Calvin King Sellers married Elizabeth Talbot on March 13, 1841, and they
12 children--ten sons and two daughters.   Five sons and one daughter died
infancy; the other five sons and one daughter lived to maturity and reared
families of their sons and one daughter lived to maturity and reared
of their own.  Those living to maturity were:
1.  Joseph Matthew Young (Jan 22, 1848 in Montgomery Co., AL to March 6,
in Greenville, AL md. on April 5, 1868 to Mary E. Casey who was b. Dec.
1851 in Talladega Co., AL;
2.   George Monroe (see below);
3.  Angus Lafayette ( Dec. 28, 1854 near Pine Level, Montgomery Co., AL to
Jan. 6, 1937 buried in the Rocky mount Cem. at Highland Home, Montgomery
AL with his wife, Mattie Louise Cameron  md. Nov. 21, 1878 in Bullick Co.
near Inverness, AL; died April 8, 1942;
4.   Milton;
5.  Edmund Hamilton born Oct 2, 1857; md. Katherine Virginia Hood on July
1880; She was b.March 22, 1862 and died Jan. 15, 1899; buried in
Cem. Butler Co., AL; Edmund died Jan. 18, 1921 and was buried in the same
6.  Mary.

During early married life Calvin King Sellers lived near Pine Level in
Montgomery Co., AL.  In 1857 Calvin King moved his family to Monroe Co.,
settling near what was known as River Ridge.  Two years later he moved his
family to Butler Co. and located near Van Pelt, where he lived for ten
 The family did not remain in the same house during this period, but it
remain in the general vicinity of Van Pelt.  During most of this  time the
Ebenezer Church was where the family worshipped.  Calvin King Sellers was
Sunday School Superindent of the Ebenezer Church for several years.
King and his boys would walk to church each Sunday--this was a distance of
miles each way--a total of 10 miles to walk to church and back home each

 In the fall of 1869 Calvin King Sellers moved to the western end of
Co., AL, and settled on Long Creek near Bear's Store.  Here Calvin King
Sellers lived the rest of his life and farmed the land until he died on
23, 1886, and was buried in the Providence Church Cemetery on Long Creek
Bear's store.

The wife of Calvin King Sellers, Elizabeth Talbot, was a cute, short
old lady who lived with her son, George Monroe, and his family after her
husband died.  She loved to work in the flower garden.  One time some of
family told her to stop doing so much work as someone might think the
preacher ( her son, George Monroe )  was making his mother work.
Talbot Sellers died in Bainbridge, GA on March 6, 1908 and is buried

The following lettter from the U. S. War Department, Wash., DC shows
King Sellers' War Record:
War Department
The Adjutant General's Office
Washington June 19, 1930
Respectfully returned to Mrs. Frank D. Tracy, Registrar, Pensacola Chapter
No. 298, UDC, Pensacola, FL
The record show that one C. K. Sellers (name not found as Calvin King
Sellers) private, Capt. Jackson's Co. 3rd Battalion AL Reserve, C. S. A.,
enlisted June 28, 1864, at Montgomery, and was mustered into service at
Montgomery, AL, July 32, 1864.  His age is shown as 49 years; eyes, brown;
hair, dark; complexion fair; height 5 feet and 7 inches.  His residence is
shown as Butler Co., AL.  His name appears on a Receipt Roll for clothing
issued Sept. 9, 1864.
Union Prisoner of War Records show that he was captured at Greenville, AL,
April 20, 1865, and turned over to Capt. H. H. Wheatly, Asst. Provost
Marshall at Montgomery, AL, May 5, 1865.  No later record was found.
Under the rules of the War Dept. requests to receive consideration should
made over the autographed signature of the writer.
Name not found as Calvin King Sellers.  Written by C. H. Bridges
Major General, The Adjutant General by M. C.

Calvin was the son of Eleandor Edwards and William Sellers; the grandson
Matthew Sellers; the great grandson of Elisha Sellers, Rev. War Soldier.

He was born Nov. 20, 1818 in Edgefield District, SC, and moved with his
father to Pike Co., AL.  After living about a year in AL, the family moved
a place near Tallahassee, FL to reside for 6 years.  Then the family moved
Pike Co., AL, settling near Troy on the Conecuh River.

George Monroe Sellers was born March 22, 1860.  He married Emma Bell, a
Virginian, Feb. 4, 1890.  Their children were:
1.  George Bell (Oct. 13, 1892-Oct.15, 1957), md Sadie Ginsberg of
FL; 2.  Rosalie Emma born Aug. 16, 1894,single resided in Pensacola, FL;
3.  Ethel Miriam (Feb. 25, 1896-Oct. 16, 1905);
4.  Lucille Esther born March 16, 1898; md. Henry Keller, resided in
Birmingham, AL; 5.  John Sidney ( May 26, 1900-June 5, 1900).

George Monroe Sellers was intellectual and developed into an outstanding
young Methodist preacher.  He died at home on April 14, 1904.  He was a
and belonged to Naval Lodge No 24 F & AM; was initiated Oct. 30, 1885;
Nov. 7, 1885; raised Dec. 4, 1885.
George was buried in the St. John's Cem., Pensacola, FL.

Emma Bell Sellers was left with a few thousand dollars, so she built the
house at 212 Gregory St., Pensacola, Fl and began taking in boarders to
and educate her children.  On Aug. 23, 1956, Emma died and is buried in
John's Cem, Pensacola, FL.