Carole Treece Scaggs
> Springfield, IL

             Re: Burwell SELLERS/Riley Newman SELLERS

 CAROLE, Can you give us any other children of BURWELL SELLERS=
- brothers/sisters of RILEY NEWMAN SELLERS=

OR give us the childrens names of RILEY NEWMAN SELLERS kids=

OR the child he connects to =
LIST each person and as much info on same = names/dates/places
IF you only connect to ONE child - OKAY - list his info and his kids
OTHER people need these names also.
AND we will link him to these counties.
Thanks , marie, iowa

Carole Scaggs wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to find a lead for a friend on his gg-grandfather, Burwell
> SELLERS, and g-grandfather Riley Newman SELLERS. I found on the
> Sellers
> website, Burwell listed in St. Clair County, AL, in the 1840 census.
> All
> the information I have is that Burwell's wife was named Mahalia,
> Burwell's
> family was in Williamson Co., IL, by 1870. Question whether Burwell
> and
> Riley N. were in the Civil War. Both men disappeared during the years
> of
> the war. Riley N.'s wife re-married after the war (don't have her
> name).
> If either of these men ring a bell with anyone, please contact me.  My
> friend does not have internet access so I try to follow leads for him
> when
> I can.
> Thanks so much for your time.
> Carole Treece Scaggs
> Springfield, IL