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Hi, I am looking for the roots of an Hilliard Sellers, born 1798 in
Anson Cty, NC. He moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, married a "Rachel".
Hilliard is a Scottish name, so I am assuming that he has Scottish
     Thanks so much for your reply.

Hilliard Sellers (Sellars) was born 1798, my record account says North
Carolina, but another says South Carolina.  His wife's name was Rachel
(Cherokee Indian.)

His children were:
Isaiah (1831, married to Malissa Rose 5 Oct 1857);
Lucinda (1832, married to Elias Boatner, 19 Dec 1849);
George A., (1837,
married to Elizabeth Hassell 30 Dec 1858);
Mary A., (1838, married to
Riley Wallis 5 Nov 1857);
Mahala (1842, married to John Beaver 1858);
Achillis (9 Aug 1846, married to Clara Anna Humes 1866);
and Rachel (1848,
married John B. Starkey, died after one year of marriage).

My ancestor is Achillis, married to Clara Anna Humes. I have a whole book
on Clara's ancestors.  Achillis was a Civil War vet for the Southern Army,
spent time in Utah as a POW.

The Sellers/Sellars line ties in with my Metcalf/Smith line.

A Mrs. B.W. Candrud of Tuscaloosa searched all the records looking for the
maiden name of the wife, for our family.

That's what I have, thus far!  I am working up a homepage.

Sometime ago I wrote you about a Hilliard Sellers from SC and his family,
who moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I have since found that he was indeed from South Carolina, and that his
wife's name was Rachel Snider.  The Sniders in South Carolina have records
all the way back to Switzerland, beginning with Rudolph Schneider, 1600's.
The family migrated in the mid 1700's, right to SC.

Hilliard, I believe, is the son of a Richard Sellers, originally of North
This Richard was a regular in the War of 1812.
 Hilliard's brother is named Howard.
Hilliard also went by George, his middle name.

Cindy H. Huffaker

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