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In case you have not seen this--it's a great site where you can read pension applications. Just click on the application number. I found some of interest to me from Pike and Dale counties in Alabama, and I haven't read them all yet.



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[SELLERS] Andersonville prison POW lookups=

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Thought some of you might want to check out these pages  posted to the
Rootsweb Archives.....I am on the list to receive updates.

country USERS
go to

 There is a huge website
with many links dealing with the CW.  Here is the URL

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Here is a website for photos of soldiers in the Civil War. It's called the
MHI Database

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>From another list, (I've removed the previous headers) if your ancestors
served in the military and either don't have a headstone, or their's is in
need of replacement, you might want to check into this program.


Headstones and markers are provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs
(VA), free of charge, to mark the unmarked graves of eligible veterans
buried in any cemetery (national, state or private). Headstones and markers
that are deteriorated, illegible, stolen, vandalized, incorrectly inscribed,
or are of  poor material and workmanship are replaced at government expense.

            "Jerry Vernon" <>

I copied this off the BALDWIN List. I hope it will help someone.
Jerry Vernon

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System is finally online.... though not
totally complete yet.

The URL is;

 Civil War, Soldiers & Sailors System
            Searchable by Name and Regiment, it gives many regiment
                  histories and details of the battles they were in.

Civil War Pension Records.

Lori Sotelo
           "ldsotelo" <>

Search the Civil War Pension Index and/or read the extended description at:

This site lets you search by surname, full name, Union or Confederate, and
by state (if you want) for those who served during the Civil War:

pension records;

This site too may be helpful, it has links to other Confederate States

here is one for Tennessee;

and the necessary form 80 request. This request is made on a National
Archives Trust Fund Form 80, National Archives Order for Copies of
Records. To obtain this form, write to the National Archives and Records
Administration, Attn: NWDT1, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

The genealogy section of the National Archives and Records Administration
(NARA) is at .

The Civil War section at NARA is at

Civil War Rosters - Arranged by State

Ordering NATF 80 Forms via Email

     Send an email message to:

     Be sure to include:
          The word form in the subject line.
          Which form you want - NATF 80.
          How many copies of the form you want.
          Your name and US postal mailing address.

This is how you request blank forms. Do not request any genealogical
information in your email.

Civil War site:

Civil War Rosters - All States




Rhonda, et al, I have a Sierra Civil War Muster Roll and can look up names.
My data will only give specific unit and rank information and does not go
into family. If anyone is interested please request of  of the Sellers net
as not to tie it up. Frank

"Don Sellers" <>
The War of the Rebellion is a compilation of the official records of the
Union and Confederate armies published under the direction of the Secretary
of War, The Honorary Elihu Root, Brig. Gen. Fred. C. Ainsworth, the Chief of
the Record and Pension Office, U.S. War Department, and Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley
(Mr. John S. Moodey, indexer). The Official records of the Unites States and
Confederate Navies are also available.
All volumes have been scanned from originals held by the Cornell University
Alton,Illinois - Civil War Era - Confederate Prison    Elmira Prison Camp (Civil
War) History

Search engine for Elmira is at the bottom of the page.

Does anyone know who M. Pridgeon is?

Elmira Prison Camp:
PRIDGEON M.           04/15/65            NC                 D,36th

Free Headstone to any Vet
The Monument Service (42), Veterans Admininstration,
810 Vermont
Avenue, NW., Washington D.C. 20420,  is responsible for issuing standard
government headstones or markers for the graves or srypts of deceased
veterans.  Applicants are required to furnish certain information
the deceased veteran, but copies of service records need not be submitted
with application because the Veterans' Administration performs
verification of

I DID NOT KNOW THIS = referring to the NATF 80 form where you order war
records = (altho they called it NARA 80 form)=

if you think the CW Vet you are researching
was wounded or hospitalized with disease, you can send for his medical
records. The medical records are in a separate file and can be ordered
the Form 80, just don't check any of the three boxes and write in
Records" in that area.

This site searches for pictures on c-w vets and maybe others and if
found - can be ordered-
I believe the search is By Name or Unit - Haven't been able to log on -
marie, iowa

Vicksburg Confederate Parole Records - Index

 Located at this web site: Prison Camp Survivors Index
and Prison Camp Death Index. You can search alphabetically and choose
prisoners that survived imprisonment or ones that died in captivity.


 LAST_NAME     FIRST_NAME     MID_NAME        DIED          RANK         BRANCH        STATE        COMPANY       REGIMENT     GRAVE_SEC      GRAVE_NO      COMMENTS

Chalmette National Cemetery (LA) (Union)

   LNAME         FNAME         OLDSEC         SEC          GRAVE        GRAVE_A        STATE          RANK          ARM         COMPANY       REGIMENT       DDATE          DATE          OPB           WAR         UNKNOWN       COMMENT         REF
SELLERS       SIMPSON                  0            92          7604                IL            PVT           INF           D                 99        SEP 8, 1863         9/8/63                CIVIL WAR                0                              

Chattanooga National Cemetery (TN)

NAME                                 SEC  GRAVE   RANK      STATE
SELLERS, DAVID                        D   12360   PVT       NY   
SELLERS, W. H.                        A   316     ?              

City Point National Cemetery (VA)

NAME                          RANK        DATE OF DEATH  DIVISION                    SEC    GRAVE
SELLERS, Thos.                PVT         NOV 25 1864    NY 69TH INF                  F       979

Lexington National Cemetery (KY)

NAME                     Grave #      DoD        RANK    UNIT/STATE
SELLERS, JOHN N             84       DEC 1862    PVT     112 IL INF

Seven Pines National Cemetery (VA)

NAME                          RANK        Date of Death  DIVISION                    SEC     GRAVE
SELLERS, G.S.                 CPL         JUN 2 1862     CO G 104 PA INF             D       779

             Helen Hancock <>

            Andersonvile Cemetery
List of Interments:
grave # 3154 William SELLERS 77th PA. Company D July 8, 1864
grave # 7905 H. Sellers 149th PA Company G Sept 5, 1864

National Cemetery, Hampton, VA

Robert, Sellers Private 20th N.Y. Calvary Company A March 1, 1865.

National Cemetery, Fortress Monroe, VA

Adolphus SELLERS 3rd PA. Art.  June 3, 1864


             Helen Hancock <>
    . These are burials listed
in "The Confederate Dead Database"

Sellar _______  Born:
Buried: Confederate Rest National Cemete Died:8-3-1862
Reference: Confederate Rest Cemetery

Sellard David  Born:

Buried: Ohio Died:
Rank/Regt:   16th VA Cav.
Reference: CV 1-1898, V. VI, No. 1

Sellers E. T.  Born:12-1838 Russell Co., AL
Buried:  Died:1-27-1905 Minton, LA
Rank/Regt: Capt. I 12th Regt. LA Vols.
Reference: CV 5-1905, V. XIII, No. 5

Sellers Isaac  Born:
Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Camp Morton, IN Died:
Rank/Regt:  G 41st TN
Reference: CV 1-1914, V. XXII, No. 1

Sellers J. W.  Born:
Buried: Soldiers Rest, Vicksburg, MS Died:6-23-1863
Rank/Regt:  G 31st LA
Reference: Cemetery List

Sellers James H.  Born:
Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Camp Morton, IN Died:
Rank/Regt:  D 4th KY Cav.
Reference: CV 1-1914, V. XXII, No. 1

Sellers John  Born:
Buried: Ohio Died:
Rank/Regt:   5th KY Cav.
Reference: CV 1-1898, V. VI, No. 1

Sellers N. M.  Born:
Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery, Camp Morton, IN Died:
Rank/Regt: Sergt. B 5th TN
Reference: CV 1-1914, V. XXII, No. 1

Sellers P.  Born:
Buried: Ohio Died:
Rank/Regt:   2d AL Cav.
Reference: CV 1-1898, V. VI, No. 1

Sellers T. J.  Born:
Buried: Soldiers Rest, Vicksburg, MS Died:11-15-1862
Rank/Regt:  F 6th FL
Reference: Cemetery List

Sellers William Harvey  Born:1827 Trenton, TN
Buried: Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemet Died:1874 Galveston, TX
Rank/Regt:   Hood's Army Corps.
Reference: Stone Wall Jackson Cemetery


Everyone may want to check the Andersonville Prisoner Lookup page at this is a listing of prisoners that
held and died at Andersonville, during the Civil War. Sellers listed are as
Henry Sellers from Pa.
JB Sellers from IL
James H Sellers from IA
John Sellers from IN
Joseph Sellers from PA
Joseph Sellers from PA
NM Sellers from IA
William Sellers from PA




Here are the PRIDGEON'S  listed.

A.C.      VA. 59TH. INF.2ND.CO A.
ALLEN                 AL. 18TH INF CO A.
B.J.                     TX.  CAV. GIDDINGS' BN WEISIGER'S  CO.
BRYANT              NC, 51ST.INF.CO F.
DORSEY              NC, 32ND.INF CO H.
E.W.                    GA. C.S. ARMORY [MACON]
HENRY                 TX.  CAV. BAYLOR'S REGT. CO C.
H.   McB.               TX.  33CAV. CO B.
JAMES P.              GA.  1ST. REG. CO M. COL.
JAMES R.              GA.  45TH. INF. CO E.
J.G.                       AL.  3RD. BN. RES. APPLING'S CO.
JOHN                     SC. INF. 9TH BN.CO G.
JOHN H.                NC, 3RD. INF. CO C.
LAWSON               SC,  INF. 9TH BN.CO G.
LUKE                     AL. 33RD.INF. CO G.
M.                          AR.  3RD. CAV. CO A.
M .                         GA.  1ST. [SYMON'S '] RES CO.A.
REDDEN S.                TX. 5TH CAV.CO H CAP.
RUEL  K.                    GA. CARLTON'S CO. [TROUP CTY. ARTY.]
RUEL   K.                  GA. 2ND.INF. STANLEY'S CO.
S.J.                            AL. 17TH INF, CO A.
W.G.                          AL.  42ND. INF. CO H.
W.H.H.                       MS.  6TH INF. CO E.
WILLIAM                     GA,  49TH INF.CO. F. SGT.
WILLIAM                      NC,    32ND. INF. CO H.
W.T.                            GA.   CARLTON'S CO [TROUP CTY. ARTY.]

this list of names were sent to my by the National Archives  with a order
form incase i was interested in ordering a copy of any of the files  the
is $10.00 per record.depending on size of file. you have to have form

their address is  National Archives at College Park
                         8601 Adelphi road.
                        ollege Park, MD. 20740-6001.

Ann Cline.


 <A HREF="
here: letters</A>  I found this on the Internet.  Thought you guys might
to see them. Civil war letters.  Mentions some Sellers, Siler. In macon co

           Richard White <>

Let me first disclaim what I am about to say by prefacing it to the
effect that I don't completely understand the interchange below that I
am responding to... <G>

The two USCT units mentioned could be one unit which was in its history
"redesignated" to the other.  This sort of thing has happened all
through military history and I have previously found an instance where
it happened with a USCT unit which was changed from engineers (read
"dirt shovellers") to infantry ("dirt shovellers" that get shot at more)
<G> and it was re-numbered in the process.   I am not by any means
saying that did happen in this case, I am just saying that is another
possibility.  It could have happened because someone in command decided
that they didn't want any "Heavy" USCT infantry, and renumbered the unit
when that change was made.  A very prominent example of redesignation in
the Union forces in the Civil War is that the 2d US Cavalry, before the
war commanded by Albert Sidney Johnston & Robert E. Lee (and about as
"famous" then as our Green Berets are now), was redesignated the 5th US
Cavalry after the Battle of First Manassas (Bull Run) in 1961.  This was
done because the command decided that it had no further use for Dragoons
(mounted infantry) and redesignated the 1st, 2d and 3d Dragoons as
Cavalry.  As the senior (older) units, the Dragoon units were allowed to
keep their numbers and the previous 2d Cav was bumped up to become the
5th Cav.

I am not certain of all aspects of USCT makeup.  I may have mentioned
this here before...  All officers were white, but I am not clear about
NCOs (sergeants and corporals) some may have been white.  But the actual
troops could have been either African or NATIVE AMERICAN.  Some whole
USCT units were Native American.  The USCT were like the *small* number
of regular Army units... they were not designated by a state of origin.
They were purely part of a national force, not raised by states.  Most
Army units in the Civil War had state designations because they
originated in the state militias and were put into national service
(Union or Confederate) after they were raised.  The last time I checked,
the Union USCT and units raised by states were pretty well indexed, but
as far as I can tell the regular Army units were NOT.  I could be out of
date or wrong on that, but I don't think I am wrong.

I'm not sure if the person being searched for here is known to fall into
a "colored" category, known not to, or unsure.  There are many things
about our ancestors that it seems they were not necessarily forthcoming
about, and race seems to be one of them... <G>  But even the man who was
in the Tennessee unit ended up in Oklahoma... and Oklahoma is pretty
much synonymous with "Indian Territory".  Though certainly not every one
who ever went there was Native American, an awful lot were.

I'm interested in hearing how this search came out in the end, and if
there is any military "stuff" that I can help interpret please let me
know.  The military is a very peculiar institution with its own ways,
but it is very tradition bound and knowing how it works today helps an
awful lot in understanding how it worked in the past.

I am also puzzling away at some of my own ancestors who fit into "mixed
blood" categories, but all of whom served in Confederate units.  One was
captured at Gettysburg.  After 6 months in the Point Lookout POW Camp he
enlisted in the Union Army... at which point I lose him.  I am very
interested in where he ended up but at this point can only surmise that
it was with a regular Army unit... since I cannot find him in any Union
indexes.  I am almost certain that he was of mixed blood because
allowing a Confederate to enlist in the Union Army out of a Union POW
Camp was very unusual.  I have heard, though, that the Union recruited
Indians from Confederate prisoners in the East to send West to fight
Confederate Indians.  Unfortunately I cannot recall my source for that
information, but I am fairly certain that I have "heard' it somewhere.

The whole subject of "mixed blood" and military service in the Civil War
is a very interesting one and very hard to get a handle on.  It looks
from what I have seen so far, like Confederates drafted mixed bloods and
put them in units along with everyone else... then tended to select them
out to work as blacksmiths, wagoneers, and the like any time they needed
someone to do something like that.  Since neither Union or Confederate
records really directly address the subject of race, this is very
difficult to sort out and is helped by knowledge about individuals from
outside of the military records.

3d Squadron, 5th US Cavalry