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His names is Chris Hutchins, and he is originally from the Chicago area. He
ties to
our family through Morris Sellers., Vickie

I am currently researching the following
surnames: Brockenbrough, Chapman, and Foresman (no connection to the
Sellers family)... One of these days I do have to finish my Sellers
research... I have tons of Sellers information I haven't looked
through.. here is some Sellers information you would find interesting:
my uncle has two Seller portrait paintings: Morris Sellers 1832-1917 and
Nathan Sellers 1751-1830 - I also have photographs of the following
Sellers family members: Coleman Sellers 1781-1834, Charles Sellers
1806-1898, Anna Sellers 1824-1905, Morris Sellers 1832-1917, Elizabeth
Morris Sellers 1810-1895, and then everyone in the Hutchins family... my
father has the Sellers bible from Morris Sellers, and I have several
written biographical papersabout the Sellers family history... I think
the main reason I haven't researched the Sellers family because we have
so much information that all the fun is gone trying to find more.. if
you are interested I will send you all the raw information I have
gathered regarding the Sellers family... I have found several books
written about the Sellers family at the library of congress and I have
seen several family notes regarding compiling a book about the Sellers,
so I know there are more books to discover... my concentration right now
is the Brockenbrough's since no one now anything about them....

you mentioned the Ortman/Boeing connection - that's an interesting
connection I am still researching - when Blanche Sellers Ortman (wife of
Randolph Ortman and owmer of Blue Ridge Farm) died my granfather John
Sellers Hutchins inherited Blue Ridge Farm in Charlottesville,
Virginia.... Blue Ridge Farm was filled with Sellers family history and
when my grandfather sold the farm in 1970 all that information was
filtered through the family.. and right now I am trying to gather that
information.. The Peale portrait painting of John Morris, hung over the
fire place at Blue Ridge farm, now lives at my parents home outside of
Chicago..  The Boeing connection: Marie Ortman, Randolph Ortman's sister
married Count Boeing..

keep in touch so we can exchange family information about the Sellers..
Christopher Hutchins