Here is the Sellars family from which I descend.  This is the family which
moved from Pulaski Co KY in the early 1880's to Monroe Co., Indiana.  This
the family to which Henry Sellars wrote his letter in 1890.  James Hardin
Sellars in the son of Henry Sellars and Mary Ann Coffee Sellars.  This list has the ancestry of
Henry Sellars elsewhere.  As far as I know this is the only member of this
Sellars family which ended up in Monroe Co., Indiana and they moved there
after Katherine Sumner Sellars' father George Sumner and several of her
brothers had relocated there.  I'd be happy to answer any questions or
further information.
Connie Young Kitchen,

FATHER  James Hardin Sellars

Birth   1844                                                    Pulaski Co
Marriage   about   1866                                         Kentucky
Death        1885                                               Monroe Co
Burial       Bethel Cemetery                                    Monroe Co
Father     Henry Selllars                       Mother  Mary A. Coffee

MOTHER     Katherine Sumner

Birth     29 September 1846
Pulaski Co Kentucky
Death      6 June 1935
Monroe Co Indiana
Marriage   (2)  Henderson Galyan in 1907
Monroe Co Indiana
Burial          Mt. Gilead Christian Church Graveyard,
Monroe Co Indiana
Father    George Sumner                         Mother   Katherine Eaton

1.   Mary Elizabeth     B  17 September 1867                    Pulaski Co
                                M   10 May 1890                 Monroe Co
                                D   15 September 1937               Miami,
Dade Co Florida
                                Spouse        John Wesley Prince

2.    Sarah Jane                B 24 May 1870                   Monroe Co
                                M 29 December 1889
Monroe Co Indiana
                                D 14 April 1940                 Monroe Co
                        Spouse     John Francis Wampler

3.   Margaret A.                B       1873
Pulaski Co Kentucky
        "Meg"                   M   never married
                                D     before 1910?

4.   Jeanette                   B   5 May 1875                  Pulaski Co
        "Nettie"                M  10 August 1893
Monroe Co Indiana
                                D   29 April 1902
Monroe Co Indiana
                        Spouse     William Godsey

5.   Amy                         B     1878
Pulaski Co Kentucky
                                M   21 March 1894
Monroe Co Indiana
                        Spouse      James Henry Skirvin     Children:
Horace, Maud,??

6.   James H.           B   22 July 1880                        Pulaski Co
                               M (1)  15 July 1899
Monroe Co Indiana
                                 M (2)   13 May 1905
Monroe Co Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
                        Spouse    (1)  Jennie Mathis--this appears to have
been a very short
marriage because she is listed as living with her father again
                                one year later in 1900 still carrying the
name Sellars though.
                        Spouse   (2)  Bertha Anna Brown --she died 11
September 1908 at
                                age 21. Birth records for Monroe Co show a
baby born 15
                                December 1905 with the name George F.

    A photo copy of the letter which I will transcribe here is in my possession
and was given to me by my great-aunt Amy Wampler Thompson, daughter of
Sellars Wampler and John F. Wampler of Monroe Co., Indiana to whom the
was sent  with a postmark of 10 May 1890.   The letter was written by Sarah
Sellars Wampler’s grandfather, Henry Sellars of Flat Rock, KY.   Henry’s
Sarah’s grandma, is Mary Ann Coffee Sellars.  Henry was the son of John R.
Sellars and his wife Sarah Roberts Sellars.  In the letter, Henry refers to
various aunts and uncles of Sarah’s who are living close by Flat Rock, KY.
He mentions Sarah’s mother “Cat” who also lives in Monroe Co., Indiana.
is Katherine Sumner Sellars, daughter of George Sumner and Katherine Eaton.
Katherine Sellars is the widow of Henry and Mary Coffee Sellars son and
Sarah’s father, James Hardin Sellars.  James had died in 1885 in Indiana of
heat stroke.    Henry also mentions Sarah’s sister Mary who also lives in
Indiana and “the children”.  The children are the rest of Sarah’s sisters
a brother who would still have been children at this time.  The younger
siblings of Sarah and Mary were Jeanette “Nettie”, Margaret “Meg”, Amy and
James H. Sellars.  Anyone wishing further information about any of these
people should contact me.

I will transcribe the letter as exactly as possible in the way it was
I will add punctuation to help in understanding the letter.  Henry used no
punctuation but had a very nice handwriting.

The letter reads:

Flat Rock,Ky
May 10th, 1890

Dear grandson and daughter,

I take the opportunity to try to write you a few lines all tho I am so
& nervous, I can scarcely write.  I have been very poorly ever since the
of March.  Not able to do any work & your grand mo is quite feeble.  Tho we
are gitting old.  I am 74 the 26 day of last April and your grand mo was 70
the 9 of April.   I hope when these few lines reaches you they may find you
all well.

I do not have any thing of much importance to write to you more than your
neighbors and connections are well as far as I can learn.  Your Uncle John
Sellars is married and living down the ridge about 1/2 mile below us and
Maryan & Mandy is living over where you lived.  Molly & Bill lives on the
in sight of us.  James Childers lives about 4 miles from us and your Uncle
Seth has built him a house & is living about 3 rod from us.  Aunt Lydia
lives about 5 miles south of here near the rail road.  Doctor Roberts is
He died about the 1st of last September.

Before I close, I will give you some account of the times in old Ky.   Corn
50¢ per bu, meal 65¢, bacon 10¢  per pound, flour from $2.50 to $3.00 per
hundred.  Good cows & calves are worth from 25 to 35 dollars and wages in
country on the rail road is 1.10 cts and at the saw mill and peeling tar
about the same.

As to my self, I am not making any corn crop this season.  I am aiming to
to raise a garden.  That is as much as I can attend to with out health gets
better.  The spring has been so wet here.  Nobody has planted much corn

Sarah I think you asked something about your Uncle George.  He is in Right
Co., Missouri.  His post office is Norwood, Right Co., MO and he has 3
children--Matt and 2 girls.  They are intending to come back to Ky as soon
they can.

I must close for this time.  My eyes are very tired.  Give my best respects
Cat & all the children.  When you read this, hand it to Mary.  Write again
tell Mary to write.

Nothing more at present but remains your affectionate grand po and mo until


                                To Sarah & John F. Wampler

(Added to the top of the first page)
 I told you your Uncle George had one boy & 2 girls.  It is 2 boys, Matt
Charley, & 1 girl, Mary Ann.