Henry and Barbara are my g-g-g-grandparents.  I descend through John
     Henry (married Elmira Miller), Charles H. (married Almira Seymour), =
     Willard Russel (married Estella Lois Yazel - passed away 11/25/97 at
99 =
     1/2 years old), and my mother, Lorna Mae (Sellers) Miller.  I am very
     interested in the Ohmart line as well as the Seymour and Yazel lines.
     All information would be welcome.  I have info on each of the above =
     Seller's children including most birth/death/marriage dates and most
of =
     their spouses names.

     I believe Barbara Ohmart was born 2/14/1801 in Shenandoah Co. VA,
died =
     2/14/1883 in Fulton Co. IN, and her parents were Christian Ohmart =
     1770-1835 and Anna (Weaver) Ohmart 1773-1839.

    I also need more info on Henry's father (Henry Seller, Sr., b. 1777
in =
     Virginia, d. 1828, Greene Co. OH ??????????).  I have no info any =
     farther back except for in my mother's notes written from my Grandma
    > Estella's reminiscing, she had said that 6 Sellers boys were "sold"
to =
    > pay their way to America from Germany.  We assume this means
indentured =
    > servants, but have no real info.

    > Some narrative on John Henry from my grandmother Estella (Yazel) =
    > Sellers:

    > "Rev. John Henry Sellers was born in Logan County, OH on 2/24/1835
and =
    > died on Saturday 8/31/1912 on his farm near Bourbon, IN (9th Road).
At =
    > age 7, he moved to Clark County, OH - then on to Montgomery County,
ILL. =
    >  At age 13, his father died leaving his mother with 3 children of
which =
    > John Henry was the oldest (note: this does not correlate with other
info =
    > I have showing 5 children, with John second to youngest).  His father
in =
    > debt, the family remained in ILL until the debts were liquidated,
then, =
    > according to his father's request, they moved to North Manchester,
IN.  =
    > On 3/6/1862 he moved to the farm north of Bourbon where he lived for
50 =
    > years, spending the last few years of his life with his son Charles &
    > family, who tenderly cared for him during his declining years.  On =
    > 1/19/1858, he was united in marriage with Miss Almira Miller who was
a =
    > true companion all through life.  In 1861 John Henry and Elmira
joined =
    > the Church of the Brethren and were baptized by Elder Jacob Metzger.
    > The following year he was called to the deacon's office and one year
    > later to the ministry where he served one year and was advanced to
the =
    > second degree of the ministry where he served until 11/22/1879.  He
was =
    > then ordained to the full ministry in the presence of the church at
the =
    > home of D.S. Hale by Bros. David Bechelhimer, Jonas Umbaugh, and J.H.
    > Miller in which calling he served faithfully until death.  During the
50 =
    > years of his ministerial life, of which the greater part he spent in
the =
    > active ministry, he filled the office of the pioneer minister,
traveling =
    > on horseback over the northern part of Indiana, preaching in the
school =
    > houses and private dwellings.  Later he traveled considerably in the
    > northwest, preaching and organizing churches.  During this time he =
    > officiated at more than 700 funerals and performed over 400 marriage
    > ceremonies.  At different times he had the oversight of the Bremen, =
    > Walnut, and Camp Creek churches, always performing his duties as he
was =
    > taught by the blessed Word of God, which was his daily companion all
    > along the daily path of life.  His funeral was officiated by Rev.
Daniel =
    > Wysong of Nappanee and was assisted by John R. Miller of Nappanee.
The =
    > funeral was well attended." =20

    > Thanks,

    > Brant Miller -
    > 67 Post Road
    > Bowdoinham ME   04008