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MAY 2001

Micah H (possibly Henderson) Sellers b 1786 NC; d 1872 Roane Co TN
          married:  #1 Isabella Unknown
          child: William Pleasant Sellers, born ca 1805 prob NC; d 1846 MO
(possibly TN)
                          #2 Sarah Breeden b ca 1800 TN; d ca 1890 TN
William P. Sellers/Margaret Matheny
Elijah Matheny Sellers/Martha J. Melton
James Henry Sellers Sr./#1Florence Reid; #2Etta Hornby Court (my
James Sellers Jr./Eulalia Elizabeth Rainwater (my parents)

My Line: (UpDate 4-22-2000)

First Generation
1.Micah H(possibly Henderson) Sellers b 13 JAN 1786 NC; d 23 NOV 1870  Roane Co, TN

Micah married #1 Isabella Unknown b 1784-1794; d unknown.
They had at least one child (William Pleasant--see below).

Micah married #2 Sarah (Sally) Breeden in TN about 1815.

Second Generation
Their children were Nancy, Mariah, Martha, Newton Micah, Isaiah, Harriet.
Some sources list also Charity, John, Sally, and Polly Sellers as Micah's
children, but they are not named in his will.

2.William Pleasant Sellers b ca 1804 prob. NC; died 4 NOV 1846 of Fever
prob. Cass Co MO
Wm married Margaret Matheny d/o Elijah & Mary Davis Matheny, 21 JAN 1830
 Roane Co, TN
Margaret was born ca 1805 Roane Co TN; died unknown date Cass Co MO

Third Generation
3i.Maryan b 1833 TN;died in childbirth, date unknown Cass Co MO; married
unknown Heatherington
3ii.Elijah M. b 1835 TN (my great grandfather)(see below)
3iii.Ira D. b 1839 TN; died 1920's TX; married Cynthia Bourland 1865 TX
3iv.Edith (Edye) J. b 1844 TN; died AR date unknown; married R.S. or C.B.
3v.William P. b 1847 MO; died date and place unknown; married Belle Reeves
in Pettis Co MO 1870

Between 1844 and 1846, Wm and Margaret moved to join her sister Janette
Matheny Bailey in Cass Co MO
[Janette and her husband are on the 1840 census in Van Buren, later Cass,
The Sellers may have traveled with another sister and her husband,
Christenia Matheny and Absalom Hicks, who migrated after 1840 and before
1850. The sisters are living close to each other on the 1850 Cass Co
Yet another Matheny sister was in MO at the time, Elizabeth who married
William Rector.

Wm P. Sr. died of "the fevers" 4 NOV 1846.
Margaret is Head of Household on the 1850 census. All 5 children are living
with her.
In 1851 she married  a neighbor who had been recently widowed,
William B. Agnew.
He died in 1854 of Cholera.
I have no further information on Margaret's life, but am checking into
census records that might show she was living with one of her children.

3ii.Elijah Matheny Sellers b 30 NOV 1835 Roane Co TN; d 8 FEB 1916 Kansas
City, Jackson Co MO;
married Martha Jane Melton d/o William Neville Melton and Narcissa
Chapman, on 17 NOV 1859 Cass Co MO

Martha was born 11 MAR 1843 Jefferson City, Cole Co MO. They had the
following children:

Fourth Generation
4i.Georgia (1865 -1951)
4ii.Ella M. (1867 -1953)
4iii.William A. (1869 -1939)
4iv.James Henry (my grandfather) (1871 -1926)
4v.John Flannery (1874 - ?)
4vi.Lillian (1876 -1939)
4vii.Henry Brooking (1878 -1904)
4viii.Mary Wilson (Mayme) (1882 -19??)
4ix.Ira (died in infancy) (1885)

Elijah is listed as  dry goods merchant and as a peddler.
Family tradition states that prior to the Civil War he traveled with wagon
trains back and forth between MO and Santa Fe NM, selling dry goods.

This family lived in Camp Branch twp. on the 1860 Cass Co census.
By 1870 they were living in Pleasant Hill twp. Cass Co.
At an unknown date (probably in the 1870's) the family moved to a farm
by Henry C. Brooking in the area of Jackson Co MO known as Brooking.
No 1890 census exists, but a 1900 -1901 City Directory for Kansas City MO
shows they were not yet living in town.
Their daughter Ella is listed on Michigan Ave working as a cook.
By the time of his death (1916), he and Martha lived on Indiana Ave. in
Kansas City MO.
They are buried in Brooking Cemetery, along with several descendants and
their spouses.

Spouses of Elijah and Martha's children still stand as accurate. As does
information on my grandfather and father, James Henry Sellers Sr. and Jr.

2. William P. Sellers born 1804 in Roane Co, TN
                                    died 1847 in Cass Co, MO
                                    married Margaret Matheny 1830 in Roane
Co, Tn (possibly
McMinn Co)
              3.a. Maryan Sellers born about 1833, TN  [no further info]
              3.b. Elijah Matheny Sellers born 1835, TN
                                                            died 1916,
Co, MO
                                                            married Martha
Jane Melton or Welton 1859, Mo
                                             4.a. Georgia L. Sellers born
1865 MO
died  1951

m. Henry Buckles abt 1892
                                                b. Ella M. Sellers born
died 1953

m. Wm H DeHart 1898 [no children]
                                                 c. William A. Sellers
1869 MO
died 1939

m. Ida M. Thomas 1893
                                                 d. James Henry Sellers
1871 MO
died 1926 TX

m. #1 Florence Reid 1893

m. #2 Etta Hornby Court ** 1917
                                                  e. John Flannery Sellers
born 1874 MO [disappeared
west in Gold Rush?]
                                                  f.  Lillian Sellers born
1876 MO
died  1939

m. #1 Arthur Lake  #2 ?
                                                  g. Henry Brooking
died ?
                                                  h. Mary Wilson (Mayme)
Sellers born 1882 MO
died ?

m. #1 Booth

#2 Nordyke
                                                  i. Ira Sellers born and
died 1885 [age 3 months]
                3.c. Ira D. Sellers born 1839 in TN [no further
                3.d. Ede J. Sellers born 1844 in TN [ no further
                3.e. William P. Sellers Jr.  born 1847 MO the year of his
fathers death.

[no further information]
** 4.d. from the marriage of James Henry Sellers and Etta Court were born
                5.a. James Henry Sellers Jr. born 1918 in Okla. City, OK
                                                                 died 1995
in Austin, TX
                                                                 m. #1
Eulalia E. Rainwater 1937(b.1918 d.1965)
James H Sellers III b. 1938 d. 1962
Cynthia Ann Sellers b. 1949 (that's me)
                                                                 m. #2
Jeanne Chastain 1966 (b. 1927) no kids
                5.b. Fred Court Sellers born 1924 Tarrant Co, TX
                                                        m. Ray Acoin 1942
                                                            i. Fred C.
Sellers Jr. b.1947 Houston, TX
                                                           ii. Sharon
Sellers b. 1951 Houston, TX

I apologize for any inconsistencies and or typos. Not sure how to number
generations. But I'll learn!

Cindy (Sellers) McLaughlin

CINDY - To Study these families, which probably came from Burke Co, NC,
you need to Study All these surrounding counties (one was made from
another or
laid next to this land)


There is Possibly more info in KNOX CO, lays on north east side of Roane,
And Grainger is where Rev War JAMES SELLERS lived when he came from Burke
Co, NC
and also to BRADLEY CO, TN ( where David? SELLERS lived) And then Rev War
SELLERS  returned to Grainger Co, Tn
BRADLEY CO, TN lays on the South side of MCMINN co, TN
AND this David SELLERS in Bradley Co, MO could be connected to MO SELLERS.
(don't have info out, but anyone studing, probably have read my notes)

AT one time, I searched for these SELLERS GALS = EUNICE PERSON and SALLY
THOMPSON or is it MARY? (couldn't find my copy of Original Will today-Will
someone recheck? Original copy only )
And I saw nothing to prove Eunice Person/Pearson and of course need more
for a Mary or Sally - (There are PERSONS and THOMPSONS close in McMinn
but Wills do Not show any connections)

I believe we have posted all the census that pertains to these SELLERS and
sure the older ones would be brothers of
MICHAEL SELLERS (his sons probably next to him in 1830 MCMINN)

1830 RHEA CO, TN =
SAMPSON , ISAIH and WM W. SELLERS born 1780/1800

JOHN and JAMES SELLERS are problems=

The James SELLERS in McMinn = 1800/1810
Not a son of Michael?

John and Nathan SULLENS here

EDWARD SELLERS here - believe connected to the JEFF CO, TN

1830 MEIGS CO, TN (don't think any SELLERS - BUT, Church info is there
AND this may be where the ISABELLA SELLERS name comes in -
BUT also a SARAH SELLERS joined church at same time
NOT sure why some think TWO wifes? Ages same on Census=

I do NOT know why or who the Michael/Isabelle SELLERS listed on SOME of
the kids
of ISHAM SELLERS from Sampson Co to Henderson Co, KY is or why or how
He is NOT listed in ISHAM SELLERS will-

proven by his will

There is an error in the WATERS/TARBORO book on ISHAM SELLERS family.

I do NOT have complete WATERS/TARBORO book - some extractions only
I would APPRECIATE someone sending the info pertaining to MICHAEL SELLERS
-  so
it could be studied.

Thanks , marie, iowa

CINDY - Thanks -
Your chart =
2. William P. Sellers born 1804 in Roane Co, TN
                                    died 1847 in Cass Co, MO
                                    married Margaret Matheny 1830 in Roane
Co, Tn (possibly
McMinn Co)
Willliam SELLERS married 1-16-1830 Roane Co,TN Margaret MATHENY

ON 1880 CENSUS - Where does his Kids say father born?=
I don't think we were in TN in 1804?
where did TN birth come from?
MICHAEL SELLERS 1786 NC started church work in NC ca 1812?memory, its in
Church records of Meigs? or  Baptist Church.

Michael SELLERS 1786 be a child under 4 on the 1790 census
and on the 1800 census and maybe 1810 census-
When was First child born?
WE have not many 1820 TN census = must use counties minutes,etc
1810 BURKE CO, NC =
MICHAEL SELLERS 10010=20100*is this Michael went to McMinnTn?
page 122
1 male 26/45= 1765/1784
1 male u 10= 1800/10
2 females u 10 = 1800/10
1 female 16/26 = 1784/1794

ARE these ages of his kids?= start here - marie, iowa

lunaloba wrote:

> Re: Matthew Sellers' father Elisha from Brunswick Co. NC: do we know his
> siblings? Matthew is roughly contemporary with my ancestor Micah H.
> 1786-1870. I'm wondering if their fathers could have been brothers. I've
> no luck with Rev War James in Grainger Co.TN. But my family suspected we
> were kin to Elisha; I've got papers on him from my late uncle. They do
> state how we are related, however. Just a thought. If anyone on the list
> info on Elisha's parents and sibs.
> Thanks,
> Cindy (Sellers) McLaughlin

Regarding the deceased son of Micah Sellers mentioned in his will:
that was WilliamP., my direct ancestor [gg grandfather] He is on 1830
census and 1840 Roane census, living near Micah both places. Our records
state that he died in 1847 at the age of 43, cause unknown. His wife
Margaret is listed in the 1850 Cass Co, MO census as head of household
children Maryan, Elijah M., Ira D., Edye, and William P. This last child
born in MO, others in TN. So they migrated sometime between 1840 and 1847.

Hope this clarifies.

Also, correction regarding descendants of Micah on Jane's entry:
Micah's youngest son, Newton Micah, b. 4Aug1834 McMinn CoTN m. Mary A.

1856. d/o Smith Phillips [Roane]
                                    child i. Sarah
                                            ii. Adeline
                                           iii. Micah Henderson
As mentioned earlier, Newton died a prisoner of war and is buried at Camp
Morton, IN.
Mary never remarried. She and at least two of her children, their spouses
and some children are buried in George Jones Memorial Cemetery. There is
also supposed to be a memorial to Micah there, though he and Sarah are
buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery,now derelict.


To answer your questions:

I have no documentation of where William was born. It is in my late
genealogical papers that way, without a source. He and his half-brother
that  William was born in TN. Perhaps they had census or death certificate
information that showed this, but I never saw and do not now have such
documentation. Other birth years have been offered by other researchers,
they lack documentation as well.

Micah might be the one in Burke Co NC in 1810. The household indicates a
and two daughters and a younger wife. Wm. P. would have been the right
But I am unclear who the two daughters are. Micah did have several girls,
but they are given later dates of birth by Dorothy Moneymaker. I know of
birth records for any of these people. Also, if Micah is Michael, then he
would only have been about 25 or 26 in 1810.
The fact that this wife is younger, but at least 16, argues for a
person than the wife who bore most of his children, Sarah Breeden. She was
born in 1800. It could be that he lost the wife and two daughters to
or accident, but that is pure speculation.

The first reference I have to Micah in TN is in Roane Co. in 1819. He was
part owner of an iron works in the Little Emory area, and petitioned the
county for permission to buy more land for fuel (trees). He sold his
interest in the works about 1823 or1824. The next reference to him is in
Rhea (later Meigs) Co. as an elder at Concord Baptist Church, and as a
delegate to the Hiwasse Baptist Association convention, all in 1824. In
he resided in McMinn Co. But by 1840 was in Roane to stay.

I have never found the reference you refer to about Micah (Michael)
church work in 1812 in NC. That certainly would fit all we know, but I
checked Meigs, Rhea, Roane , McMinn and Grainger Counties at TNgenweb and
the Sellers family site and have not found anything to confirm that. There
may be other church records that would shed light on the subject. But I
haven't found any on line. I believe the Texas  State Archives have more
relevant material, but I have not been able to go there yet.( Micah was
pastor at Old Shiloh Baptist Church for at least 25 or 30 years. Their
church history is on microfilm at the TSLAC. ) I have checked Burke Co
marriages for a possible early marriage that produced Wm. P., but found
nothing. I checked for a James Sellers marriage at an appropriate time to
produce Micah and siblings, but found nothing conclusive.

I think my next step is a trip to the State Library. And I'll check more
NC as well. Thanks, Marie, one more time!

Cindy Sellers McLaughlin

CINDY, don't believe I addressed this or if I understand completely.

CAIN SELLERS 1826 did have a brother WILLIAM
and Cains brother
they probably 20 yrs apart in ages ? marie, iowa

lunaloba wrote:
 Isaiah and William are brothers, but it is not
clear if William W. [mentioned in census records] is the sibling.

As to the "two wives" theory, I am going on family tradition that William
P.'s mother was an Isabella. Since William is proven to be a son by
will, and William is several years older than his siblings, and since
William has not been documented, so far, as a child of the marriage of
and Sarah Breeden,

I hesitate to mention it, but I just realized that the Isaiah Sellers who
died in 1841 was the son of Micah Sellers. Not the brother. Isaiah who
in 1841 was newly married to Mary "Polly" Gallant in 1840. He was probably
born abt 1818 (according to D. Moneymaker). Micah's brother Isaiah was a
generation older. He married Nancy Todd in 1822. I don't know when he
I'll look around.


Hello again to the list. I was active on here a couple of months back. I
have my family information at the Roane Co page for Sellers in TN, thanks
Marie and other researchers. I have been concentrating on other branches
my family since then, but have had thoughts of Micah from time to time.

I still have found no family of origin for him. I was thinking about his
name. I never came across a reference that identified his middle name
(initial H.) He had a grandson who went by Micah Henderson Sellers. Could
that have been Micah's name, too?

I was wondering if anyone on the list has or recalls seeing a
Sellers/Henderson connection in 18th century NC, VA, or PA.

Cindy McLaughlin

CINDY, Thanks, we haven't posted any HENDERSON info and don't believe on
any of
the SELLERS extractions?
BUT, if You see Any HENDERSON info connected to SELLERS close to ROANE Co,
and counties surrounding OR BURKE CO, NC - Please Send-
Don't believe I checked for any HENDERSONS in Burke Co, NC -
Has anyOne Else?
Of Course it could have been on MICHAELS wifes side of family - But, good
indication of a Surname connected!  And Possible Areas!
A HENDERSON family search may show something also=

Thanks, marie, iowa

Bill,Thanks for helping me get oriented. What a clear, concise history

I received my marching orders from you last night, Marie. thanks for the
suggestions for what to do next. My life is such that I am not sure when I
will be able to get to it (circumstances beyond my control) but I will
certainly share all I find.

I want to thank everyone who wrote to me with questions and answers. This
a great list. I will periodically check in at Sellers Family Genealogy to
see how things are going.
Feel free to email me privately, since I am going off the list again for a

Marie, thank you most of all. You can be a tough 'task master' but you are
the heart and soul of this list, with your hard work, deep knowledge, and
generous spirit.

Bye for now,
Cindy McLaughlin

CINDY - Thanks - Sorry to lose you - even for a short time -
I'm Sure YOU will get Control and Work out ALL.
YOU don't need to unsub just because you can't do SEARCHES right now?
BUT, if you like to unsub when you aren't working on your line - fine - as
share what you do have and thats all we ask - NoMatter when we do -
Sometimes, its takes us 6 months to get a Census we need!

I didn't kinda understand = "my marching orders from Marie"
You mean the WORK LIST we all need to do?
A Quick/Short/Note will explain=
AND I give you my Best Wishes and Help, msh
AND also, I did find the NEWER deeds on BURKE CO, NC=
(to show some of the same names in Burke Co,NC and McMinn/Roane Co, Tn)

Oh I never meant to offend! By Marching orders I am only referring to your
efficient directions to the next action. Poor choice of words on my part.
But I saw this humorous picture in my mind of myself as the confused
corporal and you as the worldly wise Sergeant who has seen all us new
recruits time and again go through a lot of the same things. Just a
little piece of humor. I apologize if it was inappropriate or seemed
negative. I think it's amazing what you do, day after day, to help all us
'tenderfeet.' And your ideas are always helpful. I did NOT mean marching
orders like to leave or ship out!

I had not found those particular deeds before, and was quite taken by the
rightness of names and dates. Isaiah and John are the names of two of
Micah(el)'s brothers, as is James. So what we see here is the possibility
a family with James and Charity as parents with sons James, John, Isaiah,
and perhaps Sampson as sons. I recall all these names from Meigs/Rhea Co
as early as 1825 and relating to Micah/Michael Sellers.
I've really got to go this time. I will pursue the siblings of Micah, and
the Burke Co connection. I feel very good about this being them, but I'll
keep an open mind and try to clarify the connections.
Thanks a million, and email me if you want info on my proven line or


Paula, my ancestors were also from McMinn Co. TN. I came up with the
following on Edward George Sellers while researching my line in the same
county. I feel that my James M. Sellers line is related, but as yet I have
not made the connection.
In your note you had Rebecca as the wife of Geo. W. & I believe his wife
Sarah Witt. Rebecca was John's wife (G.W.'s grandmother). Paula, it has
a long time since I researched this line, but I believe the attached
decendency list is correct.
Ed Sellers

Descendants of John Sellers - 1 Feb 2000

             Re: Edward George Sellers 1794 TN

             "lunaloba" <>
    Hello, Ed. You helped me some months ago with Micah Sellers and his
siblings. Is the John Sellers you listed today believed to be the brother
Micah and James, originally from NC?

I feel that our brothers may be the sons of James and Charity Sellers of
Burke Co NC. (see the Burke Co page at the Sellers Family site.) James died
about 1820 according to records there. In 1824 or so, a Charity Sellers
joins Micah's church, Concord Baptist, in Meigs, then Rhea, County TN. I
believe most of Micah's siblings in TN start showing up about this time
frame (1819-1826). Do you have any thoughts or information regarding this.

Also, have you or anyone on the List heard that sibling Isaiah is the same
Isaiah Sellers, riverboat captain, mentioned in 3 of Mark Twain's books? I
have a cousin who is certain they are the same, but I have not seen his
evidence yet.


I am seeking information on Elijah Matheny Sellers, his wife Martha Jane
Melton Sellers and their numerous children. I am told he was in Dry Goods
sales in Kansas City around 1880-1900. Prior to that the family had lived
Cass Co MO.

I am most interested to know if there are city directory listings on-line
that might give me addresses, place of employment, etc. I am told that
Martha is buried in Brooking Cemetery. Are there on-line records for it?

This is my Sellers line:
4Elijah Matheny (3William, 2Micah, 1James) b1835, Roane Co TN

d 1916, Jackson Co MO

m 1859 Cass Co MO
+ Martha Jane Melton b 1843 Cole Co MO; died 1924 Jackson Co MO
Their children (5th generation)
5 i.     Georgia L. 1865-1951 m. Henry Buckles
5 ii.    Ella M. 1867-1953 m. Wm. DeHart
5 iii.   William A. 1869-1939  m. Ida Thomas
5 iv.   James Henry (my grandfather) 1871-1926 m. #1 Florence Reid #2 Etta
5 v.    John Flannery 1874-? (disappeared "West" in the 1890's)
5 vi.   Lillian 1876-1939 m. #1 Arthur Lake #2?
5 vii.  Henry Brooking 1878-? unmarried
5 viii. Mary Wilson (Mayme) 1882-? m. #1 Booth #2 F. Nordyke
5 ix.   Ira 1885 died in infancy

I would welcome any information on this family, as well as suggestions
to find on-line resources about Kansas City and Jackson Co.

Cindy Sellers McLaughlin

CINDY - thanks - will add.

Questions on proven kids of Michaels =
We also have your
WM ,dec'd with kids Elijah and Ira SELLERS listed on will
MARY/POLLY married James Jones with kids Artemisia and Geo JONES listed on
and maybe
CINTHY married Michael Jones may have son Micah H. JONES listed on will
if Mary/Polly doesn't have one on 1860 census


SOME of the Kids listed as unproven to Michael -  May be proven to Parents
some of the other Pages listed on McMinn or Roane Co. ,TN?
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

lunaloba wrote:

> Marie and all,
> This is the update I promised a while back on my Micah Sellers line.
> I think it summarizes all that I have discovered in the last few months.
> Format it as you think best. Many of my changes are minute, and some are
> substantial. I do have a more organized view now.
> Summary and Update of Cindy's Page. Submitted April 2000
> My Line:
> First Generation
> 1.Micah H(possibly Henderson) Sellers b 13 JAN 1786 NC; d 23 NOV 1870
> Co TN
> Micah married #1 Isabella Unknown b 1784-1794; d unknown.
> They had at least one child (William Pleasant--see below).
> Micah married #2 Sarah (Sally) Breeden in TN about 1815.
> Second Generation
> Their children were Nancy, Mariah, Martha, Newton Micah, Isaiah, Harriet.
> Some sources list also Charity, John, Sally, and Polly Sellers as Micah's
> children, but they are not named in his will.

My source for some of these children is based on info shared by Ed Sellers
and Dorothy Moneymaker ( a descendant of Micah) If Ed was unsure of his
source and I could not confirm, I did not list them as proven children.

That section should read:
> > Their children were Nancy b ca 1815, Isaiah b 1818, Polly b 1821,
Mariah b 1823, Newton Micah b 1834, > > Harriet b 1838.

> > Some sources list also Charity, John, Mary (1817)*, and Martha (1819)*
Sellers as Micah's
> > children, but they are not named in his will.

CINDY - Thanks - will include this info with  yours.

so some of these marriages in McMinn Co,Tn could be his kids
And some Others that are here in McMinn in 1830 with kids these ages.

USE OTHERS CHARTS/HISTORIES as guide lines = Check out your own Child

male 40/50=1780/90
male 20/30=1800/10
male 10/15=1815/20
male 10/15=1815/20
male 5/10= 1820/25
female 30/40= 1790/1800
female 15/20=1810/15
female 15/20=1810/15
female 10/15=1815/20
female 10/15=1815/20
female 5/10=1820/25
female 5/10=1820/25
SO any of these kids could have been married in MCMINN CO, TN before he went to ROANE or land changes

they have kids = Artemisia and Geo Jones listed on Michael will=
10 - To my Grandson George G. Jones I give the sum of fifty dollars.
11 - To my Grandson Artimus Jones I give one hundred dollars.
These Kids and Mary and James are listed on 1850 McMinn Co, Tn Census
MICAH H. JONES =IS listed on Michael SELLERS will =
to my Grandchildren Sarah Adaline and Micah H. Sellars children of my
son Newton M. Sellars So
far as the bequests mentioned in their favor in item 4 of this my will.
And I
wish him to apply the interest and if
he needs be the principal to their support and education and particulairly
Micah H. if he shall develop a
capacity for learning. I have thus made my will and hereby direct if in
of any children or grand children
mentioned in this my last will shall be dissatisfied with its provisions
in consequence of such dissatisfaction
disaffection attempts to break it as a penalty for this so doing they
forfeit the bequest in their favor given in
this will ( and having omitted the name of
Micah H. Jones my Grandson who
I intended  to have mentioned in
the proper place I now make provisions for him by directing the payment of
fifty dollars by my Executors in the
same way and manner as the other bequests are paid.
In Testimony whereof I Micah H. Sellers the testator have to this my will
written upon two sheets of paper set
my hand and seal on this 29th day of October A.D. 1870. signed Sealed and
acknowledged in our presence by
the testator and we have at his request have attested the same. John A
-  G Pichel
State of Tennessee, Roane County
                                                Micah H. Sellers

HAVEN'T found on Census, yet = NEED
We have a few Micah Jones in TN and also one in McDonald Co, MO? but living alone=
NEED which Micah JONES he was talking about
JAMES and MARY/POLLY JONES were living in 1850 MCMINN CO, TN
their 1860 census would tell if they had a son Micah
instead of a possibility of CINTHY SELLERS and MICAHAH JONES

I BELIEVE we have a court record etc on MICAH JONES = RHEA/MEIGS/MCMINN?
ANYONE have? WE may have posted
NEED census with a MICAH JONES alive in 1870
marie, iowa

CINDY, thanks, will add new info -marie, iowa

lunaloba wrote:

Thanks for catching my mistakes, Marie. Should not have typed Micah's second
family from memory.
William is entered on his own under Micah's first marriage. Sarah Breeden
could not have been his mother, as she was born in 1800, making her 5 years
old when William was born. I have written more about William than the
others, because I descend from him.
My source for some of these children is based on info shared by Ed Sellers
and Dorothy Moneymaker ( a descendant of Micah) If Ed was unsure of his
source and I could not confirm, I did not list them as proven children.

That section should read:
> > Their children were Nancy b ca 1815, Isaiah b 1818, Polly b 1821, Mariah
b 1823, Newton Micah b 1834, > > Harriet b 1838.
> > Some sources list also Charity, John, Mary (1817)*, and Martha (1819)*
Sellers as Micah's
> > children, but they are not named in his will.

*I believe Mary and Martha above have been confused with his granddaughters
Mary Ball and Martha Reno. Unless of course, two such daughters died before
marrying, and Isaiah named his daughters after them. But this has not been

Would you please correct my last submission with the above info, Marie?
Thank you.

Marie, I have not seen a reference to Cinthy Sellers anywhere. Where did you
find it?
I have looked into the on-line resources I have and have not been able to
prove the parentage of Rachel and John Sellers.  Dorothy Moneymaker
attributed them to Micah, but was unsure. I will check on them at the TX
State Library the next chance I get. But as I am in school and working, as
well as being a single (widowed) Mom, I have to take care of daily business

CINDY - answered CINTHA SELLERS above -
Have Moneymakers Book -
Didn't see this JOHN/RACHAEL SELLERS info = ?
We have Sellers here connected to JEFF CO, TN? memory to JOHN SELLERS
Study Each County and Counties Made From = make a chart of Names/Dates/Marriages=
We try and Collect this info - SEND any you find-

ALL - Who is this Family - Cindy is mentioning?
Thanks for sharing, so we can Place/Find our SELLERS -  marie,iowa

A very kind lady, not a Sellers desc., but a native of Wheat Roane Co TN
that is now part of the government land at Oak Ridge, sent me photocopies
some pictures of Micah H. Sellers, the grandson and namesake of My Micah.
The photos were taken in the early 1930's at the home of Micah's oldest
Smith Sellers, near Wheat.
Individuals in these pictures include: Micah H. Sellers II, born 1862; died
1936 TN,
his wife Mollie Smith, their sons Smith and Willie Sellers. Smith's wife
Myrtle Stubbs and his daughter Doratha (Dorothy Sellers Moneymaker) as a
young girl. Several unidentified adults and children in a reunion-style
photo. There is also a picture of Micah II on his horse. He was a rural

I don't have a scanner, but I would be happy to send copies to anyone who
from this line. Is this an appropriate thing to offer on the list?

Re; Micah H. Jones--I agree it would be good to see him on a census record,
but I felt that the wording of the Will implied that Micah had forgotten to
mention him "in the proper place" meaning with the other Jones children.
I'll be glad to see what Ed turns up on the 1860 census!

Thanks for all you do,Marie. Will check our site in Rhea, Meigs, and McMinn
for that court record.


CINDY - Thanks for Sharing -
MANY will Love to have these special pictures of their SELLERS,
They Can Contact you for copies and perhaps ONE of them can send  copy
that we could put on their SELLERS page.
THANKS, marie, iowa

I could use your help with a puzzle. A cousin who has been doing research
for 20 years, and whom I respect, has sent me the following information:

Sellers,John       48  TN TN TN    farmer                     can't read or
             Susan    34  TN TN TN    housekeeping        can't read or
             Mary A.  17  TN TN TN    at school
             Thomas 13  TN TN TN    works on farm
             Martha   10  TN TN TN    at school

1900 Caldwell Co MO census:
Sellers, John        May 1834     66   TN
              S. Jane   Mar 1842      58    TN
              Tom         May 1866     34    TN
Pollard Tom H.    Jan 1884       16    MO (wife's nephew?)

1910 Caldwell Co  Rockford Twp MO census
Sellers, Thomas S.   43 TN TN TN    Farmer   married 0 years can read and

owns farm free of mortgage
              Ella              27  KS OH OH

My cousin says this John Sellers is the son of William P. Sellers and
Margaret Matheny. In fact, on the 1840 Roane Co TN census there is an
unaccounted for male child age 5-10.
Sellers, William        # 85    210001-010001
Elijah M. and Ira D. were under 5 then. Maryan is the female child age 5-10

However, John was not listed in the household of his widowed mother in 1850
Cass Co MO. I am in the process of checking the households of his maternal
aunts in Cass Co., but have so far drawn a blank.

I did find his marriage in 1860 to Susan Jane Pollard in Sevier Co TN.

My cousin has not yet told me what proof she used to identify John as this
missing child of William and Margaret's.

We have no pages for Sevier Co TN or Caldwell Co MO at the Sellers web
so I am asking if you are familiar with this John Sellers or know where I
should look next?

CINDY - Thanks - Added Sevier Co, TN info on SELLERS (DON'T know that
either and will add your census info to Caldwell Co, MO.
I believe I would just ask her for source of proof -  death record, obit?
Work on That Info.

Would Like to Understand ?  I haven't seen him in an 1850 census - but, if
living with someone else, Surname may have been picked up as theirs? MO
1855 State Census? he could be on there.
Perhaps, POLLARDS? are here in MO also?

He would have been 16 in 1850 and they came to MO before that?
I didn't see him on 1860 census after marriage or 1870 census.
1880 he is on the Caldwell Co, MO census, which is info you sent on first
census. with ALL kids born TN.
AN obit on ANY of these kids could tell town/county borned?
A TN/MO Civil War File?
Advise what she tells you , marie, iowa

Regarding the following entry from Sellers Family Genealogy:


I believe this could be my gg grandfather's brother,
William P. Sellers, born Jan 1847 Cass CoMO,
married Belle Reaves in 1870 in Pettis Co MO.
Found on the 1870 and 1900 census in Pettis Co.

Family tradition says he came to TX to be with his brother Ira D. Sellers,
who lived in Fannin Co which became Collin Co (the part where he lived).

The Sellers brothers also had other relatives from MO, chiefly the family
Absolom Hicks II whose wife was their maternal aunt, Christenia Matheny.
They also had Melton cousins from Cole Co MO who came to North Texas.

Ira D. and William P. Sellers are the sons of William P Sellers Sr
(1804-1846) and Margaret Matheny (1805-?) from Roane Co TN.
William P. Sr is the son of Micah H. Sellers (1786-1870)

I cannot find an 1880 census for Collin or Fannin Counties on-line, and
wonder if someone from the list could assist me with this.
Cindy McLaughlin

Ira D. Sellers (2William P., 1Micah H.) born May 1839 Roane TN; died 1920
                          TX; married 27 Aug 1865
+ Cynthia Ann Bourland born 28Jul 1846 Fannin TX; died 13 Dec 1885
i.John W. Sellers  male born 11 Jun 1866 Fannin TX; died 29 Sep 1938 Collin
         +Sallie A Mitchell 30 Sep 1887 Collin TX
ii.Suella Sellers female born 1870 Fannin TX; died ?;
          +E. M. Nicholson 6 Dec 1888
iii.Lewellen Sellers female born 1872 Collin TX; died ?
          +A. T. Oliver 27 Sep 1896
iv.Leone Sellers female born 1875 Collin TX; died ?
          +J. G. Alexander 5 Feb 1890 Collin TX
v.Maggie Z. Sellers female born 1877 Collin TX; died ?
          +T.M. Buford 28 Sep 1896 Collin TX
vi.Fanny L. Sellers female born Nov 1879 Collin TX; died ?
          +G. C. Gilliland 19 Jul 1899 Collin TX
vii.Cynthia L. Sellers female born Dec 1884 Collin TX; died ?

Extract from "The McKinney Democrat" vol II Number 47 Dec 24, 1885:
Mrs. L.(sic) D. Sellers, of the Blueridge community, died on last Saturday,
after a lingering illness, during which she suffered very much.

All of the above information was obtained from census records, marriage
records of Collin Co TX, and cemetery records of Collin Co (all on
microfilm) by Alice R. Smith of Caldwell Idaho

submitted by Cindy McLaughlin, descendant of Micah Henderson Sellers

        update for Cindy's page
        Sun, 16 Jul 2000 23:50:13 -0500
        "lunaloba" <>
    Yet another update on my line as listed at

Margaret Matheny Sellers' death date is still (as of 16 JULY 2000) unknown
by me. However, there is reason to suspect that she may have died in Pettis
Co MO. It is not certain she died in Cass Co MO.

Maryan Sellers, d/o William and Margaret, is also listed as Mary A. H.
Sellers on her marriage certificate to John M. Elkins in Pettis Co MO 1865.
She did die in childbirth prior to Oct 1868 when Mr. Elkins remarried. The
name Heatherington is probably an error.

Ede/Edith J. Sellers, d/o Wm. and Margaret, is found on later census
records to have been born in MO. She married R. S. Cox (not C.B.) If this is
accurate, it places the family's move from TN to MO prior to 1844.

William P., son of Wm. and Margaret, lived and died in Pettis Co MO. Still
uncertain of exact date of death.

Thank you all for being patient with my work in progress.

Cindy McLaughlin

CINDY, Thanks, Wonder if we should try and get/post More info to PETTIS CO, MO?,
marie, iowa

        Fri, 21 Jul 2000 19:15:28 -0700
        "lunaloba" <>


I am new to the list, having just discovered the possibility that my gg
grandmother, Margaret Matheny Sellers Agnew moved her family from Cass Co
Pettis Co during or just after the Civil War. She had been married and
widowed twice, first to William P. Sellers in Roane Co TN in 1830. They had
5 or 6 children. He died in 1846 in Cass Co. In 1851 she married Wm. B.
Agnew there. He died in 1854. They had no children.

In 1865 her two daughters married in Pettis Co:
Mary Ann H. Sellers married John M. Elkins
Edith J. Sellers married Robert Stanley Cox

In 1870 her youngest son married in Pettis Co:
William P. Sellers married Belle Reeves

Mary Ann died in childbirth prior to Oct 1868.
Edith moved to Arkansas with her husband.

William P stayed in Pettis Co until his death after 1900. He lived near
Sedalia, LaMonte, and Elk Fork at various times. He served the Confederacy
as a very young man in the 16th MO Inf along with his two older brothers,
Elijah M. Sellers and Ira D. Sellers.

Seeking any information on Margaret like date and place of death, burial,
etc. Also any info on Mary Ann or William P. and/or their descendants, if

Thanks in advance.
Cindy Sellers McLaughlin

 I just (today) joined the Pettis Co mail list and posted a query
about Margaret and family. I did not find anything very helpful at the
Pettis Co genweb site. I do have William P. Sellers (b1847) on a muster
role for the 16th MO Inf signing up in once in Sedalia and once in LaMonte. He
was too young to sign up prior to 1864, I guess. He was paroled from
Shreveport LA in 1865 with his two brothers, Elijah M. and Ira D. Shall I
post that now or wait until I have more? I also have him on a couple of
census records with his children Mary Ann, Thomas, and Martha. Have not
able to trace them further yet, but am working on it.

Thanks for reply and will do!