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Subject:  [NCBLADEN-L] Barnwell, SC/Cannady

I typed info as written regarding a John Cannady in
Barnwell County, S.C.  With these connecting family
names, (sons-in-law, etc.) would you see if can find any
other info on this John Cannady, wife Whitty, daughter
Whitty (Sellars)  and his two sons, John and Edmund.

As always, thanks in advance.

>From "Court of Equity Records of Barnwell District, S.C."
Abstracts of Genealogical Data found therein - First Book
Pages 1-50; Compiled by Folks 42, 43.

James RANDALL vs. John CANNADY, et. al.
Partition.  Filed Oct. 13, 1847.
     This proceeding relates to a tract of 100 acres of land
in Barnwell District (B.D.) bought Sept. 13, 1804 by John
CANNADY, SR., from William Moseley, Sr., deed recorded
in deed book D, page 519 of B.D., which land CANNADY
owned at his death in 1822.
     EXHIBIT A:  Will of JOHN CANNADY, SR., dated Feb. 15, 1819,
probated in B.D., May 24, 1822, devising all his estate to his wife
Whitty for her lifetime and after her death to his sons,
John and Edmund CANNADY and sons-in-law, William BURKHALTER,
James BURKHALTER, John SELLERS and William BRYANT.  Execurtor:
James BURKHALTER.  All parties resident of  B.D.
     Said John SELLARS died before his father-in-law did, and
was survived by his wife Whitty (a daughter of said John
CANNADY, SR.) and four children, viz. Ann, John, James, and
Sampson Sellars, all of B.D.  Leter, on (blank date) said
Mrs. Whitty Sellars died, and thereafter said Sampson Sellars
became 21 years of age, and he and his brother James deeded
their interest in said lands to petitioner.  Petitioner alleges that
certain parties are in possession of portions of this land under
some claim unknown to him, viz. The South Carolina Canal &
Railroad Co., Mary Swartz, John Gardner, Rachel Barrs, and
the Intendent & Wardens of the town of Aiken "otherwise called
the Town of Aiken."
     The proceedings show this land laid inside the new town
of Aiken, and a plat of same is in the file showing the railroad
running through the n.e. corner of the tract, the Aiken Town
Academy standing in the northwest corner, and lots on the
northeast side of railroad being in possession of Schwartz,
Gardner and the R.R. Company.  Plat made by Wm. Burkhalter,
Dept. Surveyor, Sept. 2, 1847.  No final decree or disposition
of case is in the file.

CLAUDIA, thank you so much for sharing documents .

I am sending this thru our SELLERS group and perhaps they can Prove more of our SELLERS and perhaps we can help trace where our CANNADY'S and SELLERS connected.

Are CANNADY'S in Orangeburg Co, SC or do you have a time chart on them ?
I see you listed BLADEN CO, NC also, are they from that area? = when?

We /I have Not extracted CANNADY info, perhaps our other SELLERS have and will send INFO/DOCUMENTS to post on these families.
THANK YOU, marie, iowa

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       "Claudia Cannady" <>

We recently learned that the old John Cannady in
Emanuel County was indeed the father of our
Daniel B. (Barrien ?) Cannady.  We were searching
in N.C. and S.C.  The Edenfields(Edinfield-Edingfield)
was from Barnwell and most of the Cannady females
married Edenfield's.  I also believe Aurin G. Horn
was connected to the family.  I am going to look
up Sellars, Burkhalter on some cd's that I have
to see if they were listed in the same area.
You never know when someone has the missing
piece of your puzzle.
Thanks for responding and keep me informed.
Dee will do lookups for you re the Sellar line.
Take care,

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Subject:  Re: [SC] Cannady/Burkhalter, Sellars

Hi, Claudia,

There is a line of CANNADAYs who were in southwestern VA before the
Revolution. James CANNADAY from this line fought with Gen. Nathaniel GREENE
at Guilford Courthouse in March 1781. He had a large family... perhaps some
went to SC?

Co-author of Rebel King, Hammer of the Scots
See our site at
about the Scottish Wars of Independence

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Subject: [SC] Cannady/Burkhalter, Sellars

> I found this info on John Cannady in Barnwell, S.C.
> I believe his son (or possibly grandson) is the John
> I am looking for that went to Emanuel County, Ga.
> Edmund Cannady was also in Emanuel County, Ga.
> Does anyone have any add'l info on this line?

CLAUDIA, thanks.
If we had some AGES =  births and deaths with these CANNADY names might help prove if Same families.
PLEASE send any ages and places you can.
WE will try and show same anywhere our SELLERS are in these areas.
BUT, without Ages, Neighbors, DON'T know if same families.

Don't think we have proven in 1800?
DO you?
Possibility is Orangeburg Co, SC, which Barnwell was made from some of this land. ?
OR another Close County? = Where are CANNADY'S in 1800?

is related HOW to the
marie, iowa

Fri, 26 Jul 2002 23:02:25 -0400
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The John Cannady, Sr. in that article the will was
probated in 1822.
My John Cannady was born about 1777-1780.
I know he was in Emanuel County, Ga. in 1814.***
The article mentioned two sons, John and Edmund.
Edmund was in Ga. also.  In the 1820 census,
Edmund was in the males over 45.  That doesn't
tell you much.  He is not listed in the 1830 but
their is a male OVER 100 living with another of
our Cannady men.  I am thinking my John
Cannady was a grandson to the John Cannady, Sr.
of Barnwell, SC.  There were Horn families in that
same area in SC and they settled in Emanuel Co.,
Ga. also.  And that William Moseley migrated to
Emanuel Co. also.

***I just realized something by reading my mail
to you before I sent it.  ..... in that will it said
they were all residents of B.D.  and that was
written in 1819, probated in 1822.  Phooey ...
but still it could be a grandson!

CLAUDIA, thanks.
What CANNADY'S were here in 1790? =

and WHERE in 1800?

WE NEED the county/state these kids married SELLERS/CANNADYS! = WHERE first or any child born?
DID we OWN land?

BARNWELL land was made from Orangeburg land =
We have some of the SELLERS extractions = NEED CANNADYS info =
Where in Each Census/Land info?
marie, iowa

Claudia Cannady wrote:

These were all the Sellars I could find in S.C. in 1790.=

CLAUDIA, thanks.
don't have much posted on EMANUEL CO, GA,
WE have a very OLD SELLERS/HORN connection in SC=
Just NO proof, continuation

BUT, someone sent us a cemetery index with CANNADY and SELLERS listed =
Would you contact them for names ,etc =
       Clyde Hooks <>

Daniel Baird wrote:

> When I was going through some of the cemetery records on the Emanuel Co.
site, I > found mention of a Lamb Cemetery- does anyone have any information about
where > it is located or what families are buried there?        Thanks, Heather

>From downtown Swainsboro, at the intersection of U.S. 1 and U.S. 80, take
U.S. 80
west, towards Adrian, for about 3.6 miles, and turn right on Old McLeod
Bridge Road.  Continue for about 4.9 miles, and the cemetery will be on your left.

Some of the names of people buried there are: Beasley, Bush, Canady,
Coleman, Coursey, Giles, Grant, Henry, Hudson, Jones, Kersey, McGee, Meeks, Moore,
Page, Peebles, Perkins, Prysock, Scarboro, Scott, Sellers, Smith, Webb, Wilson,
and Woods.

PLEASE send us a copy of any EMANUEL CO, GA  info.
YOU have helped us with your documents in BARNSWELL CO, SC.

Could there be MORE Probate papers in BARNWELL CO, SC or perhaps EMANUEL CO, GA.
SOMETIMES, you have to ask for ALL/MORE probate papers.
OR the JOHN CANNADY died in 1822 BARNWELL CO, SC and his kids went to GA?
These Ages may help.
marie, iowa

THERE     was a BLADEN CO, NC     link here somewhere = not sure where or WHY= msh
will post this letter for info, msh

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Subject:  [NCBLADEN-L] SC Cannady mid 1700/early 1800

I apologize for the confusion.  If I do it again I guess I'll
be banned from lookup requests.  Please blame it on my
"halfs"-heimers and my excitement over having found
our ggg-grandfather.

I had sent an article to you from "Court of Equity Records
of Barnwell District, S.C."  compiled by Folks Huxford.
It had a will of a John Cannady, SENIOR. who died in Barnwell
District, SC in 1822.  His sons were John and Edmund.
His wife's and daughter's (given ?)  name was Whitty.
His sons-in-law were: Sellers and Burkhalter.

The John I am trying to trace was born about 1777-1785.
He could be the son of this John Cannady, Sr.
The Georgia census records shows my John Cannady
was born in S.C. - other info we have obtained suggests
the Barnwell District/Orangeburg, S.C.
A John and Edmund Cannady migrated to Ga.

Any info you can find on Cannady's in Barnwell/Orangeburg
in  South Carolina from the mid 1700's to very early 1800's
would be appreciated.

You once told me that connecting names was helpful.
>From Barnwell District, SC -  Edenfield, (Eddingfield),
Horn(e), Moore(r), Moseley.

Thank you in advance,

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Subject:  [SC] Re: [NCBLADEN-L] SC Cannady mid 1700/early 1800

Now I'm singing from the right hymnal.
You will never be banned from lookup requests!

>From # 187
Orangeburgh District (South Part)
Canady, Edmund
1 free white male of 16 & upwards
3 free white males under 16 years
3 free white females

Canady, Stephen
1 free white male of 16 & upwards
3 free white females

(note: living near Edmund is Josiah Horn, Benjamin Moore, and Michael

>From # 179
January 5, 1768
John Canady, 100 acres, Lynches Creek
(Petitions for Warrants of survey "to prolong Warrants and Certifying
platts were presented and read")

The Governor signed the following Grants:
John Cannada, 200 acres [Craven County]

JOHN CANNADY, 200 acres in Craven County on S side of Lynches Creek of
the N branch, bounded SE by land laid out to JOHN CARTLIDGE, NE said
branch of Lynches Creek.  Survey certified 12-7-1767, granted
2-23-1768.  Quit Rent begins in 2 years.  Recorded 5-2-1768.  JOHN

>From # 141
paraphrased: The Will of JOSEPH HEXT, St Bartholomew's Parish,
Colleton County, planter, dated 20 June 1755 mentions "Godson: John

>From # 140
paraphrased: The Will of THOMAS SMITH dated 6 May 1738, mentions "part
of Goose Creek plantation and 25 acres of marsh called Cannady. . ."

>From # 161
Book E-4, pp. 35-37
29 Nov. 1764
paraphrased: SAMUEL CANDEE witnessed a mortgage between JAMES MAYSON,

>From # 160
Book X-X, p. 395
7 Feb. 1761
L & R
paraphrased: EDWARD CANDY witnessed a deed from ABRAHAM HAYNE,
planter, to HENRY LIVINGSTON, planter, both of Colleton Co. for
acreage in St. Pauls Parish.

>From # 142
K-4, 360-365: Lease & release.  14 & 15 Feb 1772, Silas Canaday of
Colleton County, SC, and Candice his wife to Abraham Hazelwood of
same, for 50 [pounds] SC money, 200 acres on waters of Edisto granted
to said Silas Canaday 15 May 1770. Silas Canaday (LS), Condice Canaday
(+) (LS), Wit: Jno Cuningham, Abraham Hazelwood, Andrew Frederick.
Proved by the oath of Andres [sic] Frederick before Christopher Rowe,
3 Aug 1772. Recorded 25 July 1774.

>From # 168
Page 60: Meeting of Thursday AM 13th March 1745/6
Page 61: Read the Petition of John Candy setting forth That he came
from England with his Family consisting of 4 persons, viz't himself
wife and two children & having been 4 Years in this Province & willing
to cultivate in the same, humbly prays That a warrant may issue for
admeasuring two hundred acres of land unto him next to plantation of
Philip Hicks in Pon Pon Parish.  The said John Candy having swore to
the truth of his Petition it was order'd y't y'e prayer thereof be

>From # 174
Meeting of Tuesday 5 February 1771
Pages 25-31: The following Petitions for Warrants of Survey, were
presented and Read, vizt.
Silas CAnady, 200 acres. (no location)

>From # 173
Meeting of Thursday 7 December 1769
Page 165: Read the following Petitions for Town Lotts
William Cannady, 158 In Beaufort Town
Ordered that the Deputy Surveyor General do Certify the Town Lotts as
prayed for by the Petitioners.

Meeting of Tuesday 1 December 1767
Pages 294-299: The following Petitions for Warrants of Survey, to
prolong Warrants, and Certifying Platts were presented and read viz
John Cannady, 200 acres Lying on Lynches Creek notwithstanding a
Survey from North Carolina.

Meeting of Tuesday 5 January 1768
The following Petitions for Warrants of Survey, to prolong Warrants,
and Certifying Platts were presented and read viz
John Cannady, 100 (acres on) Lynches Creek

For details on sources used, refer to this link:

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