NAME: Norma Chapman

(exactly as written in the Bible)


Calvin Sellers was born May 5th 1812 in Brunswick County N. Carolina

Elizabeth Jane Thomas wife of Calvin Sellers was born January 6th, 1809 in Horry
District S.C.
Samuel Sellers, Father of Calvin was born April 17, 1788, in Brunswick Co. N.C.
Sarah Stanaland wife of S. Sellers was born Aug 4th 1786, in Brunswick Co. N.C.
James Thomas Father of Elizb Jane was born Feb 24 1782
Mary West Wife of Jas Thomas was born AD 1799 (May be 1779 - hard to read)

Children of Calvin & Elizabeth J. Sellers.

James Duval was born Jun. 1st, 1834, in Pike Co Ala.
Mary Elizabeth was born March 30th, 1836, in Pike Co Ala.
Samuel Franklin was born May 23rd 1838, in Pike Co Ala
Lawson Harrison was born May 16th. 1840, in Pike Co Ala
Helen Palestine was born January 10th, 1845, in Pike Co Ala.
Ranson Taylor was born November 7th, 1848, in Pike Co Ala
Emma Montague was born July 23rd, 1852, in Pi ¹ke Co. Ala.


Martha Antonett Childs was born Dec. 20th, 1854, in Pike County Ala
Elisha M. Childs was born December the 7th, A.D. 1856
Elijah C. Childs was born February the 11th, 1857
James H.F. Childs was born April the 24th 1869
Oliver G. Childs was born September the 26 1863
Saluda I. Childs was born February the 5th 1869
I.R.A. McAdams Born Oct 6, 1867
Robt. S. McAdams Born July 27-1869
Elizabeth Idora McAdams Born Dec 31-1870
Rhacel (Rachel?) Viola McAdams Born March 8th 1875
George Calvin McAdams Born February 29, 1876
John William McAdams Born March 9-1878
Mattie Bula McAdams Born Sept 10-1880
Hardie McAdams born November 27 1882
Emma Caldonia McAdams Born June 10, 1885
Claude McAdams Born Mar. 29,1889


Calvin Sellers & Elizabeth Jane Thomas were married March 28th 1833 in Columbus Co,
N.C. by Rev Isaac Etheridge
Samuel Sellers (Father of Calvin) and Sarah Stanaland were married July 31st. 1806,
in Brunswick Co. N.C. by Needham Stanaland Esq.


Samuel F. Sellers son of Calvin & E.J. Sellers Died at Springfield Ill June 18 A.D.
James Thomas departed this life Nov. 2nd 1864
Mary Thomas departed this life August 24th 1859
Samuel Sellers departed this life July 17 AD 1856
Sarah Sellers wife of Samuel Sellers Departed this life July 7th AD 1867
Lawson Harrison Sellers departed this life May 14 AD 1873
Emma Montague Sellers departed this life July 24th A.D. 1893
Elizabeth Jane Sellers departed this life October the 3th AD 1879
I.D. McAdams Departed this life Aug 7 1869 (Aug 7 is written over Oct6)
John William McAdams departed this life Jany 10 1882
Mattie Bula McAdams departed this life Jany 10 1882
Calvin Sellers departed this life May 25 1898 Age 86 years and 20 days