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Hi Marie .... Charlie Sellers(Wilson) here from

I knew when I went into <>  Search
Board, searching Drury Sellers,, your name was
familiar to me, in your  reply of summer (june/july)
2000, to Jacqualine Curtis.  She and I have monthly
contact.  I did send you a reply to her's just
tonight, which will explain my connection.

I finally got a copy of "Cousin's by the Dozens", just
at the last moment, before they sold out.

I do know that John T. Sellers + Celeste Horney, DATES

For many years, I had the John T. Sellers + Celeste
Elizabeth Horney "OLD FASHIONED BIBLE" in my own hands
and have made some good and "poor" copies of the
PERSONAL PAGES.  About 10 years ago, upon request
my fathers death (b. 1899 - 2000), I took the
"SELLERS" family BIBLE from OK to KY (the family
home)when it was
getting "difficult" in his own home.I told my brother,
  to get it before my dad HID it, even on himself, yes
he was beginning to have natural memory loss, but also
the big "A".

My brother did not understand it at that point in
time, but a few months later he did.

I live in KS and am looking for my elusive(?) GGP are
buried.  John T. Sellers and/or Celeste E/H Sellers.
Maybe your group can help me.

I been through several graveyards looking for ANY
SELLERS, but there are 2 particular Winfield, Cowley
county, graveyards, I've been to 2 times, and on the
2nd trip, I took some very clear photos of headstones.
I have several photos of Sellers headstones, from
Winfield, Cowley county, KS.
I also, have 2 BARTLOW headstones.  Think parent and
Just outside of Winfield KS, there is a living.LIVE
grandson of David Sellers, the last  child born to
John T. + Elizabeth Ritchey SELLERS.  I've been there,
planning to go back before the end of the month.
If you or your group have any questions, let me know
by the 20th of Sept.  I am going to travel with a
laptop and a scanner, plus digital camera.  Eugene
Sellers and I have photos in common, much to both our
surprises.  Just want to get better copies.

To get back on track, Yes I would like to PROVE who
DRURY/DREWREY's PARENTS ARE !!!!!   ..... my letter writing
connection ..... my attachment

CHARLIE, Thanks for sharing.

We have a SELLERS web page where we Link NAMES to Counties/States so others can find us.

NOW, which child do you connect to =
married when/where =
And their kids =
AND child you connect to =
and went where, etc.

THESE bible dates/etc would be very important to these families , if you would care to share.
WE do NOT have a connecting CENSUS, etc on most of these families from IL and where they went.
VERY important. for Others to find us!
IF you can Help with ANY documented info, please send.

OUR SCHUYLER CO, IL is NOT organized well.

WE need EACH child of DRURY SELLERS listed and linked.
AND I thought we had ANOTHER page = can't find tonite?
PERHAPS, it is a link on the TN page?

SHARE what you can.
marie, iowa

     Author: Charlie Sellers

                                                           Date: 8 Sep 2001 2:03 AM GMT

     In Reply to: DRURY SELLERS  by:  marie sellers hollinger

    Marie .... Have the same request as Jacqualine Curtis. Don't know what she has sent you. One of the
  best charts on
  I am interested in the same information that Jacqualine Curtis is.

  Drury is the next entry on from Carla Thomas Sellers, dated 18 April 2000, when
  searching a Drury Sellers, Message Board.

  We both come from Drury's 2nd child/son John T(ompson or Thomas) Sellers (sr.) 1808 - 1893; +
  Elizabeth Ritchey (1809 - 1893).

  Then I come from the above union's John T. Sellers (jr) + Celeste Elizabeth Horney. (Carlah has his
  death date and place wrong). I'm in the process of looking for his headstone in Wellington and Winfield,

  Please contact me direct .... charlie ....

  May add KS information to your Sellers discussion group.

  Charlie Sellers Wilson .....