Carol Ruch <>

Thank you for your response--The only information I know is that Anna A
Sellers (died 1932) married a Charles R Dye (born 1811) and they lived in
the Troy/Piqua area. Their daughter Mary Sellers Dye (1871-1956) married a
William Jefferson Combs I (1865-1917).They were my wife's grandparents.
Thank you for any information you may have on the Dyes and Sellers.

Gus Ruch (husband of Carol Combs Ruch)
CAROL/GUS - We don't have much MIAMI CO, OH info posted!
Have you extracted any Census, Wills, Marriages ?
WE Need this Info, so People Know who we are and Who was there.
SEND what you can - marie, iowa


At 03:07 PM 1/10/00 -0600, you wrote:
>GUS, which SELLERS are you connected to in Miami Co,OH? We do have a
>member working on some of them.
>There also is a MIAMI VALLEY OHIO page that has good info - Its an index
>to several areas - don't know how good the cemeteries are and its
>probably been updated since I copied.
>Advise, if you need. Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa
>From: Carol Ruch <>
>Subject: Cemetery Records
>I am interested in finding a listing of cemetery records for the Miami
>County. I am searching for any  information I may find about the
>of Dye and Sellers, who lived in the area during the early and late 19th
>century. Please let me know if lists do exist and how I may go about
>them.  Thank you
>Gus Ruch