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  Mari,  I received your email of Dec. 19 regarding Elijah S. Sellers.

      While looking through the 1900 and 1910 census tracks of Greene

County, Alabama I found a Nancy Jane Sellers living with her son-in-laws

family by the name  of Charlie Lamb.  Charlie's wife was Mary Sellers( I'm

sure she is the twin sister to Martha Elizabeth, born in 1858)  The 1900

census form calls for the birth place of each persons father and Mary stated

that her father was born in NC.  Nancy stated her mother was born in TN.

      If I can determine which city in NC I may narrow down where he was

born.  I am in contact with a Stephanie

   True Moss in GA who's  gggmother was the twin Martha Elizabeth who

married a  Stephen F. Hale McGraw and is buried in Beulah Baptist Cemetery

in Greene County.

      You did not say in your e-mail in December, but what you Sellers



              Regards,  Curtis Sellers

CURTIS, thanks.

Please send us the extractions from 1900 and 1910 and ANYONE living with or


 The 1850/1880 show him born  1820 AL

he was in CW in AL?

IF he drew pension = YOU need the pension file.


IF he was with the SMITH family in 1827 ,  YOU could find out where they

were in 1830/40 . Believe he was a Preacher/Rev and could have taken child

in OR related to family?


POST/SEND any documents you collect.

Thanks, marie, iowa



JUNE 22, 2004

Mari,  I guess persistence pays off eventually.  I ran across you December e-mail regarding my ggg grandpa Elijah Sellers(b.1820) relative to finding documentation of facts about spread around about where he was born, and how he happen to be in the household of Mathew Pickett Smith.

    Someone sent me a copy of a hand written resolution from the Beulah Baptist Church stating the grandpa Sellers  was born August 26, 1820, an orphan and raised by M.P. Smith. 

    The resolution was written  by W.B.Durrett, N.B Durrett and  R.C. Chambers.  It was written about an Edward Hood Lamb and Elijah on the occasion of their deaths in 1899.  It  was adopted by the church congregation on August 5th, 1899.  It seems that Lamb was the oldest living member of the church until the died in 1899, then Elijah Sellers became the oldest living member-he  but died also that year.  
PAGE 1 of resolution
PAGE 2 of resolution





    This is the first written document stating that Elijah Sellers was brought to Greene County by M.P. Smith.

    This resolution came to me for  a lady in Oregon.  She was originally for Greene County and still has relatives in the Beulah area.

    I am finding several good sources about the Sellers, Pearce, Lamb and Crocker families.  Being retired, I have a lot of time to spend on the project.  I plan to visit Spartanburg, SC as it appears that they came for that area in 1827.  I would appreciate and data you might be willing to share with  me regarding these families.

    I thought you might be interested in the above.


                            Curtis Sellers



CURTIS, thanks for remembering us.


I would like to see a copy of the Exact wording of this resolution stating Elijah SELLERS 1820 orphan was raised by M.P.SMITH.


MATHEW PICKETT SMITH was born 1805 VA by census (15 when Elijah Born!)

His wife on 1850 census was born VA and a child 1827 AL


I would like to see copy of 1830/40  census for ages of kids, etc.

WHO was his father?


ANYONE have copy of marriage license? =

                                   DRUMMOND, Nancy Jane
                                                         Dec 26 1846 GREENE CO, AL 


Please understand my questions. But, we need more info on this family. Esp when/where Mathew Pickett Smith 1805 was born, married and his kids born in AL?

Were they here in 1820?


marie, iowa

Thanks  for your prompt reply to my e-mail.  I talked with the lady that sent me the resolution last night by phone about the document.

    She sent me only the portion of the resolution that  dealt with grandpa Sellers.  She did not realize that i was  also in  the Lamb family.  She is having the entire  photocopied and is sending it to me. 

    I will be happy to share a copy of it with you.  I first found Mathew Pickett Smith in the Greene County-Union 18 census.  He appeared in each of the next federal tracts.  I will reexamine them again to night to be sure.  Grandpa was married on December 31, 1846 according to the resolution This would make him 26 at the time he married Nancy Jane Drummond.  I don't recall ever seeing him listed with Smith.  However, if he was not picked up during the 1840 census, he would have been out of the Smith home by 1850, which is the next census.

    Marie, I wait a few days for the full document to send you a  copy.  If it  is not forth coming, I'll send you a copy of the portion I have  in my possession.

    Have you seen the census of VA regarding M.P. Smith?  I can give you a list  of his children by both of his wives.  He married his niece,Martha Drummond, in 1865 and she gave him 3 children.  I saw this marriage license at the Greene County Courthouse last week in Eutaw.   After seven years of marriage she took her own life.  This was probably the most sensational scandal that had ever occurred in Beulah community.

    According to the new Heritage of Greene County M.P. Smith married  Susan Barnett as a third marriage before he died.

    I have not researched M.P. Smith thoroughly as yet, but I have seen his name a number of times as it relates to grandpa Sellers.

    Maria, if you have any data relative to the Sellers, Pearce, Lamb or Crocker families and will share with me I will appreciate it very much.  Also, I'll share what I have with.


    Where do you fit in the Sellers family?  Are you from AL?


    Kind regards,



                            Curtis Sellers

July 2004

CURTIS, thanks for keeping in touch.


WE/I have NO info on ELIJAH SELLERS b ca 1820 AL

EXcept his 1846 marriage in Greene Co., AL to Nancy Jane Drummond.

And the 1850, etc cenus on him


WE do NOT have a copy of this license for witness, bondsman, etc 

WE do NOT have any war info on him.


The MATHEW P.SMITH we have listed is born 1806 VA

and kids born AL in 1827 AL.


WE need his 1830/40 census to see where MATHEW P. SMITH 1806 was living and AGES of kids with him.


OR if Elijah Sellers 1820 living with him or whom?


TIME CHART on all and ANY documents you have May help. 

HE was in CW = do we/anyone have THIS pension file? did he draw a pension?


Takes documents to prove a family!


marie, iowa



jan 2006

Something must have happened because you got through just now.
Have lots to tell you about Drumond and sellers family i have found since you and I talked last. I am just about full time now since I have fininshed my 2nd term as President of the the Alabama Unit, WBBCI.

Curtis Sellers []


CURT, thanks for staying in touch and up to date.

YOU were going to send me/us a document on Elijah SELLERS 1820 orphan was raised by M.P.SMITH.
IT is Very important that we receive copy of this

DRUMMOND, Nancy Jane
Dec 26 1846 GREENE CO, AL

ALSO, was there a civil war file we needed?

Bring me/us to date and thanks for sharing.
IF we can find out WHERE he was born, we may be able to tie to a /his family?
marie, iowa


CURT, thank you.
Yes, need a copy of Elijah Sellers 1820.
We need copies of ANY documents you have on him.
Do you have copies on computer? just send to me email and will share with all by you.
or just mail

WE also need where Mathew Pickett Smith came from , born, married whom, etc

Did he/Elijah SELLERS draw a civil war pension? I don't remember, just that he was in CW. the Pension Papers sometimes have personal info.

Curtis, this is the SELLERS family discussion group = ALL SELLERS from ALL states, etc

My Monos Sellers 1785 Va, married 1820 Pickaway Co, Oh, and 1830/40 Madison Co., IN and 1850 Tipton Co., IN and 1856 Decatur Co., Ia .

Thank you for sharing SELLERS.

marie sellers hollinger
12871 285th st
mason city, ia 50401
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I have a copy of the Beulah Baptist Church record in which it states that Elijah Sellers was born in 1820 and came to Alabama in the Household of Mathew Pickett Smith in 1827. It also states that he was an orphan. I can send you a Xerox copy of the church minutes. He served in the CSA army in the 36th Alabama Infantry Regiment form November 1862 until 1865, coming out without a scratch. He severed with Thomas J. Drummond, Warren J. Drummond. Thomas was wounded in Atlanta Battle, and Warren Died in Mississippi. Another Drummond, G.W. Was killed in Vicksburg. He was with the 20 Alabama Volunteers. I saw his will.
Let me know about the copy of Elijah.

Marie, You never did tell me your connection with the Sellers in Greene County. Are you from Alabama. It is no matter, but I would like to know.



CURTIS, if you have saved copies on computer,great, you can send to me and we can share with our SELLERS families working on these lines.

TELL me what you have.=

paper copies of printed material?
copies on your computer?

you have a scanner?
you have a printer?

YES, you can send copies of your documents to me, but, if I can't scan and copy to computer, they will Not come thro for me to post on our SELLERS pages.

Do you have relation that can do this for you?
Otherwise,where you take to copy may be able to do? Ask them.

IF you can get them copied unto your computer and send to me is best.

marie sellers hollinger
12871 285th street
mason city, iowa

IT is Very Important we have these documents to prove our SELLERS families.

I can subscribe you to our SELLERS discussion group = ALL SELLERS from all states and you have to DELETE messages not pertaining to your area, etc.
sometimes very busy,
if you have problems with it , let me know and can unsub you.

marie, iowa

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Subject: RE: special inquiry

need a mailing address as some of the material in too long to send on computer (30 pages) .
Please send me your mailing address.

I am interested in your discussion groups. send info on them if possible.

Regards, Curtis Sellers

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To: 'Curtis Sellers'
Subject: RE: special inquiry

CURTIS, my email answers to you keep getting blocked, so I am continue to write until they get it corrected. marie, iowa
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Subject: special inquiry

Can you put me in touch with Marie Sellers Hollinger?

Curtis Sellers



PAGE 4 = never rec'd


Marie, This is what we do to pass the time when we are not working on genealogy


CURTIS SELLERS has shared =
a hand written resolution from the Beulah Baptist Church stating the grandpa Sellers was born August 26, 1820, an orphan and raised by M.P. Smith.

the above RESOLUTIONS are on his page above =

Would like to have the complete title, etc of Beulah Baptist Church this came from.

Does ANYONE have a child connected to this family to share info. I believe on the Greene Co, Al page there is one other child.

This Matthew Pickett Smith was born ca 1805 VA and came to Greene Co, Al ca 1827 and raised Elijah Sellers born caAug1820. (census show AL)
I have a Hard time with this age gap?
But, when he came to Greene in 1827 Matthew Pickett Smith was 22 AND Elijah would have been 7. I can see that.
Which means our ELIJAH SELLERS 1820 probably would NOT be on 1820 cenus, IF taken before AUGUST!!

COUNTY RECORDS/MINUTES of GREENE CO,AL available. they sometimes give any mother/dad dying and kids as orphan.
Are these available?

OR the county where MATTHEW PICKETT SMITH was living before 1830.=
He does appear to be here in Greene Co., Al, 1830 census.

CURTIS, thank you for sharing SELLERS and understanding questions, etc


When MPS first arrived in Greene County he along with many of the SC people stopped first in Springfield, AL, a small town just north of Eutaw. I do know how long hes stayed there, but you can judge by land deeds which are dated. Logically, this would be the date he moved into the Snoddy Community. I know for sure that there was at one time a Springfield Census tract. In 1830 this was a voting district and has census tract. I found my other gg grandpa Pearce on that census tract. I looked for gg Pearce in the Union Beat where everyone was suppose to be, But they were not there in 1830. just by browsing other Beats did i accidently find him there. He later moved to another part of Greene County.
I just saw in writing recently that he came to Springfield first. This may clearly show that Elijah Sellers was with him. ES got married in 1846 at about age 26. I'll start looking at Springfield today.
Not to be picky, but there are a few errors in the James R. Sellers family. I talked with a Betty Sellers whose husband is part of that line, in Houston Texas recently and shes gave me the correct list of his children. William T. Sellers is the father of that long list of kids. I will send corrected list.
Got lot of work to do in State Archives Building in Montgomery. We live about 100 miles west of Montgomery and I plan to combine my retired faculty (University of Alabama) lobbying effort with my genealogy. We pull a trailer and can stay in Montgomery for a few weeks each trip.

Regards, Curt Sellers

PS- Sorry about such a wordy e-mail


CURTIS, thanks.

If I remember correctly. Springfield was mentioned in the little copy of a newspaper article. I couldn't find it or maybe I found one in Pickens Co, Al? or I found a Springdale?
I didn't see on a census.
1830 he appears to be in Greene Co., Al with kids older and possible Elijah


MATHEW SMITH = 2100100/10001= No twn
male 20/30= 1800/10
male 5/10=1820/25
2 males u 5 = 1825/30
female 20/30
female u 5

I haven't found them yet in 1840

First land I found for him in 1835? was in Tuscaloosa Co., Al and I believe I checked 1840 for Smiths? will recheck.

I show James R. Sellers 1848 as son of Elijah and James had a son Wm T. 1874, but, I don't show him with a son J.R.??
but, DON'T have his kids from 1930 census and he died 1935?

Which child do you connect to?

I would look and see what they have on Orphan files in Montgomery. for Greene and Tuscaloosa Co's if available.

Thanks, marie, iowa


feb 2006

From: Curtis Sellers []
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To: marie sellers hollinger
Subject: Emailing: Sunday, February 12, 2006

I looking through some data related to Thomas James Drummond's will, I noticed a receipt that Elijah Sellers received for the local newspaper which shows a "J" in his name ie: "Elijah J. Sellers", however, he does not make his signature any place like this. Since, I cannot find a signature with "J" in it, I'm ignoring it.
I can copy the entire will, if you wish to see it. Also, the will states that Harriet R. Drummond is a "lunatic" and is confined to Bryce Hospital. She was the sisiter to Gorge W., Warren and James David. We lost George and Warren J in the Civil War with James David being wounded in the face during the Battle of Atlanta. She must have been a fragile person and just went off the deep end and had to be confined to the Mental Hospital, Bryce. She was there in October of 1870, because she is mentioned in the will as a Lunatic there.I remember my grandma Sellers talking about how she would not stop screaming. It must have be awful.



feb 2006

CURTIS, thanks.
It is definitely ELIJAH J. SELLERS. I would NOT ignore it.
I show an ELIJAH R. SELLERS on civil war.
an ELIJAH S? SELLERS on 1870 census. (could this have been a J.? )

Send me the date on this article, I can't quite read it and will post show date with article.
DEC 12, 1870/1878?

I BELIEVE/THINK you can scan article, save at 10% and send to me and then when we enlarge on our computers, it comes out clear.
SOMEONE else can explain better.
OR try it and I'll let you know .
PLEASE understand me = I appreciate info, want to make available to our SELLERS to read easily.

The WILL, YOU could probably send extractions of same OR try scanning and save at 10% and send .
Some of our families did have mental problems then and now.
WE Love and Care for them and ALL they endured.

DO you have OR are the minutes of Greene Co., AL available? might have to check lds film.
This Elijah SELLERS 1820 AL should be on an orphan file, etc!

ANYONE claim a pension on the DRUMMOND boys? Our SELLERS family could be witness and have family info. These pension files should be ordered = Just pension files give much family info.

Thank you for sharing.
marie, iowa


feb 19, 2006

Good Morning Marie,

Since our last correspondence, I have identified 2 creditable places which show GGG grandpa Sellers name with an "S". first, in the census of 1880, and in then the Beulah Church report if 1891, I really don't understand why he did not use the middle name, because it was very uncommon then not to have. Back then even with the blatant discrimination of women at least they had a middle name. You know maybe it was because it was "Smith" and he did not want to embarrass the REV., I have to find pagr 5 of the Rev's will to be sure that he did not acknowledge Elijah as his son, of which, I'm skeptical, because the REV was born in 1805 and Elijah was born in 1820! I'm assuming those dates are correct, but I have found no evidence that they are wrong. I guess I'm not a good detective even thought while in Korea I was a CID investigator. Of course there are little things like poor records back in the "1800", etc.
Marie, since I can telephone for no cost, please send me you phone number. Mine is 205/556-4531, Tuscaloosa, AL


CURTIS, thanks.

I really have No other info on ELIJAH SELLERS 1820.
I show him with the initial S. in the 1870 census
and the DRUMMOND receipt you sent showed initial J.

I thank you for sharing with us.

BUT, an orphan should have some COURT MINUTES showing him choosing SMITH as a guardian
he was born within the family and they raised him.
even then, they usually have guardianship appointed.

WHO was MATHEW P. SMITH'S parents? they could be likely to be involved
OR Mathew P. SMITH'S wife have a child when they married?

You appear to have checked the church records fairly well, Now, its time for the County minutes, if available.

that's all I can think of right now.
THANKS for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa


Tell me briefly about DNA tests being done. The might be a way to clear up Mathew Picket Smith and Elijah connection. I have a copy of his will and it does not mention Elijah even as an adopted son and I don't know their relationship at the time he died. There might have had strained relations at the time he made the wii. DNA could surely settle the notion that MPS was Elijah's father.

Curt Sellers
Curtis Sellers []


CURT, this is the link to our dna pages. follow the links to members and results and order page.

I don't believe MPS is Elijah's father. not enough age diff. but, could be his wifes or?
your dna test wouldn't prove his exact father, but, if we would find someone else with a dna match, would prove that Sellers line.

But, would help.
and if MPS dna is followed thro, would prove/disprove that.

best wishes.
marie, iowa



I am looking for information on my G uncle John A. Sellers who moved from AL to Yalobush County, Coffeeville, MS in the 1930's. He is the brother of Elijah (b 1883 in Greene County, Union Alabama) John A appears in census tract of 1900.

Sellers-Seaphuys (misspelled for Cephus) HD 49
Elijah Son-16 years
John A Son- 14 years
Regina Daughter 11 years
Andrew Son 5 years
Any information will be appreciated.

Curtis Sellers (


> CURTIS, he does appear to be the same. He appears to have died there =
> also.
> If you do a check on telephone /addresses for SELLERS still there, you =
> might
> be able to find a living SELLERS.

> i DON'T KNOW if this picture backgrounds will go thro to the SELLERS =
> list,
> so others could help you

> besides the census, I saw
> John Sellers
> Birth: 1 Apr 1886
> Death: Mar 1967 - Coffeeville, Yalobusha, Mississippi, United States of
> America
> Civil: Mississippi
> John Sellers
> SSN: 425-20-7863
> Last Residence: 38922 Coffeeville, Yalobusha, Mississippi, United =
> States of
> America
> Born: 1 Apr 1886
> Died: Mar 1967
> State (Year) SSN issued: Mississippi (Before 1951 )
> John Adams Sellers
> Birth: 1 Apr 1886 1 Apr 1886
> Residence: Not Stated, Yalobusha, Mississippi
> Other: Yalobusha County
> DATED SEPT 12, 1918

> keep in touch, marie, iowa


NOV 2006


april 2007

Marie, Some how I got removed from your connection, I did change e-mails a few months ago, but I thought I sent info to all in my mailing file with as my new e-mail. Anyway, I am stilling looking for my Sellers, Lamb, Pearce & and Drummond ancestors. Three weeks ago we went to Greene Country looking for Bryant Pearce's (gggrand father) grave deep in woods. We did not find his grave site,but did discover an old grave sites of four Wilson's. I was able to trace them through the 1890 census. At least one of them fought in Mexican war of 1846. Very interesting. The pollen and leaf mold just about killed me, but with a few sprays & a few pills, I think I will live. Marie, next to God & my family, I am interested in genealogy more than any other priority , so please keep me on you mailing list. Curt Sellers
Curtis Sellers []


may 3, 2008

How many can you sponsor. I have at least 8 male cousins and who pays or sponsors them? Regards Curtis Sellers

Curtis Sellers []


CURTIS, thank you.

Anyone interested in searching your family may send money to help sponser. If there wasn't anyone interested , it could be zero. The test is about $100.00

You have your dna test, so perhaps just one cousin should be sufficient. He should match your dna. I am assuming these are cousins and from same grandfather? His dna should match yours, so this may not be necessary. Actually what we need is another Sellers line that connects to your dna, so we know what line your ELIJAH SELLERS 1820/1899 Greene Co., Al connects to.

Thank you, marie, iowa