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Subject:  Great-Great-Grandmother

Born August 22nd, 1830, Died January 2, 1907
Full blooded Cherokee, married Elisha Hooks, died in Columbus County. She
is the mother of James Pinkney Hooks, who is the father of Cordie Jane
Hooks, who is the mother of Samuel Owen Sellers, who was my father.

BONNIE, Sending to our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP, We always Need SELLERS connections! and Many interested in the Cherokee relationships now and earlier.

CAN you Send us your SAMUEL OWEN SELLERS age, parents or Where Born, so we can Kinda Find him on census, etc
WHO MARRIED and WHERE in 1850?

WE have some COLUMBUS CO, NC documents we can share and Will Help All-
THANKS, marie, iowa

I can trace back to my great-great-grandfather Sellers and his sister.
Will = send details in later email.  I have found out that Etha is actually
Ethlinda or Etlenda and was his grandmother.  Will write everything out
and send to you.


BONNIE, PLEASE, send a name,ages/place chart on SAMUEL OWEN SELLERS =
So we Can Post on these Counties/States Pages and OTHERS CAN FIND you-
It doesn't have to be OLD - Just Last PROVEN FAMILY = then we can post info to these Counties/States = documented into of Census, Marriages, etc

THESE SELLERS/HOOKS are on SOME documented  County/State INFO =follow thro =
POST from Each and Prove to Other CENSUS, etc!
marie, iowa

My father Samuel Owen Sellers was born in Columbus County, North Carolina
7-7-1915 and died 1-17-2000;
His father was Burris Mike Sellers born 4-3-1877 and died 9-29-1956;
his father was John Wesley Sellers born 5-23-1825 and died 5-25-1897;
John Wesley had two brothers that we know of:  William and David
Their father was Lloyd C. Sellers born in 1811 and we don't know when he

Burris Mike Sellers had a sister - Magnolia Sellers born 3-22-1859 and died
5-15-1951.  She married John Franklin Woodell on 12-25-1877.  If you need
more than this, just let me know.


BONNIE, Thanks, I believe you are here with SELLERS and PRIDGENS= An Area I'd love to spend more time on!

AND I also don't think I'm following your chart/names/ages correctly. As Lloyd SELLERS 1811 had NO kids on the 1830 census. He was 19 and just married.

YOU could Start with JOHN WESLEY SELLERS 1825 = born when/where=
married whom=
kids =name and born when/where?

Don't believe I have 1920 COL CO, NCCENSUS, which would show SAMUEL OWEN 1915 WITH his parents.
BUT, his father BURRIS MIKE SELLERS 1877 was born where? we might have the 1880 census.

THEN , AFTER we find them on the census, WE can study any LAND deeds WHICH have been contributed by our members.

THANKS, Our members will help and share. marie, iowa

Lloyd Sellers was the father of the three boys.  However, we found a
discrepancy with John Wesley's birthday.  Don't want to give you incorrect
information, so I'll let you know as soon as we have verifiable proof of
the year he was born.

Will give you more details as I have time.  I work 12 hour days and it's
hard to get around to all my email.  Thanks,


BONNIE, Thanks, I believe you connect to the BLADEN CO, NC SELLERS and BLADEN CO, NC Land was made into several counties and you must use this LAND area to determine different counties, etc.=Columbus, Brunswick, Robeson, Pender AND Columbus Co, next to SC! =
These are our SELLERS!= Just have to separate the kids!
WE have Some 1880 NC census that Should Help you connect, When you Send JOHN WESLEY SELLERS age=
kids=names, born When/Where
THIS INFO will help us FIND you and SHOW you Documents/Census in that area, YOU can check out, etc.
I would Suggest SENDING the  PROVEN /AVAILABLE Data on JOHN WESLEY SELLERS family FIRST and see where he is PROVEN TO?
DO what you can = We appreciate  You Sharing SELLERS!
THANKS for sharing and staying in here! marie, iowa