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I have reached a deadend in searching for Sellers ancestors.  I am stuck on
Mathieu Sellers who was born about 1750 in South Carolina.  He married a
lady named Ester Nels who was also born about 1750 in South Carolina.  They
had a son named Louis Mathieu Sellers who was supposedly born in Charleston
South Carolina on March 15, 1772.  However, the info I have found suggests
that Mathieu and Ester were married in St. Martinville, Louisiana about
1770.  The descendents of these folks ended up settling in and around
Abbeville, Louisiana.  I have the tree from Mathieu on down and would like
to know where Mathieu's parents came from and try and trace back from there.
If anyone has any information on this line of the Sellers family I would
appreciate any info you may have.  I can be reached at E-mail:


nov 19, 2003

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Marie and Ed,


I am very interested in this line of Sellers.  I am a descendant of

these guys through Emile Sellers who was the son Lewis Mathew Sellers

according to Ed's research.  I have been watching for any information on

these guys because it pretty much stops at the senior Mathew.  I have a

family tree compiled by some of the Sellers clan who reside in

Abbeville, Louisiana and they do not list the junior Mathew as Louis

Mathew.  I think there is a bust in our tree because they have the

father of Mathew senior as being the controversial William Sellers who

lived in Tarboro in 1750.  Please keep up the good work on researching

this line of Sellers.  This is the first time I see an interest in this

line.  The descendants of Emile ended up settling down in an around

Abbeville , Louisiana.


Thanks Again.

Clyde Sellers



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Subject: RE: [SELLERS] Louis Matthew Sellers Mystery/ST MARTIN, la



ED, thanks for caring.


I believe we need Documents  to EACH item.


I thought we had a marriage license FEB 8, 1796 ST MARTIN , LA =

MATHIEU SELLERS and MARIE AUCOIN BUT, I can NOT find original, perhaps

just NOT proven/OR we don't have document, etc?


HE is NOT proven as a LEWIS MATHEW SELLERS born 1772?


so, I would NOT use these other first /middle Names until PROVEN.

AND   when/how did YOU  prove to LEWIS MATHEW SELLERS???


I see charts connected to SC and NC = PERHAPS kids place of parents

birth in 1880? OR how proven? =



WE can use Other Charts to kinda help us prove back to these

counties/states of our PROVEN SELLERS.


BUT, we must Prove Each Family thro the years = census,marriages,

deaths, etc.


DON'T think we have on this family,

BUT, we can start/continue.


1790 where are we =

1800 where are we =


PLEASE understand what we need.

marie, iowa


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Subject: [SELLERS] Louis Matthew Sellers Mystery



There was a man named Louis Matthew Sellers who was born in Charleston,

South Carolina on March 15, 1772. He married Marie Reine Aucoin in St.

Martin Parish, Louisiana in 1796. Louis Matthew's parents are identified

as Matthew Sellers and Esther Neel in St. Martin Parish Church records.

However, My records indicate that the Matthew Sellers who married Esther

Neel was the son of  (William) Benjamin Sellers Jr. and Letitia Duncan,

and that he was born about 1780. He did have a son named Matthew born

about 1802.  Obviously something is amiss. Can anyone help me straighten

this out? -Ed Hudson

v 19, 2003

Hi Clyde and Marie,


The only info I have on these folks comes from a note posted by Mary Wiley

Campbell on the St. Martin County/Parish Louisiana page of Marie's Sellers

Family Genealogy site, and several family trees posted on Ms.

Campbell says the Louisiana church records of the marriage of Mathieu (Matthew)

Sellers and Marie Reine Aucoin state that Mathieu's parents were Mathieu (Matthew)

Sellers and Esther Neel. The family trees I saw state that the full name was

Louis Mathieu Sellers, born in Charleston, SC on March 15, 1772. I have no

proof that these assertions are accurate, but the trees are very detailed, and

appear to have come from family records. I have e-mailed Mary Campbell and the

poster of the most detailed tree in an attempt to find additional data, but I've

received no reply.


As to the business about "William of Tarboro", it's been obvious to me for

years that the man's full name had to be William Benjamin Sellers, and that he

merely went by Benjamin. This is now proven by an entry in an old Bible started

by the Hartwell H. Sellers family, and now in the possession of Carlah Drury.

"William of Tarboro" was not a myth, but merely a confusion about his name in

various books and records. As far as I'm concerned, this debate and

speculation is over. Others may continue to beat this dead horse if they wish.


The problem I'm having now is that, if Louis Matthew Sellers was indeed the

son of Matthew Sellers and Esther Neel, then my previous information on these

folks is wrong, at least as to dates. If I discover anything more definitive on

these folks, I'll let you know, and I would appreciate it if you'd do the



Take care,


-Ed Hudson   

nov 19, 2003

CLYDE, thank you for sharing.

could we have a small Name/Date/Place chart on your EMILE SELLERS =




1850 CENSUS=


ANY documents you have on LA SELLERS = marriages, census/ deaths/ etc?

 THANK YOU for sharing SELLERS

marie, iowa