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SELLERS FAMILY of PENNSYLVANIA by Edwin Jaquett Sellers/Philadelphia 1925

HANS GEORG SOLLER B: c.1615 he was a citizen of Weinheim, Germany Children: Hans Paul

HANS PAUL SOLLER B: 1640 in Weinheim?, Germany M: Feb 14, 1665 Anna Maria Schneider in Germany (at the time of marriage Hans Paul was a citizen of Ladenburg, Germany) D: Unknown

Children: Hans Paul (Paulus) (1668-?), Hans Adam (1669-?), Hans Georg (1672-?), Anna Maria (1676-1681), Anna Rosina (1679-1681), Hans Heinrich (1682-?), Anna Maria (c1685-?).

HANS ADAM SOLLER B: Dec 13, 1669 Weinheim?, Germany M: Margaretha in Germany D: Unknown

Children: Anna Katharina (1697-1698), Philipp Heinrich (1699-1769), Anna Katharina (1701-?)

PHILIPP HEINRICH SOLLER (aka PHILIP HENRY SELLERS) B: Feb 18, 1699 Weinheim?, Germany M: Catharina in Germany (?-c.1773) D: July 1, 1769 Indian Creek United Church of Christ, Telford, Franconia Twp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Arrived in America Sept 11, 1728.

Children: Philip (1724-1808), Leonard (?-1805), Philip Henry (1730-1783), John (1731-1783), Paul (settled in Maryland), Peter (1736-1820), Jacob (settled in Juniata County, Pennsylvania), Elizabeth, Magdalena "Maria" (1718-after 1790), Margaret.

PHILIP SELLERS B: 1724 Weinheim, Germany M: it is said Philip married three times, Barbara is the name of his wife at the time of his death, the other two wives' names are unknown at this time. D: Oct 6, 1808 Indian Creek United Church of Christ, Telford, Franconia Twp, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Children: It was rumored there were 18 to 25 children total. I have 15.

John (settled in North Carolina),
George (M. Dec 24, 1809, then they settled in North Carolina),
Philip Henry (1753-?),
Abraham (settled in Batlimore, Maryland),
*David (settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania),
Anna Margaret,

*DAVID SELLERS B: c. 1751 M: Sarah RUTH D: c. Nov 8, 1821

Children: Absalom 1794-?), *Solomon (1795-1865), Isaac, Jesse, Samuel, Curtis, David, Joseph, Reuben (settled in Ohio), Mary, Abigail, Sarah, Hannah (settled in Ohio), Anna "Nancy".

*SOLOMON SELLERS B: Dec 29, 1795 M: 1. July 1, 1819 Martha Haldeman (?-Feb 28, 1824) M: 2. June 13, 1824 Christiana Camp D: April 23, 1865

Children: 1. Sarah (1820-?), Catherine (1821-?), Peter (1824-?) Children: 2. Jesse (1825-?), *Samuel (1827-1902), Elizabeth (1829-?), David Camp (1832-?), Solomon (1834-1843), Abraham (1836-1882), Henry (1840-c. 1848)

*SAMUEL SELLERS B: Aug 30, 1827 M: Anna Ferguson (1836-1931) D: Aug 21, 1902

Children: Edwin Ferguson (1859-1951), *Elmer Ferguson (1867-1956), Samuel Ferguson (1873-1907), Abraham Ferguson, Solomon Ferguson, Morris Ferguson, Kate Ferguson, Washington Ferguson. (All middle names were Ferguson)

*ELMER FERGUSON SELLERS B: Dec 6, 1867 M: Minnie B. Frey (1871-1908) D: April 14, 1956 Union Hill Cemetery, Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Children: John Herschal (1894-?), Abbie Walton (1896-1984),* Justus Edwin (1898-1994)

My grandfather was *Justus Edwin SELLERS.

I hope this helps someone. For some of you who seem close to this line there is still a chance with an unidentified line from Philip (1724-1808) (it would be good to fill in some gaps as well as add more information to lines. I have more information, this is my direct line.





Just browsing through "things" and noticed I never answered your message to
me in December about information on John Sellers.  I apologize.

Here is what I have in general:

Hans Georg Soller and ? had 
                Hans Paul Soller

Hans Paul Soller and Anna Maria Schneider had 
                Hans Paul Soller, Hans Adam Soller, Hans Georg Soller,
                Anna Maria Soller,  Anna Rosina Soller, Hans Heinrich Soller,
                Anna Maria Soller

Hans Adam Soller and Margaretha had     
                Anna Katharina Soller, Philipp Heinrich Soller, Anna
Katharina Soller

Philipp Heinrich Soller and Catharina had    
                Philip Sellers, Leonard Sellers, Philip Henry Sellers
                John Sellers, Paul Sellers, Peter Sellers, Jacob Sellers 
                 Elizabeth Sellers, Maria Magdalena Sellers, and Margaret

John Sellers born 1731; died Jan. 7, 1783, aged 51 years and three months (on
                headstone Indian Creek United Church of Christ, Telford,
Franconia Twp., 
                Montgomery Co., PA, USA and Indian Creek Church register).

                In the information I have there is the contents of a letter
from Abraham Sellers to his son Cornelius Sellers, dated Dec. 10, 1827:

     "The Catalogue you wish me to give you I fear will not be very correct
in every respect, but, as far as my memory serves me, I will give it.  My
grandfather, Philip Henry Soller was born in Germany in a town called
Weinheim near the City of Manheim on the Bergstrasse in the Palatinate.  As
near as I can trace it, about 97 years ago he left his native country with a
wife and four children and came to Philadelphia, from there he went to
Skippack and stayed a short time after which he bought a tract of land of 200
acres on the Branch about one mile below where Thomas Sellers now lives.
 There he lived until his death.  He died at the age of sixty-five, (this age
is an error) leaving a wife and ten children, 7 sons and three daughters.
 The names of his sons were Philip, Leonard, Philip Henry, John (who was your
grandfather), Paul, Peter and Jacob.  The daughters were Elizabeth, Magdalena
and Margaret.  My father settled in Hilltown on the farm where Frederick
Fluck now lives and there he died at the age of fifty-five, leaving Mother,
three sons and one daughter.  Two daughters and one son died in infancy,
being seven in all.  The names were Abraham, Samuel, John and Elizabeth.  The
other three were two Hannahs and Amos.
     "As to my mother's family I know but little, being all dead before my
time.  Her father's name was
William Johnson. I think he came from Holland.
 He lived in Skippack, a respectable farmer.  Your grandfather Bodder came
from "Dutch Country."   When he married he settled in Hilltown.  He died at
the age of 73 leaving a wife and four children, two sons and two daughters,
their names being Jacob, John, Sophia and Catherine.  Your grandmother
Bodder's maiden name was Regina Ditor (or Detor), likewise from Germany."
                                                signed by Abraham Sellers

>From the information in the letter, I carefully pieced together and came up
with the following, see if you agree:

John Sellers married Miss Johnson, together they had:
                 Abraham Sellers, Samuel Sellers, John Sellers, Elizabeth
                 Hannah (a) Sellers, Hannah (b) Sellers, Amos Sellers (these
three died 
                 as infants)    

Abraham Sellers and Miss Bodder had 
                 Cornelius Sellers        (Abraham is Cornelius' father)

Mr. Bodder and Regina Ditor had
                  Miss Bodder               (Cornelius' other Grandparents?
                                                      Grandfather Bodder"
"your Grandmother 
                                                      Bodder's maiden

I have not tried to verify my conclusion yet.

I will post this to the Sellers' List as well, maybe someone else can use it
to verify something as well. I hope you do not mind and I apologize for not
getting back to you sooner.