CONRAD SELLERS will of 1864

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Whereas the last Will and Testament of Coonrad Sellars having been
in open Court and having been proved upon the oath of John I. Harper and
John K. Wilson, the witnesses thereto.  It is therefore ordered that the
Probate of said Will be concidered sufficient and that Sellers Testamony do
issue to Artemissa Sellers, Executor herein named and appointed.

I, Artimessa Sellers do sollemly swear that this writing now presented
contains the last Will and Testament of Coonrod Sellars deceased as far as
know or believe and that I will _____ and truly execute the same in
accordinance with the laws of said estate.  So help me God.
Test.  S. R. Lambert
Sworn to and acknowledged                                     (HER MARK)
before me this 7th day of March 1864.               ARTEMISSA  (x) SELLARS
     W. S. Erwin, Ordinary Said County

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CAROLE - Thanks - Did I miss the WILL its self? Or this is All we have right now?
marie, iowa

that is all I have "right now".  I am going to Habersham County
11 through the 26th and will try and extract the original.  Carole

             "CAROLE S. WALKER" <>

Hi Sellers Cousins:  No Will was found at the Habersham County, Georgia
courthouse for Conrad Sellers.  All that is left is the index.  The Clerk
informed me that Habersham County, Georgia had 2 fires and this was
what happened to it.  What a disappointment!  No, it was not sent to
Archives.  There were several deeds out from Conrad's wife, Artemissia
Sellers.  I did not have time to copy them all in their entirety, but I did
get most of them indexed.  I do not know at this point what would be
beneficial to our Sellers family, so Marie, I will await further
instructions from you on what to do with all these indexed deeds.  I did
extract all the marriages, deaths and births of Habersham and Banks County,
Georgia.  Will be glad to share this information.  Time ran out on me!  I
will be going back.   Found some new cousins while I was there.  It was a
great trip.  Cousin Carole