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DNA MEMBER, oct 2008

Seeking information about the family of Joseph Lee Sellers, born Feb.
in Jackson County, West Virginia. Have no information prior to Dec. 11,
1888, when he married Belle Coburn. (In Scioto County, Ohio?)

CARL, we have a few SELLERS working in this area , that have census and documents. But, there is NO Joseph Lee 1859 listed on the 1860 census. Checked acouple other counties laying Next to West Va.
WE have Not collected much info on Scioto Co, OH =
SCIOTO CO, OH (made in 1803 from Adams Co)
lays next to Pike, Jackson, Lawrence Co's OH
lays across the river from Greenup and Lewis Co's KY

1870 SCIOTO CO, OH =

IF YOU have any of the above names, ages, census info, Please Send = May help us see this family!
Otherwise, lets start with the kids and work backwards =
Names and Ages of any kids and Where Born=
Married Whom=
and Went Where Or Where were their kids born?

SEND what you can on Names, Dates, Places.
MANY times they are just Over a county line and in a diff county. I did NOT see their marriage either And did NOT see in an 1880 or 1900 OHIO soundex?

DO WE KNOW WHERE died? They could have Obits in that town=
THANKS for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

Hi Marie...

Thanks for your response to the message in September.  Joseph Lee Sellers
was my father's father who ran away from home and did not share any info
other than birthdate and location.  We believe his wife knew more, but died
without passing the info on.  She, M. (Mary?) Belle Coburn was born
5-31-1860 in Portsmith, OH.  The moved to San Jose, IL soon after their
marrage in 1888 and had 10 children. Joseph died there 12-12-1929 and Belle
there also on 10-30-44. I have all the specs for the ten children if you
are interested, but am more concerned with Joseph's parents and/or siblings.

Thanks again...Carl

CARL, Thanks for staying in touch.
 YES, we Need Names and ages of kids and WHERE born = STATE
Otherwise, we wouldn't know if we had the same family when we found a Joseph SELLERS

AS,  stated we don't have much info in the two counties you gave us info on.
BUT, if they died in LOGAN CO, IL - They would have cemetery info, obits from papers, and census on these families and their kids. They would have their marriages of their KIDS.

THIS is the url that will take you to LOGAN CO, IL = ASK for a LOOKUP and Give a Name and Date on an Exact Person and Advise.

I Saw Nothing on an Early census,marriage check,
SO, check Any surrounding counties.

JOSEPH LEE SELLERS born 1859 would be on an 1860 and maybe 1870 census with his parents . I see we have the SCIOTO CO, OH linked to you - is this where married?
Where is Portsmith, OHIO?
PLEASE share whatever info you have on kids = WE need names, ages, Places of birth,marriage,death.
THANKS for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa

Re: Joseph Lee Sellers b.2/21/1859 d.12/12/1929
cksellers142 (View posts) Posted: 13 Oct 2008 9:20PM GMT

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Surnames: Sellers
Your help is greatly appreciated...will answer in the order presented.

Ohio marriage...12/11/1881 in Portsmouth, OH
Yes, Millisa and Belle are the same person...b. 5/31/1860 in Portsmouth, OH, d. 10/31/44 in San Jose, IL.
Now no question that he was married only once.
Virginia and West Virginia...There was no West Virginia at the time of their wedding, but Jackson Co. today is in W.V.

Ten children in their family:

Grace F. b. 1/2/1883 - New Brighton, PA
d. 4/3/1923 - Tamaroa, IL

Bertha May b. 12/8/1884 - New Brighton, PA
d. 4/22/1964 - Hopedale, IL

Pansy Marie b. 10/1/1886 - New Brighton, PA
d. 7/24/1957 - Lincoln, IL

Clyde Cook b. 8/27/1888 - San Jose, IL
d. 1/10/1957 - Pekin, IL

Homer Lee b. 11/27/1892 - San Jose, IL
d. 2/9/1963 - Pekin, IL

Martin Carl b. 10/31/1894 - Logan County, IL
d. 5/13/1968 - Mesa, AZ

Edgar Earl b. 10/24/1886 - Tamaroa, IL
(my father) d. 9/10/1965 - Sycamore, IL

Wilfred Whitlock b. 12/19/1898 - Perry County, IL
d. 12/28/1966 - San Jose, IL

Delmar Ralph b. 2/20/1902 - Tamaroa, IL
d. 8/8/1953 - Kenosha, WI

The DNA...probably can't afford now.

Thanks, Carl


Have you ever heard why we had these PA births? Why they went to PA? perhaps family or a job there? How did we prove New Brighton, Beaver Co., PA births? Thanks for helping. marie, iowa


Marie... First question...did you and I correspond in the late 90's on this topic when we lived in New York? Almost all of the info that I have is hand-written, mostly by my Mother, as she wanted the info collected so that future generations could use. She had her ancestry followed to the Mayflower and beyond in Europe. Joseph Lee, by all accounts, never revealed his background to any one but his wife (Melissa Belle) and she died without telling anyone else. The PA births...all I assume is that he was employed there for five years, more or less, as the first three children were born there.However, geographically the three towns/county (Portsmouth, New Brighton, and Jackson Co.) are wide spread and common traffic among them would not be evident. The obit for Belle does give her parents names as Thomas and Sophia Coburn, and that she spent her childhood in Ohio, near Columbus. Later, Carl Sellers 1114 So. Seeley Ave. Freeport, IL 61032


CARL, thanks. will get that ordered. NO obligations. I have talked to you before, but, forget the dates. I just saw this and haven't had time to study this Cook family, but see they had a son named Cook with middle name. 1880 SCIOTO CO, OH JOSEPH SALLARS, PAGE 57D CLAY TWN Joseph Sallars Clay, Scioto, OH abt 1859 Virginia Something other than a direct relationship George Cook 44 BAV Margaret Cook 39 OH , KIDS all born OH George W. Cook 17 Minnie M. Cook 15 Earnest A. Cook 14 Frederick Cook 12 Junieta Cook 11 Clyde J. Cook 8 Margaret Jane Cook 7 Vena A. Cook 5 Joseph Sallars 21 VA, (ca1859) dad VA, mom VA/PA? (think its VA) Martha Hicks 19OH Henry Siberts 27 OH Thanks again, marie, iowa