Bob Williams <>

I'm trying to find more info on
Harpers in Henry County, AL

Alex? Harper b 9/4/1852 d. 9/22/1921 h/o Melissa
Melissa Whitacre? b 10/29/1856 d. 7/28/1938
Norman L. Sellers b 7/23/1847 d. 8/2/1919 h/o Sarah
Sarah F. Faircloth? b.11/23/1847 d. 9/29/1910
does anyone have info on their siblings, children & parents where buried,
when married etc. Did Melissa have a twin?

BOB - I think I see =
1860 HENRY CO, AL =
Benj B. SELLERS 43 NC  HH#277-276
Mary J. 35 NC
Carlton E. 20 AL
Melinda A. 19 AL
Osborn 17  AL
Norman L. 13 AL
Mary 11 AL  (next p.)
Elizabeth J. 6 AL
didn't copy Sarah FAIRCLOTH family - But, we do have some spellings close =
FARECLOTH , probably same = that census taker Went by Sound!
And Perhaps on 1860 Henry Co,AL  Census = have your read?=will tell you =
WHO where their children = Names, Ages and Born WHERE?
Or did they stay in Henry Co,AL?
OR Go Where?
WHERE died?
We probably have SELLERS family to help some =
Thanks for any help you can give us on Names, Dates, Places =
WHO is Your MELISSA born 1856?
Couldn't be SELLERS?
OR you are just listing DIFF families looking for and this is NOT a chart from one generation to another?
SEND what you have on SELLERS and FAIRCLOTH in HENRY CO, AL and will see what our SELLERS have to help you.
Thanks, marie, iowa

Norman Loranzie Sellers (b.7/23/1847 d.8/2/1919) of Henry County, Alabama
served with A company, 1st Florida Calvary (Union) at the end of the Civil
War. He enlisted on prior to his 18th birthday on March 27, 1865 and was
discharged on Nov 11, 1865. His pension file number in the National
is C-2-459-365. His certficate Number is SE1174096.

He became disabled due to Diabetes arounf 1898 and his pension file has
various affidavits from 1898 to 1919. He listed his children from his first
wife, Sarah T.Faircloth, on two separate documents. One was from 1900 and
the second in 1915. The birthdates for each child was the same for each
document but some of the names were slightly different. The list below
lists the 1900 version of the childs name followed by the 1915 version
if it was written differently and then the birthdate.

Mary M./Molly M. Sellers April 24, 1869
Anna E. Sellers August 1, 1891
Oliver W. Sellers April 23, 1875
Calton E./Edward C. Sellers March 7, 1877
Richard A. Sellers March 17, 1880
Walker W./Charles W. Sellers November 11, 1882
Silas K. Sellers December 11, 1884
Satsie S. Sellers September 4, 1886

Calton Edward Sellers' death certificate shows his birthday as April 23,

Richard Alfred Sellers' social security application shows his birthdate
as March 21, 1880

Silas Kenneth Sellers' social security application shows his birthdate
as December 11, 1884

According to one of the pension documents he married Sarah T. Faircloth
in October ?? 186? (the date and year were obscured by the pension office
stamp and an ink blotch) on another document he listed the date as November
1866. They were married by Rufus D. Sellers M.G.(Norman's uncle)in
Henry County,Alabama.

After Sarah died in 1910 he apparently married a widow named Maryetta/Mary
Etta Barrett. It isn't clear whether this is her maiden name or her
married name. According to an affidavit she submitted, they were married
by a G.W.Collins on June 22, 1916. G.W. Collins is also the Notary who
filed the affidavit for Maryetta to get Norman's pension reinstated after
it was cancelled after the postmaster returned the check two weeks after
Norman died.

I noticed that in the history of the 1st Florida Calvary that they had
a campaign that took them into Henry County in November/December of 1864.
does anyone have info on this campaign or any insight as to why Norman
would travel down to Florida to join a Union unit when his father, Benjamin
B. Sellers and brother Calton Erasmus Sellers both fought for the
was also supposedly a POW at Ft. Delaware).