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I am still looking for info on Solomon Sellers. He was as I can come up
with the father of Gladys, Rosenia, Edna, Joeseph E. Sellers amd half
sisters of Alice Minnie, Cora Emma. They lived between OK., ID., OR.,
and NV. There is still living family. He was bur. Fairland Cem., OK. We
have some of it put togather but a huge gap, thnx to J Shaw it has
narrowed considerably. He was living with, not declaring married to
Minnie Alice Trease/Treece which she had Children of Alice, Cora and son
of Lehi or Lee. Don't know where to go from here.

Bob White

My family was living in Ottawa Co. in the early 1900's. My Mother Married
Cubert White who was killed at the Wilbur mine along with his cousin Guy
White. My Mother was Rosinia. Her maiden name was Sellers, daut. of Solomon
Sellers. Can anyone out there possibly know anything about the Sellers

Bob White

BOB ,  Believe we need some ages, places on some of SOLOMON'S kids and
when/where they went. Please send. Now we have a page for OTTOWA CO, OK,
but, we have no census, marriages, etc. IF you find some info on this county,
even if its not your family, please send and we will post. NOW, we have TWO links
on there to pages. Yours, which, you know what it says and SANDYS. Please
click on this click and read and let us know if you can add to it. ENJOY.
marie, iowa

Bob White, I think we may have exchanged some emails in group fashion about
Didama's letters and Allen Davenport Sellers and Sarah Jane Coon's Divorce

You descend from Allen Davenport Sellers too, right?  From his son Solomon?
I descend from Didama.

I know if you've been in contact with Jim Shaw, there's probably nothing I
can offer.  I do have updated info from what's posted on my page.  Also
expecting some information from my mother's cousin which may have some good
stuff and I'll be sure and let you know.

How is Minnie Alice Trease/Treece related to Allen Davenport's second wife
Adeline Saulsbury Treece?


My mother Rosenia Sellers born 1910 Fairland OK. was the daugt of
Solomon Sellers. She also had two sisters, Gladys Sellers Foster, and
Edna Sellers Walters. Also one brother Joseph Edward Sellers. He Married
Ruby Olds and spent some time at Redding Ca. before moving to Sacramento
until he died 1958 bur East Lawn CEM. Apparently Sol married Minnie
Alice Trease Lynch previously. I don't know if there would be a record
of that marriage since Minnie was going through a divorce from Zemeria
Lynch at the time they connected. Divorce was started 1902 and was
finally granted 1905 at Malad Idaho. This whole family migrated from
OK., Idaho, Oregon and finally Nevada. The whole family, at one time or
another worked at what they called the Three Creek Ranch, just out of
Twin Falls, ID., owned by Fred Walters. He still has a nephew living in
Winnemucca, NV, the one who Edna Sellers married.

The oldest Lynch girl Alice Minnie {Alley} Married L Cunningham,
Loraine's grandfather. They had three son's, Gene, Leonard and Leland,
and one daugt June. She then married Jim Painter at Winnemucca, who was
a rancher around Paradise Valley, MV. They then moved to Sac.CA. and
owned a restaurant there. While they were there Minnie Alice Treese
Lynch Sellers Arnold lived with them until she died 1942 bur East Lawn

Hope to get all of this togather soon so everyone can understand this
puzzle. It appears Jim Shaw is on the right trail. I don't understand
why the Lynch girls and the Sellers girls are such a blank spot.

Thnx for yor interest,
Bob White

Solomon Sellers Married Minnie Alice Trease Jul 06 1906 County of
Jasper, City of Carthage, State of Missouri. {Marriage License}. They
raised three children, Alice Minnie {Alley KN},Cora Emma and and Lee {or
Lehi}. These children were fathered by Zemeria Lynch who she started
divorce proceeding at Malad, ID 1902 and was granted in 1905. I believe
that was when Solomon started raising the Sellers family with Minnie
Alice. The Lynch children and the Sellers children remained very close
all through thier lives.

Solley was buried where my mother Rosenia was  born.(1910} Her maiden
name was Sellers, She maried Cubert White. They had children Patsy,
James, Kenneth snd Robert. Cubert's dad was Ira White. Cubert was killed
along with his cousin Guy White 1936, Ira died 1926 both burried n the
G.A.R cenetery, in Commerce OK, My mother which at this time had two
sisters. They were Gladys Alene Sellers DoB Dec 11, 1913, PoB Ottawa
Fairland, Died :Feb 3 1998 at Lovelock NV. Bur:MT Vernon Mem. Park
Sacramento. Edna DOB Feb 12 1917 POB Ottowa Fairland, OK., still living
in Reno, NV. Joseph Edward Sellers. Died: 1958 Sac,CO. Sacramento Ca.

These three sisters were all daught. of Solomon Sellers and Minnie Alice

Solomon Sellers DOB: Harrison Co. IA.? DOD 1921 Bur: Council House
Township, Ottowa, OK.
Minnie Alice Sellers Arnold  DOB 8 Dec 1873. DOD 1942 at Sacramento, CA.
While living with Alice Minnie Lynch Painter.

I will try to get the daughter's branches put together.

Bob White

         Solomon SELLERS Death
         Sat, 06 Jan 2001 16:28:14 -0700
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         "Bob & Alice White" <>, " Bob & Judy White" <>,
         " Gene & Karen White" <>, " Karma Burtenshaw" <>

I just received a copy of the death certificate for Solomon SELLERS.  It
was listed under the name Soley SELLERS, who died 15 Dec 1921, in
Council House Township, Ottawa County, Oklahoma, of Pulmonary
Tuberculosis.  He was buried 16 Dec 1921, in Fairland, Oklahoma.  The
undertaker was J.S. CAMPBELL.  The informant was Sam WILSON of
Wyandotte, Oklahoma.  Solomon was attended by Dr J.T. WARTON, from 15
Nov 1921 to 15 Dec 1921.  The certificate indicated Solomon was 60 years
old, having been born in 1861 (this information was only as good as the
informant knew).


3  James Michael Trease  1847 - 1879  b: October 30, 1847 in Grainger County, TN  d: April 21, 1879 in Claiborne County, TN
.......  +Eliza Adaline Salisberry  1846 - 1920  b: June 14, 1846 in Benton County, MO  d: June 21, 1920 in Fairland, Ottawa, OK
.......  4  John Wesley Trease  1870 - 1946  b: October 04, 1870 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, MO  d: January 18, 1946 in Ogden, Weber, UT
..........  +Alice Wood  1870 - 1894  b: 1870  d: 1894
.......  *2nd Wife of John Wesley Trease:
..........  +Jessie Myrtle Showalter  1883 - 1968  b: March 31, 1883 in Beatrice, Gage, NE  d: March 06, 1968 in Ogden, Weber, UT
.......  4  Joel Harrison Trease  1872 - 1875  b: February 24, 1872 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, MO  d: March 02, 1875 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, MO
.......  4  Minnie Alice Trease  1873 - 1942  b: December 08, 1873 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, MO  d: April 05, 1942
..........  +Zemria J. Lynch  Abt 1870 -  b: Abt 1870
.......  *2nd Husband of Minnie Alice Trease:
..........  +Solomon Sellers  Abt 1870 -  b: Abt 1870 in Benton, MO
.......  *3rd Husband of Minnie Alice Trease:
..........  +Oscar Arnold  Abt 1870 -  b: Abt 1870 in Benton, MO
.......  4  James Edward Trease  1876 - 1967  b: May 30, 1876 in Buffalo, Wilson, KS  d: May 08, 1967 in NV
..........  +Olive May Shores  1876 -  b: 1876 in Buffalo, Wilson, KS

BOB, Thanks,
so this is our EDIZA ADALINE SELLERS = (on census records)=

Eliza Adaline SALISBERRY married JAMES TREASE and they had dau Minnie Alice Trease who married Lynch and then SOLOMON SELLERS
so, Eliza Adaline Salisberry TREASE never remarried?
her name just got picked up by Census taker as SELLERS?
SHE is buried by name of TREASE?
Thanks for sharing and helping me understand. I thought we had Another SELLERS here!  marie, iowa 


           marie sellers hollinger <>

BOB, Thanks for sharing. I share almost all letters with our SELLERS
group -
THEY are knowledgeable on SOME of ALL of these SELLERS.
I appreciate you sharing and I know you are trying to help.
BUT, when you FIND a CHART - Look for the DOCUMENTation they list for
PROOF to that family info, SO, you can go check out the document or
county/state for same.

I DON'T believe you will find better sources of proof on connecting
these HARRISON CO, IA SELLERS, than the ADAMS and BROWN CO, OH pages. It
is Not on a Gedcom listed in front of you to follow. BUT, it is
documented as well as we have info. AND you don't have to read 20
INCORRECT? or UNPROVEN files to find the info.

WE SEND ALL family charts, info thro our SELLERS list as you, our
members send and believe correct.
IT is up to US that our connected to these families to follow up on
documentation and proof.
AND Many of us have made CORRECTIONS to our families because of using
the Documents  our SELLERS have SHARED.
AND aren't they GREAT for helping us Prove our SELLERS!
THANKS, marie, iowa

bob white wrote:

*ID: I1081
*Name: Diadama CURTIS
*Given Name: Diadama
*Surname: CURTIS
*Sex: F
*Birth: ABT 1793 in Stephentown,Rensselaer Co.,NY
*Death: ABT 1843
*Ancestral File #: 3GCV-24

Father: Joseph CURTIS b: 16 FEB 1769 in Westerley,Washington,Rhode
Mother: Elsa Diadama BROCKWAY b: 30 JUN 1773 in

Marriage 1 Thomas SELLERS b: ABT 1793 in Steventown,Rnsl,NY

   * Married: 15 OCT 1819 in ,Brown Co.,Oh (Prev. Part O,Adams Co.


  1. [Has no children] Alfred SELLERS b: ABT 1822 in OH
  2. [Has no children] Laura SELLERS b: ABT 1825 in ,Of Crawford Co,IN
  3. [Has no children] Aurilla SELLERS b: ABT 1826 in IN
  4. [Has no children] Arillia (Ornilla) SELLERS b: 1827 in ,Of Crawford
  5. [Has no children] Wilson SELLERS b: 1831 in ,Of Crawford Co,IN
  6. [Has no children] George W. SELLERS b: ABT 1831 in IN
  7. [Has children] Allen SELLERS b: 13 NOV 1833 in ,Crawford,Indiana
  8. [Has no children] Eliza Jane SELLERS b: 5 JUN 1837 in ,Of Crawford
  9. [Has no children] Jane SELLERS b: ABT 1837 in IN
 10. [Has no children] Marion SELLERS b: 1839 in ,Of Crawford Co,IN
 11. [Has no children] Francis M. SELLERS b: ABT 1840 in IN
     [Has no children] Nelson SELLERS b: 1841 in ,Of Crawford Co,IN

>    ----------------------------------------------------------------