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    I am looking for information on Sameul W. Sellars (b. 1812) who married
Sussanna Wilson in 1844 at Kennett Mtg., PA. I have the Quaker records
of their children and know his parents (Jonathan who married Jane
Wickersham) and grandparents (Samuel and Mary Taylor). I am looking for
information on the grandparents and back. I also want information on the
children of Samuel and Sussanna (Jane P. who married Henry Haines),
Escal Scydmore, Jonathan Randolph, Asenath Wilson, and Samuel W.P.

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Since it is an allied line I only follow them through the generation after
intermarry. within those boundries the answer is yes. My latest
(1863) was that they had stayed in Chester County. I will be glad to
provide any
information i have.

marie sellers hollinger wrote:

> BRIAN, will send to our SELLERS discussion group - We have several
> on these PA SELLERS and perhaps we can all help each other.  Did yours
> in PA? Did they go to other counties/states? Thanks for sharing, marie,

I hope this helps
Sellars Family

 The earliest Sellars, or Sellers as it is frequently spelt, I know of is
Samuel Sellars
(d. 9/21/1805) who married Mary Taylor (d. 9/30/1805), daughter of Samuel,
who are from
the Bradford Monthly Meeting area, West Bradford in particular. Their
children are
Deborah P. (b. 3/4/1767) who married Simon Martin in East Marlborough;
(7/1/1767-12/24/1850) who married Sarah Pennock, daughter of Caleb, in
Lydia (11/18/1771-3/19/1772); Abiah (unsure of spelling)
Jonathan; Isaac (b. 7/23/1779); Mary (8/13/1782-2/21/1790) and Israel (b.
Samuelís father may also have been named Samuel. Other children by this
possible father
were Sarah who married Abel Wickersham on 4/13/1766; Ann who married 1)
John Taylor on
5/4/1770, and 2) James Trinble; and Jonathan who married Deborah Taylor on
The connection between these first two Samuels has not yet been confirmed
by me.
 Jonathan (3/15/1776 in PA-8/19/1854), son of the Samuel and Mary
mentioned above,
married Jane Wickersham (b.c. 1788 in PA), daughter of William, and was
from the area.
They were received at Kennett Monthly Meeting on 7/16/1801 with a
certificate dated
7/8/1801 from Bradford. The coupleís children, all born in PA, were Samuel
W. (b.c.
1812) and Mary (b. 9/8/1811). In the 1850 census the family is living in
Township, Chester County. His sonís family is living with them. When
Jonathan died he
was buried at Bradford, but had been living at Pocopson. His age was 78
years, 5 months,
and 7 days.
 Samuel W. Sellars (b. 11/2/1812) was living about Kennett Monthly Meeting
when he
married Sussanna C. Wilson, daughter of William and Asenath, on 1/4/1844.
Their marriage
was not approved of by the Quakers and both were disowned. The Wilmington
records show Susanna, daughter of William, now Sellers was disowned on
4/8/1847. This
was temporary and the family was back in the fold within the year. The
Quakers recorded
their children as Jane P. (b. 11/4/1844) who married Henry W. Haines in
1867; Escal or
Escol Scydmore (b. 11/1/1845); Jonathan Randolph (7/25/1847-12/12/1847);
Asenath Wilson
Sellars (5/22/1849-1/2/1851); and Samuel W. P. (b. 7/18/1851). Samuel, Sr.
died on
10/21/1891 and was buried at Bradford. Sussanna had already died on
12/5/1859 at 35
years and was also buried at Bradford. From the census records we know
that Samuel lived
with his family through 1850. The couple lived in East Marlborough for
awhile, but when
Susanna died she had been living in Pocopson. In the 1860 census Samuel is
living in
Pocopson Twp., Chester County. When Asenath Wilson, the mother of Susanna,
died her will
of 9/7/1863 remembered her daughterís children Jane P., Escol S., and
Samuel W. P. with
$100 each.