Rebekah Sellars and Moses Wilkerson, Burke Co., NC

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I am just beginning a more indepth search for my Sellers ancestors in Burke
Co., NC.  Perhaps someone will have suggestions for further sources or may
connect to this family.  I have looked at the information on burke,
rutherford, lincoln co., nc on the  Much of the information was
what I already had.  My main concentration of research, up to this point,
been the children of Moses and Rebekah Sellars Wilkerson who married the
Morgans. Someone had listed the children of Moses and Rebekah, and some of
information is incorrect.  Also, there was information about some Halls,
mention to the Koons, marrying into this line.  They also marry into the
Morgan Line, so many are interrelated.  My line of descent is through Moses
and Rebekah's son Jethro married Mary "Polly" Morgan and Mary "Polly"
Wilkerson married Permenter Morgan, Jr.

Any help would be appreciated.


CHARMAINE - Would appreciate a small chart on your connection to Moses
and Rebeccah Sellers Wilkerson's son Jethro.
We need when/where born/married/ where children born/went.
We usually post this info on Your Page and link your page from the
County Pages you connect to - I see we have Two charts on the Burke Co,
page that should be on their pages - will do-
Feel free to show how you proved/disproved ANY info - that is what we
are here for- It helps us all get the truth or as close as we can.
ANY documentations you have, we put on the County Page contributed by
We are very interested in tracing the Halls  and the Wilkersons in Burke
Co and where they came from.
Thanks for sharing - marie, iowa 

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I will attempt to give you charts on the 6 children of Moses and Rebekah
Sellers Wilkerson, who married 5 children and 1 granddaughter of Rev.
Permenter and Gracie Jones Morgan of Rutherford (later McDowell) Co., NC.
primary research has been done on the Morgan family.  I am just beginning
search for the Sellers and Wilkersons.

This will take several postings.  Do you want a chart including all of the
Rev. Permenter and Gracie Jones Morgans children?

This chart is for Elijah Morgan and Rutha Wilkerson.  Rutha was Elijah's

Elijah Morgan b. February 26, 1798  Rutherford Co. NC; d. June 6, 1869
McDowell Co., NC (buried at Bethel Baptist Church Cem., McDowell,Co., NC)
married Rutha Wilkerson (date unknown); d. May 16, 1820 Burke Co., NC
(complications of childbirth)


James W. Morgan  b. May 2, 1820 Burke Co., NC;  d. June 28, 1906 Rutherford
Co., NC (buried at Montford's Cove Baptist Cem., Rutherford Co., NC)
married Henrietta "Hattie" W. Briscoe, December 9. 1846 (Rutherford Co.,
            b. October 8, 1817 (d/o Phillip and Nancy Barton Briscoe)
            d. July 14, 1902 (buried at Montford's Cove Baptist Cem.,
Rutherford Co.NC)


Ruthie Jane Morgan  b. September 20, 1847; m. Adin L. Rucker September 20,
                                 Rutherford Co., NC

Phillip Brisco Morgan b. March 12, 1849;  m. 1) Anna Logan; 2) Mary E.

Nancy Melvina Morgan b. February 11, 1851;  m. G.W. Crawford March 16, 1872

Harriet Susan Morgan b. February 12, 1853; m. Zachery Taylor Whiteside;
5, 1879

James Lafayette Morgan b. September 21, 1854; m. Isabelle Moore

Sallie L. Morgan b. February 9, 1858;  m. L. Logan Hampton

female Infant Morgan 1859

Frances Morgan b. 1860

Elijah Morgan married 2nd-- Susannah Reel November 1820, Burke Co., NC

(I am listing two of their children because of a possible tie in)

Elisha Permenter Morgan b. October 30, 1821; m. Ollie Wilkerson


Nancy Morgan b. June 9, 1845 McDowell Co, NC;  m.Johnathan A. "Jonnie"
Wilkerson (s/o Jesse Wilkerson and Melinda Elliot Wilkerson)

Susan "Susie" Morgan b.May 17, 1847 McDowell Co., NC;  m. William M.
(s/o *Jesse Wilkerson and Melinda Elliot Wilkerson)

George R. Morgan b. 1824; m. Sarah J. Hall (I have not done enough research
the Hall's to tell you who her parents were)

*The Jesse Wilkerson (wife Melinda Elliot) mentioned as parents of Johnathan
"Jonnie" Wilkerson and William M. Wilkerson, is also the son of Moses and
Rebekah Sellers Wilkerson.


I hope I am not giving you too much information.  Let me know.  I will give
you a list of different sources used, but many are not readily available,
i.e., family Bible information, records held by Morgan family descendents.
also used county records , censuses, marriage bonds and marriage abstracts,
wills, land deeds, genealogical collections held by Old Tryon Genealogical
Society in Forest City, NC, and Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC;  church
records, cemetary records.  I have also made visits to many of these

To be continued........

By the way, I notice that you are having a discussion on the formation on
NC counties.  I have maps of NC for the US Federal Censuses beginning in
Burke County in 1790 covered the area that now is McDowell, Burke, part of
Avery, Caldwell and Alexander Counties.  From looking at old maps of the
after Burke and Rutherford were formed from Lincoln, it appears that the
Sellers, Wilkersons, along with many of the other families that are inter
related, lived in the area that later became McDowell County(created 1842).


             Re: Rebekah Sellars and Moses Wilkerson, Burke Co., NC

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    Part 2- Rebekah Sellars and Moses Wilkersons children who married Morgans:

Elizabeth "Lina" Wilkerson b. 1792  Burke Co., NC;  d. September 11, 1840

Rutherford Co., NC
m. 1811  to Abner Morgan (7th child of Permenter and Gracie Jones Morgan)
                  b. August 18, 1790 Rutherford Co., NC
                  d. April 14, 1857 Van Buren Co., AR (buried at Old
Springs Cem)

Abner went with some of his children to Arkansas about 1842, after the
of his wife Elizabeth Wilkerson Morgan.


Moses Morgan b. 1812 Rutherford Co., NC; d. abt. 1903 Van Buren Co., AR
Liberty Springs Cem.)
m. Martha Ledbetter  September 26, 1836  Rutherford Co., NC
     (d/o Johnathan and Nancy Wells Ledbetter)

Martha Jane Morgan b. 1813  d. 1813  Rutherford Co., NC

Rebecca Morgan b. May 12, 1815 Ruterford Co., NC;  d. June 1890
m.  Daniel David Koon  March 26, 1836 Rutherford Co., NC

Perminter Morgan  b. June 19, 1818;  d. November 6, 1891 Bloomfield, AR.
                                                           (Blagg Cem.)
m. 1852  Margaret Thomas

Jesse Morgan b. 1819 Rutherford Co., NC  (no further information)

Aney Morgan b. 1820;  d. Date unknown In AR.
m. James Stroud  February 20, 1840  Rutherford Co., NC
     (s/o William and Delilah ? Stroud)

Tempie Morgan b. 1822 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. April 20, 1898
m.  Drury Mashburn  January 10, 1898  Rutherford Co., NC

Capt. Abner Morgan b. 1824 Rutherford Co., NC; d. Unknown
m. Mary Jane Aiken in 1846

John H. Morgan b. March 16, 1826;  d. May 14, 1911 Chico, CA  (Buried Chico
m. Nancy Jane Mills 1853 in AR

Elizabeth Morgan b. 1828 Rutherford Co.;  d. August 21, 1888
m. Marion Koon (s/o Peter and Susannah Owenby Koon)

Porter Owenby "P.O." Morgan b. June 6, 1830 Rutherford Co., NC
                                            d. KIA Ft. Delaware, N.J. 1865
                                             (buried at Round Hill Baptist
Cem., Ruthrford Co.,NC)
m. Alziria Nanney (d/o Thomas and Mary "Polly" C. Flack Nanney)

Lucinda Morgan b. June 7, 1833 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. Unknown
m. 1) C.W. Mills;  2) Elijah Hall

Mary Jane Morgan b. May 15, 1835 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. June 8, 1918  Van
Buren Co., AR.  (Old Liberty Springs Cem.)
m. William M. McCaslin

Many descendents of this line moved on into Texas.

             Re: Rebekah Sellars and Moses Wilkerson, Burke Co., NC

        From: CHARMAINE
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  Part 3-  Rebekah Sellars and Moses Wilkerson's children who married Morgans

.  Elijah Morgan was the 10th and last child)

Rebecca Wilkerson and Johnathan Morgan

Rebecca Wilkerson b. June 28, 1792 Burke Co., NC
                             d.  February 20, 1859 McDowell Co., NC
                                 (buried Bethel Baptist Church Cem.,
Co., NC
                                   Headstone inscribed "Rebecca, Loving
Consort of Johnathan
m. Johnathan Morgan (6th child of Permenter and Gracie Jones Morgan)
     on Febraury 18, 1811 Burke Co., NC
      b. January 9, 1788 Rutherford Co., NC
      d. 1862  McDowell Co., NC (buried Bethel Baptist Church Cem.  next to
                                                Rebecca, headstone is


Elysabeth Morgan  b. March 18, 1812  Rutherford Co., NC;  (no further

Martha Morgan  b. October 10, 1813  Rutherford Co., NC;  (no further

Wilson Morgan b. December 15, 1815 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. August 20, 1860
                           McDowell Co., NC
m. Rebecca Morgan (1st cousin, d/o Permenter, Jr and Mary "Polly" Wilkerson
Morgan) on September 26, 1836

Jethro Morgan b. March 20, 1816 Rutherford Co., NC; d. September 20, 1863
in the Civil War- 58th NC Infantry CSA- Co.F)
m. 1) Elizabeth "Lizzie" White 1842; 2) Mary Jamison 1854; 3) Nancy Isabel
Israel May 22, 1863

Rebecca Morgan b. June 18, 1818 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. May 17, 1888
Co., NC
m. 1) Jones H. Morgan (s/o James "Squire" and Margaret "Peggy" Grant
note: James is the 3rd child of Permenter and Gracie Morgan) January 5,
     2) Judson Enoch Morgan (s/o Jesse Morgan and Mary "Polly" Grant
note: Jesse 5th child of Permenter and Gracie Morgan) on Novemeber 12, 1855
Buncombe Co., NC

Grace Morgan b. February 2, 1821 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. January 11, 1919
Buncombe Co., NC
m. Lewis R. Morgan (s/o James "Squire"  and Margaret "Peggy" Grant Morgan)
January 5, 1836

Pauline Morgan b. December 14, 1822;  d. December 4, 1823 Rutherford Co.,

Johnathan Morgan, Jr b. October 5, 1824 Rutherford Co., NC;  d. March 13,
McDowell Co., NC
m. Elizabeth Harris (d/o Abel and Elizabeth Mashburn Harris) on October 8,

Moses J. Morgan b. September 6, 1826 Rutherford Co., NC; (no further

Micajah "Cage" Morgan b. October 21, 1828 Rutherford Co., NC;  July 31,
McDowell Co., NC
m. 1) Martha Koon;  2) Susannah Tipton

Mary Morgan b. 1831 Rutherford Co., NC; d. Unknown
m. Stephen A. Morgan (s/o James "Squire" and Margaret "Peggy" Grant Morgan)

Alfred Webb Morgan b. July 11, 1833 Randolph Co., NC;  d. October 5, 1909
McDowell Co., NC (Montford's Cove)
m. Mary Salina Nanney (d/o Thomas and Mary "Polly" C. Flack Nanney) on May

Permenter W. Morgan b. September 17, 1835; d. September 20, 1863 (KIA in
Civil War)  (no further informtion)


I find this an odd coincidence.  I descend from Rebekah Sellars and Moses
Wilkerson, Burke Co., NC.  I sent you some Wilkerson /Morgan descendent
charts on these.  I have been watching the discussion on teh Sellars/Hall
connection recently, although I have found some of it confusing.  Now, here
is what I find an odd coincidence.

I have Abraham Brunner in my database too, but not as a Sellars connection.
Abraham Brunner's wife Francis Stuckey, the daughter of Martin Stuckey, was
the sister of Catherine and John Stuckey, found living in Jefferson Co., Ky
by 1790.  Catherine Stuckey married John Reel.  This John Reel, from a
concerted effort by the NC Reel and Indiana Reel researchers, appears to be
the son of Johan George Reel of Lincoln Co., NC.  He and two brothers,
and Lewis Reel all appear to be in Jefferson Co., KY by 1790 with the
and Stuckey's.  We are still  looking for some documentation to show
something about their migration.

A newspaper account in 1847 in Indiana says that John Reel, John Stuckey
Abraham Bruner came by packhorse with other family members from South
Carolina to the Northwest Territory.  What we do know is that Abraham
and his brother in law John Stuckey were owners of a tannery in Jefferson
Co., KY prior to moving to Knox Co., IN.  In 1797, Abraham Bruner,
established the town of Jeffersonton, KY  on 122 hilltop acres of land he
owned.  He, along with John Stuckey and John Reel moved to Knox Co., IN in
1807., the reason is obscure, although it may have had something to do with
the demise of the Bufflo in that area of KY.

Now the strange coincidence is that John Reels brother George Reel, Jr
remained in NC, moving from Lincoln Co., NC into Burke Co., NC as did the
Sellars found listed., living in the area which later became McDowell Co.,
NC.  There are inter relationships between the two descendent groups.  Is
this just a bizarre coincidence or is there some other family connections?
There are Sellars, spelled Cillars and Sollars on old court documents
in early Tryon/Linclon Co.  There are also some Bruners found in early
Co., NC records.

I realize some believe the Sellars in Burke Co., NC were Scotch-Irish but I
am not sure, especillay since one son, brother to Rebekah Sellars
is purportedly named Conrad Francis Sellars.  There was a Conrad Cillars
living in early Lincoln Co., NC.  I am truly confused.

We know that in early Burke Co., NC records, that Moses Wilkerson is listed
on the 1790 Burke Co., Federal census, as part of Sixth Co.  Next to him is
John Hall and John Sellers.  Net to John Hall is also James Sellers.  Moses
Wilkerson owned three slaves in 1790.

On a map on display at the Carson House in Marison McDowell Co., NC Moses
Wilkerson is listed as an early settler of the area that became McDowell
Listed as #90, and settling there in 1790.

In 1795, Moses is listed as part of a jury ordered (by the Rutherford Co.
court) to mark and lay off a road through the Whiteside Settlement in Burke
Co., NC.  Also listed are Robert Sellers, Sr,  James Sellers of James, John
Sellers, Jr, John Hall, Jr and Joshua Hall.

It is my understanding that Rebekah Sellars Wilkerson's father died by
Are these brothers and nephews listed in 1795?  We do not have a birth date
for Moses Wilkerson but he died 11 September 1830 in Burke Co., NC.
Sellars Wilkerson was born 25 February 1765, and died 16 October 1835 in
Burke Co., NC.

Does anyone have anything in terms of documentation that may be able to
resolve some of these puzzling questions for me?


Sent copy to COLLYN (Brunner list)
Sent Wilkerson page


I will admit these Sellers, Sellars, Cillars just drive me NUTS.  I think
asked me earlier which of Moses Wilkerson and Rebekah Sellars children I
descend from.  I descend from Jethro Wilkerson and Mary Jane "Polly"
and Permenter Morgan, Jr and Mary "Polly" Wilkerson...such family

I just don't know the answer to where they all came from before appearing
Burke Co.  I keep looking at those censuses and getting no clear picture.

1790 - Lincoln Co., NC

Conrod Cillars (found in 5th Company, Morgan Dist, amid the German speaking
settlers)         1FWMale 16+ (head), 1 FWMale -16, 3FW Females (includes

Possibly this is the same as the Coonrod Selars who appears on the 1820
Haywood Co., NC census:

                        1FW Male 26 -44, 1FW Male 45+, 1FW Female 45+

Listed next to him is a John Smathers (the Morgan descendents later marry
some of these Smathers in Haywood Co).  In a will written by a Levi
20 Dec. 1895, Codicil 4 -" I give to my son D.I.L. Smathers and my grandson
Willie Smathers the little corn mill together with the tract of land
belonging thereunto situated on teh old Camp Ground branch and known as the
Sellers mill sometimes there being 25 acres in this tract."  I found this
reference interesting.

I have checked 1800 Buncombe Co., NC census and found no Sellers (how ever
may be spelled)

1800 Lincoln Co., NC

George Sellers
Conrad Sellers  ---don't have stats

Then 1830 Haywood Co., NC:

John Sellers, pg. 367 - 3 FW Male (0-5), 1FW Male (5-10), 1FW Male (15-20),
FW Male (40-50), 1FW Female (0-5), 1 FW Female (5-10), 1 FW Female (10-15),
FW Female (30 -40)

Isaac Sellers - pg. 377 - 1FWMale (0-5), 2 FW Male (5-10), 1 FW Male
1 FW Female (20-30)

James Sellers, pg. 378 - 1FW Male (0-5), 1FW Male (5-10), 1 FW Male
1 FW Female (5-10), 1 FW Female (30-40)

NO Coonrod, yet on 21 April 1834 Haywood Co., NC Conrad Sellers married
Dotson....and on 24 August 1839 Coonrod Sellers married Arta Prince.

Also, on 21 October 1837 Haywood Co., NC Abram Sellers marreid Mary Mingus
and they don't appear on the census at all.

1840 Haywood Co., NC

Isaac Sellers - 1 FW Male (0-5), 1FW Male (5-10), 1FW Male (10-15), 1 FW
(30-40), 2 FW Female (30-40)

Coorod Sellers - 1 FW Male (0-5), 1 FW Male (10-15), 1 FW Male (30-40), 1
Female (20-30)

John Sellers, Jr - 1 FW Male (20-30), 1 FW Female (15-20)

John Sellers, Sr - 2 FW Male (5-10), 2 FW Male (10-15), 1 FW Male (50-60),
FW Feamle (0-5), 1 FWFemale (10-15), 1 FWFemale (15-20), 1 FWFemale
1 FWFemale (40-50)

Coonrad Sellers 1FW Male (0-5),  1 FW Male (40-50), 1 FWFemale (0-5), 1
FWFemale (20-30)

Looks like a second marriage for the older Coonrad, but too young to be the
Coonrad of 1820, if the age is correct.

Then backtracking----

Burke Co., NC 1790 (all found listed in 6th Company)

James Sellers 1 FWMale (16+), 1 FW Male (-16), 4 FWFemale (includes head)

Jno. Sellers 1 FWMale (16+), 2 FWMale (-16), 1 FWFemale

Robert Sellers, Sr 1 FWMale (16+). 2FWMale (-16), 3 FWFemale

Robert Sellers, Jr 1 FWMale (+16), 5FWFemale

1800 Burke Co, NC

Edward Sellars - p.797 - 1 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (16-26) , 1 FWFemale
(under 10),  1 FWFemale (16-26)

James Sellars - p. 791 - 4 FWMale (under 10), 2 FWMale (10-16), 1 FWMale
(16-16), 1 FWMale (26-44), 2 FWFemale (10-16), 1 FWFemale (16-26), 1

James Sellars - p. 794 - 2 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (10-16), 1 FWMale
4 FWFemale (under 10), 2 FWFemale (10-16), 1 FWFemale (26-44)

Robert Sellars - p. 792 - 3 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (26-44), 2 FWMale
2 FWFemale (Under 10), 1 FW Female (16 -26)
(looks like a parent is living with this family)

Robert Sellars, p. 794 - 3 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (10-16), 1 FWMale
14 FWFemale (under 10), 1 FWFemale (16-26)

Robert Sellars - p. 796 - 1 FWMale (45+), 1 FW Female (45+)

>From 1810 Burke Co., NC census forward NO Sellers/Sellars---Where'd they

Then over in Rutherford Co., NC

1785 Taxlist

John Sellers - 1 poll
Zachariah Sellers, Sr - 1 poll
Zachariah Sellers, Jr - 1 poll

In 1797 William Huddleston deeded land as a Gift to Isaac Sellers

1790 Rutherford Co., NC census

No Sellers

1800 Rutherford Co., NC census

Elizabeth Sellers - p. 145 - 1 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (10-16),
(under 10), 1 FWFemale ( 26-44)

Isaac Sellars - p. 145 - 1 FWMale (Under 10), 1 FWMale (26-45), 1 FWFemale
(under 10), 1 FWFemale (16-26)
(he appears to be too old to be the Isaac Sellers found in Haywood Co in

John Sillars -p. 143 - 1 FWMale (10-16), 1 FWMale (45+), 1 FWFemale (26-45)

1809 Rutherford Co., NC John Carson sold land to Michael Sellers

1810 Rutherford Co., NC

Elijah Sellers - p. 134 - 1 FWMale (under 10), 1 FWMale (16-26), 1 FWFemale

After 1810 census  - NO more Sellers...vanished again.


        Joyce Taylor <>

My last 3 email messages to Charmaine have been returned, and I trust
she will receive this info on Moses & Martha (Ledbetter)Morgan who were
in Gilmer/Fannin Cos. Ga. in l850-l880 by this method. Thanks Marie.