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SEPT, 2002

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I found your names on the internet in connection with the Seller family genealogy.  I have traced
my ancestors to William of Tarboro.  Ethel Sellers is my great grandmother, and her father,
Henry Franklin my great great grandfather.  I would like your addresses so I could get copies of
any info. you have.  I do not have physical proof or verification for most of what I have.  My
grandmother, Irene Gates wrote the info for me before she died.  I would appreciate hearing from

My address is:
Cindy Warner
1410 E. 11th
Spokane, Wa.  99202

E-Mail is
Cindy Warner

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1.      William Sellers b. abt 1750  lived in Taraboro, NC
        1.      Elisha Sellers b. abt 1744 area claimed by NC & VA
                1.      Matthew Sellers b abt 1768 NC d 12 Nov 1849 Pike, Al
                        1. William Sellers b. abt 1791 Wilmington NC-married 7 July 1812 to Eleanor
                                1. Nathan Edwards Sellers b. abt 1825 married to Isabell Smilie abt
1845-1850.  He died abt 1885 to 1889.  Was also married to Sara Ann Shrimpshire.

                                        1. Henry Franklin Sellers b 6 May 1855 Troy, Ala.and died 20 Dec.
1926.  He was married to Jessie Lousie Evans abt. Aug.1886.  She was born 6 Aug. 1868.
and died 18 Sept. 1948.

                                                1. Ethel May Sellers b. 28 Jan. 1890 in Greenville, Texas.  She
was married 1 Jan. 1908 in Victoria, Tex  to Ben H Maddox. She died 12 Mar. 1975 in
Houston, Texas.

                                                        1.  Irene Maddox b 24 April 1909 DeCosta TX mariied 4
Mar 1929 to Fred Gates.  These are my grandparents.


Cindy Warner

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     CINDY, would like to see your chart, if you could send us the
     names/dates/places - SO, we can tell Where you are and When- Then we can
     link your familiy ancestor into our SELLERS files, etc. and they can
     contact you if they have relation in those counties, etc.
     Doesn't need to be fancy - plain info is okay or if in chart fashion,
     great- Thanks for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

SEPT, 2002

I am looking for information regarding any of the following ancestors:
Henry Franklin Sellers was born May 6, 1855 in Troy, Pike, Ala.
He was married to Jessie Lou Evans, who was born Aug 3, 1868.

His father was Nathan Edward Sellers who was married to Isabel Smilie.

One of Henry's children was Ethel May Sellers, who was my grandmothers mother.
Ethel married Ben Hodges Maddox.
Ben was born Dec 4, 1886 in Ben Franklin Texas.

Ethel was born Jan 28, 1890 in Greenville, Hunt, TExas.
My grandmother was Margaret Irene Maddox (went by Irene).  She was born April
24, 1909 in De Costa, Victoria, Texas.  Irene married Fernando Garcia, who
was also known as Fernando Tarin and Fred Gates.  My father is Gerald Tarin.
Thank you
Cindy Warner

1880        Census Place:   District 92, Limestone, Texas
        Source: FHL Film 1255317  National Archives Film T9-1317     Page 288D
        Relation        Sex     Marr    Race    Age     Birthplace
Frank SELLERS   Self    M       M       W       32      AL
        Occ:    Teacher Fa: SC  Mo: SC
Lou SELLERS     Wife    F       M       W       30      MS
                        Fa: AL  Mo: MS
Charles SELLERS Son     M       S       W       9       AR
                        Fa: AL  Mo: MS
Francis SELLERS Son     M       S       W       7       AR
                        Fa: AL  Mo: MS
Willie SELLERS  Son     M       S       W       5       AR
                        Fa: AL  Mo: MS
Annie SELLERS   Dau     F       S       W       3       TX
                        Fa: AL  Mo: MS
James SELLERS   Son     M       S       W       1       AL
        Occ:    Tx      Fa: MS  Mo: ---
John VAUGH      Other   M       S       W       27      AL
        Occ:    Laborer Fa: VA  Mo: VA

Mon 9/9/2002 11:46 AM
Cynthia []

Hi Cindy,

I am a gg granddaughter of Nathaniel Edwards Sellers and Isabell
Smilie through their daughter, Emma Bell Sellers, who married William
Thomas O'Neal. We may have corresponded in the past, I'm sure. I have
some info on this Sellers family line and Isabell's Smilie line, and
would be happy to share.

By the way, Nathaniel Sellers' middle name was Edwards, with an S, as
far as we can tell. We believe that his middle name was in honor of
his mother's maiden name. His parents were William Calvin and
Eleander (Edwards) Sellers.

Sincerely, Cynthia Sims Kirkland

sept 11, 2002
Yes- we did connect up about a year ago.  I have also seen your web site and
you have done a wonderful job.
I am in the middle of our fair, I work in the office- so right now I am very
busy at work.  When it is over- I will e-mail you to catch up on the latest
information.  I do remember you had some information on Jacob Smilie- which
was further back than I had.
I am so glad to hear from you.
Take care-