Two of the most comprehensive sites for purchasing rare or out-of-print books are and They include books found on and, as well as books from many other sellers of used books.

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More Historical Books and Publication


For it is the following:

User Name = 0dfbs93gqt (The first digit is a zero)
Password = welcome

Hope that helps!


Michael Sellers []

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I discovered that google has many books on line
click on all books and type in genealogy and you will be able to search 156 600 books. I discovered the above book in the subject line hoping it would
be mine and it was not so hoping this will help someone else. Happy
Hunting. Lorelee

lorelee dendauw []

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==================== . It defaults any search through thousands of new and used book sellers. Quite satisfactory.

Tom Lassek
Eufaula AlabamaNOV 2006




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Subject: Fw: Mormans

I have found the newsletter friends have been "quiet" lately, so thought this might interest some. I received it from a friend but have not had time to try it yet. Hope it works!

You can go to the Brigham Young University website and do searches of over 5000 books which the Family History Library has put online.

...the LDS Family History Library has announced that it has begun the process of digitizing and making available on the Internet all of the Family History books in their collection. These are primarily books in the "929.273 Series" that are currently housed on the first floor of the Family History Library (previously housed on the fourth floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building). At the present time (September 2005), about 5000 books have been digitized and are available, and they have announced that they are adding about 100 titles a week to the on-line collection. Copyright issues are playing a role in determining the order in which they progress through this task; books out of copyright are being done first.

As these Family History books are digitized and placed on-line, an entry is being placed in the Family History Library on-line catalog with a hyperlink to the digitized image. By going to the FHL On-Line Catalog, you can search for a specific name, find a book that has been indexed using the name, and view it on-line, flipping through the pages as separate "pdf" images, much the same as if you were on the first floor of the Family History Library. Of course, the indexing that is available through the FHL Catalog is only as good as the human indexers made it; typically they only include the "top" 4 to 6 names that appear in each book in their indexing efforts.

But there is even better news!

The digitized images of these Family History books are actually being stored on the electronic servers at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. By going directly to the BYU web site to view the images, there are several additional possibilities that provide genealogists functionality that they have never had before. You are now able to do full-text searches on each book, and on every digitized book in the collection. Now you can locate the small two- paragraph entry on Grandpa Ebnezer McGarrah that is buried in one of the Family History books that you would have otherwise never thought,to look at before. This can open up a huge new possibility for extending lines, getting past brick walls, and uncovering new relatives!

How to Find The Digitized Images?

Go to the web site of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU at and on their home page, follow the links "Find Other Materials/Electronic/On Line Collections at BYU". Click on the "Text Collections" tab and select the "Family History Archive" from the list of collections that are displayed. You would then normally want to use the "Search All" feature with the "Search Full Text" box checked, although the "Advanced Search" will allow very high-powered searches that will allow certain phrases to be searched for and other words to be used to exclude potential hits. As you make selections from the "hits" that are displayed, you will need to use the "Click Here to View Item" button near the top of the screen to display the actual image of the page. You can page through the entire document using the index displayed on the left side of the screen. Each page may be printed after being viewed.

One interesting sidelight is, when you are at the first web page for the Family History Archive (the page that lets you begin a search), click on the "Browse the Collection" button. This will display every Family History book that has been digitized and is available in the collection. You can scroll through this list much the same as if you were walking up and down the stacks at the library. At the top of the first page of the search results, it displays the number of hits, which (in this
case) is the number of books in the collection. If you keeptrack of this number, you can get a pretty good idea of how fast they are adding titles to the collection as you revisit the web site from time to time. I think you will want to visit this site often as the collection grows!" Brigham Young University Library



april 2006

This site is great. Just type in Sellers and you'll get links to more than
400 collections which hold letters and tidbits of information about Sellers
families. Dozens deal with the remarkable people who were part of the
Philadelphia Sellers family(ies), but other citations go far afield.

TIP: look in the summary in italics at the bottom of each citation. You'll
see what is contained by clicking on the link just above there. Only bother
looking at ones where Sellers is capitalized.

ARCHIVEGRID. Launched by the Research Libraries Group, it contains nearly a million archival collection descriptions held by hundreds of libraries, archives and museums. A search result page includes a list of archive collections, a summary of the archives and archive locations that are represented in the collections, as well as a search box that enables the user to limit a search to a particular date range, an archive and/or the location of the archives. The description of each collection includes a title, the name of the archive, and some brief information from its description. Free access until 31 May. _

Have fun,

Frank Sellers
Falls Church, VA


FEB 2006

This is the book site that is even bigger than that I couldn't remember this morning. Eileen in Massachusetts tipped me off on this one.


nov 2005

Go to the web site of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU,

From the list of collections that are displayed, choose:

"Find Other Materials"
"On Line Collections at BYU"
Choose the TAB "Text Collections"
And, finally, "Family History Archive"



aug 2005


Search = >

AND there's also -- < > another WONDERFUL research site.




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Good luck!




To see a good selection of Georgia books - go to  -


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             SELLERS Bibliography, Part 1

             Charlotte Sellers <>

This bibliography of items by or about the Sellers surname is based on
records in the OCLC bibliographic utility in February 2000.
Variations in spelling have not been searched.  The lists probably are
not exhaustive.

The materials are in English and are books, unless noted otherwise.
Some are in more than one format.

Where more than one record exists for a particular work, all OCLC
numbers have been included.  Some materials may be held by a number of
institutions although, in rare cases, a record may exist with no
holdings.  Others may be found in only one location. Policies about
access will be up to the individual institutions.

Most items probably will NOT be available through interlibrary loan.
Photocopies of particular sheets or pages MAY be available, depending
on institutional policies and whether you can determine what is

The institutions holding a particular work may be determined through
libraries that are members of OCLC.  Providing the OCLC number(s) as
well as titles can be helpful in the search.

The records are grouped first by state (although that is a guess in
some cases).  The state of Pennsylvania has by far the most records
and makes up the second part of the bibliography.  Two records on
other countries follow the various states in the first part.  Family
and miscellaneous records are in the third part.

The title is the first part of each record, followed by an author if
there is one, a description of the format & contents, then the OCLC

Happy hunting!

SELLERS Bibliography, Part 1 -- States


The genealogy of the Daniel B. and Margaret Parker Sellers family /
Odom, Edith S. /
1966 / 26 leaves / Typescript /
OCLC: 27009027
R.E.W. Thompson (1856-1937): Adair, Clark, Carroll, Sellers, Lawson
(related lines) /
Rockwall, TX: S.B. Adair, 1995 /
133 pages, ill., indexes /
Alabama  Genealogy. Southern States Genealogy. /
compiled by Shirley Brown Adair /
OCLC: 32639011
Papers, 1860-1964 /
Sellers, James Benson, 1889-1964 /
7 cu. ft. professional and departmental correspondence (1940-1964);
Sellers family correspondence (1860-1957); research material,
including papers (1914-1964) by Sellers and others, typescripts of
correspondence, clippings and excerpts of government publications;
lecture notes of Sellers and of William E. Dodd; and manuscripts of
books and articles written by Sellers. /
Afro-Americans Alabama History To 1863 & 1863-1877, Camden (Ala.),
Wilcox County (Ala.) /
OCLC: 26187185


All name index to Bent County (Colorado) history book, 1988: with
supplementary section of Las Animas pioneers James Sellers and Nancy
Corel Dobbins /
Title, Barbara Dobbins /
Orange, CA: B.D. Title, 1996 / 84 pages /
OCLC: 37515057


The Dakota branch of the Sellers family tree /
Davis, Arthur H. /
Lead, SD: A.H. Davis, ? 1980 1986 /
55 pages, portraits /
OCLC: 13878905


The descendants of Joseph Lehi Sellers & Sarah D Worthen: 1870 -
present /
Burtenshaw, Karma Sellers /
Idaho Falls, Idaho: Karma Sellers Burtenshaw, 1996 /
53 pages, ill., portraits /
Sellers Family. Worthen Family. /
OCLC: 35907834


Bible & church records /
Illinois State Organization, NSDAR, 1992 /
ill. /
Bibles (1850-1990) of Green Vardiman Black, 1836-1915, Mrs Belle
Dowell, & families of Hollman, Montgomery, Hardy, McDannell/Smith,
Henry S. Mead, Hammond, Barnes, Marcia E. Velendrie, 4-2-77, Edward A.
Mesecher and Amanada James, 1884, William S. Sizer & Maria W. Burnet,
1860-1985, Adam Whittaker Sutherland & Mary Sizler, 1930-1941, Sellers
Wickersham and his wife, Adelia Brown, Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Congregation, Pope Creek, IL, Records of the Evangelical Protestant
Church of Saint John in Black Jack, Madison County, IL. /
OCLC: 29689786
Pioneers of the plains /
Sellers, James Lee, 1891- /
United States: Erpi Classroom Films, Inc., 1941 /
11 min 16 mm film reel /
Follows a pioneer family journey from Illinois to the
midwestern plains in 1870. Demonstrates the construction of a sod
house. /
Intended audience: Elementary /
Collaborator, James L. Sellers /
OCLC: 8258743 /
OCLC: 4107243

Indiana & Ohio

Family Bible records : births, marriages, and deaths /
Smith, Ruth Wiley & Daughters of the American Revolution, Caroline
Scott Chapter, Oxford, Ohio /
Oxford, OH : Oxford DAR, 1982 / 70 pages & index /
Registers of births, etc. Indiana & Ohio /
typewritten records copied from Bibles of the Bourne, Gardner,
Harrison, Hickey, Hayner, Mundy, Sellers, Ross, Keith, Kingery,
McSurely, Griffing, Parsons, Sowers, Shera, Skillman, Stout, and
Witter families. Most Southwest Ohio and Southeast Indiana" /
OCLC: 19786235
Doddridge, Drew, Hammond, Utterback, Wright, Sellers family papers,
1928-1955 /
Wright, Minnetta L., 1928 1955 /
Family correspondence, research notes, genealogy charts and newspaper
clippings. The bulk of the collection consists of material researched
and collected by Minetta Wright from 1928 to 1955. /
Typescript and ms./
Original or duplicate materials: Indiana State Library, Indianapolis /
OCLC: 6046144
The Doyles, Van Buren Township, Grant County, Indiana /
Sellers, Dorotha D., 1920-, Ruth R., 1922- & Margaret, 1913 /
1984 / three looseleaf volumes, ill., index /
Research collected during 1980-1984 /
OCLC: 13569487
Our roots: Rush family /
Ruth D. Sellers, 1922, & Dorotha Sellers. /
Poneto, IN: Ruth Sellers, 1979 /
64 pages, genealogical charts, FGS /
OCLC: 9756229
Sellers family history /
Rambacher, Rita Sellers. Zeigler, Joyce Tuckerman. /
Loudonville, Ohio: R.S. Rambacher, 1987 /
71 pages, ill. /
OCLC: 18580191
A history and genealogy of the Sellers family /
Sellers, David Randolph /
Cincinnati: Robbins Advertising, 1966 /
15 leaves, genealogical table, portraits /
Cincinnati, Robbins Advertising, 1966 /
15 pages, ill. /
OCLC: 18925846 /
--- one 11 x 15 cm microfiche / Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Microfilms
International, 1993. Genealogy and local history G5668 /
OCLC: 30262762


Memory Hill /
McBroom, Jane, 1928- ; Sellers, Betty,; 1937- /
Mt. Vernon, Ind. (354 Riviera Dr. 47620): J. McBroom, B. Sellers,
Simmons Historical Publications), 1996 /
3 pages, ill., portraits., genealogy tables, 2v in one, indexes /
v1. Early allied families, Webster County, Kentucky. v2. The Sellers
Family, allied families of Webster County, Kentucky. /
Littlepage family. Rhodes family. /
OCLC: 35220894


Papers, 1772-1965 /
Nye family /
1772 1965 /
1 linear ft. Correspondence, deeds, wills, indentures, financial
papers, estate records, autographs, poems, and other papers of family
members of Sandwich, Mass., including . . . James Sellers (1806-1881)
Residents of Sandwich, Dartmouth, and Fairhaven, Mass. /
Finding aid in the repository /
OCLC: 28409582
The Adamses at home: accounts by visitors to the Old House in Quincy,
1788-1886 /
Harris, Wilhelmina Sellers, 1896-; Butterfield, L(yman) H(enry),
1909-; Friedlaender, Marc, 1905-; Garrett, Wendell D. /
Boston: Colonial Society of Massachusetts, 1970 /
65 pages, ill. /
"Presented to Wilhelmina Sellers Harris upon her completion of 20
years as superintendant of the Adams National Historic Site" (Quincy,
Mass.) /
OCLC: 7269860


A history of the Sellers family /
Manning, Marcia McBrayer Davis /
Lexington, MO: J.M. Sellers, 1972 / 158 pages, ill. /
edited by James McBrayer Sellers for the occasion of the first family
reunion of the descendants of Sandford Sellers and Lucia Valentine
Rogers Sellers, held August 16-22, 1972 at Wentworth Military Academy,
Missouri. /
OCLC: 2909595

North Carolina

Some descendents of William Sellers who was in Tarboro, North
Carolina, in 1750 /
Watters, Clark Heaslett; Watters, Elizabeth Stone /
1974 / 441 pages, copy of typescript /
OCLC: 2334682
Records pertaining to the Sellers family of Brunswick County, N.C. /
Marlowe, James I. /
Manassas, Va: 1986 /
96 leaves, ill., index  /
OCLC: 15376615


Family photograph collection, 1910-1920 /
Sellers, Morris /
1910 1920 /
11 b&w copy prints, 4 X 5 in.; 11 b&w copy negatives, 4 X 5 in. /
Southwest Collection photograph collection series no. 142 /
photographs of the H. A. Sellers family and businesses in Grove,
Oklahoma, 1910-1920, and of the Westville Bank, Sellers Drugstore &
groceries in Westville, OK (1914) & Sellers Grocery Store and
Mercantile Co. (Grove, Okla.) /
The Sellers family owned and operated several successful businesses in
Grove, OK, during the early years of the 20th century. H. A. Sellers
Mercantile Company  provided general goods & Dr. R. L. Sellers had a
corner drug store in the 1920s. Preferred citation: Morris
Sellers Family Photograph Collection, 1910-1920, Southwest Collection,
Texas Tech University /
OCLC: 25469857

South Carolina

Listing of descendants of Isham Watson, [1997] /
Colston, Raymond Otis; Watson family; Watson, L. Neil /
1997 / 1 folder (ca. 65 sheets) /
Family history tracing generations descended from Isham Watson
(1787-1864) and Mary Hayes (1792-1862), many of whom were buried at
Antioch Baptist Church (Marion, S.C.) /
Records of births, etc. South Carolina Sellers. Cemeteries South
Carolina Marion County. /
OCLC: 39684910


The Acker family diaries, 1880-1906 /
Eaker family, Acker, Issac, 1832-1908. Acker, David C., 1880 1906 /
1 Hollinger box (7 folders) /
Personal diaries of Rockingham County (VA) residents
Issac Acker and his son David. Day-to-day events in the lives of the
Acker family are discussed, including such topics as farming, weather,
and daily chores. Weddings, funerals, and trips are also
mentioned. ... David Acker, also born near Broadway (1869-d.?)... was
married to Martha M. B. Sellers /
OCLC: 18876655
Cradled by the Massanutten: the Zellers/Sellers family /
Arrington, Mary Marie Koontz / Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1986 /
640 pages,  ill. / Virginia  Genealogy /
OCLC: 15310759

Other Countries

Beatty, Sellers, and associated families /
Sellers, Robert H(amilton), 1917-  /
Pleasant Ridge, Mich.: R.H. Sellers, 1988 /
Scotland  Genealogy. Great Britain Genealogy. /
OCLC: 18938664
A Sellers family of Dorset: a family history /
Law, Lenore, 1925- / Nepean, Ont.: L. Law, 1993 /
245 pages, ill., map, portraits, index & bibliography /
ISBN: 0969836309 /
Dorset (England) Genealogy. Canada  Genealogy. /
OCLC: 35878915
END OF PART ONE (1 of 3 parts)

             SELLERS Bibliography, Part 3

             Charlotte Sellers <>

SELLERS Bibliography, Part 3 -- Family & Miscellaneous Records

(See Part 1 for introduction & explanation)

Sellers Family

A backward glance /
McManus, Jane Parker, 1939- /
Pineville, La.: Parker Enterprises, 1986 /
562 pages, ill., index, bibliography /
Bass family. Grove family. Sellers family. /
OCLC: 13739851
As it was: a family portrait /
Reddoch, Joseph W. / 1978 / 72 leaves /
Reddoch family. Sellers family. /
Typescript photocopy /
OCLC: 7881586
Descendants of John and Elizabeth Poole Sellers /
? 1900 1982 /
OCLC: 8936966
The heritage of the Raymond Wiltse Sellers family /
Sellers, Raymond Wiltse /
Concord, Calif., 1964- /
v1. Genealogical history of the John Wilson Sellers family /
OCLC: 41683000
History and genealogy of the Sellers family /
Sellers, David Randolph,  comp. /
--Morgan--Ledbetter, Wilkerson--Sellers, Ledbetter--Walton,
Wikle--Bandy / Taylor, J. P. /
Canyon, TX: 1988 /
145 leaves, ill., genealogical tables, portraits, index /
OCLC: 19009984

The history of our family in the Southern United States: sellars -
Kinsaul - Kaigler - Bryan /
Peterson, David A., Kosirnik, Bama Jo Sellars /
Oaxaca, Mexico, 1971 / 32 leaves, ill. /
"Limited edition. No. 15." /
OCLC: 731200
The John R. Sellers family and descendants /
Sellers, Harold E. /
Springfield, Va.: H.E. Sellers, 1995 /
ill., index /
Sellers, John R., ca. 1794-ca. 1879 Family /
OCLC: 33212977
Lewman and Wick families with Sellers and Miller forebears /
Sharpe, Elsie Francena Lewman /
Wichita, KS: Sharpe, 1994 / [26] leaves /
OCLC: 31440262
Lloyd manuscripts genealogies of the families of Awbrey-Vaughan,
Blunston, Burbeck, Garrett, Gibbons, Heacock, Hodge, Houlston, Howard,
Hunt, Jarman, Jenkin-Griffith, Jones, Knight, Knowles, Lloyd, Newman,
Paschall, Paul, Pearson, Pennell, Pott, Pyle, Reed, Sellers, Smith,
Thomas, Till, Williams, Wood: Welsh records /
Lloyd, Howard Williams & Glenn, Thomas Allen,;1864- /
Lancaster, Pa.: New Era Printing Co., 1912 /
437 pages with folded genealogical table & index /
--- 35 mm microfilm reel 33934 held by Library of Congress Microfilm /
OCLC: 27663415
--- reprint Salem, MA.: Higginson Book Co., 1991 /
OCLC: 23934781 /
--- UMI, 1985./ five 11 x 15 cm microfiche, Genealogy and local
history G1477 /
OCLC: 11914337
One hundred and fifty years of the Sellers family /
Wilson, Joy, 1930- / Houston, TX: 1980 /
134 pages, portraits /
OCLC: 11043581
Our family /
Lancaster, L. Berlyn Sellers /
Supply, N.C., 1957 / 32 pages /
OCLC: 29691853
The Sellers family /
Griffin, Barton McLain /
1987 c1984 / 20 leaves, index & bibliography /
Cover: Sellers, a genealogy. March, 1973, corrected; handwritten
corrections ... are those of the author ... 2/1/1987" /
OCLC: 16269714
Sellers family record, a genealogy of Samuel and Sarah Ellis Sellers /
Johnson, Bess Sellers / 1932 / 27 leaves /
Sellers, Samuel, 1767-1849. Sellers, Sarah Ellis, 1783-1856. /
Typescript photocopy /
"Additional dates of births, marriages and deaths have been added
through the years" / OCLC: 16672168
Sellers letters /
Sacramento, Calif.: Sims Pub., 1983- (serial: 3 a year based on v1:1
(Oct. 1983: ISSN: 0740-2740 /
35 mm microfilm reels /
Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1986- /
OCLC: 14118133 /
hardcopy? /
OCLC: 9906223
Sellers-Miller-Collins ancestry, 1775-1931: chronology of these
families /
Collins, Louisa Norwood Miller (written in 1931 for her children &
grandchildren) /
Dunedin, Fla., 1934 / 30 pages, 1 portrait /
Reproduced from typescript /
OCLC: 13056487
The stories of Matthew Sellers and William Richey/Ritchey and their
descendants (Cousins by the dozens. v3) /
Gibbins, Ivanoel, 1901-, Clayton, Harry B(enjamin), 1918- & Chapman,
Ruth, and others /
1985 / 670 pages, ill., indexes /
Sellers, Matthew, 1680-1740  Family. Ritchey, William, 1750-1817
Family. /
OCLC: 15053877

Sellards Family

A genealogical history of Bloss-Pyles-Ross-Sellards and their kinsmen
Sellards, Harry Leon, 1930- /
DeLand, Fla.: H.L. Sellards, 1990 /
504 pages, ill., maps, index & bibliography (p. 435-436) /
OCLC: 23048169 /
OCLC: 22865844
The Sellards through two centuries /
Sellards, Elias Howard, b. 1875 / Austin, TX: Von Boeckmann-Jones,
printers, 1949 /
132 pages, ill., portraits, index, bibliography /
Privately printed edition, 130 copies. copy no. 126 /
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI, 1994 / two 11 x 15 microfiches /
OCLC: 32492322 /
copy no. 130 /
OCLC: 5032206
Appalachia crossroads /
Cox, Clayton R.,; 1922- /
Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1977 1993 /
4 v, ill., indexes & bibliography /
v1. Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards (father of Jenny Wiley). /
v2. The Caudill family. /
v3. The Caudill family. /
v4. The Caudill family /
Sellers family. Cordell family. Borders family. Wiley family.
Appalachian Region Genealogy. /
OCLC: 34512575
Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards (father of Jenny Wiley) /
Cox, Clayton R., 1922- /
Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1977 /
832 pages, portraits, index & bibliography /
Appalachia crossroads v1 /
Sellers family. Borders family. Wiley family. /
OCLC: 3309965


United States History Civil War, 1861-1865 Manuscripts & Sources /
Alexandria, Va. Chadwyck-Healy, [1989?] /
papers/family papers:
--- Landis, Allen; Sellers, John R. / 1862 1864 /
one 35 mm microfilm reel /
OCLC: 39200088
--- Harrison, Burton Norvell, 1838-1904; Sellers, John R. /
1812 1926 / ca. 18,600 items /
one 35 mm microfilm reel /
OCLC: 39088355
--- Haupt, Lewis Muhlenberg, 1844-1937; Sellers, John R. /
1861 1923 / ca. 3,000 items /
one 35 mm microfilm reel /
OCLC: 39083765
--- Gilpin, E. N.; Sellers, John R. /
1861 1911 / 76 items /
35 mm microfilm Reels 33-34 /
OCLC: 38996251
--- Ewing, Thomas, 1789-1871; Sellers, John R. /
1754 1941 / ca. 94,000 items /
three 35mm microfilm reel /
OCLC: 38950917
--- Chase, Cornelius, 1780-1868; Sellers, John R. /
1815 1947 / 3,000 items /
four 35mm microfilm reels /
OCLC: 38880586
--- Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence, 1828-1914; Sellers, John R. /
1862 1910 / 1,000 items /
one 35 mm microfilm reel /
OCLC: 38880584
END OF BIBLIOGRAPHY (3 of 3 parts)


CHARLOTTE - Thanks, am sure our SELLERS would appreciate - marie, iowa

Charlotte Sellers wrote:

> Marie,
> I've just been editing and updating a bibliography of Sellers
> publications and archival material I made some time ago from WorldCat,
> the OCLC bibliographical database.  It's fairly long, even after being
> edited.  Some of it includes publications that have already been
> mentioned.
> Most would not be available through interlibrary loan but those
> interested would be able to find out where the materials are located &
> possibly pursue them in other ways.
> If you think the SELLERS-L list would be interested, I could send it
> in three or four parts -- probably one for miscellaneous states, one
> for Pennsylvania (which seems to have the most publications &
> archives, although some of my placements admittedly are arbitrary) and
> one or two for family related -- probably later this week or early
> next week.  If you think other ways of organizing the material would
> be useful, please let me know.
> Thanks for making the list active & successful!
> Charlotte Sellers <>

Subject: SELLERS LETTERS Resent-Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:19:40 -0700 Resent-From: Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 15:15:30 -0500 (CDT) From: Hugh and Sandy Sellers <> Reply-To: To: <>

An donation of the complete "Sellers Letters" (c) M. Sims by list member Guy Littman has been made to the Texas State Library.

Marie Hollinger Sellers (list owner) also believes the LDS History Centers also has copies.

Regards, Sandy Sellers, Bastrop, Texas




        Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>



Book Reviews from "SELLERS LETTERS" by (c) M.Sims, Sacremento, CA 1986
The Dakota Branch of the Sellers Family Tree by Arthur H. Davis,
221 3rd Street, Lead, SD 57754
Chapter Headings;
1. The Sellers Family in England

2. The Sellers Family in Phildelphia

3. The Sellers Family in Chester County

4. The Sellers Family in Virginia and Dakota

5. Collateral Family Lines to the Sellers Family



Cousins by the Dozens, Volume III

The Stories of Matthew Sellers and William Richeu/Ritcheu and

their Descendants by Dr. Ivanoel Gibbins & Harry B. Clayton,

(as of 1986) can be ordered from Harry B. Clayton, P.O. Box 50202,

Pasadena, CA 91105


Part 1 of the book is solely about Sellers

Chapter Headings;

1. The Sellers of Isle of Wight Co., VA and Bertie Co, NC

2. Benjamin Sellers, Jr and his descendants

3. Matthew Sellers' descendants

4. Hartwell H. Sellers (son of Drury) and his descendants

5. John T. Sellers (son of Drury) and his descendants

6. Temperance Sellers Dark (dau of Drury) and her descendants

7. Thomas Sellers (son of Drury) and his descendants

8. Drury Sellers' other children and their children.  His other

children were Matthew, Drury, Jr, Matilda Seller Ritchey, Lucinda

Sellers Smiley, Letitia Sellers, Emily Sellers Ritchey, Mary E.

Sellers Fine, Louisa Jane Sellers Abbott and Paralee Ann.



SELLERS - A Preliminary Study of the Descendants of Heinrich Sellers

by Frank M. Sellers, 1120 South Wolff, Denver, Co, 80219


Henry/Heinrich Sellers, born 1704 near Weinheim, Germany, his wife,

Anna Maria and at least two of their children came to America in 1738,

landing at Phildelphia.  Henry died 1773 in Augusta Co, VA, that vast

portion of Virginia that extended to the Ohio River.  He, wife, and

children; Anna Barbara, John, Peter, Adam, Henry, Anna Maria, Catherine

and Elizabeth were all members of the Peaked Mountain Church, Rockingham

Co, VA.  Some of this family was later in KY, OH, and IN.



Sellers Family of Pennsylvania and Allied Families by Edwin Jacquett

Sellers...has been donated by Linda Whitmire Wright to the McClung

Historical Collection, 600 Market Street, Knoxville, Tennessee.


Book begins with Hans George Soller of Weinheim, Germany and follows the

family through his son, Philip Henry Soller who came to America with his

wife and four children.  His sons were Philip, Leonard, Philip Henry, 

John, Paul, Peter and Jacob.   This family was in PA, MD and VA.


The book has no index and no copyright mark.  It was published in 1925

in Phildephia and is a revision of the book, "Partial Genealogy on the

Sellers and Wampole Families by the same author in 1903, of which only

150 copies were printed.



           marie sellers hollinger <>


           Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>





SANDY - thanks, maybe start a page for BOOKS on SELLERS -

hardest thing is HOW to add, keep track of corrections for these books -

but, as with all info, we need to check it out ourselves -
like the Marion Co, SC book connected to WM SELLERS several people have

restudied and claim BENJAMIN SELLERS, which, I'm sure is correct -
ALSO The Cousins by Dozens, has been corrected to a differant MATHEW

SELLERS - BUT, it does confuse the people that have read/have these

books - THANKS, marie, iowa


    A History of Marion CountySouth Carolina

                      by W.W.SELLERS,Esq


complied by Clark Heaslett Watters and Elizabeth Stone Watters in 1974.


Jane McBroom wrote:

> Marie and all

> here is the Micah -- Micah H onfo

> SOURCE--Whitters/Whitters book of Tarboro North Carolina

> Page 387

> Some Early Seller  Names (from the records of H M Sellers. Published at the> Capital Hill Bacon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

> James Sellers--Revolutionary soldier, see pension application etc, page> 367-68 forgoing

>   Born about 1759--went into Continental Army on November, 1779
>   Exact death date not known, was 74 years old in February 1855; in 1849

>  Census was 80-90-year old.

>   Resides in  Burke County,  North Carolina; Granger County, Tennessee;

>  Bradley County, Tennessee.

>  James  Sellers

> Born about 1851 in South Carolina, resides in McDonald County

Mississippi,> in 1880> Married Mary------------born in Tennessee

>   Children

>  William born in Tennessee about 1870


>   Born in North  Carolina about 1875

>   Died November 25, 1879

>   Resided in McMinn County, Tennessee; Rosen County, Tennessee (first

>  Mention in Shiloah church records in May about 1824..

>   Married Sarah-------born in Tennessee about 1800;

>   Children;

>    1, Newton born in Tennessee about 1834;

>    Children; a Sarah born 1858

>        b. Adeline born 1899

>       c. Micah H  married Mary Phillips, born 1856

>    2. Harriett born in Tennessee about 1818


 I haven't written to you in some time. I made a contact with a Sellers desendant,named Steve Due. I
just wonder does he have his info on the Sellers Rootsweb. I have wanted to get my hands on a book
named The Doty,Anderson,Sheppard and Allied Families,written by Carl V. Wright. This is the Anderson
and Sellers Family that moved from N & S.Carolina thru Geo.,Ala,and Mississippi.Steve told me about
this book and I can't seem to get a copy of it.
 Beginning as far back as William Calvin Sellers Sr.of Tarboro,N Carolina.This ancestor according to his
story was in the Revolutionary War at age 16and at one time was a pow of the Tories.
If you know any one lineages that fit this family give me the web site. Thanks for all you do,and I wonder
how you do what you do . You seem to skip from one Sellers to another with out blinking an eye.Love
cuz,Sara Sellers

       Mon, 5 Nov 2001 10:46:04 -0700
       "prytherch" <>
Subject:  [NCBERTIE] Bertie County Genealogy Books

Here are some book sellers I use that may have COLONIAL BERTIE COUNTY, NC, Deed
Books A_H, 1720-1757 by Bell,North_Carolina/index.html

Jo Prytherch

Lu Juana Cartwright Lipscomb []
 There was a "Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers Of South-Eastern PA,
and of Their remote Ancestors, From the Middle of the Dark Ages, Down to the
Time of the Revolutionary War" 1917, by an H. Frank Eshleman, B.E., M.E,.
LL.B.  It had Sellers and Zellers on the index.  Now to find a library with
a copy!  I printed all 18 pages to read and absorb later.

Lu Juana

march , 2003

I have Opal Freer Spencer's book on William Seller of Isle of Wight.  I have
found it to be a very informative and interesting book.  She certainly put a
lot of time in research and I admire her for taking on this task.  I have
found the book to be very much worth the cost.


Ms Spencers email address is as follows:

John F. James


Regarding: Descendants of William Sellers, Sr. of Isle of Wight, VA., 1657 Compiled & Edited by Opal Roberta Freer Spencer. I find this book to be of very questionable worth in SELLERS genealogy. It really is not finely worked genealogy. It appears rather to be little more than a casual compilation of genealogy tidbits from commonly available data sources. I found part of the SELLERS book completely wrong and not researched at all when much accurate information was always available to anyone doing a simple and basic search. I contacted Opal Spencer with this observation, offering proof and corrections, and she did not respond. When a research type book such as this one is found in great error in part how can any of it's contents be trusted? Is there anyone in this group with experience with this book that could be described more favorable than this message? ............ Ray/FL

Ray Revette []

july 2006

nov 2004
LuJuana Cartwright Lipscomb []







#3 JOHN, b. BET. 1765 & 1770


#4 SAMUEL, b. BET. 1770 & 1775







MARIA ANN WILEY b. 8/25/1830 m., 1854 TO THOMAS TURNER---"