel Edward Sellers were my great
great grandparents. Their daughter, Emma Belle Sellers O'Neal was my great
grandmother. This info is worth the entire email, since I did not know her
parents names or her birth and death dates. >


1880 MONTGOMERY CO, AL soundex census =
ADA P. 10
with W.C. OZIER
<This is an interesting census family. This Martha Sellers was born about
1850. Christopher W. Sellers, b.1835, son of William Sellers and Eleandor
Edwards, married m. Martha Ozier and supposedly moved to Texas. This
Martha Sellers and W.C. Ozier must be related to Christopher Sellers and Martha

N.E.SELLERS 54m SC <This is Nathaiel Edward Sellers, William Sellers son>
SARAH 35 GA <This is Samantha Shrimpshire>
SOPHRONIA 17 AL <This is Sophronia Edwards Sellers (full name)>
PELLY 12m AL <Stephen Anthony Pilley, full name>
EMMA 9 AL <This is my great grandmother, Emma Belle Sellers>
ISAAC BATHRONE 30, relation not reported
<4 of these children; Sophronia, Pelly, Mary and Emma are children by
Nanthaiel Edward Sellers' first wife, Isabelle Smilie Sellers.>

<I don't know who these Sellers are, unless Sim Sellers is a child of one
of the   brothers or sisters of Nathaniel Edward Sellers (his nephew?).>

They were married on this date and in 1900 they are in Victoria Co,TX
census - Also
another member working on him - you may want to read her info
YES, your annotations helped greatly - marie, iowa

Does anyone have a list of the children of Allen Sellers and Louise (?)?

This Allen Sellers was born about 1817 and was the son of William Sellers
and Eleandor Edwards. William was the eldest son of Mathew Sellers first
wife (name unk.) and was b. 1791 NC and d. 1858-60 AL. They were married
7-28-1812 in Brunswick Co. NC. Allen was one of 11-13 children. Some of
his siblings were Dr. Anthony Hamilton Sellers, Calvin King Sellers and
Nathaniel Edward Sellers, among others.

Does anyone have information on Eleandor Edwards line?

Thanks, Cynthai Sims Kirkland

Dear Marie,

Here is what I have in response to your trying to identify Mathew's
children. My ancestor William was Mathew's eldest son by his first wife.
My William, 1791 and 1858-60, must be the male born between 1784-1794.

My gg grandparents were Nathaiel Edward Sellers and Isabelle Smilie.

Nathaniel's parents were WILLIAM SELLERS and Eleandor Edwards (hence their
daughter's, Sophronia Edwards Sellers, middle name above). William was
1791 in Wilmington Dist., Brunwick Co. NC.and died between 1858 and 1860
Coffee Co. AL.

William's father was MATHEW SELLERS b. 1768 in NC and died Nov 12, 1849 in
AL. He was found in the 1840 Pike Co AL census. Mathew was JP of Brunswick
Co. NC and served as a juror. He immegrated to Pike Co. AL in 1825-26
around the time of Nathaniel's birth date. Mathew is buried in Catalpa.
#430-728 and #495-454. He was married three times and only his third
names is known. He had no children by his second wife.

Sincerely, Cynthia SIMS Kirkland

CYNTHIA - Will Send thro the group and see if anyone has heard or proof
is what we
want. I didn't see the letter or I deleted it without knowing.

I have heard his last wife was probably a WILLETS = son Willets born ca
And I have heard one of his? or his dad ?Benjamin wives was thought to be
a Bryant
=son John Bryant ca1790/3?
But this is more likely Marys child?

NO ONE has sent ANY proof on this info!
Also, Elishas sister = Mary Penelope SELLERS
Maybe Someone will share their Proof or Ideas. marie, iowa
Cynthia Kirkland wrote:

> Dear Marie,
> It was put forth some time back that Sarah Jane Peoples was Elisha
> first wife, and that Mathew (my descendant line) was their eldest son.
> somehoe missed anything that said this was proven and any reference to
> document source that proves this. I want to put her down for sure, but
> the proof material to accompany this information. Do you recall what
> was? Also was ther any dialogue concerning her parental lineage?
> Sincerely, Cindy Kirkland

CYNTHIA, We don't have the 1860/70 Mont Co, Al census posted. IF ANYONE
has, please
send us the SELLERS extractions.
JANICE doesn't sound like a name then?. My marriages only go to 1850 on
They may do a look up on Al web page?
Did they have obits when she died?
Thanks, marie, iowa

Cynthia Kirkland wrote:

> Dear Marie and List,
> I'm just trying to confirm some information I have in order to complete
> O"Neill essay for the Pike Co. AL Heritage book.
> I have in my O"Neill notes, that James J. (Jackson) O'Neill/O'Neal, a
> brother of my great great grandfather, Thomas Benjamin O'Neill, married
> Martha Janice SELLERS. Both James and Thomas are sons of William
> and Mary Mahala (Frizzel) O'Neill. They (James and Martha O'Neill)
> in the 1880 Pike Co. AL Census (living next door to James' parents)
with a
> son, Welburn L. G. O'Neill, aged 2, and a brother of Martha Janice,
> SELLERS aged 23.
> In my SELLERS notes (which are less detailed on this particular point),
I > have that Jane SELLERS, daughter of my great great grandparents,
Nathanial > and Isabell (SMILIE) SELLERS married Jackson O"Neill. I am assuming
that > "Jane" was Martha Janice SELLERS' nick name and that James Jackson
O'Neill > went by Jackson.
> James Jackson O'Neill was born Jan 26, 1852, according to the O'Neill
Bible > that I have. I have no birth date on Martha other than the calculation
from > the 1880 census, making the year 1859.
> Is my assumption correct that this is the same couple? My SELLERS notes
do > not reflect any dates for cross confirmation.
> Also, does anyone have a marriage date on this couple and was Weburn
their > only child?
> Sincerely Cindy Sims Kirkland


It's interesting that you should find the "American Indian" translation
of this name (Mahala). My gggg grandmother was Tempy ELLIS (b. c. 1785) who
married Thomas FRIZZELL (b. c. 1774 NC) and lived in Pike Co. AL
(connects to my SELLERS line). Tempy was famous for being kidnapped in a Creek
raid in about 1790 in Greene Co. GA. All were killed except for her (aged
7) and two other children who were also taken. She was kept as a slave in
the Creek village of Auttosa in the Greene Co. GA area. She wasn't
rescued and returned to white society until she was nearly 14 years old. She and
her husband Thomas were early settlers of Pike Co. AL. The point of this
story is that she named the daughter from whom I descend, Mary Mahala.
Some of her Indian experiance must have stuck with her. I think this story
just confirms that Mahala, as an Indian name, reflects some of the
"multi-cultural" heritage that we have all inherited.

Sincerely, Cindy Kirkland

BUT, I need =
CYNTHIA - If you are Related to ELLIS's Please Send Info -
Elisha SELLERS in Bruswick Co,Nc memory deeded land to 1-2-3 I think
ELLIS kids-
AND, don't believe we have ANY ELLIS history
Kinda SORRY -
marie, iowa

             Families Lines I'm Researching

             Cynthia Kirkland <>

Dear SELLERS Researchers,

I hope that some of you can take the time to browse down this list. Perhaps
we are working on some of the same lines and can help one another. This
list represents all of the names I am researching, but are not nessessarily
in the same line. Sincerely, Cindy Kirkland

The following names are in the lines on both my mother's and father's
sides, including SELLERS:

(Last names are alphabetical - first names are in order of descendancy
within the last name) I have more information on many of these families.

Austin, William ?-1765 SC (d. Craven Co. SC) (Am REV)
Austin, Bartholomew 1715-1771 SC (d. St Marks Parish, Craven Co. SC) (Col.
Austin, Davis Sr. 1730-40 to 1788 SC>GA
Austin, Davis Jr. 1780-1850-2 GA>AL (d. Butler Co.)
Austin, Sarah Caroline 1822-1880 (wife of Arthur Sims) (d. Butler Co. AL)
Ashburne, Sally ?-1799 (wife of Sherrod Sims) (b. Spalding Co. GA)
Barksdale, William (England)
Barksdale, Collier (Am. REV.)
Barksdale, Lt. John 1751-1803 VA>GA (d. Warren Co. GA)
Barksdale, Terrell 1784-1871 VA>GA (b. Charlotte Co. VA - d. Talbot Co. GA)
Barksdale, Harriet "Jane" 1820-? GA>AL(wife John W.C.Bradberry)(b.Talbot
Co. GA
     - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Battle, Elizabeth Ruth c.1747-? (place ?)(wife of Josiah Crudup)
Bottoms, Frances 1824-1823 SC>GA>AL (wife of Malachi Reaves Sims) (b. SC -
     Barbour Co. AL)
Bradberry, James ?-1842 VA>GA (d. Talbot Co. GA)
Bradberry, John W. C. 1811-? GA>AL (b.Talbot Co. GA - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Bradberry, John Calhoun 1861-1921 GA>AL (b. Talbot Co. GA - d. Bullock
Bradberry, John Frank 1896-1938 GA>AL (b. Union Springs, Bullock Co.AL)
Burnley, John (England)
Burnley, Isreal 1725-1790 VA>GA (d. Wilkes Co. GA) (AM. REV)
Burnley, Susannah c. 1769-1803 VA>GA (wife of John Barksdale)(b. Charlotte
     VA - d. Warren Co. GA)
Cameron, Mary c. 1820-? AL(possible wife of Jacob Smilie Jr.)(d. Montgomery
Cogdell, Charles 1818-1901 NC>AL (b. NC - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Cogdell, Josephine Muriel 1862-1943 AL(wife of John Calhoun Bradberry) (b.
     d. Bullock Co.AL)
Crudup, John c.1712-1753 England
Crudup, Josiah c.1748-1819 (place ?)
Crudup, Mourning c. late 1600's-early 1700's (wife of Matthew Raiford)
Davies, Phebe (wife of John Burnley)
Dixon, Mourning 1722-1781 (wife of John Crudup) England
Elizabeth Dudley ?-1803 (wife of Benjamin Hill)
Edwards, Nathan (d. in FL c. late 1700's-early 1800's)
Edwards, Eleandor ?-1837 NC>AL (wife of William Sellers) (b. poss. NC - d.
      Co. AL)
Ellis, Temperance (Tempy) c.1785-1865 MD/GA>AL (wife of Thomas Frizzell)
    (kidnapped by Creek Indians at age 7 in Greene Co. GA and held as white
     slave until age 12 - d. in Pike Co. AL) (Birth origin poss. MD)
Falconer, Stephen Tomlinson
Falconer, Mary L. (wife of John Forsyth)
Forsyth, John (father of Mary)
Forsyth, Mary Ann ?-1797 GA (wife of Davis Austin Sr.)
? Fortune ? (wife of Philip Wreyford) (unclear as to whether this is a
      name or last name)
Frizzell, Thomas c. 1774-1857 NC>AL (d.Pike Co. AL)
Frizzell, Mary Mahala 1819-1893 GA>AL (wife of William O'Neill)(b. GA - d.
      Bullock Co.AL)
Gilmore, William Daniel ?-1805 GA>AL (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Gilmore, Mary 1827-1910 AL (wife of Charles Cogdell) (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Hamlin/Hamblin, Tabitha (wife of George Wilmot)
Harvey, Michael ?-1809 (d. Baldwin Co. GA)
Harvey, Sarah "Salley" 1788-1854 GA (wife Terrell Barksdale)(d. Talbot Co.
Hall, Mary (wife of Stephen Tomlinson Falconer)
Hall, William (father of Mary)
Hawkins, Rebecca (wife of Michael Harvey)
Hill, Benjamin ?-1776(poss. father of Eleanore)
Hill, Eleanore b. GA - d. AL (wife of Davis Austin Jr.)
Hilson, John ?-1802 GA (Am. Rev.)
Hilson, Aaron 1774-5 to 1813 SC>GA (b. Marlborough Co. SC - d.
Milledgeville GA)
Hilson, Pinkney W. 1813-14 to 1853 GA>AL (b. Baldwin Co. GA - d. Butler
Hilson, Sarah Nancy Audelia 1850-1903 (wife of Re. Alexander Theodore Sims)
      (b. & d. Butler Co. AL)
Kinchen/Kichen, Sarah c.1655-aft.1724 Eng>VA (wife of Philip Raiford)
McMillen, S.A.J. c. 1813 (of Pike Co.AL)
McMillen, Olivia L. ?-1872 AL(wife of Thomas Benjamin O'Neal) (d. Bullock
Nichols, Polly (wife of Charles Wright)
Odom, James b. by 1816 VA/SC
Odom, William 1800-abt. 1850 SC>AL
Odom, Anna E. 1820-1887 SC>AL (wife of Pinkney W. Hilson) (b. SC - d.
O'Neill, William (M?) 1817-1896 GA>AL (b. GA - d. Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neill, Thomas Benjamin 1842-1870 AL (b. & d. Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neal, William Thomas 1866-1949 AL (of Bullock Co.AL)
O'Neal, Mamie Ruth 1895-1990 AL (wife of John Frank Bradberry) (b.
      Bullock Co. - bur. Union Springs, Bullock Co.AL)
Oxford, Sarah Elizabeth (wife of Joel Terrell)
Peoples, Sarah Jane ?-1781 (poss. 1st wife of Elisha Sellers)(d.Brunswick
Pasey/Posey, Martha b. c. 1776 in NC (mother of Matilda) (d. Bullock Co.
Pasey/Posey, Matilda ?-1808 SC (wife of William Gilmore) (d. Bullock Co.AL)
Pickett, ? (wife of Robert Raiford)
Raiford, Matthew 1687-1758 VA>NC (b. Isle of Wight VA - d. Cumberland CO.
Raiford, Philip 1649-1724 Eng>VA (b. Crediton, Devon, Eng - d. Isle of
Wight VA)
Raiford, Robert 1720-1801 NC (d. Johnston Co. NC)
Raiford, Sarah 1762-1835 NC>AL (wife of Jacob Smilie) (d. Montgomery Co.AL)
Randolph, Sarah (wife of Collier Barksdale)
Rice, Mary (wife of John Sims)
Sellers, Elisha c.1744-1801 VA/NC>NC (d. Brunswick Co. NC) (Am. REV.)
Sellers, Matthew 1768-1849 NC>AL (b. Brunswick Co. NC - d. Pike Co. AL)
Sellers, William 1791-1858-60 NC>AL (b. Wilmington District, Brunswick Co.
NC -
      d. Pike Co. AL)
Sellers, Nathaniel Edward 1826-? SC>AL (b. in route during Census year in
      SC or GA - d. Montgomery Co. AL)
Sellers, Emma Bell 1870-1965 AL (wife of William Thomas O'Neal)(b. Pine
      Montgomery Co. AL. - d. Bullock Co.AL)
Reddoch, Sarah (formerly Mrs. Aaron Hilson)
Sims, Malachi Reaves 1823-1869 (father of James Monroe) (b. GA - d. Dale
Co. AL)
Sims, James Monroe (father of Charles Lee)
Sims, Charles Lee
Sims, John (poss. father of Sherrod)
Sims, Sherrod 1730-1725 (father of Stephen) (b. Hanover Co. VA - d.
      Co. SC) (Am. REV.)
Sims, Stephen 1782-1857 (father of Arthur) (b. SC - d. Butler Co. AL)
Sims, Arthur (Forest?) 1806-7 -1881 (b. & d. Butler Co. AL)
Sims, Alexander Theodore 1849-1827 (b. Starlington, Butler Co.- d. Selma)
Sims, Maude Carline 1878-1957 (wife of Charles Lee Sims) (b. & d. Butler
Co. AL)
Smilie, Jacob Sr. (c. late 1700's-early 1800's)
Smilie, Jacob Jr. c.1816-1841 NC>AL (poss. b. Cumberland Co. NC - d.
Smilie, Isabelle 1831-1872 AL (wife of Nathaniel Edward Sellers) (b. & d.
      Montgomery Co. AL)
Terrell, Joel (father of Hannah)
Terrell, Hannah 1723-5 - 1792 VA>GA (wife of Isreal Burnley) (d. Wilkes Co.
Vinson, Charles Moses 1813-1895 (b. GA - d. Butler Co. AL)
Vinson, Frances Viola (wife of James Monroe Sims)
Wilmot, George (no dates/place - father of Elizabeth)
Wilmot, Elizabeth 1797-1866 (wife of Samuel Wright) (b. GA - d. Lee Co. AL)
Wreyford, Elias (father of Philip)
Wreyford, Philip c.1620-? England
Wright, Solomon SC (poss. father of Charles) (moved to Wilkenson Co. GA)
Wright, Charles (poss. father of Samuel) (of Wilkenson Co. GA)
Wright, Samuel 1797-1889 (b. GA - d. Lee Co. AL)
Wright, Sarah 1819-1908 (wife of Charles Moses Vinson) (b. GA - d. Butler

The names I am searching on my husband's side are:
Kirkland, Kellum, Montieth, Singleton, Majors, Tabor, McPeeters and others.
Visit my web sites,

and GenTime Genealogy

             Cynthia Kirkland <>

>Did the information I sent yesterday, on the Zellers, from the book
>Vital Records get to everyone? Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,

I'm not researching Zellers I have a Zellers marriage in my Wright line.

[Susan S. WRIGHT m. John ZELLERS   resided in Auburn, Lee Co. AL 4-9-1889

Susan is the daughter of:

Samuel WRIGHT and Elizabeth WILMOT(H). Samuel was born 7-21-1797 GA and
died 5-25-187? AL. He married Elizabeth WILMOT(H) 4-11-1818 in GA. I don't
know when they moved to AL. I only say they were married in GA because
census says their eldest daughter, Sarah was born in GA.

and sister of my ancestor:

[Sarah WRIGHT b. 5-6-1819 GA    d. 4-8-1908 AL
m. in AL Charles Moses VINSON b. 2-23-1813 GA    d. 2-7-1895 AL

Sincerely, Cindy Kirkland

             Cynthia Kirkland <>

Dear searchers of this line - Elisha Sellers/(1)Sarah Jane Peoples,

First Question:

I believe I've transcribed some dates wrong. Could someone please correct
them for me? I have conflicting dates for Sarah Jane (Peoples) Sellers
marriage to Elisha and the birth date of thier eldest son, William Calvin
Sellers. I have her marriage to Elisha five years after the birth of
William. Which is correct? Does someone actually have this marriage record?
Thanks for your help, in advance.

Elisha Sellers  b. ©1744 VA/NC - d. 12-1801 Brunswick Co.NC where will is
probated in 1801 - Rev. millitary pay voucher #4669      DAR #430728

m. in ©1765 NC (1) Sarah Jane Peoples b. - d.1781 Brunswick Co. NC
(info that Sarah was his first wife is still being confirmed)

1.[William Calvin Sellers I  b. ©1760 NC             fought in Rev.
         m.    ?
                [William Calvin Sellers II
2.[Mathew Sellers            b. 1768 NC - d. 1849

Second Question:

Also, while I'm on the subject of Sarah Jane Peoples - Sarah was introduced
to the list, by someone in the last year or so, as Elisha's previously
unknown first wife. I've been trying to find that original conversation in
my saved email files but cannot. I may be wrong, but I don't recall any
source material given with this information and would ask that someone,
preferrably the submitter, to remind us where this information was found.
The only thing I recall that supports that Sarah was, in fact, Elisha's
first wife, was that their youngest daughter, Ann (Sellers) Mints', middle
name was Peoples. I'd like to be able to prove Sarah as Elisha's first
wife, since I am descended from their second eldest son, Mathew Sellers.

Just a refresher note: 6 children were born to Elisha and Sarah Peoples. So
far we do not know the name of Elisha's second wife, a marriage that had no
issue and his third wife was Mary Willis(Willets) with no dates on Mary. I
have that 5 children were born to Elisha and Mary.


Hi everyone --
     Thanks Cynthia for your message. To answer your questions, there is
absolutely no proof of Elisha's first wife being a Sarah Jane Peoples. This
is not to say that such a statement has to be false, but it has about the
same status as "my unknown, undocumented ancestor had red hair, blue eyes
a quirky laugh" -- i.e., it is completely unverifiable one way or the other
based on currently known original data.
     All that we can say for sure right now about Elisha's marriages is
he was married more than once, and that his last wife was Mary Willets,
he must have married approximately 1780, based on what we know of their
uncontested children. To say anything else concerning any other wife or
is pure speculation and nothing more.
     For more information on him and the issues surrounding his life and
family, see my page:  and follow the link
Sellers Family Issues.
-- Tom Buchanan

CYNTHIA, thanks. you can send a new page of info for your page. OR I can use the
last part of this message?  And you can Add more on later. Advise
On tracing backwards from your oldest Proven member, I believe if you follow the
pages where we have documents, you may be able to SEE the line back quite aways.     (this would be Mathew
Sellers 1760/70-1849)      (this would be his
father Elisha Sellers 1740/1801      (this is Benjamin
Sellers 1720/1761 who had son Elisha 1740 and most of these kids are on the 1769
Brunswick Co, NC tax list)

FEB 1740 Edgecombe Co, NC = Benjamin SELLERS of Edgecombe Co, sells 50 acres of
land in Bertie Co that
my father Mathew SELLERS bought of Benjamin FOREMAN, where my mother now lives.    (I believe this shows
the owner of land and where it came from)

CYNTHIA/CINDY, I hope this helps. WE do NOT all have to see the same to be able to
share. I have no problem with above.  I would like to have more documentation on
MATHEW SELLERS 1760/70-1849 and his kids. Maybe we will continue to add info.

IF you want to send a question, etc thro the board, feel free to do so. We need
Anyone's ideas, whether we agree or not.
THANKS, marie, iowa


Dear Group,

I've looked, sorted and waded through the data on the SELLERS pages.

Which Benjamin Sellers is this, that had a father Mathew, please? Is this
the Benjamin who was father of Elisha born 1744?

FEB 1740 Edgecombe Co, NC = Benjamin SELLERS
of Edgecombe Co, sells 50 acres of land in Bertie Co that
my father Mathew SELLERS bought of Benjamin FOREMAN,
where my mother now lives.

Benjamin SELLERS sells 50 acres of land on south side of
Meherin River and KIRBY creek that my father Matthew SELLERS
bought from Benj FOREMAN. Samuel MIRRET was witness,
(so must have lived close,msh)

Thanks Cindy


Hi Cynthia --

Yes, that's the one. It's Matthew (d.1740) > Benjamin (d.1761, Edgecombe Co.,
NC) > Elisha (d. 1801, Brunswick Co., NC).

-- Tom Buchanan

           Sellers who went to Texas

           Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:01:48 -0500
To those following SELLERS that went to Texas,

Several of the siblings on my SELLERS line went to Texas.

William Calvin Sellers b. NC 1791 and his wife Eleander Edwards b. NC
who settled in Pike Co. AL had 12 children. Of these children, Martha
Mariah Sellers who married Thomas M. Sellers in 1865 in Pike Co. AL
and her sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sellers went to Texas. Their
brother Christopher W. Sellers b. 1835 who married Martha Ozier also
went to Texas. I do not know if "Lizzie" ever married and Christopher
had, at least 1 son and 1 daughter (I do not know their names).

Nathaniel Edwards Sellers b. 1826 (also a son of W. C. and Eleander
EDwards Sellers and brother of Martha, Lizzie and Christopher) and
Isabell Smilie had a son, Henry Franklin Sellers b. 1855, married
Jessie Lou Evans, went to Victoria Co. Texas. Their children were
Ethel May, b.1890; Gilbert, b. 1892; Newton, b. 1894; Milton, b.
1896; and Perl, b. 1899. I do not know who they married.

Cindy K.