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Carl E Sellars <> june 2012

CARL,  having company .

I don’t see Georgia’s address.

Glad to read . marie, iowa

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Subject: Re: My update in 2012 by mail

Marie,  I will send subject to you.  Do you think Georgia Fletcher would like a copy?  if so, I will need her address.  Nothing is proven or disproven in the update, but I am trying to break new ground.  Carl sends.  



Looking for the parentage of Burwell Sellars b. apx 1808 in SC--Married
Mahala Newman in Blount Cnty, AL in 3/8/29--d. apx 1860 in Williamson Cnty,
IL.  We have the Selle(a)rs lineage complete from him and his children, but
need to find out his lineage...HELP!  Please email  Carl Sellars at  If anyone needs anything after Burwell we got

CARL - Thanks for staying in here!
Without a Will, We Need to find out Where Born in SC to Prove!
An 1810-1820 SC census - with child born 1800/1810 would be a good start.
He could possibly be in AL or ? in 1820, but since we have so few 1820
Could use a war record with a Place info.

This StClair Co, Al with David and MARGARET SELLERS = we need more info on
these SELLERS - are they connected to Barnwell Co, SC?
We don't have all the 1810/20 SC census - Could Anyone Send Some we don't
have OR send the ones you have extracted.

Did you study the neighbors in MS and see if any the same as in 1830/40 AL?
But, we even have some from TN here? Might ck for a Civil War file in IL?
But, I think our answer in Al or SC.

Please send copies of any replies thro our Sellers group - Thanks
marie, iowa

Help...we have struggled with the parentage of Burwell Sellars...born in
1808....married and Mahala Newman in Al...and from there a large family was
born.  Believe Burwell to come out of the David Sellars line on 12 mile
river in Pendleton Co, SC...residing there at the same time were the Lights
(Mahala's mother was a Light), and the Newmans.  If anybody has anything on
Burwells family please respond...Thank You...Carl Sellars

CARL, Thanks. Do you have ANY info on SELLERS in Pendleton Co, SC?  marie,

Some of what is written here is “educated speculation”, some is fact…when it is fact we will quote specific records.

We start with a David Sellars residing in Chatham County, NC…he lived on land adjoining James T/Y Sellars of Chatham County, NC.  Was recorded in the NC Census of 1790…in numerous court records from 1775 to 1795…and when he sold his land in 1795.

Now appears a David Sellars buying land in Pendleton Dist, SC on the 12-mile creek/river…9 Dec 1797.  this land also joined on Golding creek.  Was witnessed by Willouby Pugh, David Pugh, and John Kirksey.

He is also a witness to a land deal on 13 Sept 1799 of an Enoch Smith on Golding and Rice creeks.

Recorded in the Federal Census…SC…Pendleton Dist. Of 1800.

Now we have a Young Sellars witnessing a land deal on 8 March 1808.  Between a Charles Hunt Jr and a Richard Nall on Conneross creek.

We also have recorded of a Jacob Light living on 12 Mile creek/river adjoining land with a Nathaniel Newman living in very close proximity to David Sellars. We also know that Jacob Light is the father of one Temperance Light who married a James Newman and had a child,  Mahala Newman, who later married a Burwell Sellars in Al…Burwell and Mahala list their state of birth as SC.

Our speculation is that David in the brother of James Y/T and father of Young Sellars in SC…by name assc. In addition, date assc and location of the families…this is our “guess” but we are looking for any other records of these Sellars/Sellers…. to confirm or deny our thoughts.  If you have any other questions, my father, Carl Sellars, has a toll free number (1-888-893-2163) and would be very glad to answer and converse with you on this matter.   I am merely Carl Sellars, son, and computer liaison.

Thank you for your time.

the YOUNG SELLERS info is Included in the PENDLETON CO, SC document?=
from CARL'S info below =
(Now we have a Young Sellars witnessing a land deal on 8 March 1808.  Between a Charles Hunt Jr and a Richard Nall on Conneross creek.)

IS this still PENDLETON CO, SC document?
NOW we NEED this CONFIRMED as have ALL posted together. Thanks.

WE don't have much info/documents  on this area of Pendleton/Washington, Pickens,Anderson CO'S SC =
ALL made from SAME LAND.

THANK YOU for sharing ANY document - SO important in Proving these families.
LOCATIONS of the Land is so important and a LAND deed/sale is Great.
THANKS for sharing AND Hope ALL will Add info to these counties, etc.

marie, iowa

yes the documentation is Pendleton County documents...or state
father has all the documentation...for confirmation please call him at

CARL, Thanks, I'm Not qualified/ educated on this family to discuss = All I
do is ask questions and look for info right now  But, We have members that
and hopefully this will help them and all of us.

I did Take a Fast Look and posted some Pendleton/Pickens Co, SC info =
(we need more info on these counties, as you can see)

Dad has a computer? where he can read info on line, etc?
YOU are Never Too OLD to use a computer, if you set it up Very Simply for
auto connect - bookmarks ready, etc -
Let him SEE what is online = SPEND one hour =
YOU may lose him for awhile?
Thanks for understanding, marie, iowa

MAP at =
LINKS to SELLERS pages =

feb 2004

Carl, I don't know any male Sellers from the Isaac Sellers and Judith

Johnson line.  I put up a request on the List and have had no response.

If we had a DNA test on a descendant of Robert Sellers Jr. and Sarah

Hall it would help.  Robert Sellers Jr and Isaac Sellers are first



If what you are telling me about your Young Sellers being a son of David

Sellers and David is a son of Robert, son of John.  I would venture to

say that John would be the missing brother of Robert Sellers Sr. of

Burke County, NC and James T/Y Sellers of Chatham County, NC.  Do you

know anything about this John Sellers?  What happened to John's son,





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Subject: Re: Young Sellers of Chatham County, NC



Nice to meet you Georgia;

I've never had the nerve to draw up ancestor charts of my Sellars

family....I'm aware of both young Sellars you mentioned. my Young

Sellars is a confirmed son of David and Judith's Sellars. Judith's will

named Young as her son and probate records of the will confirmed her

Young Sellars as living is Jackson county, al. Believe your Isaac

Sellars Sr. is a son of James T and Patience Sellars. I believe my

David, father of Young is a nephew of James T Sellars. I believe David's

father is Robert #1 of John here are the names of the original adult

Sellars men of orange county, NC beginning in the mid 1750's

Thomas,James T.,John, Robert and Sampson, all of whom are closely

related,,,Texas Tom and I only recently confirmed our relationship with

research and DNA match. (GGG) Young Sellars of Jackson county AL. is our

common Ancestor. Georgia, would a Sellars male from your line be willing

to have DNA testing?? Thanks for your E-mail...Carl Sellars, PS I'm from

Union County IL, although my early Sellars line lived in Williamson Co.



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From: Georgia  <> Fletcher

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Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2004 12:36 AM

Subject: Young Sellers of Chatham County, NC



To Carl Elbert Sellars of Williamson County, IL:

Also to Thomas W. Sellars of Walker County, TX


I was looking at your ancestor charts and note that you have Young

Sellers from Chatham County, NC as your 3rd great grandfather.  The only

Young Sellers that I know that was in Chatham was the son of James Y/T

Sellers and was still living in Chatham County, NC in the 1850 census.

Deed Records show that James Y/T Sellers had dealings with a David

Sellers but I do not know who he is.  David Sellers is possibly the son

of James Y/T Sellers that died in Chatham circa 1805.  Are you sure that

David had a son named Young?


Here are the known children of James T/Y Sellers (I have often wondered

if the name is James Young Sellers):


James T/Y Sellers born circa 1735 Scotland or England died 1805 Chatham

County, North Carolina

married Patience Parker, who died 1812 in Maury County, Tennessee


Known children:

James Sellers, Jr. born abt 1756;

Robert Sellers born abt 1765 married Sarah Bynum;

Ruth Sellers born abt 1768 married Isham Bilbrey;

Isaac Sellers, Sr. abt 1769 Orange County, NC died 1830 Maury County,

Tennessee married Judith Johnson, this is my Sellers line;

John Sellers born abt 1770 NC died 1824 Maury County, TN married

Elizabeth Hart;

Laird Sellers born 13 Dec 1771 Chatham County, NC died 1862 Moniteau

County, Missouri married Anne Hackney and #2 Elizabeth Goodwin;

Patience Sellers born abt 1774 Chatham County, NC died abt 1812 Maury

County, TN; married Wiley Griffin;

Rachel Sellers born abt 1775 Chatham County, NC , died Overton County,

TN, married John Hammock;

Young Sellers born abt 1784 Chatham County, NC, died 1850-1860 Chatham

County, NC married Elizabeth Hackney;


The name Young Sellers is a family name used by both James T/Y Sellers

and his brother Robert Sellers that lived in Burke County, NC.


I would like to know more about your Young Sellers to see if we can tie

the families together.



Feb 22, 2005

Carl Sellars []



My Father...Carl E. Sellars, has a bunch of new info on the sellarshe is researching...we areunable to post it on the web due to coputer problems....he is also looking for aSellars contact in Murrey County, TN for possible DNA matching....his research sofar has been varified with DNA matches....if you could PLEASE contact him...toll free at 888- 893-2163 I would be most appreciative...and I believe you will find his info very interesting.  Thanks...Carl Sellars (the son)


Subject: Re: Robert sr of Orange/Chatham/Burke Counties, NC

Marie, thanks for your effort and interest, Ref. Robert SR, brother to James T Sellars. I have uncovered, incidental to my efforts of trying to uncover threads to our family history through allied families, an Orange county, NC court case found in the court of equity for the Hillsborough district which appears on Ancestry under John Patterson research of Orange county. I will quote only info about Robert Sr that pertains to his wife, Sarah: "The suit named her step son, Mark Patterson, step daughter Sarah Patterson and husband John Barbee, step daughter Martha Patterson and husband Luke Bynum, Robert Sellars, husband of Sarah Bynum (daughter of Luke Bynum and Martha "Patsy" Patterson), and step grandchildren Page and Milly Patterson, children of John Tapley Patterson, deceased." I will include the rest in my Family History Update 2011, since Robert Sr is mentioned again. Marie, I think this is the earliest, known Robert who appeared in Orange county court records as early as 1759. Please acknowledge. Carl. (Sarah Bynum Sellars, whose mother is Martha Patterson Bynum, and husband, Robert
Sellars sr)


march 2011
Carl, the Robert Sellers that married Sarah Bynum is not the brother of James T/Y Sellers of Chatham County, NC. This Robert Sellers is the son of James T/Y Sellers. James T/Y Sellers does have a brother, Robert Sellers Sr. of Burke County, NC, however.

Georgia L. Fletcher []

Marie, o k , I was not privey to the age of Robert of James t/y...cul Carl


CARL, don't know if PROVEN yet.

PERHAPS , Georgia can advise her est?
OR anyone else is open for Ideas.

Remember, we have an old THOMAS SELLERS here also, that no one seems to have info on? And from memory a John SELLERS before ROBERT SELLERS was mentioned?

Just continue to share documents and we will do best we can with documents. And DNA .

THANKS for helping.

Most SELLERS documents are posted on our SELLERS web pages. Shared by our members, Bless their hearts.

I send most messages thro the SELLERS list. I send any documents to them, as they are the ones that have Made our SELLERS PAGES.

We Need more info here .
OTHERWISE, mark PRIVATE, do NOT post, etc.

THANK YOU for sharing, apprecited.

marie, iowa


[SELLERS] FW: Robert sr of Orange/Chatham/Burke Counties, NC

Marie, the subject of my recent e-mail, about one Robert Sellars conveys my opinion - not necessarialy proof of his identification, since my opinion was formed based on the age group of John Patterson's children (1730-40) - not of Sarah Bynum, who is identified as a grand daughter of John Patterson in subject court case...Regarding Thomas Sellars of Orange/Chatham county who moved to Edgefield county, SC and perhaps died about 1795: He was a subject of my family history update of 2007 and 2009. Now, I must deny any bloodline connection with Thomas of Edgefield, because I have become acquainted with Daniel (Dan) Sellers who is a direct line descendant of Thomas of Edgefield. A y-dna test with FamilyTree shows that Dan and I are a definite mismatch; however, Dan does match 8 to 10 others on the FamilyTree Sellers list. Dan's kit number is 188796 and I hope you and Georgia will encourage Dan to participate. Dan is connected to Thomas through Charles son of Howell Sellars son of Thomas. Of course, Howell is a well known hero of the Revoluntary War. I will touch base from time to time, cul Carl. PS Charles died early in life, but not before he moved to Pike county, IL with his father, Howell.

MARCH 2011
july 2011

Marie, Sorry for the delay. I am currently looking for a living descendant of Thomas Sellars sr (ca1740-ca1822), expiring in Alamance county, NC...lived in Alamance beginning about 1765. Also, I am looking for a living descendant of Jacob Sellers of Duplin/Sampson, NC (ca1730-ca1795)...Thanks for your offer of help. CUL, Carl sends.
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Subject: SELLERS

CARL, thanks for the two booklets on SELLERS.
yes, we need more dna tests. will help anytime i can. marie, iowa


aug, 2015
Carl E Sellars <>

  Marie, not being active on the computer for some time leaves me unsure of your status.  I shall assume you are still coordinating the sellers research effort...meanwhile, I have finished an update, 2015 of "our Sellars family before 1760".  I will mail you a copy of the booklet upon request.  you will need to provide the mailing address...I would like to have you meet Thomas k cellar who ordered and now received results of his DNA, (37 marker) test.  TK's results from ancestry DNA is not in the form of my YDNA results, i.e. 37 markers and corresponding value.  of course, we would like to compare values.  how can we accomplish a match comparison?  TK is not a member of ancestry and his surname, cellar, may not be accepted in the sellers name pool.  how can we test for matching YDNA, standard y-str values?  we will surely appreciate your insight and assistance.  carl sellars is tk's personal e-mail = = phone cell 740-816-2775.  carl sends.