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 You are one of mine.  The Sellers were supposed to have had a big
 plantation in Perote, Alabama which I think is in Pike County or a nearby
 county.  There is a book with our Sellers in it.  It is called:
        William Sellers of Tarboro County, North Carolina and was written
by a
 woman in Anniston, Alabama.  She is probably deceased now.  I could never
 get a copy; but, I brought one in through interlibrary loan.  It is really
        Also, a woman in Montgomery, Alabama wrote a little paper back
 can't find mine right now--on the Stanalands.
        I really haven't done extensive work on these lines over the years;
but, I
 don't think it will be too hard.
        I descend from:

 Louisa Sellers, who married William Green Childs.  They lived in Dale and
 Geneva Counties, Alabama and may habe been in Pike. Can't remember; but,
 they may have married in Pike County.

 I'll stay in touch!  How do you descend?

 Ceya Minder
 Dothan, Alabama
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        I descend to the Stanalands through my Childs ancestor.  Can
someone bring
me up the ladder on the Sellers side from my descent below and provide some
degree of documentation?

1.  William Green "Buck" Childs    married Eliza Louisa Sellers
2.  Elisha Columbus "Lum" Childs   married Mary Julia "Mollie" Gill
3.  Clara Maud "Clara" Childs      married Robert Leslie "Rob" Richards
4.  My parents...
5.  This is where I come in...

These families were all in Pike, Geneva, Dale, and Houston Counties,

        I have entered the U.D.C. (my original papers) through #2 line.  I
can go
further back on the Childs than this listing--didn't see the need to go
furTher back on this query.
Entered DAR through my Childs line also.

        Also would like to know if William Green "Buck" Childs was in the
War with his son Elisha Columbus "Lum" Childs.  We have found some
promising evidence of this; but, no solid proof.

Ceya Minder
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